Writings You Can Read:

Short Stories




Random short story ish things


Other Works

The various swirlings of my brain, which I have written, am writing, or hope to write someday.


SKY VOYAGES (Steampunk Fantasy / Fairy Tale Retellings)

  • The Siren and the Skyship (work in progress; The Little Mermaid)
  • Book 2 (The Snow Queen/Beauty and the Beast)
  • Book 3 (Snow White/Rapunzel/Jack and the Beanstalk)


Currently undergoing a reworking process. There are six books at the moment.

KEDRAN’S WOOD SERIES (Contemporary Fantasy)

  • 1 The Owl of Kedran’s Wood (novel; FINISHED)
  • 1.5 Son of Kedran’s Wood (novella)
  • 2 The Secret of Kedran’s Wood (novel; WIP)
  • 2.5 Mixup at Kedran’s Wood (novella)
  • 3 The Shadow of Kedran’s Wood (novel)
  • 3.5 Celebrations at Kedran’s Wood (short story)
  • Bonus: The Quest of Kedran’s Wood

HEART DUOLOGY (Epic Fantasy)

  • Heartseeker
  • Heartsinger

COLORS OF EARTH, SKY, AND SEA (Contemporary Fantasy)

  • Undercavern Rainbow (first draft done)
  • Skyvalley Rainbow
  • Oceansea Rainbow
  • Painting Rainbows


  • The Other Half of Everything (contemporary/inter-world-fantasy)
  • The Library in the Stars (space fantasy/time travel etc.)
  • The Invisible Mask (kingdom adventure/1800s feel)
  • Song of a Pirate (fantasy novella)
  • Untitled [codename: The Epic Book] (flintlock fantasy)
  • Perception (working title; thriller/futuristic/sci-fi)

Short Stories (WIPs)

  • Hairdo Havoc
  • The Treasure of A Distant Storm
  • The Tangled Thicket of Perilous Perrifeld


  • The Silver Forest (The Twelve Dancing Princesses)
  • The Rebel Slipper (Cinderella)
  • The Sherwood Crew (space western/Robin Hood)
  • Once Upon a November (Cinderella/contemporary)
  • From That Shadowy Land (Tam Lin… ish)
  • Snow in the Greenwood (Robin Hood/Snow White)
  • Untitled (mashup of several fairytales)
  • Untitled (Arthurian)



  • The Owl of Kedran’s Wood (contemporary fantasy; KW1)
  • Far-mark’s Dream (fantasy)
  • Quest for a Legend (fantasy; Starrellia #4; muchly outdated)
  • Undercavern Rainbow (contemporary fantasy)


  • The Rose and the Raven (Sleeping Beauty retelling)

SHORT STORIES (finished)


4 thoughts on “Writings

  1. “Underground Rainbow” is an intriguing title… what’s that about?

    And I’m seriously impressed by all the writing you’ve done! You put me to shame.


    • It’s a contemporary fantasy involving gnomes, leprechauns, griffins and mermaids. I’m actually going to introduce it in a post this week, what with Nano up and coming and all. 🙂

      Ah, pft, don’t worry; it’s not NEARLY as impressive as it looks. :p


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