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(Warning: This post is being was written late at night. I am not responsible for the shenanigans my sleep-deprived brain gets up to. Thou art warned.)

I was tagged! By Raychel Rose for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, and by Madeline J. Rose (wait… ALL OF THE ROSES. :O Are you two related…? *eyes suspiciously* I’m waaatching you…) for the Infinity Award. Thanks so much to both of you!! ❤

I’m doing a double tag post ketchup catch up in a single post, because a) I am lazy, b) I’ve been blogging too much, and c) let’s be honest, “Loyal Dragons to Infinity and Beyond!!!!!” is a fabulous title (even without all the exclamation points). Can we agree on that? Yay!

Okay! So tags. Right. Onward!

Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Gaaah, what a prettiful blog award!! ❤ I love it. *clings affectionately*


  1. Announce your win with a post, [check] and link to whomever presented your award. [*drrrumroll* Raychel Rose]
  2. Post 7 interesting things about yourself. [Um. I’ll see what I can do. Ahem.]
  3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.
  5. Display the award certificate on your website. [See my newly-updated Badges page with other awards and aaaall the NaNo participant badges. Yesss.]

7 interesting (?) things about this dragonish blogger

  1. I love Toothless and he is possibly my favorite dragon ever.
  2. I do not love Smaug because he is evil but at least he is clever. (BOOK Smaug! We do not speak of movie-Smaug. Ahem.)
  3. Some of my favorite dragonish books are proooobably the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede, specifically Searching for Dragons BECAUSE MENDANBAR! Ahem. Kazul is cool too.
  4. I own a little golden dragon figurine which is glued to a turquoise rock. It once fell off so I re-glued it on. Yes you needed to know that. I would take a picture but I am lazy.
  5.  Sorry, scratch number 3, I just remembered how much I love The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame. ❤
  6. Also the dragon stories by E. Nesbit. I LOVE THEMMM. (I still love the Enchanted Forest books though! I just remembered… other… dragony books. Dragony. Dragony is a wonderful word.)
  7. I have not read Eragon. Oops?



I verily awardeth you this veritable Dragon’s Loyalty Award if thou lovest dragons! (I’m looking at YOU, Lauri and Sarah and Cait. 😉 And YOU. Yes, you, in the dragon t-shirt.) You can dragon-theme it if you want. *shrug* But obviously nobody has to do it. XD

Infinity Award

Which is… apparently?… different than the Infinity Dreams Award…? Not sure.


This one has interrogations questions!

*dons monocle* Proceed.


Who is your best blogging friend?

Can I not answer this. Pleeeeease? *makes adorable puppy eyes* I don’t like the saying “best friend” because it shows others that THEY are not. Which is not fair to ANYBODY. And makes them sad. Or is that just me. And this question sound suspiciously like that. HOWEVER. If a) you’re reading this and therefore (apparently?) read my blog, or b) if I comment on your blog aggressively obsessively, or c) both… then you may rightly assume you are one of my bestest blogging buddies. GROUP HUG, C’MERE. ❤

What is the best book cover you’ve ever seen?

SO MANY. Umm… Five Enchanted Roses or The Captive Maiden? POSSIBLY. I’m not sure. Let’s just say I’m partial to the color blue and girls in gorgeous dresses.

What’s your favorite slang word?

Y’all. Does that count? It’s super useful (and not only to alert people to the extinguishing excruciating distinguishing fact that I am… wait for it… a TEXAN). For instance, if you don’t say “y’all” to address a general group, you probably say “guys”, or “people”. Example: “Hey, guys!” “Hey, people!” This can be problem if a) there is a girl present (or, more likely, if there is not actually a guy in the group. Which happens a lot), or b) if not all those addressed happen to be people. What if they are aliens? Elves? Dragons (me, me! …Oh, right. That tag’s over… *sad face*). Cats. Noodles. Or other serendipitous sentient or not beings/creatures/items. THEY MIGHT TAKE OFFENSE. And we wouldn’t want that. Especially if they had sharp claws. Hence, y’all = solves every problem ever.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

DRAGON. GRIFFIN. Oh right, I already have those… Okay, a puffin AND an otter. Naturally. Because they are the most adorable things EVER. (I also want a hummingbird to ride on. *makes even more adorable puppy eyes* PLEEEEEASE?)

Favorite flower?



(Especially if they come with BOOKS…!)

(Wait a minute. Roses AGAIN. That’s it — it’s a PLOT.)

(And we all know that plots are needed to have books. SEE ABOVE!)

(Wait. I’m going in circles. This is getting confusing.)

Scariest roller coaster/ride you’ve ever been on?

Haven’t. (Unless you count the above question.) Nor do I intend to. Duuuh. I’m not CRAZY. O_O (Heh… heh heh… Oh, right, you caught that, did you? *sidles subtly sideways and slips self in serious siding hiding place*)

Favorite Disney movie?

Ow! How do I decide? (Was Prince of Persia Disney?? *is too lazy to check*) …Okay, Tangled.

Book you want made into a movie?

Illusionarium! (See my Illusionarium Fangirling Babbles post from earlier this week…) It would make the positively coolest movie EVAR.

Also one of the scariest.


Favorite piece of jewelry?

The One Ring. My Celtic-cross necklace. ❤ ‘Tis my fave.

Savory or Sweet snacks? Which ones?

ALL OF THE SWEET THINGS. I’m good with chocolate. And cookies. With chocolate chips in them. And mushrooms. (Why did I say mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. Unless they are from the Mushroom Planet books. Umm… CHOCOLATE MUSHROOMS.)

All time favorite movie?

The Avengers/The Return of the King/How to Train Your Dragon/Prince of Persia. IT’S TOTALLY ONE MOVIE I SWEAR. (Actually that would be the coolest thing ever. *brainstorms* *finds thing on pinterest*)



Audience: *round of applause mixed with horrified stares*

Me: *giggles hysterically*

Me: *quickly erases your memories*

P.P.S. You are tagged if you want. ^_^

Tookish Tag

Tag Catch-Up Post #3

So I’m super late on this one, but better late than never, yes? Waaay back in the prehistoric era when dinosaurs roamed the earth (i.e., January…) I was tagged TWICE for a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit “Tookish Tag”! By my dear friend Christine at Musings of an Elf and the lovely Aspen over on Heirs of Durin — both Middle-earth fans extraordinaire! I’m sooo honored and delighted to be nominated by y’all–thanks so much! And blogglings, check out their awesome blogs, do!!

Some may know that I’m an enormous Tolkien fan… 😉 So I’m excited to do this one!

(Following pictures are from Pinterest…

Middle-earth board #1 // Middle-earth board #2)


  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you
  • Answer questions
  • Tag some of your own fellow Tolkienknights!


1. How were you first introduced to LotR/TH and was it love at first sight/read?

I don’t exactly remember, it was so long ago! I know I read The Hobbit at a young age and adored it, and then I do remember later listening to all of The Lord of the Rings on audio when I was about ten. And what sort of question is that; of course it was love at first read! 😉

2. If you could meet the actors who portray the characters in the movies, would you?

Yes please. That would be so much fun!

3. What is your favorite credit song from LotR/TH?

I’m… going to have to go with The Last Goodbye, from The Battle of the Five Armies. It’s gorgeous and perfect. (Though I do happen to love Gollum’s Song from The Two Towers, as the semi-theme-song for one of my books. 😉 )

~ Night is now falling ~

~ So ends this day ~

~ The Road is now calling ~

~ And I must away ~

4. The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit – which is your favorite?  *evil laugh*  (And no, you don’t actually have to decide.  I’m merciful like that. *magnanimous smile*)

I do love The Hobbit, but I’m going to say The Lord of the Rings. There’s so much more, you know? I just love the epic adventure and all the different side plots and complications and characters and just everything!

5. Who is your favorite all-around character?


Faramir! Positively, absolutely. He’s the most wonderful of all. …In the books, that is. To be fair, I do love him in the movies too, but he was not nearly as wonderful. Do not even get me STARTED on how they wrecked Faramir’s character in the movies, as I have been known to write lengthy rants on the subject… But just listen to this quote of his in The Two Towers about the One Ring:

“I would not take this thing, if it lay by the highway. Not were Minas Tirith falling in ruin and I alone could save her, so, using the weapon of the Dark Lord for her good and my glory. No, I do not wish for such triumphs, Frodo son of Drogo.”

Does that sound like the movie-Faramir, hmm? Book-Faramir is just so noble spirited and heroic, to the point of not even being tempted by the Ring. He understood everything so well, and even if his beloved Minas Tirith were falling, he would not chose to save it by evil means. Aaaand his list of virtues and noble deeds and wise words and general awesomeness go on, but… anyways, I will stop before this turns into a long winded rant. 😉 But I love Faramir the best and he is awesome!!!

(Plus, Tolkien said Faramir is the closest to being “like him” of any of the characters, and we all know how awesome Tolkien himself was. Just read his Letters if you’re in doubt.)


6. What is your opinion on Boromir?

I am quite honestly mixed. I’ll admit I haven’t reread The Lord of the Rings in a few years (which I seriously intend to rectify this year!) so… I am not entirely sure what my latest thoughts on him would really be. But I like him, at times, with reservations. He was a great man, but fallen — like all of us. But falling for the Ring, unlike his brother Faramir, and how he acted about all that put a serious damper on my opinion of him. But overall, he’s still a pretty noble guy, so… Yeah. It just depends.

7. How many times have you watched the movies/read the books?

Do not even ask! I haven’t the slightest clue. XD I’ve read the books and seen the films sooo many times. And I was definitely not counting!

8. What book is your favorite?

Well, technically the “trilogy” was supposed to be one book, sooo… 😉 But… okay, The Return of the King.

9. Who is your favorite female character (other than your answer to question #5)?

Eowyn. I love her vigor and heroism, and of course her and Faramir… 😉 I think we all want to be as amazing as this original shieldmaiden.

10. Who is your favorite male character (other than your answer to question #5)?

Other than Faramir, definitely Aragorn! I just love his nobility and goodness and skills and how all-around fabulous he is. From Ranger to King and all the way in between, he’s just the best!

11. Which of the movies, in your opinion, has the best ending?

Ummm. That’s hard because they’re all kind of cliffhangers or bittersweet. And how far does “ending” go? But probably either The Return of the King because… ending! Or, maybe, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, because Smaug’s eye. 😛 But… eh, we’ll go with The Return of the King.

And I Tag…

Sarah // Chloe // Jaye // Skye // any Tolkien fans reading this!


So what do you think?

Have you read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings? (If not… OH NO, WHAT IS THIS TRAGEDY? :O You must amend this at once!! Go, go! Read them, preciousss!)