Second Son

Just a quick post!

I am quite busy and kind of gone and falling behind on NaNo. Ahem.


But just I have to tell y’all about a sale my lovely blog friend Jenelle Schmidt is holding, in honor of her birthday (a hobbit birthday, you know!). For her fantasy novel “Second Son“!

It’s 99 cents this week (Nov 17 till 21st)!

And although I’ve not read her books yet I’m super excited to get to reading them when I have time again!! ^_^ (She has such good taste in the books she loves that I’m fairly sure I’ll love these fantasy novels by her!)

Also! She is holding an awesome giveaway on her blog for a couple more days, for Amazon gift cards and signed copies of her books, and some other books.


It’s absolutely AWESOME and all you have to do to enter is share the sale, so you must totally check it out and spread the word!!!


So. At least y’all know I still exist/live. *waves* Love y’all! Now back to NaNo…