Meeting Hawkeye: Fanfiction Dream

Here’s something about me: I never write fanfiction.

…Except when I have such awesome and vivid dreams about some fandom that I just have to write it down. (Like a Thor and Loki short story I wrote once and might post sometime…)


Last night, I had an awesome Avengers dream.

There was lots of stuff with Captain America doing things first, but that’s not important and I don’t remember it very well. But he and Black Widow were on their way somewhere to do some rescuing things, and there was this big scary creature person fighting them on the way. There was something about the creature looking sort of like a crocodile and Captain America knocked it out by punching it in the face, which is where we come in.

The characters belong to Marvel, etc. etc., and this is just for fun and random. Pictures are from Pinterest.

Meeting Hawkeye – Deborah O’Carroll

a28d41b45531eac158f8e9fbbc388778“Croc eye,” Captain America muttered as he finished knocking it out; it stilled on the concrete, eyes closing. “Ooh, that’s funny,” he added as he walked on.

Black Widow continued striding after him. “Why?” she asked as we went through a shadowy building.

“Croc eye, Hawkeye,” Captain America explained, rhyming and smirking at it.

“Yeah, really funny,” said a shadow from high up.

I looked, and felt a little leap of exhilaration. It was him!

Hawkeye jumped down from where he had been perched with his bow, and joined us in striding quickly onward through the darkness of the busy concrete building.

Ooh! He’s in this one! I thought with a thrill of ecstatic excitement. As if it was an Avengers movie.

There was a sort of high-pitched keening scream/squeal coming from somewhere, and it took me a moment to realize that “somewhere” was from me. I flailed my arms. “Fangirling!” I said, apparently to explain to any bystanders what was going on as I happily traveled along after the three.

H7Hawkeye gave me a look, no doubt due to my squealing.

I suddenly realized, walking along right next to him as he looked at me: Wait; I’m in it too.

My next thought was: I’m never going to get another chance like this.

So I seized the moment—and Hawkeye’s head—and kissed the side of his forehead.

He paused to disentangle himself. “Augh! Really?” he asked.

“Sorry,” I said; not sorry at all, with a Rapunzel-from-Tangled-ish feeling as I smiled and felt extremely happy. “You’re just really awesome and I really like you.”

“Can I take off now?” Hawkeye called ahead to Captain America and Black Widow, implying that he didn’t want to work today.

“Nope,” and “There’s people to rescue,” they answered, not looking back.

“Figures,” Hawkeye muttered, glancing at me.


At which point I woke up from the sheer awesomeness. (Or possibly from my cat yowling.)

But it. was. fabulous.