Sweater Weather Fall Tag


Since tomorrow’s the first day of Fall, I thought I’d do an Autumnal sort of tag today! And how fortunate that Aspen @ Texas Rebel Girl tagged me (awhile back) for the Sweater Weather Tag — thank you, deary!

Sweater Weather Tag


1. Favorite candle scent?

All of them!

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate, always! 🙂

3. What’s the best Fall memory you have?

Visiting relatives for Thanksgiving during NaNo that one year.

4. Best fragrance for Fall?

Ummm… the smell of cinnamon maybe? I have no idea. XD

5. Favorite Thanksgiving food?

All of it. (Okay, okay, I’m partial to stuffing and corn and cranberry sauce and those little dinner roll things. And pie, of course.)

6. What is Autumn weather like where you live?

Usually… hot. 😛 It’ll cool off eventually, but it tends to be kinda warm most of the time. Oh well…

7. Most worn sweater?

My NaNo hoodie! *hugs it*


8. Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

LEAVES ALL THE WAY. I do not understand football at all. *shakes head*

9. Skinny jeans or leggings?

Leggings I guess? You can wear them with skirts too. Jeans are kinda cold to wear in the Fall…

10. Combat boots or Uggs?

I had to look up Uggs. XD Um… combat boots if I actually had them? I like laced-up boots and it’s normally not cold enough for warm boots… and you can always wear extra socks if it is.

11. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

It depends. If it’s in pumpkin bread, then…


Otherwise… Eh, not sure.

12. Favorite fall TV show?

I… don’t watch many TV shows, and then always from the library on DVD so… I don’t know? So I’ll just use this to say my favorite TV shows instead. 😉

  • Firefly (it looks Fall-ish!)
  • Sherlock
  • Hustle
  • Leverage


13. What song really gets you into the Fall spirit?

So Ghostly Then the Girl Came In by Kate Price… simply because I heard it first in Fall, and it’s eerie and makes me think of NaNoWriMo because of my NaNo poem.

14. What do you want to be for Halloween?

I don’t really do Halloween so… I dunno. I’ve always thought it would be fun to dress up like an elf though. *shrug*

15. Hats or Scarves?

Um. Since I don’t really have a hat (how did this happen?), scarves I guess. I tend to use a soft neckwarmer instead actually. I even actually use one for a hat-ish thing too sometimes, because that way it holds my hair back. I’m eccentric. XD

16. What’s your #1 favorite thing about Fall?

The feel in the air of adventure, the cooling weather, and NaNo probably.


How about you? Do you enjoy Fall? Anything favorite about this Autumnal time of year? Feel free to snag the tag if you’re feeling Fall-ish!

(Also, FYI: if I don’t reply to comments for awhile, it’s merely because I will be internetless for a week. But I shall return! 🙂 )

Fall 2015 Books

Today is the first day of Autumn! Yayness! Can you feel it in the air? Maybe? Almost? …Ahem. Autumn just kind of excites me because it’s not going to be as HOT and it feels adventurous and it smells nice and feels nice and of course NaNo will be soon and… you get the picture. I LIKE AUTUMN. There.

Also, yesterday (Sept. 22) was Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday. Couldn’t let that go un-noted… HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS. (Yes, I always celebrate the Long Expected Party, even if it’s just by thinking about it.)

I’ve heard it called Hobbit Day… and yesterday for it, Rebekah @ Wordsmithing and Worldbuilding posted possibly my favorite Middle-earth-ish post ever.

Everyone, go read it.

Fans of Tolkien and Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth: read the post because you will understand and it will ring true (no pun intended).

Non-fans: read the post because it will show you why you should become a fan and read the books.

I just love that post a lot and it reminded me again of all the reasons why The Lord of the Rings is my favorite book and Tolkien my favorite author, and… it made my soul happy. ^_^ ❤


And now, with a new season, once again, it’s time for some book anticipation…


Here is a list of books coming out this Autumn that look interesting to me!


The Poisoned CureDeborah Dunlevy

September 8, 2015

Okay, so this one is technically already out, and before Autumn officially hits. But still! I’m so very very excited about this! I need to get my hands on it. NEED. The first book in the series, The Book of Sight, was one of those random free Kindle downloads I did a lot of when I first got my Kindle app. Except that this one I actually read it. And loved it so much that I actually bought the second and third book. (Bought. This is the person who doesn’t buy books very often, especially not e-books.) And I actually read them. And I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat for the fourth to release — and I hear there’s going to be a fifth, which makes me all kinds of excited!

Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo

September 29, 2015

I know nothing about this except it’s apparently set in the same world as Shadow and Bone which I know nothing about except that it’s quite popular and several people I know seem to love it so I want to perhaps try it… But Six of Crows is on my wishlist because it sounds like an awesome fantasy heisty book. What is not to like? No idea if it’s cool or not but it certainly sounds cool…


The Sunken Realm – Serena Chase

September 30, 2015

Ever since I finished reading The Seahorse Legacy, I’ve basically been dying to read the conclusion. So… yes. Though I do hear that The Seahorse Legacy was kind of redone, so I must read that again as well! Bwahaha. ALL OF THE EPIC PIRATENESS. And and aaaaand… CAZIEN. ‘Nuff said. ❤

A Thousand Nights – E. K. Johnson

October 6, 2015

In this case, I’m entirely guilty of cover-love. I totally am only interested in it because of its gorgeous cover. Well, that and I think it’s a retelling of Arabian Nights which just sounds awesome because retellings! I have no idea if it will be any good or not though.

The Golden BraidMelanie Dickerson

November 17, 2015

Another medieval fairytale retelling of Hagenheim from Melanie Dickerson! I’ve loved previous installments in the series, and I keep hearing there are secrets and surprises in store for this one… Plus, THAT COVER. ❤ Needless to say, I’m very excited! Also, Rapunzel. It will be interesting to see how it’s retold in this tale!

Defying ShadowsAshley Townsend

November 2015

This is the sequel to Chasing Shadows, which I reviewed. I’m curious what will happen next with the romance and timey-wimey stuff and Robin-Hood hints and that ending of Chasing Shadows… Yes. Very curious… (Also scared of how it will turn out. But still curious. XD)

So there you are! What I’m looking forward to. I probably won’t manage to get hold of them all, but y’know me and my lists. 😉 It’s still fun, right?

Are you excited about any of these? (Aren’t they pretty covers?? #shallowbookworm)

Any you hadn’t heard of before?

And what are you excited for coming out this Fall? 🙂

ALSO IT’S FALL, GUYS. FAAAAAAAAALL! ❤ *throws leaves spontaneously*

Fall: A Long Expected Party

Today is a special day, for two reasons.

For one thing, Fall is officially here. But before I get carried away rambling about the weather (that’s boring, right?), I must mention the other reason for September 22nd being a stupendous date. That being the birthday of Tolkien’s Bilbo and Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. No post on this day is complete without a mention of them.

Happy birthday, favorite Bagginses! I’ll be celebrating your birthdays today. *tips hat to the Hobbits*

In The Lord of the Rings, Bilbo’s eleventy-first birthday is marked by a long expected party, and each year the 22nd of September is something of a long expected party to me, ushering in the start of another season.

As the autumnal weather begins to sweep through the area, I feel a call to adventure, an urge to at least venture out of my writer cave to relish the change of weather (saying farewell to the–somewhat–vanished stifling heat of summer), watch colorful leaves drift lazily to earth, and smell the scent of Fall.

It’s the sort of weather where you want to stay curled up in your cozy blankets all morning, thinking lazily about a story, and eventually get up, pad in stocking feet into the kitchen for some steaming tea or hot chocolate, and curl up in a chair to read. Or scribble a story snippet of those characters who have been inhabiting your brain all morning, insisting you write something about them even if you’re “officially” writing something else. (Which is something I may or may not have been doing myself this morning . . .)


And later, maybe wrap up in a jacket and go tramping outside through the cooling air, among the spiraling leaves, maybe just into the yard or maybe down the road to the park, sniffing the smell of autumn and feeling as though adventure is just around the corner.

It’s difficult to believe that only earlier this week I was practically dying of the heat, with my ceiling fan on full blast and my window open at night trying to catch the slightest hint of a breeze. And then last night was the first truly cold night in six months–cold, as in, break out the fluffy blankets and warm pajamas. Of course, with our weather, we’ll probably be back to 100 degrees in a week or so and not get really into Fall weather until next month, but so far it’s been a lovely change.

With the change of seasons, I find that the seasons in my writing change too.

InvisibleMaskTreeIn January this year, a story came out of the blue and I started writing it. A tale of mysterious characters going about in long black coats, riding winding roads through bleak misty hills in carriages, and living in large shadowy refined mansions on dark windswept moors, with stark empty trees twisting blackly against grey winter skies. I wrote in it on and off for a few months, but then spring came and suddenly I was no longer as interested in that story.

PeacockFeatherWith the arrival of spring, the weather turned warm and the bare trees that had offered so much inspiration for The Invisible Mask were filled suddenly with leafy greenness. All at once I ended up writing a story of pirates sailing through aquamarine water under a tropical sun, or ashore among green rain-forests with colorful birds calling amid the foliage. And when summer came along and all was stiflingly hot around here, somehow the characters in Song of a Pirate began traveling through a desert, with a baking sun shining down on bright yellow sand.

I’ve seen this before in my writing. My contemporary-fantasy summer adventure story, The Owl of Kedran’s Wood, was rather more difficult to finish writing earlier this year due to the winter weather. No matter what the story, the weather of the season I’m writing it during seems to creep into the tale. If I’m writing a story set in summer and it’s winter at the moment, cold scenes invade my mind. Or if I’m trying to write a winter scene during summer, I just can’t seem to wrap my head around the concept of it being cold.

And as I’m talking about the subject, I’m beginning to reflect that perhaps setting my upcoming Nanowrimo novel in spring may not be the best of ideas, and I might be advised to change it to autumn while I can . . .

What about you? Is your writing seasonal?