A Poem: Shatter, Juggle, Human

Heya, blogosphere. Just a poem today.

It’s the same in the graphics and in the text, so it can be read either way — you can either read the graphics or scroll past them to the text. 🙂

Thanks for reading. ❤

dear everyone
i have let down:

i am sorry

for that email i didn’t reply to

for that book i said i would read
for you
and never
got around to reading

for that thing i said
i would do
and didn’t

for everything else
that i should be
sorry for

i’m sorry that i
am human
and fail
and have only time
and that when life is hard
i sometimes
am too tired
to do
the thing
or that i put it
in a safe folder
in my brain
so safe
that it gets lost
and i cannot
it again

i’m sorry
that sometimes
when i’m juggling
a glass ball or million
that sometimes i
or several
and it (they) breaks (break)
and the broken pieces
are all i see
on the ground
even while i’m juggling
the ones
that are most important
(i hope)

and the shattered tasks
and wishes
and hopes
and wishing well
and meaning
good things
but being human
are broken & need to be
swept up
and started fresh
before my feet can
on shards of splintered intentions
and make me fall
all the others

i wish
i could be
like a robot
who can juggle them all
glittering glass ball of
life things & thoughts & dreams
wishes, promises, meanings
and would never
drop one
and would succeed
each time
and to always
get it right

but i think
a robot
would not feel
or stop
to look around
at the
to keep juggling
and a robot
is not
who i am

a robot does not
or people
or love or care
for people
and those are
to keep juggling

and so
i am sorry
but i hope that i
can keep on
the things that
and i hope
that one of those is

even if it has
to be
a new thing
not an old one
that i am still sorry
this not-robot
and lost
and felt
sorry for
for all these minutes & years & time
now to be
swept up & tidied away
in a safe folder
in my brain
so safe
that it gets lost
and i cannot
it again

so that i can move
and juggle
and feel
for the right reasons
for dreams
and for people

6 thoughts on “A Poem: Shatter, Juggle, Human

  1. *CLUTCHES HEART* Oh, Celti. This struck me in so, so many ways. I have related to fewer things more in my entire life than these words and feelings. Life does so often feel like a juggling act and it HURTS when the glass balls fall and shatter. But I am realizing it is far better to let some balls fall than to allow MYSELF to shatter under the pressure. As you say, we are not robots, and as tempting as it is to be one sometimes, being HUMAN is far better and beautiful and glorious. It’s worth the stress and the pain because of the joy and love that overcomes it.

    We ARE human. And we should never apologize for that. I’m learning that the fewer balls I take on the MORE I can give to what truly matters. It is OKAY to refuse to take on others or let some fall.

    You are human and you are beautiful and you are so loved. Not for what you do, not for all the tasks you accomplish, but because of just being you.

    THANK YOU for sharing this. It was so relatable and touched my heart in such a deep way. <333

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know what to SAY to your lovely comment! All very true thoughts. It’s so hard to allow oneself to be human, but yeah, it’s good to try. Thank you for your kind, kind words. T_T I’m so glad you liked the poem. <333


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