Funnest Films/Shows I Watched Last Year

Today, something random!

Because I haven’t posted in almost literally forever, and I found this in my drafts and thought I’d finish it and share it. (A wizard is never late — my new blogging tagline for when I vanish for months. ;))

My movie and show watching is super varied and one of the few true “hobbies” I have, meaning I don’t overanalyze it or pressure myself about it like I do about everything else. XD (*cough*Writing and reading.*cough*)

That said, because last year I actually kept track of what I watched (which I don’t always do), here are a few films and shows I enjoyed!

(Just a disclaimer that I don’t necessarily endorse all the films/shows below and their content etc.)


(Not pictured: The Mandalorian, Leverage: Redemption, Almost Paradise, and Over the Garden Wall)

This category isn’t so much “funnest” as “all.” XD There were several shows last year I watched a bit of here or there, but the ones I watched more than a few episodes of were:

  • Avatar: The Last Airbender – Finished Season 2 and 3 and YES, FINALLY HAVE SEEN IT! Adored this show. XD So happy I finished it. 😀 Zuko, Uncle Iroh, and Sokka are my faves.
  • The Mandalorian — Most of (but have to finish S2) – Enjoying so far, mostly! Mando himself is the absolute best and Baby Yoda is adorable.
  • Leverage — I re-watched the entire original Leverage show last year! I don’t re-watch shows, really? It takes long enough to watch one once. But it had been a long time since I’d seen it and it was a huge comfort re-watch during a stressful year last year, and was just so fun. ^_^
  • Leverage: Redemption — All of it so far – Eh. There were ups and downs; not as good as the original but I did enjoy parts of it. Mostly Eliot Spencer. XD
  • Almost Paradise — All of it so far – I needed something to try after missing Eliot and co. from those two shows, so I tried this one out and it was an enjoyable show with Christian Kane, and while it had the usual cop-show kind of stuff, I appreciated the extra humor. 🙂 I’m curious to see more.
  • Over the Garden Wall – I don’t even know why but this was so addicting and kind of amazing and I have mixed feelings about the end but otherwise it was adorable/spooky and AAHH WHAT DID I JUST WATCH? This made an impression and I’m basically Wirt. XD (And my sister and I randomly say POTATOES AND MOLASSES sometimes now.)
  • The Librarians – I watched the first couple of seasons last year, and actually finished at the beginning of this year – SO fun! As with any show there were less-favorite things, but on the whole I just really enjoyed the characters and the concept and fantasy element and it was just a crazy fun show! (Yes, I did watch a lot of Christian Kane last year. He plays a lot of fun characters. XD)


(Not pictured: Shang Chi, A Cinderella Christmas, and The Button of Doom)
  • Studio Ghibli — I watched a few of these (still need to finish them, though) and my favorite ones overall that I watched last year were probably Ponyo, Up On Poppy Hill, and The Castle of Cagliostro. Also, the hero and music in Princess Mononoke are also MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! (Even if the film as a whole was a bit too dark for my personal taste. O_O But I adored parts of it!)
  • Jason Bourne 3, 4, and 5 — Yeahhh, I figured out I love Jason Bourne movies. XD I just…I enjoy them? I was sad about a certain death in the final one but otherwise I had a blast watching the final three in the series.
  • The Mummy — I finally watched this series! XD I don’t love everything about them, especially the spookiness (and the change of actress for the final movie), but they were fun adventures and I enjoyed the humor and characters a lot. ^_^ Soo much fun!
  • Pride and Prejudice (1985) — I had never seen this older version! It wasn’t as gorgeously filmed as newer ones, but I found the casting to be excellent, and the adaption was great too. It was really enjoyable!
  • Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings — This was the only film I saw in theaters last year (I have since seen Dune, though!), for a sibling’s birthday, and while it wasn’t perfect it was definitely a super fun, enjoyable ride and it made me laugh and I enjoyed the characters and it was exciting and pretty and…yeah. Enjoyable. 🙂
  • A Cinderella Christmas — This was a random Christmas movie I watched and it was cute and Cinderalla-y and…I don’t know, I just enjoyed it for some reason!
  • The Button of Doom (short) — I adore the Megamind film. XD So this short in a collection of short films was so much fun! Set after Megamind. Superhero/villain fun. XD

Fave movie rewatches of last year

(Not pictured: The Secret of Moonacre)
  • Howl’s Moving Castle — Because of course! I adore the book the most but the movie’s delightful. It makes me happy!
  • Mortal Engines — I don’t know why I love this movie so much but I DO; I just enjoyed it a ton. So sorry to those who dislike it. XD I’ve decided taste in films/shows is just SO individual and subjective. 🙂
  • Equilibrium — This is a dark one, so beware, but uncharacteristically I really liked this one despite its super-dystopian nature. XD Christian Bale plays a very different sort of character in this.
  • The Secret of Moonacre — Another case of loving the book and movie, despite them being SO different. This one was just…randomly whimsical and fun. 🙂 (The book is called The Little White Horse and I adore it. They’re almost unconnected though. XD)
  • Labyrinth — I had only recently discovered this one after hearing about it for YEARS and yeah, it’s kind of strange but it was just kind of a blast. So many great moments! And I finally “met” the Goblin King.

So there’s a glance at some of the funnest things I watched last year! Told you I have strange taste. XD

I’ve not been keeping close tabs on my watching habits this year, but I’ve been dipping into anime this year (give me recs if you have any!) and I saw Dune in the theaters this winter — oh my word. It was so epic!

Let me know if you like any of these, or about something fun you’ve watched recently, or if you have a favorite anime you recommend!

Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “Funnest Films/Shows I Watched Last Year

  1. No kidding taste is subjective! ha ha! Labyrinth is one of my all-time favorites, but I’m very aware it’s more of a “niche” fandom, and I’m okay with that, too! One of my personal favorites this year – if you have Netflix – is “Hilda,” based on the kids’ graphic novels of the same name. It’s a bit odd in parts, but the characters are so endearing and relatable, and the plots always have a happy ending, and it never got too dark – for me, that’s almost a requirement these days! And I’ve come to the conclusion that we really shouldn’t need to defend our entertainment choices! I’m so grateful for the lighter stuff that is, as you said, just enjoyable!

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    • I really enjoyed Labyrinth! ^_^ Ooh, that is good to know about Hilda! I’ve heard of it…but haven’t checked it out yet. I don’t have Netflix access right now but if I do again I will definitely check that one out. Thanks for the rec! I’m always happy to hear about happy-endings and lighter entertainment. ^_^

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  2. I’m very slowly working on both Leverage and The Librarians, and enjoying both of them. Good to know that the Leverage reboot isn’t bad. I also want to watch the Mummy series sometime, since I have a lot of friends who enjoy them!

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    • Yay! Glad you are enjoying Leverage (one of my top faves!) and the Librarians! Wellll…I was purely here for the returning characters in the Leverage reboot and there were only a few episodes I found to be nearly as good as the old; the quality was wayyy down, so I wouldn’t say it was “not bad” but I did enjoy having the characters back so that’s the maimain reason it’s on here. Heh. The Mummy series is wild but a lot of fun! XD Thanks for your comment!

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  3. The Mummy movies are one of the few franchises that have given me actual nightmares. (That’s not to say I don’t like them…) 🙂 But I have to be in the right mood. (And yes, I know that anything Brandon Fraser is in should NOT give a person nightmares… but… the beetles… and the whole stealing other people’s body parts… yeeesh!)

    I LOVE Equilibrium!!! One of my favorites ever.

    I’m watching The Librarians and enjoying it. I also have watched most of Almost Paradise. I also rewatched a ton of Angel in January when I was sick, so I’ve been watching a lot of Christian Kane, as well. 🙂 haha that’s not a bad thing.

    Ahhhhh! You’ve finally watched Avatar: the last Airbender!!!! I’m so happy you liked it! Zuko is MY FAVORITE. (and Iroh, and Kitara, and Aang, and Sokka, and just all of them… awwww, hugs them all)

    Mando is awesome!

    I really WANTED to like Mortal Engines. It just… kinda fell flat for me. But I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    I liked Shang Chi. (Although the girlfriend really annoyed me) It wasn’t great, it wasn’t awful. It was a fun kung-fu movie. Didn’t feel like Marvel though.

    Awww, the 1985 P&P is so good. I love it. The 2005 version is always and forever my favorite, but the 1985 is really great, too.

    EEEEEEEE, I’ve missed you here in the blogosphere, my friend! 🙂

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    • I can totally see that about the Mummy movies! They were certainly creepier than my usual fare — and I notably have only watched them once — but Brendan Fraser and the humor were just too much of a blast to not enjoy, despite all that. XD

      YES! I watched Equilibrium on your recommendation and I’m so glad I did!

      Yay for lots of Christian Kane! I guess it’s not just me. XD I haven’t seen any Angel in so long I’d almost forgotten he was in that! Glad you’re enjoying The Librarians so far. 🙂 I am itching for another season of Almost Paradise…

      ZUKO!!! Yes, I finally watched it! Haha, the whole Aang Gaang is just a blast. They make me happy. XD

      Mando is indeed!

      That’s fair! I feel like I’ve rarely heard of others who DID like Mortal Engines so I’ll just be alone in my random liking — not even sure WHY I do. XD

      Shang Chi definitely felt more like a fun kung-fu/urban-fantasy movie than a Marvel — and the girlfriend was sometimes annoying, yes, though amusing at times too. 🙂

      Yay, another person who’s seen the ’85 P&P! 2005 is a fun one too! I enjoy all three versions I’ve seen. 🙂 (AND the book. XD)

      Awww!! You’re so sweet! It’s nice being (somewhat) back, and you just made my day with your lovely long comment! Thank you!


  4. Aaaahhhhh! I was so happy to see a Celti post appear. AND THIS IS SUCH A FUN ONE!!!

    You consumed so many delightful things last year! Namely AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER. *SHRIEKS* One of my favorites ever ever everrrrr. I’m beyond thrilled you finally got to see it. Also The Mandalorian! Love that one so much. And you KNOW my love for Leverage and The Librarians.

    Oh man, Over the Garden Wall is SO GOOD. It’s been yeeears since I watched, I really need a rewatch. But I remember being utterly captivated. It was just so DIFFERENT. And I loved every bit of it.

    Alllllll the love for Studio Ghibli. (Especially Howl. *grins*)

    The Mummy films are others I’ve not seen in so very long. I honestly barely remember them, but I do recall enjoying them. Definitely need a rewatch of those! And I enjoyed Mortal Engines and especially Shang Chi far more than I thought I would! 😀

    Oh man, Labyrinth. I watched it for the first time not too long ago myself, hilariously enough. I thought I’d hate it but ended up quite enjoying it. It’s uh…something. But an entertaining something. XD And yes, one must meet the Goblin King at some point in their lives.

    I’m so glad you were able to discover such wonderful new things! Thank you for sharing them with us. This was a blast! 😀

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    • Aaahh! Thank you so much!!

      Yesss, I’m so happy I finally saw A:TLA! Makes total sense that it’s one of your faves! And Mand, Leverage, and Librarians tooo! *high-fives*

      OVER THE GARDEN WALL IS SO STRANGE BUT GOOD! I’m not sure I knew you’d seen it but it’s so much fun! I’m also basically Wirt and it’s bad. XD I want to rewatch it too! It feels like such a fall-feelings show!

      Ghibli and Howl forever!

      Ooh, glad you enjoyed Mortal Engines and Shang Chi more than expected! The Mummies are something, for sure! XD

      Labyrinth is SO WEIRD but I’m SO FOND OF IT now. XD I’m glad you ended up watching/enjoying it too! Definitely entertaining. XD The Goblin King is the big draw for some reason. XD

      Thank you! It was fun to share and I’m loving your lovely comment and thoughts! Thanks for readinggg!


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