8-Year Blogiversary + Random Search Terms Answered

Happy 8-year blogiversary to my li’l ol’ blog!

Eight years seems so long ago and yet at the same time it feels like I’ve been blogging even longer . . . just not much recently. XD Still, 350 posts (351 now!) isn’t bad.

Anyway, I had plans to do something fun/exciting for this but haven’t really had the time, sooo this is just a quick post so it won’t go unmarked. 😛

For fun, here are some random search terms that have led to my site and some answers to them!

  • howl’s moving castle head cold — I’m proud of whoever searched this and pleased it brought you here. XD
  • forgive yourself thunderstorm — Yes, please do, thunderstorm.
  • good words for watsup — Um. Maybe how’s it going? Or, I don’t know, maybe … what’s up?
  • many happy returns tolkien — Yes indeed. But only on January 3rd.
  • dastan and tamina fanfiction — I don’t have any but I ADORE Prince of Persia, so.
  • Various searches for Marvel characters (mostly Loki or Hawkeye) and/or fanfiction, doubtless leading to random Marvel dreams I wrote down and posted here in the past, before it was cool probably. *awkward laughter*
  • Some questions about different Melanie Dickerson books and characters. O_O
  • Various searches for Ren: The Girl with the Mark and whether there will be sequels. (*SOBS* Sadly, no. T_T The original show is so good, though! Despite the cliffhanger.)
  • diana wynne jones where to start — Start with Howl’s Moving Castle! I have spoken.
  • pictures of perfectionism — Oh dear. I … I … feel called out. *nervous laugh*
  • types of mentor in fantasy movies — Well, not just in movies but definitely some mentors in this post
  • power of three word count diana wynne jones — Now I want to know the answer to this too. Well, a random page in my copy of Power of Three has 241 words on it, and at 328 pages, that averages to 79,048 words. Give or take. Probably take, since chapter beginnings/endings have fewer words …
  • the owl of kedrans wood — Who was searching my book’s title? O_O Sorry to disappoint but it’s not published at this point. *more awkward laughter* At least I’m over half done writing the third book in the series??
  • diana wynne jones quotes — Ooh, try this post! Great DWJ quotes there.
  • amazon — … Well then. That’s awkward.
  • sherlock holmes consulting detective checklist form — I find myself fascinated by this search and how in the world it could have led here. XD

So there is your dose of humor/randomness for the day.

Happy 8th birthday, Road of a Writer. *blows out virtual candles*

And thanks, dear readers, for coming along with me so far!

Have a nice Thursday. Cheers. ❤

24 thoughts on “8-Year Blogiversary + Random Search Terms Answered

  1. For the Owl of Kedran’s Wood one — that search term actually makes a lot of sense if someone is trying to find your blog but can’t remember the address or blog name, but they CAN remember the name of the story whose characters they really love. I can see myself being in that situation.

    Congratulations on eight years!

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  2. Hurray for your blog! I believe the world is a better place with Deborah O’Caroll sharing her thoughts and I’ve enjoyed many of yours over the years.

    I’ve never thought to share the search terms that people use to find my site, but this strikes me as a fun exercise. You should make it into a blog tag/challenge!

    As for the last one, I believe, “Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective” is a board game, though that does little to explain how your site came up in a search for it.

    So nice to see this post from you. Here’s to many more years of writing both here and in places various and sundry.

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    • Your comment made my day — thank you! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it. And I feel like I saw the idea to answer search terms years ago somewhere else but yes, it could make a fun challenge! XD

      Ohhhh! That would make sense about it being a game! Thanks for shining a light on that. And I’m sure I’ve mentioned Sherlock Holmes, especially screen adaptions, on here over time, so that could be why!

      Thank you very much!



    A most happy, happy blogiversary, dear Celti!!!! This space of yours has brought me SO much joy over all these years and I’m just so unbelievably blessed to know you. <333

    I loved your answers to all the random searches. This has definitely given me a good chuckle for this Thursday! And I am so proud of all the Diana Wynne Jones searches that brought people here. But I mean OF COURSE. You're the DWJ QUEEN. Also that's so fun someone was specifically searching for KW! Proof the world needs your book!

    I, too, would very much like a Sherlock Holmes consulting detective checklist form. Sounds super useful. XD

    Happy blogiversary again!!!! *confetti and glitter and otters in party hats*

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    • Awwww! Lauri!! You are the sweetest! Thank you ever so much, and right back at you!

      Haha, I’m so glad it could give you a chuckle! XD Yesss, the DWJ searches bring me joy! And meep! Thank youuu! Maybe someday!

      Right? Sounds like a very helpful list. XD

      Thank you so much!!! *basks in confetti and glitter and dances with party-hatted otters*


  4. EEP! Happy blogiversary, Deborah!!! 8 years is a HUGE accomplishment, and it’s my dream to stay committed to blogging so that someday I’ll be there, too. XD (currently I’m at 5 years, so like? Nearly there, right? XD)

    ALSO. These search terms are GOLDEN. Although I feel slightly called out myself, because I was literally going to start reading Howl’s Moving Castle tonight after I was done blogging, so…..uh…well, now I feel good about my first Dianna Wynn Jones decision. XD Also I died at “forgive yourself thunderstorm”. Like what. I love that. And also I want to write a poem about it now. XD

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  5. Happy 8th Blog Birthday! <333

    Hehe, seeing those search terms are fun. I don't have a blog, but I do get some interesting ones for my Etsy shop. One that pops up on occasion is "arm computer" which… I'm not sure why it gets used more than once but apparently is leading some people to my fingerless gloves. They are quite good for keeping you arms warm while working on the computer, I'm just not sure I personally would think to combine those words in that way to search for them? LOL

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  6. Ahhh, happy blogiversary! I’m so thankful for you and your wonderful blog. I’ve loved reading your musings, reviews, and many other posts over the years! 8 years is amazing. Congratulations, and here’s to many more amazing years!!

    I…am very curious to know how “amazon” led to your site. Maybe someone scrolled all the way to the tenth page of Google hits and found your blog because of a passing reference to Amazon somewhere in the vault of posts? *laughs*

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