Writing Wrapup (2020)

Well, I haven’t blogged regularly at ALL in quite awhile, but I wanted to post a wrapup of my writerly accomplishments this last year, if only so I’ll be able to look back on it one day.

It was definitely a slow year of writing, for me. I have difficulty writing when I’m stressed, so between that and spending a good deal of extra time on my copyediting business, the words were rather fewer than usual. But at least some writing happened!



  • Total words written: 76,160 (not my usual 100K+ but ah well)
  • 53K of Tare/Kedran’s Wood books (starting book 3 for NaNo plus some edits on book 2)
  • 12K of Operation Foxtail
  • 11K on short stories — The Secret Piano (hopefully coming soon to a newsletter?), and three serial episodes of Girls, Spies, and Other Things the Faeries Stole. (I had written the first episode in 2019. The second was posted last January. So I have two more written, and one more planned, which would total 5 episodes. I hope to share them on here when I get the chance!)
  • I also did some plotting and editing on various works, including making some exciting breakthroughs in various books!


I didn’t have home internet for the last 8 months of the year so any blogging that actually got done . . . I’ll take it. πŸ˜›



(My top 9 most popular Instagram pics of 2020. Lots of googly-eyed books, some Tolkien, Cress, and of course that time I cosplayed as Selene Ravenwood back in February.)

I also focused more on my Instagram in this last year, largely due to said issue of a lack of internet aside from my phone. I can’t really blog on my phone but I can Instagram on it, sooo…

  • 285 Bookstagram posts (daily posts aside from a couple of hiatus months and breaks when I got busy)
  • Hit 800 followers
  • I finally did more with themes, even seasonal ones (which was fun) — and aaall the flowers!
  • Finally made a Linktree and some highlights. XD *is almost getting the hang of this Instagramming thing*

Copyediting Business

(Some of the books I had the honor of copyediting last year.)
  • Words copyedited or beta-read in 2020: 2.9 million words
  • Novels/novellas copyedited: 15
  • Short stories copyedited: 11
  • Beta projects (for friends etc.): 8
  • (Curious to know more about my freelance copyediting? Info is here! :))


  • Writing journal pages: 136
  • Won my 11th NaNoWriMo and 20th Camp NaNo (actually did two camp sessions this year)
  • Attended Hutchmoot: Homebound online (delightful), as well as a one-day writing conference in January, and read 6 books on writing
  • Sketched my character Teague
  • Was “in print” for the second time (I mean, just like the first time, it was a private bindup collection for authors of the Modern Bard blog stories, so it’s not like it’s… available? But it was still neat to see A Night in the Life of Glassman printed in a real book, personal collection though it may be!)
  • Set new word-sprinting records during November
  • Got a new laptop (after 9 years of writing adventures with my first laptop)
(2020 November writing stats)

So there is a brief (?) look at my 2020 in writing! Although the wordcount was less than I’d hoped, and I didn’t finish any novels (two-thirds into both Operation Foxtail and Kedran’s Wood 3), it still wasn’t a bad writing year, apparently. I’m quite happy with a lot of these things. πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed that! Thanks for reading — and let me know if there’s a writing-ish accomplishment you’re proud of from last year!

17 thoughts on “Writing Wrapup (2020)

  1. Aaahhhh! It’s so exciting getting a new Celti post! πŸ˜€ And GIRL. You did SO MUCH last year!!! Despite all the stress, you still worked SO SO SOOOO hard and I am just in awe. I mean, you edited 2.9 MILLION words??????? *collapses* That is insane! And you did all that while STILL writing a whole 76k of your OWN words on multiple stories. Not to mention keeping up with IG almost every single day which, just, I don’t know how you do that. I can barely do my 3 days a week IG routine!

    You should absolutely be happy with all you accomplished because, my goodness, it was a LOT! So in awe and proud of all you managed to do during such an insane, stressful year. You are amazing, girl!

    Thank you for sharing all this with us. This was a treat getting an overview of your year. I do hope 2021 will prove to be a year full of delightful writerly things! ❀

    (P.S. I looove your new post banner design. It's gorgeous! *heart-eyes*)


    • Aww, thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it! And stahhhp! *covers face* Haha, a lot of those words just meant I read the same story two or three times, but yes. XD THANK YOU SO MUCH. YOU ARE SO ENCOURAGING. And I hope yours will be the same! (Eep, thanks! I’ve been having fun trying new designs.)


  2. Still praying (on and off) that you can get your internet situation worked out. I miss your blog posts.

    I’m excited for you and your Glassman story! Even if it’s not in an “official” publication. Also, congrats on the new laptop! That’s exciting!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thank you so much! I think we’re closer to it so here’s hoping it’s soon. And it warms my heart to know my posts are missed, so thank you!

      Yesss! It was a wonderful feeling. And I miss my old laptop but yep, it was time. πŸ™‚ Thanks!


  3. Hooray for a post!!!! I miss your blog posts. Praying you can get that whole internet situation figured out!

    Wow, you wrote a ton this year! I’m impressed! And so much editing! (And you do such a fantastic job with it, too!) Congrats on getting so much accomplished!

    I’m not sure how many words I wrote this year, mostly because… um… half of them have been lost forever. (kicks self severely for knocking that dumb glass of water on my computer… glares at COVID for existing, since the worry that my BIL might have it and his family deciding to leave early was the only reason I had to be awake at 4:45am, hence the fumbling for the water glass that would not have otherwise happened). Sigh. I think I had managed to write approximately 61,000 words… but I lost a good 25k of that in the cataclysm. (that makes it sound a little more sci-fi, I shall now refer to it ever as that: the cataclysm). *nods*

    However, I am proud of getting two audio books finished this year, and releasing Echo. So it wasn’t a complete waste of a year author-wise. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! Aww, I’m glad you enjoy them! I hope so too!

      And thanks on all those counts as well — plus, editing An Echo of the Fae was SUCH a delight!

      OH, JENELLE! :O I’M SO SORRY. T_T That is the absolute WORST and I can’t even express how sorry I am that happened! *huuuuuugs* That’s definitely a cataclysm, for sure. 😦 😦 😦

      Two audiobooks and releasing Echo and all that you DID write is definitely not a waste! Here’s hoping your 2021 will be better!!


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