A Million Words Are Keeping Me Awake…

Something exciting happened this week — I hit a million words!

In the summer of 2010, I started keeping a daily/weekly writing log, and I also started tracking how many words (of actual manuscripts/stories) I wrote. I had already been writing for a few years before that, but ever since July 2010 I’ve kept fairly detailed records of my monthly manuscript words written. And I just hit a rather exciting milestone . . .

Since starting to track my wordcounts, I have now officially written




Of course, I had been writing for awhile before that. And I am not including plotting or emails or the gadjillions of blog posts I’ve written, etc. Just actual draft words, counted since July 2010.

Some people say that once you’ve written a million words, your writing starts to be good. I don’t know how true (or not) that may be, but regardless of any writing mythology, 1,000,000 is still a pretty exciting number to hit.

Like a million dreams (you have the song in your head, now, don’t you? You’re welcome), a million words represent this single subcreator’s adventures of the written page so far.

I’ve journeyed through dozens of fantastical far-distant lands (who’s to call them imaginary or not?), with hundreds of characters who have been friends and enemies and kindred spirits, and it’s been a decade-long journey of a million words poured onto pages physical and digital, like ink or blood or the essense of the soul.

And I’ve learned a lot on the way — probably more than I even know that I learned, because that’s part of the journey, you see. Many sights still await. Many discoveries. The words that have been written — some of them are pretty good, and many others of them will never see the light of day, but they served a purpose; they served Story. And they’re the stepping stones that lead to a farther path. Regardless of their state, I’m terribly glad that I decided to write those words. You can’t be on a journey without those first steps — sometimes those first hundred, thousand, or million steps.

The numbers don’t matter, on their own. But it does help, sometimes, when the road seems long, to look back and see how far you’ve traveled. One step in front of the other. One more word on the page. Until you realize that you’re partway up that seemingly insurmountable mountain, after all.

The words, or their amount, are not the point. But the story is. And you can’t have the story without the words.

Here’s to a million more.


22 thoughts on “A Million Words Are Keeping Me Awake…

  1. I’m so proud of you! Look at you, wonderful writer, conquering the page, one word at a time! One of these days I hope to see one of your books in print. For the present moment, I will content myself by flinging virtual cake and confetti in your direction. You are so inspiring!

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    I LOVED what you said, about how every single word served Story, have helped you grow. Because YES. I am a firm believer that every. single. word. counts as SOMETHING. Even if they don’t see the light of day, they still help us grow as authors. Even help shape who we are as a person. Writing is such a powerful beautiful thing, and ALL words hold their own kind of magic.

    I’M JUST SO INSANELY PROUD OF YOU!!! CONGRATULATIONS, YOU AMAZING BEAN YOU. Cheering you on all the way as you reach the next million! ❤

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  3. YAY!!!! Congrats on reaching this HUGE milestone in your writing career!!! *hands you a million balloons* (quickly ties you to the ground so they don’t carry you away…. oops… there goes the whole house)

    Okay, maybe confetti would have been a better idea.

    Anyway…. CONGRATS!!!!! This is so exciting! Now I want to go calculate how many story-words I’ve written…..

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  5. A little bit late to the party, but here I am to say CONGRATULATIONS on your milestone!! That’s amazing! And what a great idea to keep track like that. Your hard work and creativity are inspiring. Here’s to a million more. Cheers!

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