#WIPobsessed & Middle-earth Day!

G’day, my Roadlings!

Today there are two exciting things going on!


March 25th has been dubbed Middle-earth Day and Tolkien Reading Day, in celebration of the day the Ring was destroyed. (It’s also more or less New Year’s Day due to that, as decreed by Aragorn, so . . . let’s brush up some new New-Year’s-Resolutions, shall we?)

Here’s a huzzah for all things Lord of the Rings and Tolkien!

(I’ll be celebrating by smiling over the two Tolkien books I’ve read so far this year and crying over how I haven’t been keeping up with my History of Middle-earth book-per-month personal challenge. πŸ˜› *cough*)

Anyway, I had to mention because I’ll never not celebrate a Middle-earthean holiday! πŸ˜‰


The other thing is actually a three-day-long thing:

#WIPobsessed, an online writers’ retreat hosted by Liv K. Fisher!

It runs March 25-27, and the idea is to pick a goal and work on some writing during these three days, and share your progress and updates with the #WIPobsessed hashtag on whichever social media you prefer!

(Here’s the info on Liv’s Instagram, and on her blog.)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been far too busy all month to do much of anything remotely writing-related and it’s been devastating. So even though Camp NaNo is around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect excuse to push me into at least dipping my toe back into the writing waters. I can make time on three days to write, right?

Since I’m also terribly busy this week, and my saner half (sorry, my saner 3/8ths) says I have no business even thinking about writing, I’m going to set a low but hopefully achievable goal of one hour per day for a total of 3 hours of writing. Maybe that will add up to 3K words. We can hope!

I’m setting a secondary goal, if I pass the first, of finishing writing KW2 during #WIPobsessed (which I calculate, or rather hope, has about 5K left).

So there!

I’m announcing this which means I have to work toward it and at least try to set aside this time, even during an insane week, to do a little writing.

I hereby give myself permission to write for an hour each day for three days. Because that’s the only way writing is going to happen.

(Isn’t it dreadful it has to come to this? XD)

And besides, it’ll be good practice for Camp NaNo starting in exactly one week. πŸ˜‰ (Please tell me I’m not the only one who is TERRIBLY PLEASED that April is starting on a Monday! XD)

SO WHO’S WITH ME? Why don’t you commit to writing even ten minutes or 100 words per day for the next three days? Join in the glorious swirling of creativity/mutual support!

It’s not like it’s a month-long challenge like NaNo. Just three days. Because every day counts!

I’m not sure how much I’ll be sharing or where, during these three days, but hopefully at least an update or two over on my Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

Go forth and join in, and get #WIPobsessed! May the words be ever in your favor!

19 thoughts on “#WIPobsessed & Middle-earth Day!

  1. Deborah! An hour a day is nothing to be ashamed of! That’s what I do every day from 7-8 in the morning except for Saturdays -which are usually 2 hour days- and Sundays. Somedays are more productive than others, but writing gets done nevertheless. Make sure you don’t get on the internet unless you absolutely need to. That helps too!

    So excited for you! Go write all the words!

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    • Thank you so much! I totally admire your writing habit. O_O Whenever I try to consistently write every day for long periods of time, I tend to get burnt out, but I still wish I could keep it up! And hearing that that works for you gives me hope! πŸ˜‰

      Excellent point about internet, and I so agree! XD We’ll see how it goes. Thanks so much for your encouragement!! ❀


  2. I’m kiiiind of doing Camp NaNo, in that I’m going to commit to writing every single day of the month, but I’m not setting myself a chart or a specific word count goal. My intention is to write SOMETHING each 24-hour period for the 30 days. Even if I only manage to squeeze 50 words into one of my WIPs or just edit a page, I’ll consider it an accomplishment!

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    #WIPobsessed looks so, so fun! A 3-day online writing retreat is BRILLIANCE. I wish I wasn’t so swamped this week and could join you. But I’m so excited you’re doing it! And your plan sounds PERFECT. I hope it goes amazingly! *waves pompoms*

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  4. OOOOOOH! I hadn’t heard about WIPobsessed, but I’m definitely jumping on board now! I mean, technically there’s still a little time left today, right? XD I’m sure I can get SOME kind of writing done. I think my goal will be to outline another 10 chapters of my Camp NaNo project! I’m hoping to have the outline finished before April 1st, so hopefully I can actually get that done.

    And OH MY GOODNESS! You are SO CLOSE to finishing KW2!!!! YOU’VE TOTALLY GOT THIS!!! *flings cookies and pompoms at your face for inspiration*

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  5. Best wishes with CampNaNo! I may join in late with a small goal because the first week of April I will be abroad. I’ve been setting 45 minutes to an hour a day aside for writing and it has done wonders. Like everything else has gotten stop and writing must happen.

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