Snippets + Snow + Superheroes: Feb. Ishness!

Oh, hi! It seems to be March.

. . .

Yeah, no clue how that happened.

Anyway, for once I have an Ishness concerning the month, so let’s see what I was up to in February, shall we?


I unfortunately still seem to be in a huge writing slump, which I’ve been stuck in since NaNo ended . . . But I’ve also been very busy, so oh well.

I did manage to scribble an odd thousand words this last month, still limping along with KW2 and trying to finish, and random Sky Voyages series snippets.

Speaking of which, I’ve been doing some plotting for the sequel to The Siren and the Skyship, so that’s fun. 😀 I’ll chat about that in another post.

So yep, not a lot going on in the writing arena. Essentially, I’m busy, Tare is stalling (or I’m stalling him; honestly not sure which right now), and Keller of S&S2 is all “Well, if no one else is going to then I may as well take center stage HI!”

March looks exhaustingly busy so we’ll see what writing or lack thereof occurs. But I may have to take Drastic Measures if writing doesn’t happen soon.


Oh, hey! I haven’t shared any snippets in awhile. 😀 So here, have a few.

“Stay out of my head,” Tare snarled.

[spoiler redacted]’s eyes were cold in his carven face. “Make me.


(This snippet is actually from book 3 but I’m not supposed to be there yet. XD)

Rook sighed. “We all make mistakes. Both of us have done things we can’t take back, but we can’t run forever.”

“Maybe you can’t. I’ll do what I need to do. I betrayed everything I believed in.”

“So did I,” Rook said harshly. “You can’t even begin to know—” He broke off.


(I’m enjoying Meridian interacting with Teague’s brother Ivan. XD)

“When you get out, tell Teague to take Lulin and get out of here.”

I snorted. “He won’t do it.”

“Why not? He’d be an idiot not to.”

“Because he cares about you, you great lump!”

Ivan gave a little humorless bark of laughter. “You don’t know anything.”

“I know more than you two do! And you care about him too—admit it.”

Ivan mutinously tilted his nose off toward a corner. “No. Nothing of the sort.”

“Honestly!” I threw up my hands. “You are impossible. Both of you!”


(In reverse order, from my Goodreads Reading Challenge)

So, I love how I’ve got these sweeping gorgeous covers with somber tones and then suddenly . . . Fortunately, the Milk. XD

Anyway, these were all varying levels of fun! (Except for The Gilded Wolves which Disappointed Me. I gave it one star. *shifty eyes*)

My absolute favorite was Beneath the Haunting Sea — gorgeous! I first met it pitched as The Silmarillion meets Jane Austen and just . . . yep. It took me a little while to get into it and the beginning is super different than the rest, but once she got to the mysterious old house I was totally in! 😀

Smol (ish) reviews on Goodreads:

Speaking of reviews, here are a couple of reviews I shared on my book blog this last month, for books that make me happy! ^_^

I also lurk on Instagram a lot. XD


  • I finally saw The Incredibles! I know. I’m . . . a little late on that one. XD It was sooo much fun, and now I need to see the sequel.
  • Despicable Me 3 was okay; the second was the best. 😛
  • The Man Who Invented Christmas — Yep, finally saw this one too, despite the nonseasonalness of February. I vaguely suspect it was not historically accurate, but it was a lot of fun. Because writers. XD And A Christmas Carol. And yep.
  • Black Panther — I’m only centuries late on this one. XD Super enjoyable! (Though from all the hype I had expected more?) And yes, I liked his sis. 😛 Also, Bilbo and Gollum were great. XD
  • Antman and the Wasp — Also great fun! 😀

I also got to see a PLAY! Which was loads of fun. It was Peter and the Starcatcher (based on a book which I read ages ago and didn’t love due to its explaining-away-prequel-ness, but for some reason liked the play more). Aside from a few quibbles, I reeeally enjoyed it. 😀 Plays are just so much fun (this was only my second one ever!) and the actors did a fantastic job—particularly Peter’s, who was SO Peter-ish, and the villain, who was absolutely hilarious. XD


I was super happy to get back to listening to audiobooks. It’s a new thing I was trying and it’s working out SO splendidly. I’m so happy!

I finished listening to Scarlet by Marissa Meyer and had LOADS of fun—it’s like my daily half-hour TV show in my earbuds while I do exercising. There are parts of the book I don’t care for, naturally, but on the whole it was just so fun, and I quite enjoyed the narrator, and the snark and character stuff was gold. XD

I’m currently in withdrawal because I haven’t managed to get to the library for Cress so I’m missing Cinder and Thorne and everyone . . .

There has been a Suspicious Lack of Exercising ever since I ran out of Scarlet to listen to, which may be connected to the cold I caught at the same time, or may just be me missing my Lunar exercise buddies. ❤


I think there was also music consumed, but I don’t recall what any of it was. Probably more Tide Lines and definitely themesongs for my Siren and the Skyship sequel (which I really should introduce to y’all!).


Life things included:

  • Going to a couple of writers workshops.
  • Starting a new schedule/routine which has been incredibly helpful for productivity and which I need to get back to. (As soon as I pick up Cress . . . *cough*)
  • Much copyediting/proofreading work has been keeping me busy and happy.
  • Caught a cold; yay. So lovely. At least it was minor?
  • A library sale also happened which makes up for the cold because BOOKS.
  • The weather has been INSANE, ranging from high-70s suitable for lounging in the grass and reading, to super-cold and we actually got SNOW. (Only a smidge and didn’t stick around very long but it was so awesome! And was in the same week as the super warm days. So. Yeah.) It can’t seem to make up its mind and is playing roller-coaster.

Snow and a snow-ish book! Which you should go read ASAP if you haven’t. ❤


I have a lot of life projects piling up on me that I need to deal with so I’m currently panicking over here. *curls up in shock blanket* But hopefully I can still find time for reading and writing and blogging, since there are many of all such things I want to do. 😛

Still, there are also exciting things going on, what with it being my birthday month and especially with March Magics!

For those who don’t know, March Magics is a celebration, around the interwebs, of Diana Wynne Jones and Terry Pratchett. The theme this time is re-reading old favorites (yesss!) and there’s also a readalong for The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett and Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones, both of which I plan to join in on. 😀

I’ll be doing a post on my book blog about March Magics and other Book Ishness, but I’m waiting on a trip to the library to hopefully pick up a couple of books before I share my TBR stacks . . . (Wee Free Men and Cress, wait for meeee.)

Meanwhile, for more info, check out the host’s blog and feel free to join in around social media with the hashtags #MarchMagics and #DWJMarch — it’s going to be so much fun!


Whew! So that’s what I’ve been up to.

How about you? And are you ready for it to be March or at least spring? Also, thoughts on the snippets and books and films? And do you “read” audiobooks?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a magical March! (See what I did there? *cough*)

26 thoughts on “Snippets + Snow + Superheroes: Feb. Ishness!

  1. GREAT review on The Gilded Wolves. Basically I feel the same way, though I kind of saw the unnecessary death coming up – and honestly, I felt that it was also a “token” sort of move, as opposed to it could have been another character where it would have meant more. But also, since, as you so correctly pointed out, the stakes of the mission and for the main characters didn’t seem to really be explained, so maybe we wouldn’t have been more invested even if it was somebody else?? The Telliphobia (perfect turn of phrase!) has seriously decreased my enjoyment/potential enjoyment for a huge chunk of recent YA releases I’ve tried in the last couple of years. It’s almost getting to the point of me being borderline afraid to try new authors, because I’m just waiting for this approach to strike, and ruin it for me!

    Historical fantasy is also a big let down for me…I have major issues with combining these two genres. I’d much rather have the author start with a premise of an alternate history, instead of taking established facts and trying to twist them around with a fantasy aspect. It gets too confusing and too hard to form an attachment, since I’m constantly struggling to follow the basics of the plot. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Yeah, it just didn’t thrill me, sadly. And I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s noticed the Telliphobia, but yeah…

      Most of what has been bothering me about the historical fantasy I’ve read lately is how it feels like modern fiction disguised with people with costumes on, and how historical happenings that are awful STILL HAPPEN even when, with the fantasy element, I felt like there was a possibility of alternate history and change, since there’s this whole alternate backstory involving magic, so why not change it too? But it DOESN’T and then I’m disappointed. XD I don’t have this problem with historical fantasy that was written less recently, though, so it’s either a fluke of the last few I’ve read, or it just means I should stick with my epic fantasy. 😛


      • I have major issues with historical fantasy being too close to the real thing, but just throwing in magic, as well. It seems that the timeline would have been significantly altered by changing the world to include magic, so why aren’t there more novels centered on: the Queen of England is a troll, the World Wars were fought with wands, and all of America is actually run by centaurs? Or something. I’m just saying that it does seem far too much like a way to establish a 21st century perspective into the 17th or whatever, and it truly, truly doesn’t work as a solid literary device. (That’s just my opinion, but I feel strongly about it, with good reason! There are enough people that don’t know the facts of history now! We don’t need revisionist POV in fiction making it more complicated!)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Okay, this is really weird, because I saw both Ant Man and The Wasp, AND The Incredibles 2 last month. (at least, I think it was last month? I’m pretty sure it was last month…) Either way, I saw them recently, and I loved them both. XD BUT ANYWAY.

    I’ve never really been one to get into audiobooks, but listening to audiobooks while exercising sounds AMAZING, so I might just have to give that a try soon… And OH MY GOODNESS!!! THE LUNAR CHRONICLES!!! Cress is one of my absolute favorite books from that series, so this is making me really want to pick that one up again… ARRRRRRGH if only I didn’t have so many other things to read… I’m hopefully going to revisit that world this year, but we’ll have to see, I guess… (I’m totally revisiting that world this year. XD)

    Also, those snippets are absolutely AMAZING! Oh my word!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Whaaaat, that’s awesome! I SO need to see The Incredibles 2!!

      I’ve never been into audiobooks either! I always feel like my attention wanders so I miss little bits and like it’s cheating. XD But doing it while exercising is still my new favorite thing. 😀 Haha, I feel your pain on wanting to reread beloved favorites but having SO MANY OTHER THINGS TO READ. The struggle is real! I’ve heard so many people say Cress is their favorite, so I’m reeeeally excited to read (hear?) it! I’ve listened to fifteen minutes so far and that’s all I’ve had time for — ah, life. XD

      Eep, thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked the snippets!

      Your comment made me so happyyyy! I hope you’re having a good March! *collapses because it’s vanishing alarmingly fast*


      • Okay, I totally messed up. I thought you said you saw The Incredibles 2, and now, looking back up, my brain FINALLY decides to read it right. XD Sorry! (But like the first one is absolute perfection. My siblings said that when I was little, I used to get really scared when that drill guy appeared… Not sure why. XD)

        So you totally inspired me to pick up an audio book. XD I got The Giver from my library, and at first the guy’s voice was WEIRD, but now I’m really used to it and it’s like I have a friend reading me a story. IT IS ODD. But I am very grateful to you because I think I have a new obsession. 😂 YESSSSSSS!!! You are going to love Cress!!! Hopefully life is nice and let’s you READ THE BOOK ARGH. (Why can’t life give us, like, an extra hour just for reading every day?)

        MEEP! Awww!! I’m actually having a wonderful March, and I HOPE YOU ARE TOO, EEP! *collapses with you because same*

        Liked by 1 person

        • Haha, no worries! It’s still the same principle. XD SO GOOD. (Okay, I admit that bit was kind of creepy, so I don’t blame younger-you. :P)

          Oh my goodness, that’s awesome! I’m glad I could inspire you to start trying audiobooks! It IS weird at first, but yes, it’s like a friend — what an excellent way of putting it! 🙂 And I feel like the CHARACTERS are friends too, all hanging out in my head. XD I did used to listen to audiobooks a lot with my family when I was younger, but doing them on my own was never really a thing until now and it’s funnn.

          Thanks! I’m sure I will love it! (I might need to start SCHEDULING an hour a day for reading just so that it happens!)

          I’m so glad! I’m having an EXHAUSTING March but there have been good things too. XD

          Liked by 1 person

          • RIGHT??? Not to mention it was totally unexpected, so clearly it would have been very traumatic for a tiny kid. XD

            Yessss!!! It’s the weirdest thing! And OH MY WORD, I AGREE! The characters really are just chilling in our heads, which makes it that much more fun. XD I seriously need to try the audiobooks for TLC, because those characters are my favorites…

            Yeah. Scheduling usually helps with finding time for things, but it’d be so nice if life could just hold back for a bit while we read. XD

            Oh no!! I’m sorry!!! Exhausting months are hard, but at least there are the good things in there, too!

            Liked by 1 person

  3. It DOES seem to be March and I’m so confused how. Can someone please explain this nonsense??? But February was a pretty good month, and I think March will be too! ^_^

    Okay, but the SNIPPETS. I’m still flailing over mah boy Tare. WHAT cruelty are you making him endure? And oh my goodness, now I’m getting Rook and Keller (I assume that’s Keller?) feels, and I don’t even know what they’re talking about. o.o WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Then Meridian and Ivan. *SQUEALS* Ivan and Teague won’t admit they care about each other and just GAH. THOSE BOYS. .>) And Black Panther is a lot of fun too! It wasn’t my most favorite either, but I did enjoy it. Bilbo and Gollum. Bwahaha! Yes. XD

    You NEED to go to the library and get Cress! *FLAILS* Neeeeed!

    You had so much going on in February! But you totally ROCKED it all! I know you’re going to conquer March as well. 😀 LET’S DO THIS!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Talk about being confused, with March nearly OVER now! o_O Ahem.

      *cackles over your reactions to the snippets* Nothiiiiing is happening to Tare… *innocent whistling* Ooh, actually that was Rook and Noya talking in book 3! Bwahaha. I’m sorry for the feels but also not remotely sorry. XD Ivan and Teague and Meridian are so fun to write!

      I do have Cress, finallyyyy! Though I’ve only had time to listen to fifteen minutes all month so far. *facepalm* GAHH, life!

      Thank you so much! I hope your March is being amazing! ❤


  4. wait wait wait.
    Are you telling me?

    Oooh, I think you’re going to like Cress!! It was my favorite of the series! <333 Also, Thorne is the most precious, wonderful thing. XD

    I am only too ready for it to be warm out. You know it's too cold where you live when you're rejoicing when it's 20 degrees. *shivers* I hope you're having a lovely March thus far! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Er . . . yes? *cough* I knowww, I’m super late on seeing The Incredibles and I’m sorry I’ve emotionally scarred you with this fact. XD But it was so gooood! I need to see the sequel ASAP.

      I’m excited! Cress definitely seems to be a favorite in the series! 😀 Yes, Thorne. XD HE’S SO HILARIOUS AND FABULOUS. XDDD

      Whoa! That is super cold and I’m freezing just thinking about it. 😛 I hope it warms up for you soon! Thanks, I hope your March is lovely too! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH! *throws confetti and cupcakes*

    Anywhoo. I hope you can get out of your slump soon. I’m curious, though: what would “drastic measures” look like? (And also: are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo next month? You shooooouuuuuld. I think I’m going to be drafting a new book, assuming I can push through the rest of Mechanical Heart in time, and it’s gonna be fuuuuuuuuuuun.)

    I’m kinda disappointed to hear that The Gilded Wolves isn’t great, but I’m definitely going to look up Beneath a Haunting Sea now!

    The Lunar Chronicles audiobooks are excellent. And if you need another audiobook after you finish those, see if you can get your hands on the one for Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s excellent. 😀

    I hope you can stay on top of all your life projects and that you have an excellent birthday when that rolls around! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank youuuu! *dances in confetti* *consumes cupcakes* I had the MOST INCREDIBLE birthday. ^_^

      Thanks! Er, I’m not sure what these drastic measures would be, but they might involve making a scheduled time each day to write, or . . . something. XD I just really haven’t been able to prioritize writing lately, and being stuck is not helping… (I do think I will probably do Camp NaNo! I’m not sure what I’ll work on but I will probably have to do it just to get writing again. Good luck on finishing Mechanical Heart and starting something new! Exciting!!)

      Yeah, I was disappointed with The Gilded Wolves but that doesn’t mean that others might not like it? It actually felt a lot like a Six of Crows repeat, honestly. XD I loved Beneath the Haunting Sea! Echo North is still my fave though. Basically I adore this author’s work and I’m so sad she doesn’t have anything else out yet! Don’t you hate that feeling of I’VE DISCOVERED A NEW FAVORITE AUTHOR — OH LOOK, I HAVE TO WAIT TO READ MORE BY THEM. XD But it’s a good problem I suppose…

      Hurrah for another Lunar Chronicles audiobook enthusiast! I’m enjoying iiiit. (Even though I’ve only had time so far for fifteen minutes of Cress. :P) Good to know about the HMC audio! I am hoping to read it again this week if I find the time. I’m tempted about the audiobook but also so firmly attached to my own readings/inflections/voices of the characters in my head that I miiiight be afraid to try it. Having read the book five times I’m sort of used to my own ideas. XD

      Thank you so much! I hope your March is going well! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m glad to hear that! ❤

        Ah. I feel that. (Do you need a Camp NaNo cabin? I have one! Right now it's mostly Arista Challenge people, but you're still welcome! I'm pretty sure you know all of them, haha.)

        That's me with Jim Butcher right now. I feel you so much.

        Haha, that's fair. I don't feel like audiobooks really affect how I hear characters in my head when I'm not listening to the audiobook that much? But that's just me.


        Liked by 1 person

        • (I might not need a cabin BUT if I do might ask to join the cabin… if I do decide to actually do it and set up a project etc. XD Thank you for the offer!!)

          Ah, yes, the Aeornat’s Windlass or whatever it was? I remember you shrieking about that. XD *must try it*

          The main problem is I’d be spending the whole time going “NO, Howl sounds THIS WAY” and “nooo you read that line wrong!” Or… maybe not. XD Guess I wouldn’t know until I tried!

          Liked by 1 person

  6. Lots of stuff going on! I love the Lunar Chronicles so much! Listening to audiobooks while exercising is a great idea! Since exercising is just so darn boring. -_-

    Liked by 1 person

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