Steampunk, Explosions (Almost), & All the Writing: May 2018 Ishness

Well… I’m back!



Pardon my Middle-earth rabbit-trail.

Anyhoo, I’m back from my May hiatus-of-sorts, and I’ll now proceed to fill you in on aaall the writing/reading/watching/etc. that happened while I was away from blogging!

Including snippets and the time my street almost blew up. Ish.


I wrote 15,000 words in May, which I’m extremely happy about! Especially since that’s more than I wrote for April Camp NaNo. XD

Most of that was due to a lot of lovely wordsprints during Indie E-Con, which had a week-long word-war… which I won due to my 10K words that week. 😀 I was kiiind of really excited about that! I actually wrote 11.5K words that week if you count Sunday — just over the amount of words I’d written in the entirety of April for Camp, so I’m very pleased!

I wrote parts of a couple other things, but mostly I was working on my steampunk-fantasy novel, The Siren and the Skyship, which is flying along quite nicely! I’m extremely happy about this. 😀 I’ve been writing mostly out of order, just a scene here and a scene there (but they’re connecting, finally!), sometimes in a messy draft-zero form, and the plot is still being stubborn and I KNOW I’ll have to rewrite a ton, but at least I’m making progress and having a BLAST. It’s so much fun and I love this story so much. ^_^

I wrote over 13K words on S&S in May, so last I knew, the story has reached about 67K words. I’m getting to write actual-big-important-scenes and it’s fabulous. 😀

In short, I wrote a TON (for me) this last month, and I’m having the absolute best time, and IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. ❤

Snippets (from The Siren and the Skyship)

Keller threw up his hands. “You were tracking me? I always knew the stories were right and stepbrothers are evil.”

“It’s stepsisters,” Gerias protested, “and I’m not evil.”

“You put a tracking on me without my permission. What do you call that?”

“People rarely put trackings on people with permission,” Tasmania mused.

Gerias sighed. “No offense, Captain, but you’re not helping.”

Keller pointed at her. “You are, actually. Thanks for that.” He sent a pointed look at Gerias.


“You know, we never did get that time hanging out and chatting, just the three of us,” Tasmania said.

Percy’s face dropped. “Oh. I—I forgot. I had that thing and then— I’m so sorry—”

“Don’t. I know you’re busy. It’s just… this is fun, you know? Just getting to chat for a minute. Alone. Ish.”

Ish here meaning in a ballroom surrounded by about three hundred people,” her brother said wryly.

Tasmania wrinkled her nose, but she was smiling too. “That’s exactly what ish means.”

“Well, you know what? Forget social thingamawhatsits and duties and whatnot; they can go hang,” King Percival said recklessly. “The three of us do need to find a time to just chat—let’s do it tonight.”

“What, after the ball?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“At, like, midnight?” Tasmania raised an eyebrow.

“We’re grownups. We can stay up late,” Percival said bullishly.

Tasmania laughed. “I meant, there’s that whole coronation thing tomorrow morning. Are you sure you want to stay up late talking all night the night before? You’ll be all bleary and half-asleep and red-eyed, and you’ll fall asleep while you’re being crowned or something.”

“Exactly. It’ll be glorious. Why not live a little, I say? And then I can always say anything that goes wrong was your fault, you know,” he teased.

“Just you try,” Tasmania said, smirking.


I read some lovely books this month!

  • If you’re curious about these, you can click the following links to read my reviews of: Kate’s Dilemma, The Story Peddler, Mythical Doorways, and The Stealthmaster’s Shadow. I really enjoyed all of them!
  • Oh, oh! And Mythical Doorways had some delightful short stories (and it’s FREE, so you should totally pick it up!), including one with my new favorite character, Jayden. I’ve only met him in short stories, but HE’S MY FAVE. If you hear me randomly flailing about him, this is why.
  • Common was SO SWEET. Lovely fantasy/fairytale-esque romantic YA, reminiscent of things like Ella Enchanted. I loved it. ^_^
  • Trial by Song was a FASCINATING modern retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk and was SO INTENSE. O_O *collapses* It also ended on a terrible cliffhanger from which I’ve still not recovered.
  • A Sidekick’s Tale was a hilarious western novella — kind of like if a Bertie Wooster story was a western. XD
  • AND THEN THERE’S THE ELECTRICAL MENAGERIE. People. You need this book in your life. It’s a steampunk (ish) novel with a buddy story (kind of) and snark and humor and show business and illusions and murder and danger and plots, and I can’t really categorize it but IT WAS SO GOOD AAAH. I currently have a book hangover from this delightful book. How will anything ever be this good again? *collapses* The Electrical Menagerie is releasing this week. Anyway. If you’re not sure if you’d like to try it or not, you can check out Arbrook Huxley and the Star-Crossed Lovers to see if you’d like more of the same, since it’s a short story which is free on the author’s newsletter and is HILARIOUS. XD (Butbutbut. Carthage and Huxley. They’re my favorites. :D)

(I’m not going to link to all the titles but if you’d like to check out any of these books, you can find links to them on my Goodreads Reading Challenge page.)


  • So, I saw Avengers: Infinity War and Solo: A Star Wars Story. And, in an attempt to be a good blogger and share things I thought about them in this post, I wrote up thoughts on both at least three times and erased them and… yeah, no, not going to have opinions because I hate having those (or at least sharing them) and I don’t want to be roasted by (or hurt feelings of) any who feel strongly one way or another. I had mixed thoughts on both, disliked some things, enjoyed others. 🙂 The end.
  • I also randomly re-watched the Lord of the Rings fan-films Born of Hope (THE SONS OF ELROND!) and The Hunt for Gollum. XD
  • And just a few episodes of the usual suspects: Once Upon a Time, Trollhunters, NCIS, and White Collar. And a little re-watching Sherlock. Still enjoying all of ’em in their way! 🙂

Also, speaking of movies, there’s a poster for the next How to Train Your Dragon movie AND AAAAAHH LOOK AT IT!!!! ❤

(I’ll just be over here QUIETLY SHRIEKING about this, thank you. *muffled “squee!” noises*)


I’ve been working on a website and some branding/theme stuff for my writing self, so I’m hoping to share some of that in the next month or so. 🙂

I guess the most exciting thing that happened was my street almost blowing up.

I may exaggerate.


“We may experience some slight turbulence and then… explode.”

Okay, so some roadwork people hit a gas line right in front of my house, and they kinda-sorta evacuated half the block. We grabbed laptops and went down to a cafe thing for a couple of hours and saw reruns of the Royal Wedding, and mostly just hoped they (the road workers, not the royal people) wouldn’t accidentally blow up the block or anything. But it got fixed and we went home and everything was fine. It was just… an interesting day. *cough*

My sis and I have also been jogging occasionally, which has been fun because we’ve named ourselves the “Like a Quick Lady” Writer Fitness Club. Because writers need to get out too.

It’s a reference to a line from Beggar Magic by H. L. Burke:

She started to run, but heard her mother’s voice in her head, “Do you want to be so out of breath you can’t even say ‘hello’ when you find your friend? Walk like a lady.”

Like a quick lady, Leilani decided.

(Beggar Magic is an excellent book I really enjoyed, and if you’re curious to read it, it’s currently the free thing you get if you sign up for H. L. Burke’s fun newsletter. FYI.)

I just like that line, and “like a quick lady” is something I say when I’m in a hurry. XD So when we’re jogging, we say that a lot, as well as “On your left!” (Because Captain America.) Because what fun is jogging unless there are lots of fandom-y, inside jokes? 😉

Also, fresh apricots are STUPENDOUS, I TELL YOU. That is all.

June Plans

Well… it’s June (HOW??) so Realm Makers is less than a month and a half away, which is TERRIFYING (I mean… exciting, too; but still terrifying), so I really have to get on that to-do list of mine and start finishing up some of the projects I’ve been working on, like my official website and things. 😛

So I’ll be focusing on various writerly pre-conference things and trying to juggle life, while also hopefully keeping up with a bunch of book releases and reviews because some little otter secretary seems to have signed me up for a lot of blog tours and review books right when I need to be busy with other stuff. 😉

But that’s how these things go, and I’m super excited for all the books (you can check out all the bookish things going on this month in my Bookish News post on my book blog!) so yeah. It’s going to be fun! I just feel extremely busy. XD

How about you? Thoughts? What are your June plans? Share in the comments — I’d love to hear all about it. ^_^ I hope you have an amazing summer! Thanks so much for reading. ❤

20 thoughts on “Steampunk, Explosions (Almost), & All the Writing: May 2018 Ishness

  1. YOUR STREET ALMOST EXPLODED WHAT EVEN. That’s legitimately scarier than the times my campus was almost hit by a tornado. I’m glad you’re ok!

    I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but every time you post stuff about The Siren and the Skyship, I want to read it more. Also, congratulations on winning the word war! You did awesome!

    AHHHHH Realm Makers! I hope you have a wonderful time; I wish I could go!

    Also, I sympathize with the blog tour busyness. This summer (June especially) is going to be CRAZY.

    Liked by 1 person


    I need to read this ROTK epilogue… I have not heard of it. Hmmmm….

    Those snippets are FABULOUS! Oh goodness. I love your characters, they sound like so much fun!!! I’m so excited for you that you got so much writing done in May!!! Eeep!

    I really want to read The Story Peddler. I’ve been intrigued since I first saw the cover… and your review definitely maintains my interest. Also, the Electrical Menagerie… mostly because any time you holler about something I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy it. 🙂

    Okay… so… Infinity War and Solo…. I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂 I have avoided posting about Infinity War in an attempt to not give spoilers. But I did post a review of Solo today, and would love to hear your take on it.

    Yikes, they actually hit the gas line?!?!? That’s terrifying. Any time something necessitates evacuation seems serious and scary. Glad it all ended up okay and nothing actually blew up.

    I am SO EXCITED about Realm Makers… and also starting to get all introverted-nervous. And I’m a bit worried that I’m doing it “wrong.” Because everyone keeps talking about all the things they need to do before RM and I’m like… “Um… I’m just over here doing all my normal stuff…” I don’t have anything finished AND polished, so I’m not meeting with any agents or editors (and I’m still fairly happy with my self-published status)… so I’m not feeling the crunch to polish anything or write up a synopsis of anything… but it feels like everyone else IS… so… *feels intimidated* But I’m very much looking forward to the whole experience. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thank you!! ^_^

      YES. Okay, so this epilogue (actually two versions) can be found in a book called “The End of the Third Age” (linky: or in “Sauron Defeated”. It’s so worth getting a hold of and reading the epilogue(s)! 😀

      *squeaks* Thank you SO MUCH! It always pleases me enormously when people enjoy my characters and snippets! ^_^ I’m so excited tooo! And it sounds like you’ve been writing huge amounts too!! 😀

      The Story Peddler was definitely enjoyable! On the fence about the kinda-love-triangle, but otherwise. XD Okay, this makes me laugh, because it’s true that whenever I holler about books it means they’re usually in my top 10-15 favorites for the year and… heehee. 😀

      Infinity War is definitely hard to discuss without spoilers. XD Erm… I will see what I can do regarding Solo. *cough* I saw your post and I’m glad you found it fun!

      Yepper. It was just kind of like “don’t go in the house until it’s done” buuut yeah. They had like a fire truck and the sherrif and the gas company and all the roadwork people and just yeah it was a very busy street that day. XD I’m really glad nothing blew up either. XD

      I’M EXCITED TOO. And if you’re not freaking out, you’re not doing it wrong. XD Some people are pitching though, and even though I’m not one of them I AM trying to get my online “house” in order because I’ve been meaning to finish an official website and start a newsletter and FB page and things for AGES anyway, and I need to make business cards and I just have never been to a conference so I don’t have any idea what to expect so I’m slightly freaking out. XD Plus there’s just the usual “trip” ish things like packing and I’m trying to finish my costume, and I need to make plans/coordinate with the people I’m carpooling up with and… yeah. I feel a little overwhelmed. But if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t get overly freaked out about trips and don’t have anything to pitch and stuff, there’s no reason why you should be freaking out. XD And I’m not pitching either because I don’t have anything ready anyway. 😛 I DO want to finish my WIP rough draft before then if I can, just on general principles. If nothing else because I haven’t finished one in AGES and I want to feel slightly more confident in my own writing abilities. SO YEAH. I have a lot to do. But like I said, I’m glad you’re not freaking out other than introvertedness — but most people are going to be so I’m sure we’ll be fine. 😀


      • That’s encouraging. I did get some business cards made up, and they’re all shiny. And I am working on “elevator pitches” for The Orb and the Airship and my Cinderella retelling, since those are completed and I might be asked what they’re about and I don’t want to go all, “Duuuuh, gee tanks, Buttercup.” 🙂 LOL But mostly, I’m just trying to finish up this rough draft of poor unnamed book 3… I am still debating over a costume… and I’ll worry about packing a few days before we leave. My husband’s sister’s family lives in NW Arkansas, so we’re doing a family reunion in the first half of the week and leaving the kids there with cousins while Derek and I get to come to RM, but yeah, since we’re driving and it’s a familiar drive, I’m not overly worried about it. If I was having to figure out carpooling and going by myself, I would definitely be more stressed!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yay, business cards! I need to work on pitches too. -_- UGH. So much to do. 😛 You’re making GREAT progress on that draft, so keep it up! I hope you can decide on a costume. I’m just doing a simple one I threw together but I’m really excited about the character I’m being (’tis a surprise. ;)) and I need to finalize some details for it… Ooh, sounds like a good plan! At least you’ve got plans and it’s familiar and you’re going with family. 🙂 I’m excited to roadtrip with friends, but I’ve… never really done more than a couple of hours of roadtripping with anyone other than my family and never gone anywhere like this really by myself, so I just feel like I need to figure out a lot more things than usual. XD Heehee. Anyway, you’re doing great and I’m sure I’ll get things done… mostly… We’ll survive! ❤


  3. YAAAAY!!!! You’re back to blogging. I have missed your posts! And I love your Ishness posts so very much. I find it hilarious that we returned to blogging on the same day with the same kind of post. Our twinsiness never ends and I love it.

    YOU WROTE SO MUCH IN MAY AND I’M JUST SO PROUD!!!! Congrats on winning the big word-war! You obviously earned it. o.o And SNIPPETS. AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! All your characters are such riots. And now I’m soooo curious about these Keller and Gerias characters. And Tasmania and her…brothers is it? are so very fun! I mean, who cares about getting sleep before your own coronation? Pssssh. XD

    It looks like you read so very many fantastic books this past month! Lots of which I’m dying to read myself–The Electrical Menagerie, Common, Mythical Doorways, The Story Peddler. Just…ALL THE THINGS!

    INFINITY WAAARRRRR. *shrieks endlessly*

    I. AM. SO. EXCITED!!!

    I still can’t get over your street NEARLY BLOWING UP. Oh my goodness. o.o I’m just so glad it didn’t and everyone is okay. SCARY STUFF!

    Goodness, life has just been wild lately, hasn’t it? But I do hope your June is the absolute BEST! We’re totally gonna conquer this month! *raises laptop and charges*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thanks! ^_^ And YES I was thinking the same thing — such twinsiness! XD

      THANK YOUUU! And I’m so glad you liked the snippets! Tasmania and her brothers are fun to write. XD I haven’t gotten as much with Keller and Gerias as I’d like but hopefully rewrites will fix that. Aaall the brother things. XD (Yeah, sleep is totally overrated, apparently. ;))

      YES. So many good books! I think you’d love all those you mentioned! 🙂

      Heheheh. We should totally discuss Infinity War sometime when we’re able to do so without screaming. XD


      Heh. I’m really glad it didn’t blow up either. 😛

      Life is crazyyyy. But that’s okay. We’ll make it. Somehow. XD Thanks! I hope you have an amazing June too! We can do iiiit! ❤


  4. Where can I find this perfectly good epilogue??? Wait you already answered that.
    Also – I love the snippets and now I even more want to read your book it sounds wonderful!
    The Next How to Train your Dragon? Toothless gets a girlfriend??? YAY!! Thank you for that!
    Also, I love your reference to the otter secretary. How fun to reference your own writing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, I answered in another comment, but it’s well worth digging up a copy! 😀
      AAH, thank you so much! That made my day. ^_^
      YES. I’m so excited for Toothless getting a girlfriend! XD
      Aww, thanks! I’m glad you caught that! 😛
      Thanks for your absolutely lovely comment! ❤


  5. Whoa. That’s crazy about your street. O_O Yay for writing progress! Mine has been at a crawl this month because I’ve been so busy but it’s still plunking along. I loved Infinity War so much! I’ve seen it three times. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. 15, 000 words is awesome Deborah!!! I wish I could say that about my month, but unfortunately, not a whole lot of writing has been done by me lately. 😛

    Infinity War…I still can’t even talk about it. *smh*

    Oh my word, your street almost blew up?!! O_O That’s fun. And by fun, I mean terrifying and NOT FUN. Glad you’re safe though. ^_^

    I’M FREAKING OUT REALM MAKERS IS SO SOOOON. HOW. I’ve been trying to get my act together, but I just haven’t been able to write as much, with my work schedule changing. 😛 But anyway, I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU AT RM!! <333

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’ve… possibly never written 15K in a non-NaNo-or-Camp month? I’m not sure, but it’s definitely one of my highest other than that. 😛 And believe me, I go through plenty of slow months… I hope you get to write more soon!

      Yeah… it’s… still hard to talk about. O_O

      Thanks! It was definitely crazy but I’m so glad everything was okay. XD

      Aaah, me too! I’m sorry you haven’t been able to write much, but that’s okay! We’ll just go and have fun and it’ll be amaaaazing! 😀 Can’t wait to meet you too!!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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