Camp NaNo Ishness/Hiatus

Hello, reader peeps!

If you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to during the last few weeks of relative silence around here, you’re in luck!

It’s time for an Ishness post — hurrah!

In which I recap my Camp NaNo and other Ishnesses of April. It’s been a busy and exciting month! And also to say that I’m taking a bit of a blogging break for May.

There may also be snippets. And photography.

So let’s get to it!

Camp NaNo Writing Adventures

I participated in and completed Camp NaNo!

And it was amazing, guys. So, so amazing. I’ve missed writing.

Thanks to some awesome wordsprints courtesy of Jenelle and Sarah and some other writing friends, I discovered that I can write 1K in 40 minutes’ worth of wordsprints, which led to a whirlwind of Camp writing for me. I’m. so. excited. I had written hardly anything this year and it was so delightful to finally get back into it!

I made my goal of 10 hours of writing/writing-related-stuff-like-plotting-and-editing, hitting 11 hours for the month.

My April writing accomplishments included:

  • 11,439 words of writing.
  • Naming an important character (the hero of book 3 of my Sky Voyages retelling trilogy) — he’s a pirate and his name is Keller. 😀
  • Outlining the next several parts of The Siren and the Skyship.
  • Realizing I need to redo basically all that I’d written of the book during last November, but OH WELL, at least I know. XD I think I’ll try to power through to the end before rewrites… hopefully…
  • I wrote 10K words of The Siren and the Skyship, a mix of rough first draft and draft-zero, some in order, some later on. But it’s the first writing on this I’ve done since last year’s NaNo, so I’m excited to be back to it!
  • My characters seemed to spend a lot of their time meeting at night on rooftops. Okay, then! Also, I’m having the best time writing about my character Rook.
  • I also wrote 1300 words of The Other Half of Everything, finishing and editing the first chapter, which has been in a half-written-out-of-order state for years.
  • I have several thousand words of OHE written, but it’s all in snippets out of order. So having a completed first chapter all finished is SO EXCITING to me!
  • Anyway, between plotting, writing 10K of S&S, and finishing OHE’s first chapter, I’m very pleased with what I got done this month for Camp NaNo. 🙂 I’m hoping to keep up the writing momentum, but we’ll see what happens.


… exchanging the usual niceties one exchanged over tea.

“What did you want to see me about?” Rook asked finally, politely but warily.

He was not used to being called on by dignitaries, and was more than usually aware that his new little brother, sitting right at the table with them, was a street thief. Although Xasper had been silent and as well-mannered as could be, he could well be a ticking steam-bomb counting down to something disastrous.

It was all rather alarming, really, and the sooner it was all over with, the better Rook would like it.

The Siren and the Skyship


Percival chose this extremely inopportune time to wake up and hear what they were discussing. “Don’t even think about it, Mania,” he said blearily from his half-asleep and bandaged state. “You’re the princess, and as a princess, you can’t go there without causing an international incident.”

Tasmania shooed a hand at her brother. “I know, I know. As a princess, I won’t.”

“Not as a Royal Skynavy captain either,” he warned.

Blast. He shouldn’t even be alert enough to notice. “As you command, my king,” Tasmania said, saluting. But Auren and Noya were giving her Looks which meant they knew exactly what she was thinking.

Fortunately, Percival’s eyes had drifted shut again and he didn’t see.

Well then. Not a princess, and not a captain, either. She would go as herself—even if she had to smuggle herself in a pirate ship to do so.

Which, incidentally, was exactly what she planned to do.

The Siren and the Skyship


“Do try not to jump; it disturbs the books,” the young man remarked.

— The Other Half of Everything


He held out his hand and gave a rather absentminded smile. “The name’s Teague. Teague Aurelius. A pleasure to meet you.”

“Same,” I said, shaking his hand. What? A girl can’t lie occasionally in the interests of being polite? Somebody certainly needed to be that around here.

The Other Half of Everything


I… did not read very much this month. Between Camp NaNo and editing and life, not to mention starting about half a dozen books and then not finishing them (I’m in 5 right now; it’s embarrassing) I don’t have much to show in the reading department.

I managed to hit my 50-book goal for my Goodreads Reading Challenge, though! (I’ve been including short stories this year, okay. Don’t be too amazed. :P)

But I did read a handful of things. A picture book, ONE novel (The Lost Castle, which I reviewed), two short stories, and two non-fiction short ebooks about writing. Aaand that’s it. They were all pretty good, and I highly recommend Jamie Foley and Angela Castillo’s Busy Moms’ Guide to Writing even for those who are not busy moms but are still writers. XD

Not pictured but hopefully releasing in the next month or two is Horseman by Kyle Robert Shultz, which I edited and therefore read a couple times this month. It’s hilarious, and is a fantastic magical wild west tale, so watch for that!


  • I re-watched the first couple episodes of the original season of Sherlock… which was neat to re-visit. XD (They’re so YOUNG, though! :O)
  • I saw a bit more White Collar, which I’m still enjoying aside from the usual bits I don’t care for that all TV has. But it’s still fun. XD Love these characters!
  • I started watching Trollhunters, just a few episodes, which is a lot of fun so far.
  • And a little NCIS and original Star Trek. To keep me on my toes.
  • I also re-watched The Last Jedi and… eh. I’m still mixed on it, but that seems to happen to me with ALL movies these days, so. 😛 (I need a crystal fox.)


  • I’m still listening to Wander with Me, Smoke and Mirrors, and Rise and Fall periodically from Brittany Jean’s latest album. ❤

  • Jen Ledger, the drummer girl for the band Skillet, started her own band: Ledger! I’m kind of excited because she’s so sweet and I love her voice, so this is great. I’ve been listening to the tracks she just released and having fun with those. 🙂

  • Speaking of Skillet, you know how sometimes you get a song stuck in your head and listen to it all the time because it’s so catchy and the latest thing you love? Well I have that with Stay ‘Til the Daylight (by Skillet), which my character Rook informed me is his theme song for the sequel to The Siren and the Skyship.
  • It’s also been Camp NaNo so I’ve been listening to fast word-warring music and the Ren: The Girl with the Mark soundtrack because it’s perfect for the “feel” of The Siren and the Skyship — gorgeous and epic.
  • And Cara Dillon, because her voice is amazing. ❤

  • (Yes, I’m aware this is a strange mix of music. I have unique taste. *cough*)


  • It’s been quite the busy month, juggling life and various projects/work and Camp NaNo.

  • I won my first writing contest with my otter flash fiction (my goodness, was that this month?)!
  • Camp NaNo kept me on my toes. XD But it was glorious focusing on writing again.

  • I randomly realized “OH, I HAVE A WATTPAD ACCOUNT; I SHOULD USE IT,” and posted Wintertale over there. I may put up another couple of short stories when I have time.
  • Arielle Bailey more or less convinced me that my personality type is probably ISFP even though I’ve tested as a couple other types (INFP/INFJ). I’m going to look into it more but from what she said, it seems legit. XD (Arielle, do that MBTI blog series!)
  • I got to attend a lovely writer retreat; it was fun getting to hang out with a bunch of fellow writer gals for a weekend! ❤ Not to mention appropriate, because it was like a real-live Camp NaNo! 😉 It was amazing. ^_^


cozy cottage

sunrise from the balcony

May Plans / Hiatus

I’m taking a bit of a blogging/internet break during May.

Before anybody panics (no panicking, okay?), this is not to say that I won’t be around at all. There are, after all, a few exciting things going on this month (like the ones I mentioned in my In Bookish News post on my book blog) which I may (haha, pun!) drop in on. Plus, my hiatuses (hiatusi?) don’t always turn out as hiatus-y (shh, it’s a word) as I plan; but it should help anyway. XD

(Goodness, that was a lot of parentheses. Please excuse.)

I just need to give myself permission to step away a little and breathe. Sometimes everything gets to be a little much, you know?

I’m a little worn out with all the busyness that’s been non-stop for the past four months, and I also need to catch up on things and do some more prep for Realm Makers (which is creeping up on us at an alarming rate!).

So for my own sanity (what’s that? O_O), I’m reining back a little, and if you need to get a hold of me I’m sure I’ll still be checking email. 😉

Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you have a Merry Month of May, friends! ❤ And let me know what’s up with you, in the comments! ^_^

22 thoughts on “Camp NaNo Ishness/Hiatus

  1. I hope you have a good break for May then because WOW it does sound like you were mega busy here!! Congrats on getting all the writing done AND smashing your goodreads goal AND making wonderful snippets for us. 😉 (I’m loving that one about not disturbing the books hahaa.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on the Camp NaNo accomplishments! Yay for first chapters and sky pirates! I love your snippets as well; they sound delightful.

    Wait, Ledger is the Skillet drummer girl? WHAAAT? I keep seeing the music on YouTube and I’m like “Why do you think I want this?” and NOW I KNOW and will have to listen to it as soon as possible.

    Enjoy your hiatus! Hope you get to relax a bit before more craziness descends!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much! That makes me so happy. ^_^

      Yepperoo, that’s the Skillet drummer girl. 😀 I hope you like it if you get/got a chance to listen! My fave is Bold.

      Thanks so much! I enjoyed what of my hiatus I actually got. XD And… yeah… cue the craziness. o.o


      • You’re welcome!

        I looked up her album thing on YouTube and really enjoyed it! I think either Foreigner or Warrior is my favorite, but Bold is awesome too and reminds me of one of my characters.

        Glad you enjoyed your hiatus!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your Ishness posts! *huggles post*

    YOU DID SO FANTASTIC WITH CAMP NANO. EEP! I’m so happy for you! AND ALL THE S&S AND OHE WORDS!!! I just love these stories so very muuuuuch!!!

    DOSE SNIPPETS!!!!! I want to know more about this Xasper character! :O He and Rook sound like they’re a BLAST. And Tasmania is a riot. Oh my goodness, I love her! xD And of course you know my feelings on Teague and Meridian. <3333333

    I really must try White Collar and Trollhunters! And I've also been wanting to rewatch Sherlock. It's been ages!

    I don't think I had ever listened to the "Stay 'Til the Daylight" Skillet song, but I just listened to it and looooved it! Now I'm even more curious about Rook! Also how fun that Jen Ledger started her own band. I did not realize this. I need to go give it a listen! And I love your diverse taste in music. It's great! xD

    Oh my goodness, the place you stayed for your writer retreat is GORGEOUS!!! *drools* That definitely looks like an ideal writing place! That's so fun you got to do that!

    I shall miss your posts, but I know you need a hiatus. I hope your May is a very refreshing one! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eeep, thanks! *huggles you*

      Aaaah, thank you! I was so happy to get writing done on S&S and OHE. ^_^

      Rook and Xasper are sooo much fun. 😀 Xasper’s kinda snarky and it’s the best! *squeaks* *has feelings about Teague + Meridian too so this makes me happeh*

      SHERLOOOCK. I was just finishing the first season and YES. So good. White Collar and Trollhunters are so fun. XD

      Yay! I just really enjoy it. ^_^ And Jen Ledger has such cool music too! Haha, I’m glad you think my diverse taste in music is great. 😛

      GAH, yes, it was so fun/gorgeous at the writer retreat!

      Thank you, dear! ^_^ I definitely am glad I took a blogging break, even if the rest of the hiatus wasn’t as relaxing. XD But it was still good. ❤


  4. Congrats on reaching goals and finishing Camp NaNo! And yay for writer retreats! (Someday I’m going to go to one of those, Lord willing!) ❤

    Ah, you listen to Ledger? My younger sister introduced me to some of her songs and I really like them! I haven't listened to much of Skillet, but I like Ledger's style … from what I've heard so far. 🙂

    I hope you have a very lovely May, dear friend! As for me, there's a fairly good chance that I'm going to be starting a full-time job this month. My younger sister (the one right under me in age) is graduating! I found a new church and I'm so excited to start going to their Sunday school & Bible study classes soon! And … I'm looking forward to more writing and reading! I'm reading "Dagger's Sleep" by Tricia Mingerink right now and it's been fantastic!! I recommend! Haha. 😀

    God's blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Shantelle! I had no idea writer retreats were so fun, but yes, you should definitely someday! 🙂

      Yep, just started listening to Ledger — my favorite is Bold. ^_^ Skillet is… a little rocky sometimes. XD But I do enjoy them. 🙂

      Thanks! I did have a good May. 🙂 And wow, sounds like you had a busy May as well! That’s all so awesome! I definitely need to read Dagger’s Sleep sometime! 😀

      Blessings to you too! ❤


  5. Congratulations on your Camp NaNoWriMo! I thought about it, but went for the A to Z Blogging Challenge instead. I couldn’t have managed both!

    Liked by 1 person

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