When Writing Doesn’t Happen

When writing doesn’t happen, because life is happening and you can’t stop to write . . . it’s okay.

When writing doesn’t happen, because the worlds are alive in your head but they won’t go on the page yet . . . it’s okay.

When writing doesn’t happen, even though we’re halfway into the first month of that year you were really going to start working toward those writing dreams . . . it’s okay.

When writing a blog post hasn’t happened, because it’s late and your brain doesn’t function and your week has been too busy to allow time for writing a post . . . it’s okay.

It’s okay
because plans go amiss
and life goes awry
and all those dreams don’t always work out
but sometimes they work out better than you planned
because off the beaten path
and off the line on the map you’ve drawn
may be better than anything
you could have wished for.

It’s okay
because if the worlds are alive in your head
there’s no need to fear (like you are secretly fearing)
that they will never be caught on the page again
because that will only happen if you are afraid.
But there’s no need to fear.

It’s okay
because two weeks is not make-it-or-break-it
especially when life is busy
and not having started toward that dream
doesn’t mean you’ve failed.

It’s okay
because if you don’t post on your blog one week
nobody will notice or care or be upset at you
and the world will not end.

When writing doesn’t happen . . .

. . . it’s okay.

I promise.

Because you can always try again.

Because the negative space of “I haven’t…” is not stronger than the positive space of “I have.”

And between the two is “I will” — a dream, and a promise, and a hope for the future.

So we’ll write when we can. And when we can’t . . . it’s okay.

When the busy week is up, or when the worlds are bursting to come forth onto the page, or when the new year calms down and you stop worrying about how much you’re getting done (or not getting done), or when the blog inspiration is there . . . then you will write.

The words will be there. Later. When they’re ready.

These are things I’m trying to learn, so I thought I would share them, in case they help you too.

Sometimes you need to try. But other times . . . you need to let the road surprise you, and relax on the journey.

Sometimes you find Narnia when you’re not looking for it.

And sometimes, just sometimes, when you’re not trying . . . is when you succeed.

And oh, look, I have a blog post after all. 🙂


26 thoughts on “When Writing Doesn’t Happen

  1. This was spectacularly beautiful… and so very timely, because in the crush of trying to get Minstrel’s Call out the door and other commitments, I’ve been starting to feel a little panicky about the fact that Turrim 3 is not yet outlined and I haven’t started writing it yet…. thank you for the reminder that … IT’S OKAY…. 🙂

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    • Aww, thank you! And I’m so happy to hear it was timely for you. 🙂 YES, IT’S OKAY! *hugs* Minstrel’s Call etc. have been taking a lot of your time, and Turrim will definitely be waiting for you once things are less insane. You have got this! ❤


  2. You do not know how happy I was to see this. This is exactly how I’m feeling. Just…drained. Like, all the ideas are there, but there’s no motivation or will to get them out into the world or on paper.

    But that’s okay. Because things will change and you can always come back to your words. They never leave.

    Thank you Deborah, so, so much for sharing this. *bookmarks page for a rainy day* <333

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  3. Excuse me while I go bask in the beauty and encouragement that was this post.

    SDLKFJLKDJLKJFLKJD. CELTIIIII!!!!!! THIS IS THE MOST WONDERFUL THING EVER. Yes, yes, yessss! YES TO EVERYTHING. We all have seasons in life that don’t allow for writing and THAT’S OKAY. There is no rule that says we HAVE to write every single day and we HAVE to put out blog posts regularly and we HAVE to keep inspiration going 24/7. That’s just not realistic. Sometimes we just have to step back and let life do its thing. AND THAT’S OKAY. Sheesh, it was that way for me for ALL of 2017. But now I’ve come out better and more motivated than ever. So write, don’t write. It’s all okay. There should never be any shame in it!

    “Because the negative space of “I haven’t…” is not stronger than the positive space of “I have.”
    And between the two is “I will” — a dream, and a promise, and a hope for the future.”

    That’s exactly it! Keep living and dreaming and knowing words will happen when they’re ready. Thank you for this reminder. I think ALL writers need this!!!


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    • Aw, I’m so sorry, love! 😦 *HUGS* Yes, it’s okay if you can’t write or blog at the moment, just remember to breathe and take care of yourself! We all have those times. I hope you have a much better week! ❤


  4. *hugs post* This is perfect timing, since I’m taking a semi-hiatus right now and school is nuts. XD A part of me still feels bad for not writing, but I’m also relieved. And you’re right, Narnia may be just around the corner. ❤

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  5. It’s so hard when everyone around you is writing and you’re… not. At least, I find that hard. But, I’m reading a book right now that puts the emphasis of writing on the non-writing aspects. So much of writing happens inside the brain, thinking about the story or the blog post, or even reading about how to write. It is okay not to be writing, because the brain is working anyway.

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    • Oh, I SO relate! It seems like everyone is writing aaaall the time and I’m… not. I find that hard too; you’re not alone! But what great thoughts — it’s true! We are often simmering away things in the back of our minds and that is SO important to writing as well! 🙂 So yes, it’s okay. ^_^


  6. “Because the negative space of “I haven’t…” is not stronger than the positive space of “I have.” <==== So deep. I get this. Sometimes you have to take a break cause life. It's also important I believe to take scheduled breaks from writing to refuel. I try to be one of those people that can write every day and that just doesn't work for me and that's okay.


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  7. I always feel guilty if I try to write but it doesn’t work out, but this is SO TRUE. It’s not a horrible thing if a book isn’t ready or your life isn’t in the best space to work on something. The time will always come!!

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