Junely Ishness + Snippets + Hiatus

Hello, my Roadling friends! *tackle hug for everyone and also cookies*

It seems to be August.

*cue explosion of the world at this shattering news because it really should still be March*

*tries to recover from the tricks Time has been playing on us this year*

Ahem. Anyways. August.

Aaand that means it’s time for another Ishness since it’s been a couple months since I did one. Or rather, it’s been the-long-month-that-starts-with-Ju, namely June/July which for our purposes I’m calling Junely.

Three things for this post:

  • Junely Ishnesses (because you love me and hearing about my oh-so-interesting life)
  • Snippets! (From my impromptu Camp NaNo. Because I love you and am nice like that.)
  • Also, I’m hiatusing. Kinda.



In brief, July was very busy. I spontaneously did Camp NaNo in July, which I did NOT have time for; plus life was crazy; I’m behind on things like reading and reviewing; the Silmarillion Awards were very busy and bloggy; not to mention I’m recovering from a weeklong sunburn; and I’m just BEHIND and very, very tired.

So! I kind of need a vacation, and the only one I’m going to get is from my self-imposed deadlines etc. like blogging and writing. I’m therefore proposing doing less internet, probably taking a break from blogging here (though I might post reviews on my other blog because I have some of those to catch up on), and taking a writing break.

Essentially, I’m giving myself permission to be online less and hoping to stress myself out less too. So if you see less of me, that will be why.

I’m trying to catch up on a few internet things in the next few days and otherwise cutting back. But I hope to return with some fun blogging topics in September. 🙂 (If not sooner, if I get inspired…) And remember that I’ll probably be reviewing books on the side. Probably.

Onward to the Ishness!


Not a lot of writerliness happened in June… I wrote about a thousand words (including Other Half of Everything fun!) and kinda-sorta decided on what I might write for NaNo this November… maybe. But otherwise, my writerly life was stalling and it was kind of frustrating. Until just before July hit…

Then I spontaneously signed up for Camp NaNo in July (largely due to Sarah; thank you! XD). THIS WAS NOT PART OF MY PLAN. But I’m glad I did. I decided to try an HOURS goal, which I’d never done and is a new feature. I was going to try 15 hours… buuut apparently they only let you put in a number as low as 30 (probably to figure out their graph algorithms or something), so I had to do that.

I made it, but it was hard. It did allow me to make progress on things besides first-draft words, though. I’M A HUGE ADVOCATE OF HOURLY GOALS NOW.

Here’s what I accomplished for Camp:

The Numbers:

30 hours total

14,468 new words total

  • 7K on 3 short stories
  • 5.5K on KW stuff
  • 300 words OHE
  • 1.5K SilmAwards presentation
  • Edited about 45K worth of words

The Accomplishments:

  • Finished a short story: Invisible Beauty
  • Started The Treasure of A Distant Storm
  • Started The Tangled Thicket of Perilous Perrifeld
  • Wrote SilmAwards Heroine presentation (counting this; essentially fanfiction. XD)
  • Some minor Other Half of Everything snippets
  • Major progress on KW2 for the first time in a long time — finished a chapter that had been giving me major trouble, and started another. SO EXCITED.
  • Snippet of KW3
  • Edited Invisible Beauty
  • Edited above other stuff as I wrote it
  • Went through all my short stories — including IB — and edited them again (eight stories; nearly 35K total). I’d been meaning to do this for awhile.
  • Majorly restructured/re-titled my Starrellian epic fantasy series books — VERY excited!!!!
  • Solved some structural problems for a KW novella — yay!
  • Various plotting on a few other story ideas
  • Indexing some references/notes for KW books and OHE in my writing journals — which I’d been meaning to do for AGES; call it research, since I have oodles of notes spread across several notebooks and needed to find those notes in order to write those stories…

WHEW. I was especially pleased that I could count all those as “official” parts of my writing hours, because many of them are things that were rather time consuming, but I’d been wanting to do, and are equally helpful to my writing as first-draft words are (like major plotting, editing, finding notes). Too often, I only consider ACTUAL words “progress” and sometimes the quality suffers for that. XD The variety also kept it interesting and less overwhelming. I FEEL VERY ACCOMPLISHED AND I’M VERY HAPPY. ^_^ Also exhausted, hence the hiatus, but still happy. 😀

Will share snippets at the end of the post…


In June, I did ALL THE READING and actually finished my Goodreads goal of reading 50 books this year.

In July, I did much less reading because I was doing ALL THE WRITING.

That said, I read these beauties… (Listed in reverse order)

I love how, on the bottom row, it looks like The Archer is shooting an arrow across a planet — whizz! — and shooting a star out of the sky as a dog (a.k.a. Sirius), and probably landing in that forest where Martin and Elodie are looking for him or something. XD

I so enjoyed nearly all of these! My top faves, however, were Where the Woods Grow Wild, Spellsmith and Carver: Magicians’ Rivalry, and Halayda and The Tomb of the Sea Witch (both of which I intend to review soon). So, so good, all four! ❤


  • Doctor Strange [2016] — Yes, I finally saw this for the first time! It was… interesting. I loathe hospital scenes on-screen, sooo I wasn’t a fan of a lot of it. *cough* But otherwise, it was quite fun! 🙂 And I loooved the timey things, and the credits-scene with Thor. XD (Also, Holmes from Sherlock and Irene Adler from the Downey Jr. movies. MADE MY DAY.) (Also, also: what’s with Benedict’s non-British accent, though?? THAT’S, LIKE, A CRIME.) (Also, also, also: I want the Cloak of Levitation, please.)
  • Superman Returns [2006] — Very… weird, but kind of enjoyable, I guess? Some classic Superman stuff to educate me about Superman. XD *shrug*
  • Despicable Me [2010] — Very strange, sometimes annoying, sometimes funny and cute. XD
  • Studio C — As per usual. 😛 Matt’s characters are my favorite; he’s hilarious. XD

Blogging Highlights

The biggest thing, of course, for me lately, has been the Silmarillion Awards! Which I had a blast with! 🙂

In the last two months, I also…

And I reviewed these books (click the covers to read the reviews):



I finished my first Bullet Journal, or bjournal as I abbreviate it (since it sounds more Nordic and awesome than BuJo; because banjos and I don’t get on) and started a new one.

This one has a cat on the front, captioned (on the back) “Max, Out on a Limb”. The picture is a fairly accurate depiction of how I feel most of the time. XD

This is “Max, Out in a Hurricane”… XD

I went kayaking and had a blast save for said dreadful week-long sunburn, so that was fun. 😛 Going to a lake did provide excellent photoshoot opportunities for The Tomb of the Sea Witch which I was reading that weekend though. 😀

I also did something I hadn’t done in a long time: I drew art! Specifically, fan-art for the Ilyon Chronicles contest. I actually had a lot of fun; I should draw more often.

Jace and his wolf Tyra

(Disclaimer: before anyone bombards me with “YOU’RE READING THE ILYON CHRONICLES? WHADDAYA THINK???”… I read Half-Blood and started Resistance awhile back and haven’t finished it due to life. I HAVE therefore met Jace and Tyra, however I haven’t read an entire one of the “big” books in the series. So don’t ambush me, please. XD)

And now what you’ve been waiting for (maybe)…


These are an assortment of snippets from various novels and short stories I was working on during Camp. Enjoy!

The Treasure of A Distant Storm (TOADS for short. XD)

“Hallo, Henley,” he said, almost cautiously. “Didn’t expect to see you here.”

Henley found herself sighing. “Neither did I.”

His suppressed excitement burst forth like a hurricane from a mailbox. “You’ve come back to say you’re sorry!” he exclaimed, in raptures.

Henley rewarded him with a glaring frown. “I. Have. Not. Done anything of the sort,” she said icily.

“Oh.” His face fell, then briefly perked hopefully up again. “You’ve come back to have me say I’m sorry?” he suggested uncertainly.


“When I heard you talking it sounded like an argument. Actually like a lovers’ quarrel or . . . ah . . . a . . . er . . . a something . . .” He trailed off as his face turned very white under the glacial stare both other occupants of the room were directing at him. “I’ll just . . . Yeah, I’ll just go.” He vanished and hastily closed the door.

A long Arctic silence built itself like an iceberg between the two occupants of the room.

The Tangled Thicket of Perilous Perrifeld (TTPP for short)

Jenson Hillsong didn’t mind oddness, eccentricity, or tendencies to terrify—much—which was why he had gone to work for Lord Perrifeld as his apprentice.

Lord Perrifeld was not only a prestigious person, he was also an enchanter, and enchanters need apprentices the way large, gnarled, frightening trees need quiet dark shadows.

Jenson rather resembled a quiet dark shadow in his manners and dress, and Perrifeld Manor was up the lane among a great many of such similar large, gnarled, frightening trees, twisting this way and that through the winding fog that drifted through the shadows.

It was just past autumn, and just before winter set on, in the between-time when trees have forgotten their leaves, clouds have not yet remembered the snow, and the air is vaguely considering sending people scurrying for thicker coats soon—but not yet, not yet.

KW2 (“The Secret of Kedran’s Wood”, for the uninitiated)

Up and down some zig-zagging alleys Tare ran, across frozen asphalt with the sound of doomed-to-fall-behind pursuit behind him. Tare knew these streets like the back of his hand; better, since he’d spent more time wandering them than he had staring at his hand (he’d always thought that saying was idiotic; Baz probably loved it).


“What happened?”
“Tare happened,” Adrian said curtly.


When school got out on Wednesday, marking the official beginning of the official winter holidays, the Chess Club members had to decide what to do with their new-found freedom. At least, the ones who were still in school did, that is—leaving out Adrian, Mr. Larch, and of course Small Occasion; those three were busy with their jobs, namely: working at the mechanic shop, working at the cafe, and being adorably cute at Mr. Larch’s house while pining for Chess Club members to arrive to play with, respectively.

KW3 (I know, I haven’t even finished book 2… *cough*)

“I swear, if I find out there is even one more secret about you—” Baz warned.

Tare looked at the ceiling. “They’re not secrets. They’re just things I haven’t told you about.”


Tare grinned wryly. “Be my guest.”

“We are. We are,” Baz replied, glancing around at Tare’s home.

“You walked right into that one,” Ivy said, patting Tare’s shoulder as she walked past.

Tare almost imperceptibly tensed briefly, but remained leaning casually against the wall. “Maybe I meant to.”

“But—that would mean—” Ivy began, then broke off and shook her head, dismissing her thought before she finished.

It was too ridiculous to suppose that Tare would ever purposefully create a pun possibility for Baz.

Wasn’t it?

And there you are. How’s your summer going? Thanks for reading, and I will see you again in September — or sooner! 🙂

30 thoughts on “Junely Ishness + Snippets + Hiatus

  1. NOOO NOT A HIATUS… 😆 It’s OK, I totally understand. I should try one of those sometime. And I LOVE your snippets!!! Can I be one of your beta-readers/advance reviewers/whatever when the time comes? Pretty please? Your stories sound so cool. 😊

    Also, that photo of Tomb is PERFECT!! I love it. Still going to get you that polished copy. I used cool fonts for the chapter titles and everything. Also changed the main font to Garamond because apparently Times New Roman is evil. 😳 The things you learn at writers’ conferences…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just: “Tare happened.” XD Tare is amazing, and I must read all of these books. 😀 “Just things I haven’t told you about”… The best. ❤

    Also, YES TO THE CLOAK OF LEVITATION!!!! And Studio C. Matt is wonderful. 🙂

    Your fanart is gorgeous!!! Did you submit it already? I drew a picture of Tyra using some different textures and submitted it, but I never heard back from Jaye on whether or not she received it…

    Also, Max Out In A Hurricane. XD

    Oh my gravy, you did so much writing!!! I love the idea of hourly goals. I may have to try that, since I'm getting ready to do editing. 😛 I think you deserve a break after that. Have fun on your hiatus! We'll miss you. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Tare happened” is what Adrian says about being-pushed-off-a-roof-by-Tare, apparently. XD Eep, thank you!! I’m so glad you like the sound of themmm! ^_^ Makes my day!

      Matt and the Cloak of Levitation. All the yes. (I literally took a picture of a soup container on a shelf at the store today because it was Lobster Bisque. XD)

      Thanks! And… erm… yes, I submitted to the fan art contest and it’s… already over? o.o Did you not see the news and stuff? They were all posted and people voted and there were winners and everything (not you or me, sadly. XD) and some gorgeous art! I’m sorry if you missed out on that! o.o But I did see yours and it was original and neat! 🙂 You can see all the art for this year at the bottom of this page now: http://www.ilyonchronicles.com/art.html

      Max Out in a Hurricane, yes — it was a joke my dad made and I love it. XD

      Thanks so much! ❤ Good luck on your own writing! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I saw the fanart stuff a couple of days after I posted that comment. I never even saw a post about voting or anything. Weird. Thanks for letting me know! 😀 I’m glad you liked my piece! I didn’t think it would win, but it was fun. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. “Tare happened.” Oh that is brilliant. XD And the back-of-the-hand thing is awesome too (also true).

    Do you have a synopsis for TTPP? Because it sounds wonderful from your snippet and I want to know more.

    I shall miss you on your hiatus, but at least by the time you return, I’ll have regular internet again! Have a lovely time away! (But not too lovely, or you won’t want to come back and then I would be very sad. There might even be tears.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, Tare pushed Adrian off a roof soooo that was where the “Tare happened” originated. XD Thanks!

      I… do not have a synopsis for TTPP, sorry. o.o It’s only EXISTED for like a month, even just the idea, because it was a dream I had and I wrote the opening from that aaand am not entirely sure where it’s going. XD So oops. Sowwy. If I ever finish it or do write a summary or something I can let you know. 😛 Even I don’t know what it is yet. Heh.

      Thank you! And don’t worry, I love you and my online friends too much to disappear forever. 😉 (WAS THAT A SERENITY REFERENCE?? I don’t think it could be because I don’t think you’ve seen it yet. But it makes me think of “honestly, there could be tears”, which you will recognize if you see the movie. XD)


      • Why in the nine realms would Tare push Adrian off a roof????

        Oh. All right then. I hope you do figure out what it is and finish it sometime. Good luck with that!

        Good. 😀 And it was sort of one? I still haven’t seen the movie, but I keep seeing that gifset on Pinterest. So, yeah.

        Liked by 1 person

        • It was for his own good. *cough* That’s how Tare saw it, anyway. XD An alternative, as he saw it, to Adrian getting shot? He’s protective of his Chess Club buuut might not always do it the best way. 😛 DON’T WORRY, IT’S NOT AS BAD AS IT SOUNDS, I PROMISE. XD (Which nine realms, btw?? :))

          Thanks! Sorry to be so non-conclusive — I shouldn’t share snippets from things I don’t even know about myself. XD

          OH. Right. I forgot about the second-hand-fan abilities to quote things. 😀


          • Ah. Well, yes, better to be pushed off a roof than shot, probably. Depends on the roof and the shooter. (And it’s an expression from Karac Tor, so probably those nine realms.)

            It’s fine.

            Haha, yep. Soon I’ll watch it, though.

            Liked by 1 person

  4. We love the Despicable Me series in my house! Muffin’s a big fan of the Minions; he’s very excited to see the new movie. I can understand why they insisted on an American accent for Doctor Strange, since he was always an American character — though that was the one thing I found a bit disconcerting, since it IS Benedict, after all! But I really loved that film (and I have never been into comics).

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was quite fun! 🙂 And I haven’t seen the Minion movies, but that’s neat! 😀
      Yeah, I figured it was something like that buuut I haven’t seen/read the comics and knew nothing about the character prior to the film, so I honestly couldn’t care less. XD But yes, Benedict needs his usual epic accent, even if the movie WAS fun still. 😉


  5. YOU. DID. SO. MUCH. IN, JULY. Look at all those writerly thiiiiiings!!!!!!!! :O Seeing it laid out like that makes me realize how MUCH you did. YOU WERE A WRITING NINJA!!!! And it is so cool how Camp NaNo added hourly goals, because I think we all do put a bit too much stock in wordcounts… We don’t feel like we’re making progress on anything if we don’t have words to count. But there are SOOOO many other aspects of writing that need doing, too. So counting hours, not words, is just brilliance.


    Congrats on ALREADY making your GoodReads goal! Not only are you a writing ninja, but a reading one too! It’s just sad how few books I’ve read this year… Life. >.>

    Oh, you watched Despicable Me? FUNNNN. I love that movie! What’s funny is I didn’t like it too much the first time I watched it. Then way later I watched it again and absolutely loved it. o.o I have NO clue what was up with that. Lol. But you should see the second movie. I thought it was just as good as the first!

    STUDIO C! Matt is my favorite as well! His characters are just hilarious. xD

    YOUR CAT JOURNAL. IT’S SO CUTE. “Max, Out in a Hurricane” I’M. DYING. XDDDDD


    :O :O :O

    I am ecstatic to see something from your short stories! I literally don’t even know what’s happening in TOADS and I’m grinning ridiculously big. “You’ve come back to have me say I’m sorry?” XDDDDDDD THAT IS THE BEST LINE.

    AND HAVE I TOLD YOU YET HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT YOUR NEW SHORT STORY????? Because I don’t think I have. BUT AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!! YOU’VE STARTED A NEW ONE. GIMME ALLLLLLL THE EPIC CELTI SHORT STORIES! And DAT TITLE. I am so in love with it. o.o It’s so whimsical and fun! But but but…CELTI. THAT SNIPPET. OH MY GRACIOUS GOODNESS. Like the title it’s so whimsical and also gorgeous and OH MY WOOOOORD. THIS –> “…enchanters need apprentices the way large, gnarled, frightening trees need quiet dark shadows.” AND ALSO THIS: “…the between-time when trees have forgotten their leaves, clouds have not yet remembered the snow, and the air is vaguely considering sending people scurrying for thicker coats soon—but not yet, not yet.” AND JUST. THAT IS SOME OF THE BEST WRITING I’VE EVER SEEN. I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCH!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO KEEP WRITING THIS.

    BUT ALSO KW SNIPPETS. That thing about the back of Tare’s hand! :O I’VE HAD THE SAME THOUGHT. It’s a confusing saying because…I don’t stare at the back of my hand all that much…? I’ve always thought it was weird. I love when Tare and I think similarly. xD
    “Tare happened.” I. AM. DEAD.
    And wait. WAIT. Tare MADE a pun opportunity for Baz???? HAS THE WORLD EXPLODED???? KW3 must be set in an alternate universe or something because…WUT?

    All these snippets MADE. MY. DAY. I love your writing so much!!!!!!!!!

    I will desperately miss all your brilliant Celti posts here, but you more than deserve a hiatus! I do so hope you’re able to rest some, de-stress, and rejuvenate. *HUGS*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awk, thank youuu! I did feel like I got a bit done… so that was nice. 🙂 YES, I love the hourly goals! It’s so true that we don’t count the other stuff enough. 😛


      Eheh, I read WAY too much lately. XD I’ve been cutting back though because life and busy, so… yeah. And it’s okay!! You have been SO busy, you haven’t had much time for reading! o.o And yet you’ve still gotten some great reading in, in the midst of that, so that’s impressive! 😀

      I can kind of see why you might like Despicable Me more the second time. XD But yes, it was fun. 🙂 Ooh, now I’m curious about the second one, then! 🙂

      YES. I love Matt’s characters. XD (And I literally took a picture of a container of soup at the store today because it was Lobster Bisque. XDDD)

      Heeheehee. 😀 Max in a hurricane was my dad’s joke and I love it. XD Poor Max. 😛

      Oh my GOODNESS, your thoughts about my snippets!!! *flailing* ZLSKDFLKSJDLKJ WHAT EVEN DO I SAY. BUT THANK YOUUUU! Eheh, yes, TOADS is… hard to explain, but I’m glad you enjoyed that all the same… 😉 *FLAILS* AAHH ALL YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT TTPP MADE MY DAY/WEEK/MONTH! O_O THANK YOUUU! I’m not going to lie, I was SUPER proud of that snippet, so I’m SO gargantuanly pleased to hear that you liked it so much! THANKS! I… have no idea where it’s going, but I will endeavor to write more of it at some point in the nearish future. XD

      Heehee, leave it to Tare to poke holes in sayings. 😛
      “Tare happened” being what Adrian says after being punched off a roof by Tare… as you may now know. XD *whistles innocently*
      *dies laughing* Eheh, yes, Tare… is slightly more easygoing in book 3. XD Not that he’d ADMIT to making a pun opportunity, but it wouldn’t necessarily be out of the question. 😛 There’s… kind of a lot of mellowing out and character arc/growth and trust that has to happen between where it currently is in KW2 and that though, eh? 😛

      Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you liked them!! And your comment made MY day! JUST– THANKS!

      Aww, you are the sweetest! Thank you! *hugs back* ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. Good for you for cutting back on the Internet!
    Also, “The Tangled Thicket of Perilous Perrifeld” is one of the best titles I’ve ever read. XD
    Also, you got so much done in June and July!! Good job.
    Also, what did you think of The Invisible Library? That one caught my interest awhile ago, but I never got around to reading it (a theme in my life).
    Also, “Max in a hurricane” made me laugh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! I… actually haven’t cut back as much as I planned to. *cough* But yes. XD
      Thank you!!! I’m so glad you like the title! 🙂
      And thanks very much! 🙂 I was please with what I got done. ^_^
      I’m going to post a review for The Invisible Library on my book blog on Wednesday I think, so you can read my review then. XD Overall, it was mostly pretty good/fun and I’d give it a 4 star! 🙂 (I have SO many books that I haven’t gotten around to yet, so I know the feeling. ;))
      Haha, yay! Max in a hurricane was a joke my dad made, and I thought it was hilarious enough to share. XD Thanks for your comment, Abbey! 🙂



    I loooooved Doctor Strange, honestly! It had a different feel, not quite like a Marvel movie, but I liked it a lot! I really need to re-watch it soon…

    SNIPPETS!! ❤ ❤ These are so good!! I really hope you get published someday, because I would absolutely love to read your stories. ^_^
    “What happened?”
    “Tare happened,” Adrian said curtly. <~ This right here, is my favorite thing. XD

    And have a nice hiatus! Enjoy August! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank youuuu so much, Madeline! ^_^
      Doctor Strange was fun, yes! I enjoyed it except for the hospital things. XDD You’re right, it did feel kind of different. 🙂

      Ack, thank you ever so much!!! That means a lot to me! ^_^ So glad you liked the snippets! 😀 (And Tare had pushed Adrian off a building sooo that’s why “Tare happened” XD)

      Thanks muchly! I hope you have a good rest of August yourself! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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