Most Epic Heroine Silmaril Award Presentation #SilmAwards2017

The time has come at last, and you’re so excited to be attending the Most Epic Heroine Award Ceremony. You hurry to a door and knock quickly, hoping you’re not too late; the woods of Ithilien left you a little lost and you had to ask the way from a Gondorian guard.

The sun has just set, leaving the world in a twilight of stars, which is when the award presentation was supposed to take place. Hopefully you’re not going to miss it!

Light floods outside across you as the door is pulled open by a tall man with raven hair and keen grey eyes in a kind face.

“Am I on time?” you ask anxiously.

The man smiles. “We were only now about to begin. Enter, friend, and be welcome.”

He guides you into a courtyard edged with pillars of white stone, full of flowering trees and shrubs and many herbs, a breathtaking haven of a garden, lit with many bright lanterns as though the stars themselves were hung in the trees.

The courtyard is currently filled with a crowd of eager people staring at a dais at one end of the open, tree-filled place. You sigh in relief that you’re not late, and join the crowd, waiting expectantly.

The man who let you in mounts the steps to the well-lit dais and stands by a pedestal hung with a black cloth with a silver tree on it, which has an object sitting atop, covered by a gold-embroidered green cloth. A small mound of flowers lies over all.

“Welcome to our home in Ithilien,” the dark-haired man says, smiling. (You suddenly realize that it’s Faramir—the Steward of Gondor himself let you into his house!) “I will be brief, as this is not my day, but another’s. May I present the White Lady of Rohan, Princess of Ithilien, the shieldmaiden and healer Eowyn, who will be presenting today’s Most Epic Heroine award—and I, for one, believe her to be quite qualified to do so,” he adds with a quirking of the corner of his mouth.

The crowd laughs.

Faramir steps down from the dais to join the rest of the people, and smiles as he passes the lady mounting the steps, who goes to stand by a pedestal on the platform.

Eowyn turns. She is fair of face as she smiles down at the audience; her hair is like a river of gold, and she is clad in white, with a midnight-blue cloak with stars around the hem and neck. The audience applauds.

“Greetings, fair friends,” Eowyn begins, as the crowd falls silent in a hush of intent listening. “I bid you all welcome to the Award Presentation for the Most Epic Heroine Silmaril, which I am here to present. I do not know if I am qualified as such, although certain biased parties might say otherwise . . .”

The audience laughs again, applauding.

Eowyn laughs then too, merrily, like a tinkling waterfall. Then she continues. “But someone must, so I will gladly do this duty. I have here with me five heroines.” Eowyn gestures to one end of the dais-stage, where five figures stand among the pillars and trees to one side. “All of them are doubtless worthy heroines, but today, one of them will be announced as the most worthy of receiving this honor, as chosen by the will of the people here gathered.”

Eowyn turns toward the five heroines and beckons one forward. “In third place we have Cress of The Lunar Chronicles.”

Cress, a short, spunky young woman with an unruly mess of wavy blonde hair and a dash of freckles across her face, moves to the center of the platform. Eowyn takes a bouquet of white flowers from the pedestal and hands them to her. Cress accepts them, waves half shyly, half cheerily at the crowd (from which there are some cheers and a spattering of applause) and troops across the stage to the other side.

“Tying for second place,” Eowyn continues, “we have three heroines: Kyrin of The Ilyon Chronicles, Cinder of The Lunar Chronicles again, and Rose Red of The Tales of Goldstone Wood.”

At her name, Kyrin, a tall young woman with brown hair and grey-blue eyes, comes forward and takes her flowers. She smiles her thanks at Eowyn and at the applauding audience, her gaze sweeping each as if storing them away in her memory, and returns to her former place by the side pillars.

Next, Cinder, a thin, casually dressed young woman with straight brown hair pulled back in a messy ponytail, who may or may not be holding a wrench, crosses the stage, takes the flowers with awkward thanks, to the sound of clapping, and quickly crosses to the other side of the platform to stand by Cress. They put their heads together, chatting quietly.

There seems to be some difficulty with the fourth person, who has a slight frame all covered in somewhat dirty white veils so that not an inch of her can be seen. She seems reluctant to come out of the shadows, and appears to be having a hushed argument with the goat calmly chewing its cud next to her.

“I don’t want to be goin’ out there in front of so many people. I cain’t—” the girl in veils says.

There seems to be another voice—from the goat? But that couldn’t be . . . “Of course you can, child. Go on out just for a moment and have done with it.”

The veiled girl, Rose Red, crosses the stage and Eowyn hands her a bunch of red roses like her name. There is a lot of applause. Rosie mumbles her thanks to Eowyn and returns to her place by the pillars with Kyrin and the goat. The goat starts chewing on the roses.

“Don’t, Beana, you’ll be sick,” Rosie is heard to mutter.

“Bah,” scoffs the goat.

“And now,” Eowyn announces in a clear ringing tone, “last of all, in first place, we have the long-awaited winner of the Most Epic Heroine Silmaril. May I present:

Lucy Pevensie, Queen Lucy the Valiant, of the land of Narnia.”

The courtyard erupts into thunderous applause and cheering as a girl comes laughing out of the shadows and crosses on light feet to the center of the platform.

She is merry of face, a light of joy about her as she seems to be drinking in the beauty of the place, of the garden courtyard under the stars. From her shoulder is slung a bottle that looks like it is made of diamond, and at her side is a gleaming dagger. She moves to stand by Eowyn.

“Welcome, Queen Lucy,” Eowyn says. “I am told that you too are a healer and shieldmaiden as the circumstances require; that you are brave and kind, valiant and loving, and have the heart of a lion. May I present to you the title of Most Epic Heroine and this Silmaril.”

Eowyn sweeps aside the green and gold cloth and holds up the Silmaril for a moment for the gasping crowd to see, its beauty breathtaking, the lavender glow shining brilliantly across the fair faces and hair of both heroines on the dais.

Eowyn passes it to Lucy.

“Oh, thank you!” Lucy says. “It’s a great honor, I’m sure, though I don’t deserve it really; I’m sure there are others who should deserve it more, and I only did what I had to do . . .”

Eowyn smiles and says, “As a wise Lion once said: if you had felt yourself sufficient, it would have been proof that you were not.”

“I suppose that has to be true, when He said it; it’s just hard to apply it to oneself, you know . . .” Lucy says. “Well, thank you—all of you,” she adds, bowing a little to the audience. “I’ll try to be worthy of the title, and I’m very grateful I’m sure.” She smiles and waves. “I hope you’ll all try to be heroes and heroines too.”

The applause is deafening.

“Thank you all for coming,” Eowyn says when it dies away a little. “And now, friends, the hour has come—away! To the feast in the hall which is awaiting us during this time of celebration. Queen Lucy, if you will lead the way?”

The crowd cheers and streams under the stars after Eowyn and the laughing Lucy who goes first, shining the glow of her Silmaril to light the way.


There you have it, everyone! Congratulations to Lucy, and thanks very much to Eowyn for presenting. 🙂

For those curious, here are the results:

Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia 54%
Kyrin Altair from The Ilyon Chronicles 14%
Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles 14%
Rose Red from The Tales of Goldstone Wood 14%
Cress from The Lunar Chronicles 4%

Next up will be the Most Mischievous Imp Silmaril over at E. E. Rawls—I’m excited to find out the winner of that and the remaining awards!

And if you come back here on July 29, I have a special post about fantasy literature I can’t wait to share with you all. ^_^

Thanks so much for reading, everyone, and for being a part of the Silmarillion Awards! 🙂

48 thoughts on “Most Epic Heroine Silmaril Award Presentation #SilmAwards2017

  1. I loved that you began this in second person! I haven’t seen anyone write that way in forever and it really put me right into the presentation. And the flowers and the banner with the white tree…it was all so true to Middle-earth.

    So enjoyed this! Had a lovely time! Thanks for presenting, Deborah!

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Oh hurrah! Lucy definitely deserves the honor. And I am not surprised that she took it handily – being the first year we’ve had this particular award! Narnia characters are as timeless and as synonymous with fantasy as those from Middle-Earth, after all.

    I loved the ceremony. How nice that Lord Faramir himself answers his own door, that was quite a beautiful touch.

    Also, a three-way tie for second place?!??! I foresee next year’s decision being extra super difficult!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wasn’t surprised either. XD Yes indeed!

      Thanks so much, Jenelle! And of course I had to slip Faramir in since he’s my favorite. 😉 I loved getting to do this little glimpse-idea at Faramir and Eowyn’s happily-ever-after. 😀

      I know! That was so fascinating! O_O I wonder who will win it next year! XD


  4. *whistles and applauds* YAY LUCY!!!! Most definitely deserving of this reward! I can’t believe THREE of the candidates got 14%. o.o That’s insane! Really, I would have been completely happy with ANY of them winning. They’re all some of my most favorite heroines!!! I can’t even remember who I voted for… o.o Cress, I think? But this category was the hardest for me to decide because I love all these girls!

    But Lucy won and it was funnnn!!! AAAAHHHHH, CELTI. I LOVED THIS. I FELT like I was there. It was so gorgeous. And the characters were SPOT. ON. Every single one of them. Rosie and Bean’s interaction was PERFECTION. And you absolutely captured Lucy’s voice! YOU ARE BRILLIANT. I just loved all of this so very much!!!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes indeed she is! 😀 And I know, right? That was crazy with three of them tying! I reeeeeally need to read Cress. o.o But that’s fantastic you like them all. 😀

      EEP THANK YOU SO MUUUCH!! ^_^ So very very pleased that you enjoyed it! I had fun with Rosie and Beana. XD And I’m SO relieved you think Lucy sounded right! Your comment makes my day — just THANK YOUUUU! ❤


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  6. I’m so glad Lucy won, though Cinder has a place in my heart too. This was a great post, Deborah. I haven’t gotten to Cress or Rose Red’s books yet, but I could picture their personalities perfectly in this. 🙂

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  8. I just want to repeat what everyone else has already said. XD THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL, DEB. ❤ So magically written! It felt…peaceful, I suppose the word would be, at the beginning, but there was still that mounting excitement and suspense over who would be announced as the winner. Like DJ said, second person was a great choice! So fitting!

    And our dear Lucy won! Ahhh, you captured her voice SO WELL. I could *hear* her talking, and I was picturing Georgie Henley's beaming face at the same time. ^_^ (What can I say? Contrary to most Narnia fans, I adored the movies.)

    How crazy that THREE of the heroines tied for second!!! All so deserving, of course, but wooooow. o.o I also LOVE Rosie and Beana's interactions! And you could've fooled me with Cinder and Cress–I would've expected that you'd read the books! (Which you should. *wink wink*)

    Anyway, lovely presentation, and congrats to Lucy and everyone involved! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved the new Narniamovies, as well, Tracey! *high five* (I also love the old BBC versions… even if the puppets are somewhat horrible and the pace is slow)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Eep THANKS SO MUCH, TRACEY!!! ^_^ Your comment made me happy! 😀 I’m so glad you enjoyed. 🙂

      Thanks! I’m glad Lucy seemed all right to you! 😀 (Eheh. I do NOT imagine Lucy like Georgie Henley at ALL but at least it worked that way for you since you wanted it to. XD) (I won’t get into the Narnia movie discussion here, either. XD But that’s okay! I just love the books too much. ^_^)

      I know! It was so fascinating that they tied! And thanks so much! I’m so pleased that Cinder and Cress came out right! *sigh of relief* I did “research” and tried to describe them according to some info I found online. XD Guess it worked… 😛 SO HAPPY TO HEAR IT, THANK YOU. (And yes, I will totally be reading them at some point! I have “Cinder”, I just need to find time to read it! This year’s SilmAwards has definitely boosted it higher on my TBR. :))

      Thanks so much, my dear! Yay for Lucy etc.! 🙂


    • Thank you!! I’m guessing a lot of Cress fans voted for Cinder OR Lucy. XD Maybe next year! Lucy was just due to win this since it was a new award this year. 😀 I’m going to be verrry curious to find out what happens next time now that the obligatory epic Narnian winner is out of the way… 😀


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