#SilmAwards2017 Award Presentations Begin This Week!

Just a very small, quick announcement-y post today . . .

The votes are counted, the results are in, and now it’s time for the winners of the best fantasy book characters in the Second Annual Silmarillion Awards to be presented!

(Never gets old. XD)

Here’s the schedule and the links of where to go to “attend” the 2017 Award Presentations for each Silmaril! So they will all be coming soon, and I can’t wait! πŸ˜€

Award Presentation Schedule / Participating Blogs

I only know the winner of the award I’m hosting on my blog, so I’m just as much on the edge of my seat to find out the other winners as you all are! Thanks to everyone who voted, and I hope you’ll all enjoy celebrating the winners, whoever they may be! πŸ˜€

Be sure to come back here next Monday, July 24, when a brave heroine of Middle-earth will be presenting the Most Epic Heroine Silmaril to the most-voted fantasy heroine, here on The Road of a Writer . . .

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a post of my own to write for July 29th about my love for Tolkien’s works and other beloved fantasy literature, not to mention that I also have characters to manage for said Award Presentation Ceremony which must be prepared for all you readers next week, and the clock is definitely ticking . . .

So I will bid you NamΓ‘riΓ« for now, and I hope you enjoy the Silmarillion Award presentation posts throughout the next couple weeks!

Which award are you most excited about finding out the winner? Have you enjoyed the #SilmAwards2017 so far? Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

28 thoughts on “#SilmAwards2017 Award Presentations Begin This Week!

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    • YAY! I can’t wait to see yours as well!! πŸ˜€ Haha, thanks! And eep, I way overdid it last year and know I’ll NEVER be able to top that; it was hard, but at least I knew what Tom SOUNDED like… How am I going to make it sound like certain other people presenting/receiving the heroine award? O_O Ahem. ‘Twill be fun though. πŸ˜€

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    Well… only “mostly dies” because I still have a post to write and the villains have found out where I live, left their hotel room, and are currently breathing down my neck… they all appear to be MOST displeased that I am refusing to tell them who won until the ceremony… and…. um… each one of them is ABSOLUTELY convinced that it’s them. I’m not sure the runners-up are going to handle this well. After last year’s debacle and Gollum being turned to stone, we are going to try to handle things a bit differently and more carefully… but these are the world’s MOST evil villains we’re talking about, here… I wonder if the heroes and heroines would be willing to attend the event en masse to help with damage-control?

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