Of Writing and …Stags? #TheWritersTag

I saw this tag on Mirriam Neal’s blog and decided to steal it.

Ahem. Borrow.

*scours entire internet to find gif of Captain Jack Sparrow saying “Borrowed. Borrowed without permission” and discovers that one does not apparently exist and is now sad*

Except there was permission, because Mirri left it open for people to consider themselves tagged. So I am doing so.

What’s with the stag, then, you ask?

Well, for one thing, they’re awesome and we should always have stags. *nods seriously*

What do they have to do with this post? Ohhhh, that’s what you meant…

Well, as I remarked over on Mirri’s blog: I first read “TheWritersTag” as “TheWriterStag” and now have images of an antlered author somewhere in a green wood living incognito as the White Stag and granting wishes to writers who are seeking release from the curse of Writer’s Block.

The Writer Stag is now a thing. We should all go questing for it together.

Aaaanyhoo… I’m doing this tag thing, so enjoy.


1. What genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

Genres: Let’s just call it Speculative Fiction; for the most part Fantasy. Mostly epic fantasy, contemporary fantasy, or fairytale retellings. I occaaasionally dabble in steampunk, sci-fi, etc. All bets are off on my short stories, which are all different and weird. XD

Styles? I have no idea. But I hope they’re kind of funny? I try to adapt the styles for the “feel” of each book.

Topics… yeesh. I don’t put topics in on purpose, I just write the story that wants telling. If it wants to have specific topics, I won’t complain, but it probably wasn’t on purpose.

2. How long have you been writing?

It’s been 10 years since I decided to officially finish a book and be a writer (though I had been writing for a few years before that, even). Basically, it’s been awhile.

I started out with the first few pages of my (now) epic fantasy series (in a pink notebook); and a rather-obvious re-imagining of Lloyd Alexander’s The Book of Three (with magical chickens instead of a magical pig); and continuing from The Magician’s Nephew, the story of the first king and queen of Narnia (I got about a page of this done, which consisted almost entirely of a long list of what they were planting in their gardens. Yeah.).

Not actually sure which of those were first, second, or third, and I remember some other scribbles as well, but I barely remember a time when I wasn’t writing something.

3. Why do you write?

I’m going to commandeer Mirri’s answer to this one:

“Because I need to. Next question.”

(Because yes. Yes exactly.)

4. When is the best time to write?

Definitely the nighttime, when I’ve finished with the day and it’s dark and quiet and I have no distractions or things I need to do, and will not be interrupted.

Unfortunately, this makes for a very night-owl-ish writer.

I wish I wan’t a night owl because I know I should actually, you know, get up early and be on a good schedule, but night seems to be when my creativity awakes, so a night owl writer I be.

5. Parts of writing you love vs. parts you hate?

Um. It really depends. Sometimes I love the actual writing, other times I… don’t. But that’s usually a lack of writing, and hating having to start?

So, I’d say I love most the actual writing, when it’s flowing well. I also love the feeling of finishing a story. The best thing ever. ❤

I have occasional quarrels with editing, and dislike having to start, usually, because it’s hard, guys. Starting is the absolute worst part. Don’t try to tell me otherwise.

6. How do you overcome writers block?

I will… get back to you on that.

7. Are you working on something at the moment?

Sort of? It depends how recent/active qualifies as “at the moment.” XD

I also occasionally work on The Secret of Kedran’s Wood (because Tare and the Chess Club are always doing something in my head), and The Other Half of Everything (because my absentminded author character Teague loves to banter with his opinionated housekeeper Meridian).

I have a couple of short stories I’ve been writing and/or hoping to write this month for Camp NaNo, although there’s only a week left, so I suspect I won’t get anything else done.

But since I already wrote 11K this month and my goal was 5K, that’s probably all right…

8. Writing goals this year?

These are vague, nebulous and ever-changing, but at the moment:

  • Write a couple of short stories (I have a list…)
  • Finish the first chapter of The Other Half of Everything (I WILL do this someday, I WILL)
  • Write Part 2 of The Secret of Kedran’s Wood a.k.a. all of it that I have plotted at the moment (lofty goals, y’all. o.o)
  • Mayyybe finish The Library in the Stars (Camp NaNo round 2, do I hear you calling meeeee?)
  • Write something for NaNoWriMo. Current candidates to choose from: The Quest of Kedran’s Wood, Once Upon a November, or The Siren and the Skyship, or some rebel mix of several WIPs. No idea which of the four (or something else) it might be. But that’s very far out, so don’t quote me on this.

Likelihood of these things all happening this year?

I’ve been very timidly creeping back into the world of writing after a long year+ of burn-out.

So I have no delusions about getting all these goals done this year.

Oh wait. I do.

How foolish of me. >.>

So there you have #TheWritersTag or #TheWriterStag or whatever.

Feel free to consider yourself tagged if you want to do it!

What do you think? Was this a post about writing? Or about stags?

Or just an excuse to throw lots of Captain Jack Sparrow and Han Solo gifs at you?


If you need me, I’ll be on a quest in search of the Writer Stag to help me with my lofty writerly goals.

Gifs via Giphy.com, Stag images via Pixabay.com

22 thoughts on “Of Writing and …Stags? #TheWritersTag

  1. Fabulous gif use, fabulous answers, and also fabulous misreading. The Writer Stag will forever live on in our imaginations after this. Permission to potentially sometime write a flash-fic-y thing about it, if I ever manage to find time?

    Also: yessss do July Camp. I will most likely do it, unless I happen to be traveling- y’know, storm that. Even if I do happen to be traveling, I’ll do it, because (A) EXOTIC LOCALES and (B) probably long hours in the car/plane/whatever.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! (“Fabulous misreading” — haha! XD) Permission granted! *salutes*

      I’m not committing yet, but I’m definitely thinking about doing July Camp maybe, yes. 😀 And your reasons for doing it regardless are spot-on. 😉

      Thanks, Sarah!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. *makes it a life long quest to find the Writer Stag* XD

    That is an impressive list of writing goals!! My own list of goals is strangely similar… XD I don’t know how many of them will be achieved, but miracles happen…right? 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • *joins you in this excellent life long quest*

      I’m suspecting I won’t get anywhere near finishing all of those, but that’s what dreaming is for, right? 😀 I hope your goals go well!! And yes, miracles do happen. 😀


    • Yes, totally come with me! 😀 *joins together on an epic quest for the Writer Stag*

      I don’t knowwww! But starting is just so. hard. o.o I’m glad you understand! Maybe the Writer Stag will help us with our difficulty with starting as well…?


  3. Eeep a whole year of burn out!?? *gives you cake to help you get back into writing* I hope you’re doing well now!! Burnout is NO FUN. I got burnt out a while back (maybe 4 years ago now) and nearly quit writing. Blehhhh. It’s great when things start working again though!😂
    ALSO I STARTED WRITING WITH NARNIA FANFIC TOO!! Mine involved lots of food and just general cosy Narnian houses for some reason. I don’t even know. haha.
    ALSO I LOVE THE JACK SPARROW GIFS. He is the best. 🎉🎉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eheh, yeah, it was rough. 😛 But I think I’ve broken through it! 🙂 (Thanks for the cake!) Burnout is awful — I’m sorry about yours, and SO GLAD that you didn’t stop writing! o.o Hurray for Narnia food and houses! 😀 (It’s because of the coziness, yes.)
      Thanks for your loverly comment, Cait! ❤


  4. I saw your comment on Mirri’s blog and was laughing at that conversation so much. I LOVE YOUR BRAIN. XDDD The Writer’s Stag DEFINITELY needs to be a thing. I can just so picture all us writers going out and constantly searching for the Stag to cure us of our dreaded writer’s block. Oh my goodness. This is so perfect.

    But ANYWAYS. THIS POST. My Celti’s writing life mixed with Jack Sparrow and Han Solo = EPICNESS.

    I don’t think I knew (or, knowing me, I forgot… >.>) that you started out writing with a continuation of The Magician’s Nephew. That’s so great, I love it! xD And even then you were making lists. *grins*

    I 100% agree with #5. STARTING is the hardest thing about writing! And sometimes the actual writing part is the BEST and sometimes it’s the WORST. It just depends on the day and scene. Ah, the writer’s life. A constant roller coaster.

    Your answer to #6. xD The answer is obviously to go questing for the Writer’s Stag. *wink, wink*

    Ooooooh, you’re thinking of doing Camp NaNo 2 and finishing The Library in the Stars???? THAT’D BE SO EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!

    And I’m looooving your candidates for NaNo. But WHATEVER you decide to write is going to be AMAZING. (I may or may not already be getting excited for NaNoWriMo. o.O It’s very odd…)

    This post was perfect. Your answers, the Stag, the gifs. ALL THE BEST. I may have to do this tag myself sometime…

    The best of luck questing for the Stag, and for ALL your awesome writing endeavors! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eheh, thanks, I’m glad my brain is amusing to you. XD ‘Twas definitely a fun conversation. The Writer Stag IS a thing now, so… wish granted! 😀 We can all quest for it together. 😉

      I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKED IT! 😀 (And Captain Jack and Han Solo gifs make everything more epic. 😉 I mayyy have gotten carried away…)

      It was just one of my three-ish early things and did not get very far at ALL, but yes, one of them was continuing The Magician’s Nephew. 😛 And… wow, lists even back then! o.o What a connection you made that I didn’t even think of. XD

      STARTING IS SO HARD UGH. We’re definitely roller coaster writers, yes. o.o

      *pretends that I was actually meaning to say that in #6 all along because you so clever*

      I don’t know if it will happen! It would be nice, I just don’t know if it will… but yes, maybe I’ll do Camp July; we will see. 😀

      Yay! I’m glad you like my NaNo candidates! (And getting excited for NaNo this early is not odd at all; I do it constantly. XD But that’s so exciting that you’re thinking about it! Eep! :D)

      THANK YOU!! I’m so glad you liked it! (And yes, it would be so fun if you did this tag. 😀 DO IT DO IT.)

      Thanks so much, Lauri! ^_^ ❤


  5. The Writer Stag is the most rarest of creatures of all! In the Elvish lore of Mirkwood forest, it is a creature that if you succeed in catching it, it will grant you one wish…
    J/k I’m totally making that up, BUT it should be true! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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