Brief Ishness of December


Ishnesses, my dear Roadlings!

My December of 2016 was spent…


Getting over the last of my end-of-NaNo cold and finishing up last NaNo-and-ML things.


Writing a thousand words of Tare and the Chess Club only a week after NaNo because I’m insane like that. (I’d missed them. <3)

Getting Scrivener and playing with it to my heart’s content, organizing stories etc. — I adore it.


Skimming through The Library in the Stars (in order to find snippets to post) and finding that it wasn’t as bad as I thought and that I also love it more than I thought.

Being attacked by plotbunnies — a very vicious pair who are here to stay, happily chewing at my brain and taking over my room and stockpiling word-carrots. (I don’t even know where this sentence came from — apparently they’re taking my sanity too.)



Frantically reading through Once so that I could review it on time. (I’m sure there’s a great “once upon a time” pun in there somewhere if you’ll just give me and Baz a second.)

Collapsing happily into spontaneously re-reading three of Diana Wynne Jones’ Chrestomanci books aloud. ❤

Reading a book about writing which I actually adored. (FYI, this is Very Big News.)

Finishing some daily-readings books I’d been reading all year.

Finally getting to read Eight Days of Luke (because I got it for Christmas) and really enjoying it because Luke and DWJ writing and all the things!


Christmas tree and Christmas music — yay!

Spending a warm sunny afternoon writing Christmas cards while sitting on porch steps in the sun in short sleeves (and actually feeling too warm) while ladybugs made occasional visits; and, a little while later the same day, running hectically down the street in a strong cold wind while wearing a winter coat, to catch the post office on time. (Ah yes, a Texan “Blue Norther”. That was such a steep temperature change it was hilarious.)

Flailing over the Jayne from Firefly hat which SarahTPS made me for Christmas WHICH I CANNOT GET OVER AND I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCH! ❤

Having a lovely quiet Christmas with my family and getting excited about books which I received.



(don’t ask what’s with the color-coding all grey-blue-white except for the western, because I have no idea how that happened)

Seeing Star Wars: Rogue One (enjoyed most of the movie — the humor and Cassian, anyway — and loathed the end).

Rewatching some Sherlock because You Know Why. *cue shrieking* (If you don’t know why, it’s because Season 4 is currently starting. o.o I’m currently too terrified to watch it because I value my non-shredded heart. Ahem.)

Rewatching Divergent and Insurgent, and watching Allegiant — kinda fun. 🙂

Watching The Deputy — buddy show!! I love Clay McCord and Simon Fry so much. ❤ They’re da best! ^_^

(And I forgot to put it in the picture, but I re-watched A Muppet Christmas Carol for Christmas and I just love that movie. :))



Listening to the epic music from Ren: The Girl With the Mark, because I got the soundtrack download for Christmas — THIS MUSIC IS EPIC!

(have a taste — listen to part of this gorgeousness)


Reading possibly the best and most beautiful and true post that I have EVER read about Story and life, all wrapped up in Tolkien and Lewis quotes and the story of Christmas. It was by word-wizard DJ Edwardson and I highly recommend hopping over to his site and giving it a read!

Getting excited about the tutorial Cait @ PaperFury posted (which I hope to try out soon) about How to Make Origami Lucky Stars.


ishness onceboxset the-snippet-tag lscover favtag2 Two Word Tags

Posting about my Ishness of NaNo 2016, reviewing Once (fairytales, yay!), posting snippets of The Library in the Stars (Part 1 and Part 2), and a couple of tags posts, one Wintry one for Christmas, and one on words and quotes.


On my book blog, The Page Dreamer, also posting a brief review for Ghostly Echoes (Jackaby #3), and some For Your Ishness Reading Randomosities.

That was my December, and finishes up the final Ishness of 2016! On Monday I’ll be posting an update on my writing of the year, so stay tuned! How was your December? ^_^ Happy 2017 to you all!

17 thoughts on “Brief Ishness of December

  1. Look at all the epicness of December! 😀 I mean, you did all these writerly things RIGHT after NaNo, you amazing person you!
    OH. I keep forgetting I was going to use my NaNo coupon code to get Scrivener. I must do that!

    ALL THE DWJ BOOKS. Talk about a great reading month! Because, ya know, DWJ!!!

    “I’m sure there’s a great “once upon a time” pun in there somewhere if you’ll just give me and Baz a second.” .> I don’t even know.

    SHERLOOOOCK. I have not watched the new one yet myself but I NEED TO. I may wait to see if I go out of town and watch it with my friend. It always works out where we get to see the new Sherlocks together, and it’s great! But I do have a feeling it’s going to destroy ALL DA FEELS. Meep.

    Oh my gracious goodness! Do you know I STILL haven’t watched Ren??? I KEEP FORGETTING. *flails* How long has it been now that I’ve said I’m going to watch it? Sheesh. What is wrong with me???

    THAT POST BY DJ EDWARDSON. I bookmarked it I loved it so much. So powerful. ❤

    I just can't believe December is already over. But more so that 2016 is already over!!!!! But shocking or not, it's also exciting! All sorts of new possibilities! I do so hope your January is the best! <333

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thanks! Doing writerly things after NaNo sounds more insane than amazing to me, but I’ll trust your judgment. XD
      Yuss, Scrivener! 😀 (Though I think the coupon works for nearly a year so there’s no REAL hurry on it.)


      Oh dear, I think wordpress ate part of your comment! :O But I'm glad you liked the Baz pun thing. XD

      I hope you get to see Sherlock with your friend — that sounds fun! 😀 *has seen it, with mixed feelings, and is on the fence until the rest of the season comes out but does enjoy being back with Sherlock*

      Ahaha, I do that too — forgetting to watch stuff. 😛 I hope you do enjoy Ren if you ever get around to it. ^_^

      ISN'T IT JUST AN AMAZING POST. ❤ DJ's such a talented and brilliant writer. o.o

      I know, right! How are December and 2016 gone? o.o But I'm excited too. 🙂 Thanks so much and I hope your January will be absolutely FANTASTIC! ❤


  2. I see nothing wrong with the plot bunny sentence. That just so happens to be happening to me currently as well. XD (…They’re draining my sanity…)

    I’ve had Ren: The Girl with the Mark bookmarked for eons now but haven’t watched it yet. But it looks so GOOD. I will definitely be checking out the soundtrack… 🙂

    I can hardly believe December is over already! Wasn’t Christmas, like, yesterday? -_- Hope you have a great January! ❤

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    • Glad I’m not the only one with a bunny problem. XD *pats you sympathetically* I hope your bunny wrangling goes well. *nods seriously*

      I’m that way too — I have a bunch of things I need to watch bookmarked and haven’t yet! I hope you enjoy it (and the music) if you get around to it. 🙂

      I know, right? Christmas was DEFINITELY yesterday. *coughcough* Thanks so much, I hope your January is amazing too!! ❤

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  3. Yay for Tare and the Chess Club! ❤
    I need to read 8 Days of Luke sometime; it sounds super fun.
    Yay, the hat I made merited a mention in your post!
    And best of luck with Sherlock season 4 . . . may your heart escape mostly unscathed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • *beaming because Tare and the Chess Club merited a “yay”* ^_^
      It is! It’s not one of her BEST books, but still enjoyable. 🙂
      OF COURSE! *huggles hat forever* I love it to death and it has the added plus of being useful. XD
      Thanks… I’m… needing that luck. -_-

      Liked by 1 person

      • Of course they did! I love them!
        That’s more or less what I guessed
        Yes, things that are both awesome and useful are always nice. (Like a jean jacket, or a hooded poncho, both of which are quite practical in the fall, but which have the added benefit of making you feel like a movie/book character when worn with the right outfit and hairdo.)
        Aw, you got this.

        Also, I found this song, and it’s basically steampunk Firefly (except for one line in the chorus, but the rest-) and I thought you’d enjoy it, so here you go:


  4. Hooray for all the ishness of December! That’s quite a lot of productivity, considering you just finished Nano. o.o Seeing that you wrote more about Tare and the Chess Club just makes me all warm and happy inside. ^_^

    That’s SUCH a good feeling when you reread something you wrote and discover you like it more than expected. Far better than the opposite feeling. XD

    I cannot get over the idea of ladybugs on the same days as Christmas cards. Like, WUT. If ladybugs dared show their faces during a Manitoba December, they’d freeze their wings off. That is, if they could burrow out of all the snow. XD (Which is currently piled higher than my waist in certain parts of my yard.)

    “…If you’ll just give me and Baz a second.” XDDD

    Oh wow, all the Divergent movies in one month! What did you think of Allegiant? I haven’t seen that one yet, but Insurgent was a bit disappointing to me.

    Ren! Oh! I totally forgot all about that, but once upon a time I did watch a bit of the beginning because of your glowing recommendation. I should watch more of it sometime…

    Hope your 2017 is off to a lovely start, m’dear! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thanks, Tracey!! ^_^ (It makes ME warm and happy inside that Tare and the Chess Club have that effect on you. <3)

      Yep, it's a good feeling. 🙂 I can still see maaaaany improvements to be made, but still.

      Eheh, Texas weather versus Canada is, not surprisingly, very different. XD (SNOW. O_O I wish I had snow. If it's going to be as cold as it is currently, IT COULD AT LEAST HAVE THE DECENCY TO SNOW. Ahem.)

      Baz is King of Puns. 😉

      Yep, the first two were re-watches, but I did indeed see all the Divergent movies in one month. 😛 Though… the series isn't over yet since they chopped the last book in half and haven't released the final film yet. So. Anyways, I haven't read the books, so I'm not necessarily qualified for answering your question, but I enjoyed Divergent okay, and honestly have Insurgent's events a bit mixed up with it too since I watched them close together a few months ago. Allegiant was… weird. It was okay though. I liked the parts with Four. XD My brother says it's very unlike the book though… but knowing what I do about the ending of the series (I didn't mean to read spoilers but I Know Things) that doesn't sound like suuuch a bad thing… but it might end up the same, or not, by the end… I dunno. And that was a long and rambly answer which probably didn't answer your question, sorry. 😛 I'm not super invested in the series since I just randomly ended up watching the movies and haven't read the book, and don't like dystopia anyway, so I enjoyed the movies okay, taking the good parts. *shrug* I do like them less as they go on, though, if that helps, but I've no idea what other people think. XD

      Ren was fun. 😀 Hope you'll enjoy it if you ever do watch it. 🙂

      Thanks! Hope your 2017 will be fantastic!! ❤


    • It was indeed, for the most part. 🙂
      The plot bunny infestation though! *sends help in the form of lots of ink to write the plot bunny with so that it will stop chewing on your mind*

      Heheh, my weather is tricky and strange, at least in the part of Texas I’m in… but rest assured, it isn’t usually THAT strange. Just a very sudden cold-front. 😛


  5. Hey!!!
    That’s great to hear that you’re loving Scrivener… I really really am fond of it’s organizational qualities. The clipboard view makes rearranging story structure so simple and easy to see. 🙂
    And that’s always fun to get a fresh boost from going back through projects we’ve started and may have languished a bit!!! 😉

    Sounds like you had a full and fiction-y month!!! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey to you too!! 🙂
      YES, I love Scrivener! Getting to see you using it a little helped push me over to the “I need to try this” actually, so thanks! 😉 The organizational part of it is amazing. ❤
      Yep, thanks! 😀 And thanks for stopping by! ^_^


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