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Sarah @ Light and Shadows had a wintry A Few of My Favorite Things Tag, and left it open for people to snag on their blogs… so I’m doing so (nearly a year later) because it’s December, and wintry/Christmas-y things are in the air. ^_^

1. Favorite “snuggle weather” books?


(…Okay, I sound like Tare when I answer like that.)

Um. I don’t really have any specific books I think of as good wintry reads. I guess I just read what I usually read?

I do like reading a short story called Wintermoon Wish by Sharon Shinn around this time of year… maybe I’ll do that again. Tolkien’s Letters from Father Christmas is a fun read for this time of year, as is The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by Lewis. But I haven’t been reading those.

I do seem to be in the mood for rereading Diana Wynne Jones books (Chrestomanci, in particular). But who am I kidding — I’m always in the mood for DWJ. 😉

OH! Do you know what would make a PERFECT wintry read?? (Or any other kind of read, TBH.) PAPER CROWNS BY MIRRIAM NEAL. It has the snow and ice, it has the awesome, it has the fantabulous characters, it has the snark… YES. I highly recommend getting yourself (or anyone else) a copy of this book for Christmas and snuggling up for a delightful read. ❤

2. Favorite winter/Christmassy snacks?

Candy canes, of course!

(Um. That was my inner Baz talking; pay no heed. >.> *COUGH*)

I don’t actually snack much, so I like any kind of snack, but around Christmas I’m partial to nuts and dried fruits (craaanberries, preciousss), chopped veggies, crackers/cheese/summer sausage, and of course cupcakes and chocolate. *nods*

3. Favorite hot drinks?

Hot chocolate and herbal teas like red raspberry leaf with honey. Yum. (I like coffee when I drink it, which is rarely. 😉 )

4. Favorite Christmas movies?

A Muppet Christmas Carol, hands down, every time. I love that movie. ❤ I even like it better than the book, and this movie is the classic version of the story for me. I tend to watch it most Christmasses.

5. Favorite holidays songs?

Carol of the Bells/Ring Christmas Bells, Silent Night, The Little Drummer Boy, Don Oiche Ud I mBeithil, O Come All Ye Faithful, A Breton Carol, Come O Come Emmanuel, 12 Days of Christmas, and the Snoopy and the Red Baron Christmas song.

6. Favorite “snow day” crafts?

By “snow day” I’m going to assume this means a cold day spent indoors. Since, you know, I don’t actually get snow here, or if I do I’m more likely to be out in it BECAUSE IT’S SO RARE, than staying inside because of it. XD Buuut… how about knitting or crocheting (if I actually have something in mind, which is rare), or more likely . . . reading. Yep. I don’t actually do much with crafts. Ahem.

7. Do you wanna build a snowman?


How about you? Feeling in a wintry/Christmassy mood? Feel free to do the tag if you are! ^_^ Merry Christmas to everyone (and happy winter to those who aren’t into Christmas). May your hearts follow the star that led to the stable when the Light of the World was born there. 🙂 Have a blessed couple of weeks and I’ll see you again at the year’s turning! ❤


24 thoughts on “Wintry Tag

  1. Heh. Yes, you do sound like Tare with that first question. (Also, I THINK I’M GETTING PAPER CROWNS FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!! I’m so excited!)
    You should see if you can get chocolate-covered pomegranate . . . things? They’re not seeds, but yeah. They’re yummy. You’ll know them when you see them. But they’re sort of cranberry-ish, except better.

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  2. How fun! I love wintry thiiiings! 😀

    “Books.” Tare sounding or not, that says it all. xD I, too, never have any specific book I like to read during winter. But you’re right, Paper Crowns is the PERFECT snuggle down in the winter read!!!

    You drink coffee sometimes??? How did I not know this? I had in my head you hated it. o.O I don’t know where I get these ideas…

    Carol of the Bells is my favorite Christmas song toooooo! #BrainTwins

    And I’m not a crafty person either. Like, at all. It’s bad…

    I loved reading all your answers to this. I hope you have the merriest of merry Christmases!!!!!! <3333

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    • Wintry things are awesome! 😀

      Let’s be honest, Tare has a lot of things right. XD YESSS. I’m thinking of maybe reading Paper Crowns some cold wintry day after Christmas. 😀 It just sounds so perfect to read for the new year. ^_^

      Um. o.o Well… I don’t really drink coffee but I DO like it, if that makes sense? (…Who am I kidding, of course it doesn’t.) Um. So I don’t drink it often, but as long as it’s sweet and creamy enough, I actually adore coffee, I just don’t want to get addicted to it plus I don’t do super well with caffeine. XD But it tastes really good. But I can see where you might have gotten the idea I disliked it, because I DON’T really drink it… much. *shrug* *is so confusing*

      CAROL OF THE BELLLLLS! #BrainTwinsForeverMore

      It’s okay, words and pages can be our craft things. ^_^

      Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! AND THANKS AND I HOPE YOUR CHRISTMAS IS THE MERRIEST TOOOOO!!! <33333


  3. I absolutely love hot chocolate!! (which is kinda weird because I don’t really like chocolate that much… XD ) Tea is good too. 🙂

    Carol of the Bells! I really like the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s version and the Piano Guys version too. Christmas music is my favorite. ❤

    I'm not much of a crafty person either, so you're not alone. I'd much rather listen to music or read a book.

    Also, I hope you have a most fabulous Christmas! ^_^

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    • Hot chocolate is awesome! *thumbs up* (:O You don’t like chocolate much? Oh no! o.o Heehee, just kidding… but I do love it. XD)

      Yesss, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s version is awesome! Also Barlow Girls (I think that was the one?). I’ve seen the Piano Guys version too, yes it’s fun! Hurray for Christmas music! ^_^

      It’s true, though! Why not read a book instead of making crafts. 😛 (Glad I’m not alone. ;))

      Thanks so much, Madeline! I hope you have an amazing Christmas tooo!!! ❤

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  4. Nope I’m not in the wintery mood. XD *melts into a puddle of nope* IT’S SO HOT TODAY I’M LITERALLY BOILING IN MY SKULL. But reading these nice wintery posts is actually kind of nice and relaxing. :’) I don’t read specific books for winter either so I hear you there!! Like I try to?!? And one year I read John Green’s christmas book AT christmas and I was so proud of me. But basically I never do otherwise.😂 #disorganised

    And Carol of the Bells is like the BEST song ever.

    And muppets!! Yes!! So hilarious!! I haven’t seen that in years but literally my favourite part is the rat (Rizzo?) who’s always eating.😂

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    • Haha, sorry for the meltingness of where you live! (I was reminded of this when I saw you in your latest post wearing shorts. You poor melting thing! *ships you snow which I actually don’t have either because I don’t get snow* I’m glad you find the wintry posts semi-relaxing anyway. 😉 I knoooow, I hardly ever read them at the right time, either! Glad I’m not alone!

      CAROL OF THE BELLS! I’m so pleased you agree. 😀

      Of course your favorite part of Muppet Christmas Carol is Rizzo the rat eating all the time. XD I love that! *snorts*

      Thanks for commenting and Merry Christmas, Cait!! ^_^


  5. I love Muppet Christmas Carol! It’s my favorite too! As well as Carol of the Bells and Drummer Boy. Lots of good picks! Merry Christmas. ^ ^

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  6. *is definitely in a wintery/Christmassy mood* It helps that my toddler sisters has asked us if we’re “excited for Christmas?” every day since December 1st xD.

    PAPER CROWNS, I NEEDS IT *grabby hands*. I really do need to buy myself that book at some point xD. It look so incredibly delicious!

    OH ALSO – I got your Christmas card a couple days ago and it TOTALLY made my day. THANK YOU SO MUCH, you wonderful thing! *hugs you*

    Merry Christmas, Deborah! *showers you with snow and all the happy Christmas things*

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  7. I’m really excited, because I’m going to be in the blogger world more, and I’m absolutely going to following you more and read up on your blog more and FINALLY be in better contact with you, because you are SUCH a sweetheart ❤

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      • I’m trying VERY hard… I think it’s a good discipline for me. Also… HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?! Seriously?? I’m so out of touch, and I’m SO sorry… these last few years I tell you ^^;

        But how are you?

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        • I’m super out of touch too so no worries. ^_^ *hugs* I’ve been doing fairly well, thanks! Nothing super new with me for the last few years… Currently still at home, finished school, doing occasional small jobs, writing, reading, reviewing books… not much else. XD My life is honestly very uninteresting. 😛 I had an okay year though it’s also been tough with some Life things and health problems (I really messed up my back early this year and could hardly move for awhile, but prayer and a great book called Pain Free by Pete Egoscue got me all fixed up, so I’m thankful for that. :)) and I’ve also been in a serious writing rut most of the year, so I’m trying to find my feet on that again, but I did NaNo which was fun and I’m looking forward to a new year. 🙂

          How about yourself? How have you been?? ^_^


          • *hugs* you’re a dear! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well. You sound as if you’ve found a lovely little groove for your life; and yay for finishing school!

            I’m sorry though to hear that there were some rough patches and health problems! That really sucks: I’m so sorry! So does writing ruts…! But yay for a good, healthy NaNo!

            I’ve been insane busy working full time at Target and then full time with school; but I have less than a year left, so that’s very nice and so encouraging! 🙂

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