Lovely Sunshine Dreams


Today you are in for a list of facts about me, and some questions posed to me by the fabulous Tracey! More on that in a minute…

I’m rolling a couple of things together for the facts… because four different people tagged me for two different tags where you list a number of facts about yourself… which would equal that number times 4, and I can’t come up with that many. XD So, rolled into one it shall be…


I was given the One Lovely Blog Award by Purple Dragon Writing and again by Jenelle Schmidt. Thank you both so much! ❤


And I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Sarah @ Light & Shadows and Victoria @ A Gathering of Dreams (actually at the same time as the Favorite Villains tag, which I did awhile back, but didn’t get around to this half of until now). Many thanks!

Check out aaaall 4 blogs at once, please! I COMMAND IT. Cuz they’re awesome. ^_^

And I’m doing 12 facts about me (if I can come up with that many… *sweats*) because I like that number and arbitrarily decided to use it. *nods*

A Dozen Facts About Yours Truly (that’s me)

  1. My favorite color is a forest/emerald green, though I’ve recently become quite fond of light blue as well. (I’m sure you couldn’t tell that from my recent blog re-design. *cough*)
  2. I have blog posts for this blog planned out for the rest of the year! I feel specially on top of things. ^_^
  3. …It is extremely rare for me to feel on top of things. 😛 (Don’t worry, it won’t happen again. *cough*)
  4. I own a viking helmet, which is handy for NaNo writing events, and also for being a Small Home Repair Viking (in the words of Hiccup).
  5. On that note, every time I do a little repair job around the house like fix a doorknob or something, I call myself a Small Home Repair Viking. (That was extremely random…)
  6. In case you didn’t know, I am a short person in a world of tall people (see “small” above). Like 5′ 1” or 5′ 2”? I haven’t measured in awhile.
  7. Quotes! I love quotes. I quote movies and books (and even gifs and memes!) a lot in real life. Inside references are cool. ^_^ (As are bowties?)
  8. onedoesnotsimply12factsCase in point: One does not simply come up with 12 facts about oneself. Ahem. (I made this one. I couldn’t help it.)
  9. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I’m an introvert. But most people don’t believe that because I’m talkative when I get together with people, and I am rather enthusiastic online. (I! 🙂 Blame! ^_^ The! 😀 Exclamation! 😛 Points!!! And! XD Emoticons! O_O And! :O CAPS! c: LOCK! .-.)
  10. Seriously though, introvert. The fear of talking with people (Waiters! Phone calls! Doorbells! Oh, horror!) is real. *scurries away to hide behind a tapestry for 94 years*
  11. I do my best (read: most dramatic/epic, and/or funny/crazy) writing late at night. Some of my favorite scenes (especially involving Tare, who’s a natural night-owl) and must amusing (I hope?) blog posts were written late at night. My brain apparently turns on full crazy inspiration mode when I want to be asleep.
  12. It took me a ridiculously long amount of time to come up with these facts. Remind me never to do it again. XD

infinity dreams award 2

Aaand I’m also doing an Infinity Dreams Award tag from Tracey @ Adventure Awaits. Thanks so much, Tracey! ❤ (Everyone, go check out her simply delightful blog at once, do you hear? You won’t regret it.)

I’m not doing a vlog for this one, sorry. XD And I’m kinda-sorta just answering the questions, since I already did some facts up there. *nods*

Rules: 11 facts, 11 questions, 11 nominees

Infinity Dreams Award Questions

What’s your current favorite song?

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again by Danny Gokey… and has been all year so far. 😉

In the context of either reading or writing (or both): do you prefer standalones or series?

I usually prefer standalones, but I can get into series if I love it enough.

Case in point: Most of my stories are standalones, but the ones I get addicted to, or have a side character who wants a spinoff novel, tend to turn into series: Starrellia, Kedran’s Wood, Heartseeker/Heartsinger, and Underground Rainbow/Painting Rainbows. But the rest are standalones… and believe me, there’s a LOT of them. 😉

As for reading, I like standalones because then I don’t feel like I have to read a lot more all at once… but if I’m enjoying a book enough, I’ll want it to have a sequel or three, if that makes sense.

Have you ever met a book or movie character who was a lot like you? If so, who?

Nope. Unless Tare (minus his awesomeness and the fact that he’s a guy) counts. XD

And I’m not like her, but I want to be like Wilhelmina from The Bright Empires series by Stephen R. Lawhead (of which I’ve thus far read The Skin Map and The Bone House). She’s amazing. ❤

What’s your biggest pet peeve as a reader?

Unhappy endings; tied with characters I love dying. Nope, nope and NOPE.

Favorite meal: breakfast, lunch, or supper?

Supper, except that we call it dinner around here…

What’s been inspiring you this week?

Music for my works in progress. ❤

What does a perfect day look like for you?

An uninterrupted spread of time in which I have nothing I’m obligated to do, and can spend the entire time curled up reading a good book or two and typing away with loads of inspiration (and maybe some good music and a hot chocolate) to write a few scenes of a story. Yummy meals of sausage, ABC (Apple, Bacon, Cheese) sandwiches and Fettuccine Alfredo or Tortellini may be involved too.

OR spend the day at a library or bookstore. *nods*

If the world was flat, and you came to the edge of it, what would you like to find there?

Hum. Either a sea of chocolate (can you tell I’m hungry while I’m writing this?), or else the edge of the world dropping out into the velvety black of space sprinkled with the shining diamonds of stars, in which you could float off the edge of the world and drift among the stars (which would look like Silmarils) with none of that boring science-y stuff about no oxygen and planets and stuff. 😛

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be?

Learn not to procrastinate, please.

With what word would you like others to describe you?

I… have no idea. >.> *shuffles nervously*

What’s one book that changed your life?

I’m picking three, please and thank you. 😉 The Bible, The Lord of the Rings, and Howl’s Moving Castle.


What do you think? Feel free to snag the questions if you like, either on your blog or in the comments! ^_^ You are tagged if you wish!

Also, if you could describe me in one word, what would it be? I’m curious. XD


22 thoughts on “Lovely Sunshine Dreams

  1. I love the dozen facts you did! Especially #8 and the pic to go with it. XD It’s true though! Coming up with so many facts is haaard. And forest green and light blue are my favorite colors after pink! I LOVE ‘EM. And it’s funny you turned your blog into light blue, because I went the forest green route. Hehe.

    I have to admit, when I first met you I totally thought you were extroverted. It’s a lot harder to tell on the internet. But that’s why I love the internet! No on has to be shy. We can be comfortable in our own skins and socialize without all the awkwardness. ^_^

    Unhappy endings and favorite character deaths are a huge NOPE.

    So you say dinner? We tend to say supper. Though I think we just use both. I’ve never really thought about it before!

    That perfect day sounds, well, PERFECT. Especially the food part. Now I’M hungry!

    And I looove your edge of the world answer! Well, I could do without the sea of chocolate. XD But floating through space sounds so dreamy.

    One word to describe you. Wow. That is hard! So many words come to mind! Sweet, encouraging, witty, fun. Also creative! Let’s go with that one. You’re soooo creative. The plots you come up with! I mean just…YES. All the creativity!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eheh, we’re so funny to be switching our colors like that. XD I guess we’re just trying new things. ^_^ (FACTS ARE HARD THO’.)

      I seem totally extroverted on the internet because it’s not in person! 😀 And yes, a LOT of people think I’m extroverted, even in person, because I’m making an effort to be talkative… but I can’t keep it up for ever and have to go home and crash and have some alone time after awhile… 😛 But yes, hurray for internetness! ^_^ I love how you put that. 🙂

      *highfives* Let’s have happily-ever-afters and living favorite characters, please and thank you!

      It’s so funny how people call dinner/supper different things. XD Yes, I say dinner, but I know lots of people who say supper, so… who knows?

      FOOOOD. Eheh, yeah, I suppose you could do without the chocolate. 😉 But YES, floating in space like that!

      Awk, you so niiiice! *flails* Creative, wow. O_O Dunno if I would’ve gone with that one. XD How interesting! Thank you! 🙂


  2. (Be warned that this is going to be a MASSIVE COMMENT. :P)

    ACK. I’m soooo jealous of you for having all your blog posts for the year planned out! HOW DID YOU DO THAT??? I’m starting to make a rough schedule for the whole month at the beginning of the month, and that seems to be helping a little. ^_^

    I love that you’re a Small Home Repair Viking who quotes everything. XD And you’re fun-sized! (Also called short, but I prefer the term fun-sized. ;D) I’m pretty tall (5’7”), but I think fun-sized people are cute. ^_^

    “Seriously though, introvert. The fear of talking with people (Waiters! Phone calls! Doorbells! Oh, horror!) is real. *scurries away to hide behind a tapestry for 94 years* ” <—LITERALLY ME ALL THE TIME. I'm an introvert…but nobody really thinks I am based on how I act online. XD

    Tare minus his awesomeness…*splutters* GIRLLL, YOU'RE SO AWESOME. Like seriously now. *nods firmly*

    We call it dinner here, too. For some reason, the term "supper" makes me chuckle. I don't know why. It just sounds funny to me. XD


    Oh, one word to describe you? Lemme think…*puts on special thinking socks* *because thinking caps aren't as cool* A few words that come to mind are inviting, warmhearted, sweet, and thoughtful. You're too fabulous to be confined to just one word, let's face it. 😀 (But if I haaaad to pick I would say inviting. I always feel so welcomed and accepted when I talk to you. ^_^)

    WELL THEN. That was a monster of a comment. O_O I DID warn you, though. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • (*cracks knuckles* Long Mary comment, woohoo! :D)

      Erm… it’s only because there are only like 12 weeks left to the year and I only HAVE to post once a week… so that makes it easier? *cough* Ooh, I’m glad your monthly schedule’s helping, though! 🙂 And honestly whenever I try to make schedules, it usually tends to fall totally apart because I end up with all sorts of random ideas to blog about instead, so. XD It depends…

      Wow, you are tall… I didn’t imagine you as a tall person! I mean, I didn’t imagine you short either, but… XD Heheh, I’m glad you think we are cute. XDDD Small Home Repair Viking who quotes everything — yep, that would be me!

      I’M THE SAME WAY. We introverted people just act so extroverted online because we can be excited just with our typed words (and emoticons. ;)). People think I’m extroverted but noooo. Ahem.

      AWK YOU SO NICE. …But there’s no way I can ever approach the kind of awesomeness Tare has. o.o Really though.

      Supper does kind of sound funny, now that you mention it… It’s so amusing how people have different names for the same meal!


      Thinking socks are a grand idea. *is now trying to imagine what they look like* Aww! *squeaks happily* You think all those things about me? YOU SO NIICE THANK YOU MARY! ^_^ Feeling inviting makes me so happy to hear because I really WANT people to feel welcomed! 🙂

      Thank you for your monster of a comment, you lovely darling! 🙂 I quite enjoy hearing from you, as always! ❤


  3. You in one word: wonderful. In every sense of the term. ❤
    Also, I sympathize on the coming-up-with-12-facts thing. It's HARD. But you did it splendidly. Also, introverting. Yes. Except college is weird, because I'm spending a lot more time with people, but it's not actually scary? And it's actually kind of fun? But my recharge thing will always be "crash with a book or the internet," so, yeah.
    Your day-for-anything-I-want sounds lovely. Can I join in on that with you?
    Finally . . . where's "small-home-repair-viking" from? You said Hiccup, so I assume it's from one of the HTTYDs, but I don't remember that reference?

    Liked by 1 person

    • AWK THANK YOUUU SARAH. ❤ ❤ ❤ You are wonderful toooo! ^_^

      Facts are just really difficult to come up with about yourself, and I don't know why! o.o (And thank you. ;)) Yeah, I mean I went on vacation and met a bunch of people and it was kinda fun too. o.o So I know what you mean… sometimes it can be nice to hang out with people, but I still need to go home and recharge by myself for awhile… *shrug*

      YES, come join me on that day and we'll have a blast. 😀

      It's from the first HTTYD movie, the scene that starts with Hiccup and his dad having to talk… and Hiccup says there's a surplus of dragon-slaying vikings, "But do we have enough… break-making vikings, or small-home-repair…" and his dad cuts him off so I don't remember if he actually finished the thought out loud, but it just became a thing around my house where I started calling myself a small home repair viking. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • YOU ARE WELCOMMMMEEEE! *hugs* And thank you.
        I think it’s because you’re treading a very fine line- trying to make them seem random without them actually being completely so, trying to make them interesting without bragging, etc.
        Ohhhhhhh. Thank you for clarifying that reference. That’s funny. xD

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  4. Lucky you got all your blog posts for the year figured out… Me? Not so much… XD
    I, too, am a Small Home Repair Viking. Both in repairing jobs and size. (HTTYD is like the best of movies ever!!!) 😀
    I’m an introvert too!! *high-fives* I scurry away to hide behind tapestries for 94 years as well. *nods*
    Ha, most of my book ideas are standalones too. Though I could see some spinoffs happening… Reading series is so HARD. Like, I have to wait for books to come out and I have to read *other* books in between and then I FORGET THINGS. *shakes head* Forgetful bookworm here… 😛
    Such fun! Lovely post! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heehee, well, since I only really try to make sure I post once a week, that’s only like a dozen posts left for the year, right? 🙂 I still have a few to write closer to the time, but I feel good having some scheduled and planned, especially during NaNo season when I’m too busy writing to think about blogging. 😉 But I love your posts and you seem to be doing good doing spontaneous ones! 🙂 Everybody blogs differently and that’s okay. ^_^

      *highfives* Hurray for being Small Home Repair Vikings! We vertically-challenged people must stick together so the Tall Ones don’t… er… step on us? That sentence ran away with me, sorry. XD

      Introverts too! I think a lot of us bubbly online people are introverts in real life. 😛

      Standalones are fun! It’s just that some spin out of control… *cough* And YES, I’m the same way! I forget stuff if I don’t read a series all at once and I don’t usually have the option or the patience to do that. XD

      Thank you! 🙂

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  6. Coming up with a whole bunch of facts about oneself IS hard. And approximately 92.778% of all tags seem to require that. XD But you did well, because I enjoyed reading all of your factoids. 😉

    Hahaha, I hear you on the introvert-who-sounds-like-an-extrovert-online thing. (Is it just me who likes coming up with long descriptors that have hyphens all over the place? Random bunny trail there, ahem, moving along…) “Waiters! Phone calls! Doorbells! Oh, horror!” <—made me laugh.

    No problem about the Infinity tag not being in vlog form. Keeping it as a regular post does save a lot of hassle! XD Thanks for the lovely shout-out, btw! "Tell Your Heart to Beat Again" is an amazing song, and because I heard about it from you first, every time it comes on the radio I think of you again. ❤

    MINA! Goodness, I love that girl. I can actually see some similarities between the two of you…

    LOL, I saw you and Mary talking about supper vs. dinner and found that funny. I hardly ever call it dinner, but I can see how supper would sound odd to people who don't use the term much. 😛

    Your perfect day description. DEBORAH. IT REALLY IS PERFECT. I haven't had a day like that in so long, it feels like. *gazes wistfully off into the distance and wishes weekends were always three days long*

    And your velvety black space answer was beautifully written. I be penslain.

    Hmm, one word to describe you… Maybe warm? As in, friendly and bright and inviting. Sparking like a flame determined to hold onto hope, an ember of creativity and humor. Yeah, I think I'll go with that. *hugs*

    It was great to see your answers to the tag, dearie!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Facts are SO HARD, yes! But thanks! 🙂

      I think most people sound like extroverts online. 😉 (And no, you’re not the only one who does the coming-up-with-long-descriptors-with-hyphens-all-over-the-place thing. XD)

      You’re welcome! And aww, you think of me when you hear Tell Your Heart to Beat again? THAT MAKES MY DAY! ^_^

      MINA IS AMAZING. Oh my goodness, I’m nothing like her, I don’t think. o.o I just wish I was. XD

      Yeah, I have no idea what the deal is about dinner vs. supper. It’s just strange. 😛

      Aww, I hope you’ll have a perfect day like that sometime! *huggles*

      Eep, thanks! I’m so glad you liked the space description! ^_^

      ……I don’t even know what to say about all the nice words you described me with! AWK YOU THE NICEST! ❤ *huggles you forever* I would totally describe YOU that way too!

      Hurray, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks again for tagging me with these fun questions! ❤


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