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Sarah @ Dreams & Dragons tagged me for the Sisterhood of World Bloggers Award, which I’ve done before, but I couldn’t pass up these awesome (and difficult-looking!) questions!

1. If you were tossed into a fictional world, which genre would you want it to be?  (In other words, which would you have the best chance at surviving?)

I wouldn’t necessarily have the best chance of surviving, but I’d definitely pick fantasy. Not going to even try saying anything otherwise. (Of course, odds don’t look good for survival in a dystopian or sci-fi place, so fantasy is better than that…)

2. After arriving in that world, what would you do first?

Quickly make friends with the most powerful (good) person or creature I could find so that they would keep me safe, and then proceed to explore. Or possibly sit in a castle library and read. Either/or.

3. You have an adventure in that other world and now have the choice of whether to stay there with the friends you’ve made or to return home to your family and former life. What do you decide?

*shifty eyes* That entirely depends on circumstances. But I’d probably just make sure to get the best of both worlds (literally) and have a magical door like Howl does so I can live both places. 😀 (Let me live in my delusions…)

4. Changing the subject: what’s your favorite Christmas song?

Ring Christmas Bells/Carol of the Bells.

5. Your favorite Christmas movie?

Muppet Christmas Carol.

6. If you were a superhero, what would your superpower(s) and code name be?

My superpower would be the ability to transfer thoughts/words/scenes perfectly directly onto paper (or computer) and my code name would be the Page Dreamer.

…What, you never heard of someone wanting to have a writer superpower? *cough*

7. Also, who would your arch-nemesis be? (Name, powers, etc.)

The Great Horrifically Humongous Procrastination of Doom and Despair and Apocalypse.

. . . I think his powers are pretty obvious. >.>

O, Arch-nemesis of mine, ye shall rue the day you ever– ! Um. I’m not sure what you shall rue the day of. I’ll figure it out later… Ahem.

8. What villain would you most want to show up on your doorstep (if one had to show up there)? How would you react to said villain?

ACK. What even, Sarah?? Erm. I’m just going to say Loki and hope that he’d be more amused than deadly at that moment in time. *nods* And I would probably react with wide eyes and quickly slam the door and lock it, or else very very politely ask him in to tea and try not to offend him.

9. What good guy (from one of your favorite books/series) would you least want to show up on your doorstep? Again, how would you react to him/her?

This one is the. hardest. A good guy from a favorite book that I don’t want to meet…? Hum. I’ve literally got nothing. Zilch. I’m going to have to sidle casually on to the next question and pretend I had an answer. *sidles casually on* >.>

10. How long did it take you to answer these questions?

Longer than I would care to admit. XD I didn’t time it. I should’ve… Then I could have knowingly cackled while refusing to tell the number… (I think these villainous questions are getting to my brain. O_O *is alarmed* Thanks a lot, Sarah. ;))


So! What about you, my roadlings? What genre would you visit, what would you pick for a superpower, and what villain wouldn’t you mind showing up on your door? 😉 Answer in the comments, or consider yourself tagged and do the tag on your blog!

18 thoughts on “Sisterhood Blogger Award

  1. YES, IT’S A TAG DAY!!!

    I would TOTALLY pick fantasy if I were sent into a book world. FANTASY IS DA BEST.<3 I would probably die in half an hour, but ah well. At least I would last longer than in a dystopian book. XD

    CAROL OF THE BELLS. YES. *is now excited about Christmas even though it's three months away*

    Your answer to #7 had me cracking up! XDDD I think procrastination is my arch-nemesis, too. *sighs*

    Loved this tag! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, your enthusiasm gets me every time, Mary! ^_^ I’m SO glad you enjoyed my tags! You make me so happy. 😀

      Yes, Fantasy all the way! It’s true we’d probably die pretty fast, but it would be worth it. XD (Okay, I’m seriously grinning too hard over what you said about dystopian. TOO TRUE! XD)

      Eep, Carol of the Bells! 😀 Well, Christmas is rapidly getting closer… 😉 Why does it not surprise me that you are a very-excited-about-Christmas kind of person? 😀

      Heehee, glad you approve. XD Procrastination is bad though, yesh. :-/

      Thank you! Yay!


    • Thanks! And fantasy’s the best choice. 😉 The door between worlds would just solve SO many problems!
      Ooh, good point. o.o I haven’t read/seen that, but I can imagine how that scientist would not be pleasant to meet… Eek!


  2. These questions are EPIC. But I can see how hard they’d be to answer. Especially #9. Gracious. o.o I don’t know either! Maybe…Katniss? We’d be totally awkward around each other and our personalities would probably clash horribly. Heh.

    Fantasy world allll the way!!! And I love your plan in #2. Perfect.

    Carol of the Bells is one of my top favorite Christmas songs as well. It’s just so gorgeous!

    I am dyyyying at your arch-nemesis. *CHOKES* I knew there was a villain to all writers out there. You found him! *glares at the Great Horrifically Humongous Procrastination of Doom and Despair and Apocalypse*

    LOKI AT YOUR DOORSTEP. Obviously! I mean, who else? XDD

    This was so much fun to read. I loved these questions and your answers!

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    • Aren’t they epic though? Sarah’s the best at coming up with questions. 😀 (And yes, very hard to answer. XD) Katniss… now I can see that. o.o I don’t think I’d mind her myself (movie version anyway? I haven’t read the books…) but who knows, she might annoy me. XD

      FANTASY! ❤

      :O Did I know this? (I probably did. XD) Carol of the Bells is just loverly! ^_^

      Let's face it, we ALL need that power. 😉
      *giggles* Glad you approve (not?) of my arch-nemesis. XD The GHHPDDA is just dreadful for all of us, amIright? 😛

      Well, I couldn't think of anyone else, so Loki it was! XD

      Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! 🙂


  3. I love that you did this tag and I love your answers. Regarding the evilness of certain questions . . . I’m sorry?
    I agree; having a Howl-style door between worlds would be the ideal situation. But if I had to pick . . . well, it would depend on the people in each world.
    And I love your superpower/superhero identity! That’s an awesome idea; I never would’ve thought of it!

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  4. “My superpower would be the ability to transfer thoughts/words/scenes perfectly directly onto paper (or computer) and my code name would be the Page Dreamer.” << you can't have that superpower because I WANT IT. O.o

    Hilarious questions, and your answers were awesome.

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    • Hey, if you can manage to get that superpower, I’m totally cool with you having it because it means it’s possible and so I can probably manage to get hold of it too. XD (Seriously though, wouldn’t it be amazing??)

      Yes, I loved these questions. 😀 Thanks! 🙂


  5. Ha, this was so fun to read!! XD
    I seriously LOVE Carol of the Bells…my *favorite* Christmas song too! 🙂
    I would ADORE writer superpowers…And then I could help other writers in need! You know, if the Great Horrifically Humongous Procrastination of Doom and Despair and Apocalypse ever attacked them… XD
    YES. I would choose Loki too…obviously. 😉
    Such a fun tag! ❤

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  6. I don’t know if I want a villain showing up at my door. I like being alive. Muppet Christmas Carol and Carol of the Bells are the best! Those are my favorites too. ^ ^

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