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Savannah @ Scattered Scribblings (which is a private blog but a lovely one) tagged me for the Rising Author’s Tag! Thank you so much, Savannah! ❤


  • Write a post thanking the person who tagged you, include the tag, the 11 questions the person who tagged you asked, your answers, and in reply to the request of a small piece of poetry or writing, write a brief 150 word story
  • Make up 11 new questions
  • Request a brief 150 word story from the people you tagged
  • Tag at least one person and link to their blog


1. Do you have one character you’ve written that you’re especially attached to? (or a few characters?)

Tare and the Chess Club, and Teague and his siblings and Meridian come to mind… David, Donavin and Bithoa are one of my favorite sets as well, and Duncan, and Ryan, and Varentle… and Bremask and Kenneth… I WILL STOP NOW BEFORE I THINK OF EVERY CHARACTER I’VE EVER WRITTEN AND SEVERAL THAT I HAVEN’T. AHEM. *twitch* (But mainly Tare and Teague right now; I know, it’s shocking and I’m sure you had no idea… *cough*)

2. What book are you reading right now?

I don’t know because I’m writing this ahead of time and scheduling it. XD Probably Emma by Jane Austen though. I’ve been in it awhile and likely will be for another while. It’s kind of long.

3. What was the last book you finished and what did you think of it?

Again, writing ahead… But it was The Ogre Downstairs by Diana Wynne Jones and I have complex thoughts about it, but overall I really surprised myself by loving it. It’s totally different, but… yeah. It does some brilliant things with characters and I think it taught me things. So. Yeah. Interesting. Sometimes I think her books aren’t fiction at all but things about real people because her characters are so real…

4. Have you ever written a full first draft of a book?

I have indeed! …It’s been a long time since I did, though. *stares guiltily at the lists of partially-written manuscripts* Said finished ones were: Quest for a Legend, Far-mark’s Dream, and The Owl of Kedran’s Wood. They all need frightening amounts of editing/rewrites. *cough* And I’m throwing The Rose and the Raven on this list too, even though it’s only a novella.

5. When did you first begin writing (or, more specifically, writing with a purpose of getting published or something along those lines)?

The week before I turned 12. I wrote about that decision here.

6. What is the weirdest writer-ly thing you’ve ever done?

The end of my 2014 NaNo, which I spent at an awesome write-in where we got to stay at a library after closing and type away until midnight (okay, hopefully finishing before then…) and finish our NaNo’s there, and it was the most fun and delightful and crazy thing ever, with some of the most wonderful people I’ve known in my life, and it was just an absolute blast. It’s a highlight of my life. ^_^ (I also tried to do NaNo on a roadtrip then. THAT was weird too.)

7. Which do you prefer, a hardcover book or a paperback?

I love them both, but I do have an extra fondness for hardcovers, I think… But sometimes I can’t decide. *shrug* (*whispers*But hardcoversssss, precioussss…)

8. Which series were you most sad to see end? (or a few series)

I don’t think I’m usually sad about series ends? I don’t usually get there, anyway. XD I’m a notorious series-starter. Ahem.

9. What’s better, pencils or pens?

PENS ALL THE WAY. My pens are my precious friends and I love them so. ❤ (No, I am not, in fact, weird/creepy; hush; why would you think that?)


10. Is there a special spot where you do most of your writing?

Probably at my desk, I guess, since that’s where my laptop is. I’ve done a lot in my comfy chair across the room, too.

11. What do you do when you get writer’s block?

I spread my arms out passionately and yell “Despair! Anguish! Horror!” and then make shadows and dreadful deafening howls and horrendous, dramatic, violent quantities of green slime everywhere.

. . .

. . . Or, well, I may be mixing that up with what Howl does when he throws a temper tantrum over his hair being ginger. *shrug* It’s easy to mix up.


Anyway, what I actually do about writer’s block is I mope about and feel depressed for a bit and then either resign myself to it and wait for it to go away, or analyze what’s got me stuck and try to fix it, or take a writing hiatus to recharge my creativity.

150 word story 112 word snippet

I tried to find/come up with/write a 150 word story of some kind but I couldn’t manage it. The writer’s block, you understand. Apparently I haven’t green-slimed at it enough to slide it out of the way yet.

I apologize profusely and instead present you with a random snippet from The Invisible Mask which hasn’t happened yet. Enjoy.


“Did you open it?” Bremask asked.

Kenneth blinked. “What— No! Of course not. What do you take me for?”

Bremask quirked an eyebrow and smiled a wry smile. “Well, if a suspicious person gave me a suspicious letter to give to my suspicious friend, I’d have opened and read it at once.”

Kenneth humphed.

Bremask’s smile stayed and his eyes glinted. “I am only saying it is a good thing to know what you’re passing on.”

“Is there no decency?” Kenneth muttered.

“I wouldn’t really know, now, would I?” Bremask observed somewhat carelessly. Then he patted Kenneth on the shoulder. “You’re a good lad, Kenneth. And I won’t hold it against you.”

How about you, writers in the crowd? Do you have any interesting tidbits with which to answer these questions? Do so in the comments! Or consider yourself tagged and answer them on your blog and leave me a link to it!

Meanwhile I’m a mite writer’s blocked right now, as it should happen, so I think I have some shadows and howls and green slime to get on with . . .

11 thoughts on “Rising Authors Tag

  1. TEAGUE AND MERIDIANNN. Ah, I love them so much! *huggles charries*

    Hardcovers for life!!! There’s honestly no greater feeling than buying a new hardback book. *sighs* (Which I don’t do often because otherwise I’d be broke. XD This bookdragon thrives on used bookstores.) I just got a hardback copy of Illusionarium on Thriftbooks, but it sadly arrived with the cover bent backwards. D: TRAGEDY OF TRAGEDIES. I’ve been trying to straighten it out by placing 20 pound dictionaries on top but so far no luck. XD Otherwise, though, it’s perfect. *pets book*

    I LOVEEEE PENS. I’m very picky about my pens, though. There’s a certain type of Pilot pens that I always have to buy. 😛

    YOUR ANSWER TO #11 IS PERFECT. (Because Howl. Obviously.)

    *sees snippets* *devours them* Ack, now I NEED to read this! It sounds so intriguing. O.O AND BREMASK, OH MY GOSH. I feel like he would be an awesome character. XD

    This was such a fun post, Deborah! I can’t wait for the next tag. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • AAAHH THANKS MARY!! ^_^ Glad you like them. 🙂

      I’m so glad there are used books so that I can have hardcovers. XD Oh nooo that’s a tragedy indeed about your Illusionarium copy! D: I hope your 20 pounds of dictionaries helps. o.o *pets Illusionarium*

      OH MY GOODNESS I THINK YOU GET THE SAME KIND OF PEN THAT I DO! :O I get black Pilot pens (specifically 0.7 point ones) and they’re the only thing I write with. XD

      “(Because Howl. Obviously.)” <—MY LIFE IN THREE WORDS. XD

      Eep, thank you!! I'm glad you are intrigued by The Invisible Mask. Bremask is awesome, yes, if I do say so myself. XD (Richard Armitage's face mayyy help with that. ;))

      Thank youuu! And yus, many tags shall be had! 😀 I'm so glad you're excited for them — you make my day! ^_^


  2. Oh, oh, I love this tag! And I totally need to do it myself. I’m so behind on things. *collapses*

    Your answers were so funnnn! All the beloved charries! <333 BECAUSE TARE AND TEAGUE AND ALL THE PEOPLES. I'd totally name all my characters, too. THEY'RE ALL MEH BBYS. How could I CHOOSE???

    I remember when you did that epic write-in in 2014. SO FUN. And I'm still in awe over you doing NaNo on a cross-country trip. o.o

    I think I prefer hardbacks too. They so pwettyyyyy! But paperbacks have their pros as well. I JUST LIKE ALL DA BOOKS.

    Your answer to #11! XDDD I AM DYING. Writer's block totally brings on the Howl in us all methinks. *gigglesnort*


    I just loved reading this whole thing! Can't wait to see all the tags you do. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’d love to see you do it someday — that would be fun! 😀 But no pressure, y’know. 😉 I felt behind on tags too, which is why I’m doing a gajillion all at once but sometimes there’s just too many and not enough time to do ’em! o.o So I know the feeling. XD
      Glad you enjoyed! ^_^

      Eheh, all of my characters want to be my favorites, yep. 😛 Silly darlings.


      Heehee, it definitely brings out the Howl in us. XD

      THAT’S BECAUSE IT’S IN A LATER PART I HAVEN’T WRITTEN YET. But actually I think it’s literally the only snippet I’ve written that’s not in the story yet, hence it’s the only thing you haven’t read… and you have now. 😛 I need to write more on that thing. o.o Glad you like Bremask and his sassyness. XD (Oh, and you have seen the “mysterious letter” actually because this is the envelope Artren gave to Kenneth to give to Bremask! :D)

      Thank you so much for your loverly comment, Lauri!! ^_^ ❤


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