Beautiful People: Tare {July 2016}


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It’s been awhile since I’ve done any Kedran’s Wood-ish posts, what with Meridian and Teague stealing the show around here more often than not… But Beautiful People is up for this month and I saw these questions and thought: “TARE!”

So I’m doing Tare today. I miss him, so this makes me happy. ^_^

Okay, this is how it’s going to work. I want to have my cake and eat it too (always a good idea, if you can manage it), so Tare’s going to answer the questions as far as he will — which, I anticipate, will likely not be very far — and then I shall elaborate on it further… out of his hearing. *cough* Because his answers will be interesting, and mine shall be informative, so between us we should cover most of it.

Let’s have at it, shall we?


1. Do they want to get married and/or have children? Why or why not?

“And what exactly prompted this bit of irrelevancy?”

Tare, you can’t answer a question with another question.

*folds his arms* “I can and just did. If you’re going to make me answer questions I don’t want to answer, I’ll answer them how I want.”

*sigh* Ahem. So, for this question… Tare honestly has never thought this far ahead on this subject. He is, and always has been, an extreme loner, who only recently has begun to understand the concept of friends as applied to himself. At the moment, definitely not. I can personally see him married someday, perhaps, if the right girl came along… but it would definitely be FAR in the future since he has a long way to go in the HR department, you could say.

2. What is their weapon of choice? (It doesn’t necessarily have to be a physical weapon.)

“All of them.”

…Okay, thanks for that, Tare. I’m glad you’ve decided to be cooperative and specific with your answers.

“You’re welcome.”

…All right, I won’t leave you guys with that. He does mean all of them, or at least anything that’s around. But he’s also partial to using his fists since they’re reliable, or knives, since he prefers hand-to-hand combat. He won’t say no to a handgun, sword, machine gun or bow and arrows, or even a grenade, though. Any other weapon you can think of to hand him… he’d adapt pretty quick. Not to mention, his mind is a pretty good weapon already because he’s smart and stuffs. *nods*

3. What’s the nicest thing they’ve done for someone else, and why did they do it?

KWcover“The time that — Well.” *studies his fingernails in minute detail* “I saved some people. Because . . . they needed me to.” *clears throat and shifts in chair* “Or the time I had to hold up a wall of the gingerbread house the Chess Club were making, because I was there and they made me. I’d say I was pretty nice then.”

*look of horror from yours-truly* Tare! That hasn’t happened yet!

*Tare shrugs as if it doesn’t matter and time is fluid and all that sort of thing*

Anyways, that first reference, which he did not elaborate on, would definitely be the nicest thing he’s done, referring to the time he nearly died — and worse — in order to save the world, specifically so that his friends wouldn’t die. Because he realized they were his friends and he actually cared about them and didn’t want them to die, and so was willing to do anything necessary to protect them. Cuz he’s nice like that. Who cares about saving the world? — he was saving his Chess Club. ^_^

4. Have they ever been physically violent with someone, and what instigated it?

*raises one dark eyebrow slightly like a question mark as if to say “What is the point of this obvious question?”* “Yes. Lots. And they did.”

I’m… trying very hard not to laugh at this question. And not doing a very good job. Ahem. Tare’s whole life has been rather violent, though not of his choosing. Not to mention that a whole lot of shapeshifting monsters kind of call for being fought… It’s nearly always the others’ fault, though.

Of course, there were a couple times when he was violent to the Chess Club, but those are… special cases. *cough* In the first book, he punched Baz for being annoying, and started a fistfight with Adrian for… reasons. (To be fair, Baz WAS being annoying, and Adrian had just run into him with his pickup-truck… kinda-sorta-almost on purpose. So.) In the second book, Tare shoves Baz one time when Baz was being REALLY frivolous about something that really bothers Tare, and the next scene I need to write Tare kinda shoves Adrian off a building. You know. Because he had to. *shrugs*

5. Are they a rule-follower or a rebel?

KW2coverP“Both, when it suits me.”

Wow, that was . . . deep . . . or . . . something, Tare. O_O

*shrugs* “I try.”

He’s an odd mix of both. He’s a bit of a rebel, yes, since that’s sort of his nature by default, just due to his life. But despite that, he’s also surprisingly rule-abiding, in his own way. He won’t hesitate to do something that would be frowned upon if he needs to, but he also has a strong sense of justice and generally has boundaries of his own.

6. Are they organized or messy?

“Come into my lair with intent to mess it up and you’ll find out.”

With glitter. >:D *evil grin*

*turns to me and asks mildly:* “Do you want me to kill your readers?”

(Tare’s kind of scary when he’s being all playful. XD Ahem. >.>) Tare’s pretty organized, though he’s not as obsessed about it as his answer makes him sound. XD His home is pretty tidy, swept and neat, with nothing lying around unless he wants it there, like leaving his black leather jacket draped over a chair or a stack of books on a table or various weapons lying around while he cleans them or something. And he usually makes his bed. If it’s messy around his place, it usually means something’s wrong with him and so he doesn’t feel like making an effort to keep things clean. But he doesn’t overthink it, it’s just something he does. I guess you could call it a casual organized, with a side of messy, since he doesn’t mind throwing a bunch of stuff together as long as he knows where it is. As far as outlook, his approach to most things is organized instead of spontaneous, but he can occasionally be unpredictable.

7. What makes them feel loved, and who was the last person to make them feel that way?

picthing*folds arms again* “I don’t know why anyone would… love me, so I don’t see how this applies.”

Tare, honestly…

“Well why do you care?”

It’s just an interview; no need to blow up in my face! o.o

“I’m not blowing up in your face. I’m asking a simple question about your inapplicable one.”

Just answer it, then! It’s not that hard. What makes you feel loved and who made you feel that way?

*gives me a hard stare* “How should I know? Probably the last time was… I don’t know, maybe when I was like… three or something and my parents held me. I told you. It doesn’t apply.”

Youch. Okay, so Tare is very not used to the idea of anyone caring about him, or the notion of feeling loved. *cough* He’s recently discovered the Chess Club and their friendship with him, so I guess the fact that they care about him makes him feel… perplexed but cared about. I don’t know if he’d say “feel loved” though. I don’t think the last time was when he was three; it was probably when he was a teen and his mother came for him. He wasn’t used to feeling loved then either, but I think he did in that case, and also confused and wary… but who knows.

8.What do they eat for breakfast?

“When I have it? Food.”

So helpful, Tare.

*rolls eyes* “All right, I’m partial to meat if it’s around. But anything else that happens to be there is fine too. I’m not particular.”

The last time we saw him eat breakfast he was eating steak, so… that probably applies. He does like meat. It keeps him going and it’s also what he’s used to. Mostly he sees food as fuel though, so as long as it’s food he doesn’t care much. It’s not something he overthinks, hence his first answer.

9. Have they ever lost someone close to them? What happened?

*cold stare and blank face* “No.”

Um… so… until recently, Tare hasn’t really had people who were close to him. Unless his parents count. In which case he did lose them and… what happened is spoilers. Which will be revealed if I ever get around to writing the prequel about him. Ahem.


10. What’s their treat of choice? (Or, if not food, how else do they reward themselves?)

“I’m partial to being alive. That’s a good treat/reward.”

Not helpful, to be honest. -_-

“All right, I have nothing against chocolate cake, and I like hunting in the woods, or reading a good book by the fireplace in my lair. Assuming nothing’s currently trying to kill me, of course. Or that the Chess Club aren’t bothering me and acting like they live at my place… Annoying over-reacting detective amateur puppies.”

Oh, come on, you aren’t as annoyed at them as you let on.

*rubs a hand across his mouth as if to hide a frown or a smile or, you know, a something, and looks at the ground so his dark hair hides the possible fond gleam in his dark blue eyes* “Fine. But you didn’t hear it from me.”


And that was today’s Beautiful People post! Hope you enjoyed. 🙂 I know I certainly did… I missed Tare! Poor fellow’s been lurking in the shadows while Teague takes over, mostly because Tare’s been pretty done with me of late and not in the mood for me to write him. But now I want to again…

39 thoughts on “Beautiful People: Tare {July 2016}

  1. Yay, Tare! I don’t entirely blame him for being uncooperative; you put him through a lot. But I wish he would cooperate anyway, because I love reading about him. He’s so grumpy and mysterious and dramatic and awesome. So seeing that you interviewed him, and reading the interview, was a real treat. 😀
    (Also: HOW ARE YOU SO FAST? The topic post literally just went up this morning. You’re incredible, you know that?)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heehee, you’re probably right. 😉 I love how you understand him. 😀 And *squee* THANKS SO MUCH! This makes my day! ^_^ Glad you enjoyed it! Grumpy/mysterious/dramatic/awesome… yes, pretty much. XD The funny thing is, I think he doesn’t even realize he’s those things. 😛 He’s just unconsciously cool. ^_^

      (And…er… I dunno… I happened to see it this morning and liked the questions so much that I ignored the rest of my day and sat down and wrote the whole thing because I felt like it. 😛 AWK THANKS! ❤ You're incredible too! ^_^)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think that a lot of characters don’t realize what makes them awesome. They just ARE.
        (Heh. That works. I would like to be able to ignore the rest of my day sometimes . . . oh well. AND YOU’RE WELCOME. And I’m not, but thank you anyway. xD)

        Liked by 1 person


    Warning: This comment is going to be massive and incoherent but I make absolutely no apologies because TARE and THINGS.

    Okay, OKAY. So, like, I didn’t realize how MUCH I’ve been missing Tare until reading this. o.o It’s like coming back home… Which sounds super creepy and weird BUT TARE. Teague is one of the bestest creations in the world, but Tare will ALWAYS be my first and foremost favorite. ❤

    THIS POST. I CAN'T. I burst into uncontrollable laughter SO. MANY. TIMES. I loved how you two answered the questions together. Perfect compromise. xD

    You know, I've never even CONSIDERED Tare getting married. Like…ever. For some reason my brain can't even comprehend that idea. *blinks* But…I guess someday that could be a thing…? Actually quite sweet now that I think of it. But just…IT'S A WEIRD THOUGHT FOR SOME REASON.

    Tare and his weapons. "All of them" is right. XDDD

    *heart melts at #3*

    I may or may not have laughed while reading the question for #4 as well. *cough* Except…WHAT IS THIS ABOUT TARE PUSHING ADRIAN OFF A BUILDING? CELTI. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MEEEEEEE???????/ *faints*

    Oh my word, bringing GLITTER into Tare's lair? Death. That would only bring death. O_O

    #7! D: How do you keep making me simultaneously laugh and cry during this thing??

    Tare eating STEAK for breakfast just kills me. xD

    ACCCKKKK. HIS LAST LINE THERE. MELTIIIIIIING. *falls over in a puddle*


    Liked by 1 person


      I didn't realize how much I missed him either. O_O Gaahh I'm so glad he's your favorite and feels like coming home — that is the best and makes me happeh. 😀

      Made Lauri laugh: check. My work here is done. *nods*

      Your response to the married one is making me grin. XD

      BWAHAHA. GINGERBREADS AND FALLING OFF BUILDINGS. I'M SUCH A TEASE. XD You're gonna love the gingerbread scene. 😀 There's SO MUCH STUFF going on there, goodness. O_O Now I really really want to get there… And eheh, yes. You shall see… *innocently whistling*

      *chokes* I utterly lost it at what you said about glitter and death. XDDDD YOU'RE DA BEST.

      I thought you might like that last line… ^___^ *huggle-squish for Tare and co.*

      AAAAHH THANK YOU SO MUUUUCH I'M SO INCREDIBLY GLAD THAT YOU LIKED IT!!! ^_^ (You're making me want to write this even more… o.o)


  3. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep! I LOVES HIM SO MUCH! (hugs him… and then dives behind a tree (or a nearby Chess Club member) because he probably didn’t like that).


    I love his non-helpful answers. “Food.” “I’m partial to being alive.” bwahahahahahaha!

    Also enjoyed all the little glimpses of this world and the story. SOOOOO intrigued. WANT TO READ!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awk, your comment made me happy. ^_^ THANKS JENELLE!

      Heehee, yeah, not a fan of hugs. 😉 You’re wise to hide. 😛

      He’s sooo unhelpful. XD

      Yay! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much! YAY that means I’ve done my job! 😉 I would love for you to read it someday!! 🙂



    Oh my goodness I love this so MUCH! And I do NOT want to see Tare and Cerulean (one of my characters) together, I have a feeling very had things would happen and we authors would have to forcefully intervene XD.

    I would comment on every single question but I have a feeling this comment would … like … break the internet or something. That might not be the best idea *shrugs*. BUT #7. TARE PEOPLE DO LOVE YOU GET USED TO IT. ESPECIALLY WHEN DEBORAH GETS YOUR BOOK PUBLISHED THEN YOU’LL /REALLY/ HAVE TO GET USED TO IT.

    Also I must beta read this book. This book must be published. This book shall be fantastic. Write more, Deborah. The end. *makes dramatic exit*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eeek, thanks so much, Savannah!!! ^_^ *hugs your comment* Haha, I love the idea of characters from different stories getting together and needing to be intervened on. XD (That was totally a sentence. Do not question it. Ahem.) That’s great. Cerulean sounds cool. 😀

      Haha, I totally know that feeling. XD Long comments do sometimes break the internet… *serious nod* ACK YOU’RE THE BEST. ❤ I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKE TARE.

      The first book is a mess, otherwise I'd send it to you. XD But YES, I shall write more! *fanfare of trumpets* Thanks for your encouragement, it made me so happeh! ^_^


  5. “Tare kinda shoves Adrian off a building.” Hate when that happens … XD

    I loved reading this! He was very very funny. I really enjoyed your interactions with him. But whO ARE THE CHESS CLUB?? IS IT METAPHORICAL OR REAL CHESS? ARE THERE ACTUALLY GINGERBREAD HOUSES??? CAN TARE SHAPESHIFT???

    Liked by 1 person

    • Heehee, yeah, it’s kinda awkward, isn’t it? XD

      Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thanks so much, Emily! 🙂

      WHOA. Interesting questions! O_O The Chess Club is just the name that a group of friends in the town the story takes place in call themselves. They do play chess, but mostly they’re just best friends who have fun together and are fascinated by Tare. They’re kinda the main characters of the series along with Tare. 🙂

      And yes, it is an actual gingerbread house, just a mini one the Chess Club are making for Christmas and made Tare help with for a second. 😛

      And… um… as far as I know, Tare can’t shapeshift… o.o *wonders where that fascinating question came from* XD


  6. Tare’s responses made me laugh. They’re just so moodily blunt, and I think I’m a fangirl now. I’m guessing he doesn’t think much of fangirls, but that’s too bad because I want to read all of his stories. Also, I’m intrigued by the chess club and fighting of monsters.
    Keep writing and blogging!

    Liked by 1 person

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