Beautiful People: Teague’s Childhood


Beautiful People is here again!

(Er… that is… it’s been here for three weeks already and is about to close for the month. I never said I was punctual… *cough*)

This month’s theme for the questions is Childhood! YAY! So I’m doing Teague from The Other Half of Everything. Because.


Beautiful People, the monthly character-questions linkup for writers hosted by Sky @ Further Up and Further In & Cait @ Paper Fury. Join the fun and link up!

I’ve noticed that whenever I answer the questions about the characters, it’s more informative, buuut when the characters answer the questions themselves, it may be way less informative but more fun.

I feel like fun, so I’ve tweaked the questions from “their” to “your”, directed at him, and talked Teague into answering because I told him he could answer in between reading. …I now see that may have been a bad idea.

Anyhow, on with the show!


Beautiful People: Childhood Edition (June 2016) with Teague

(I’m in bold; Teague is in regular type.)

1. What is your first childhood memory?

*looks up from behind book* *directs a vague stare my way from under eyelids drooped halfway down* Meridian would tell you that I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning — which I must admit is entirely true. (Did I have breakfast today? I certainly wouldn’t know.) And you’re asking me about my earliest childhood memory? Well, someone is obviously in for a surprise.

Because you don’t remember?

Because I do, as a matter of fact. *goes back to reading* *looks up again* Right, yes… I distinctly recall, at the age of two or so, falling flat on my face when I tripped over a tussock of grass. Fascinating, I know.

2. What were your best and worst childhood experiences?

*mild sigh* Are we really doing this?


Mmm… Best: that really good book I read, the one with the . . .

*gives him a look*

*pauses* What does that look mean? Is it a hint?

It means actual experiences, specifically outside of pages.

A bit picky . . . but all right, adventures with my siblings, then. Worst: Probably the time I got eaten. Nearly. Dragon incident. Not my fault, by the way . . . *trails off because is already reading again*

3. What was your childhood home like?

*long, long pause while Teague continues to read*


*longer pause*

Finally: *Teague glances up* Oh, we’re still doing this, are we? Well. I suppose you could say it was a house. In fact, it was… house-like. Wooden. Painted white. Like Lulin’s hair. *shrug*

4. What’s something that scared you as child?

Oh, the usual, you know: dragons or paper cuts or something. Moving on, then.

Author’s note: His worst fears: losing one of his siblings, and losing his imagination. Um. Let’s just say he doesn’t like to talk about this… >.>

5. Who did you look up to most?

My father, I suspect. And my favorite authors.

6. Favourite and least favourite childhood foods?

This question sounds suspiciously like it came from Meridian… always badgering me about food. I can’t fathom it, exactly. I never have been very into food, to be honest. It’s not something I think about. But I do remember rather disliking cauliflower cheese, and I recall some quite good meat pasties with some sort of grey-ish mushroom-y gravy, as well as being moderately fond of lemon meringue pie.

7. If you had your childhood again, would you change anything?

Nothing. And everything. *tilts head sideways* Would you?

8. What kind of child were you? Curious? Wild? Quiet? Devious?

Definitely more on the quiet side, with a touch of curiosity, perhaps… I left the wild and devious side of things to Ivan and… others. I never went in for that kind of thing. Of course not. Absurd, really. I don’t know why in the world you would think it, honestly. *sticks nose firmly back in book*

9. What was your relationship to your parents and siblings like?

It was fine, thank you. You said there were ten questions, so what’s the last one? *goes back to reading*

All right, I’ll answer this. When he says “fine” he does mean it — he got along rather well with his whole family. It’s just a complicated question to ask NOW because his relationships “now” are far from “fine”, so it’s not a subject he dwells on.

Teague was always rather independent, if reserved (usually), but his relationship with his parents was a good one… but they’re dead now. He always had a good relationship with his little sister Lulin (not so little now), and that has not changed. She has a mischievous side like Ivan’s, but also a streak of quietness, which means she and Teague often understood each other when the wilder brothers didn’t.

Teague’s relationship with his two brothers is more complicated.

Teague was the quiet leader type role, but his next brother, Errol, of-whom-we-do-not-speak, was very much the dashing charismatic ringleader. Ivan was the reckless mischievous type, and would have followed Errol anywhere, and often did. Teague got along well with Errol — they all did; he was the center of their group, the heart, if you will — but Teague also often tried to temper Errol’s daring schemes with more wisdom.

Teague and Ivan got along okay, usually, though truthfully neither of them paid a ton of attention to each other since there was always Errol between them. Ivan always found Teague a little too cautious, which was boring and stuffy. Teague always thought Ivan was a little too reckless, but it never mattered much because between Errol and Teague’s dual leadership, they all always got out of their scrapes and adventures well enough. Until they didn’t.

Now Errol is dead, and Ivan and Teague are very much not on speaking terms. Lulin’s still on good terms with both of them, but angry with them for the split. Things are a bit… strained, you might say. So as you can imagine, Teague does not like to discuss his relationships to his siblings because they used to be fine, and now they’re… not.

…I told you it was more informative (and longer) but less fun when I answer questions. >.> Back to Teague, now.

10. What did you want to be when you grew up, and what did you actually become?

*arches eyebrows and stares over book at questioner* I beg your pardon, Miss Interviewer, but that is not the correct way to ask things at all. People never grow up. I do wish people would understand this. “What do you want to be when you grow up”, “what are you now that you’re grown up” — nonsense, all of it. *stares vaguely into the middle-distance* It’s not like people hit some magical threshold and floof, they’re “grown up” —

(“Floof”? Really?)

*waves hand slightly* It was the sound that wanted to be made. At any rate, grown-up-ness is never achieved, and we do not “become” something suddenly… it has to happen which is a process… And all that “when” you grow up and “now that” you’re grown up… where does it really get us? It doesn’t, because you must admit those are definite statements of past or future, and all we really have, ever, for a certainty, is the present, the now . . .

*face-palm* Just answer the question.

*blinks mildly* Excuse me?

Fine then. Please.

*little absent shrug of uncaring* If you want to be that way. Don’t blame me if it doesn’t turn out the sort of answer you wanted, with a ludicrous question like that. But I don’t know why you can ask about what I am when I’m grown up, at my age.

You’re twenty-five.

Precisely my point. I’m nobody’s grandfather, exactly. Still a bit young, don’t you think? But all right. *turns an absent dreamy look apparently through his nearest bookcase* Well. I wanted to be a writer and a hero. I’m a little of both, you could say, so I suppose that turned out fairly all right, if you put it in those terms. There’s always room for improvement, though, on both counts.

(I take it back about the “longer” thing.)


This concludes Beautiful People June 2016.

Thank you for reading!

*look of minor surprise* Why, you’re welcome. I suppose it is rather rare to find readers these days…

…I was talking to the blog readers, thanking them for reading your rabbit-trail-y answers.

Oh. Well, they’re welcome, too. And I thank them as well. *smiles faintly* *a pause* I am not rabbit-trail-y, by the way. In fact, everything I said was entirely related–

*hastily wraps up post before he can get rabbit-trail-y again*

*yawns* I heard that, you know. And I may very well get offended. *goes back to reading* *adds:* Someday.

Meridian calls from the background: “Unlikely!” *pause* “Now come eat your breakfast, Teague!”

The End.

P.S. Don’t forget that that lovely fan-voted Fantasy Oscar thing the Silmarillion Awards are still underway! Nominations end on July 1st, so if a) you haven’t nominated anyone yet, b) you haven’t nosed around the comments lately to see if there are gems of characters others have nominated who you must second, or c) if you have a friend or three who might enjoy sharing their two cents on favorite fantasy characters, do gallop on over to the posts and join in the fun! Remember that Teague approves of this, because, ya know, Fantasy. 😉

42 thoughts on “Beautiful People: Teague’s Childhood

  1. *flails* I LOVE THIS SO MUCH I CAN’T EVEN. Deborah, this was PERFECTION! Teague’s answers are just … the best ever *nods*. Especially the one about growing up! I just loved everything! Teague really needs to come around more often. And YOU, Deborah, need to finish writing his book because I MUST READ IT. And Teague is awesome, just sayin’.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaaahh THANKS MUCHLY SAVANNAH! ^_^ So glad you enjoyed it and liked his answers. 😀 Eeep, I’m glad you like him! I’d like him to come around more too… AND I WILL WRITE IT, I WILL! It might take awhile but I will. XD Thank youuuu. ❤


  2. This was the first thing that popped up in my inbox, I may have squealed rather loudly! I love him so much! The sass, the indifference, he is perfect 😀
    You don’t ever grow up, I agree with that statement, and the floof. A marvelous word, this made me incredibly happy!

    Also O.O at some of the information you gave about his childhood, poor thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hurray! Thanks so much, Skye! I’m so glad it made you squeal and be happy. ^_^ DAY MADE, TO HEAR THAT. Yep on the never-growing up… Heheh, floof… silly fellow. 😉 But sometimes a noise is more useful than a word, so… *shrug*

      Heheh, yeah. *shifty eyes* Some of that mayyy actually have been a lot recenter than “childhood” — I haven’t worked timelines out yet — but still. *evil author cackle*



  3. This was great! I need to do Beautiful People one of these days.I love getting to hear about everyone’s characters. 🙂

    And you sound a bit like me with the killing off of siblings and parents. lol!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. IT’S HERE IT’S HERE IT’S HEEEERE!!! Ever since you mentioned doing a BP post with Teague I’ve been counting down the days for you to post it. AND TEAGUE ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS AND THIS IS ONE OF THE BESTEST BP POSTS I’VE EVER READ!
    (And what’s hilarious is I also struggled with going the whole “more info” or “fun” thing. I had the EXACT thoughts. I can give more info when *I* answer the questions, but it’s way more fun when the character does it themselves!)

    TEAGUE HAS COME ACROSS DRAGONS? *dies* Teague and dragons… o.o I think my brain can’t even handle this overload of awesome.

    His house was “house-like”. I can’t with his answers. xD
    And dragons or paper cuts! I SERIOUSLY CAN’T.

    *heart cracks at #9* MEH!
    Remind me again, what age order do the siblings go in? Is it Teague, Errol, Ivan, and Lulin is the youngest? I’M ASHAMED I DON’T KNOW THIS.

    OH MY WORD. His answer to #10. o.o That…that really makes you think. I LOVE how he’s such a deeper thinker and probably a genius, but no one thinks so because he’s so spacey.
    Also, I think I choked when I read the “floof” thing. XDDDDD

    THIS WAS THE BEST INTERVIEW EVERRRR. And Teague’s voice is so REAL. It’s reeeally hard to even think about the fact that he’s not real. He just…he IS. GAH. THIS WAS AMAZING.

    (Also Meridian at the end! 😀 😀 :D)

    Liked by 1 person

    • AAAHH THANK YOU SO MUCH LAURI! ❤ *huggles comment* (Seriously, day = made. ^_^)

      Oh my, I had no idea you'd be counting down. o.o Sorry. XD I'm sooooo glad you enjoyed it! (And yes, silly characters being so much more fun but less informative… Though in a sense it's funner to read between the lines and find out what they're REALLY saying, so in a sense it still tells us a lot…)

      Yeah, I don't even know. XD Teague has weird answers. And DRAGONS YAY!

      You've got the order of age right, yes! 🙂 Don't feel bad, it IS confusing, and sometimes Lulin acts like the middle or next-oldest after Teague. XD

      "he’s such a deeper thinker and probably a genius, but no one thinks so because he’s so spacey." YOU JUST DESCRIBED HIM SO WELL OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU. It makes me so happy when people totally "get" my characters. 🙂 Yes, he is actually kinda genius but sooo spacey that you don't notice. XD …A lot like Chrestomanci. *COUGH*

      Well… floof was the sound that wanted to be made! 😛 Heehee. For being writers, some of us writers rely a surprising amount on sound effects in our talking because sometimes there isn't a real word for it!

      OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU SO MUUUUUCH!!! ^_^ Gaaah, all the things you said about him being real and just IS and just slkjflaskjdflksdjf it makes me feel like I succeeded and I feel that way too and it makes me happy and just SUCH HIGH PRAISE THANKS!!!

      (Meridian couldn't let it go by without sneaking in. XD I was reading the post to my sis and she just lost it at that. *giggles*)


  5. Ahhhhhh I loved reading this! 😀 Teague’s answers are fabulous! (And I still need to do my BP . . . oops. *adds to tonight’s to-do list*)
    I like how he mentions dragons as if that’s totally and completely normal. Dear Teague: you had a much more interesting childhood than I did. Whyyyyyyy.
    Also . . . poor Teague. Because of the whole family thing.
    Finally, “floof” is a very fun sound and it should want to be made more often.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yayyyy, that makes me happy! THANKS VERY MUCH SARAH! ^_^ Eheheh, we can be like the Gandalfs of BPs, “never late/early, but precisely when we mean to”. 😉

      Teague talks about everything as if it’s completely normal. XD

      From Teague: “Dear Sarah Taleweaver (fantastic name, by the way; I greatly approve): I assure you my childhood was completely normal, thank you. As for yours, well, perhaps you didn’t grow up in a family who tended to go back and forth between here and various fantastical worlds? But I’m sure your childhood had less drama, too, so count yourself lucky. …Especially if you don’t have brothers. Anyway, quiet childhoods are underrated, to be honest. ~ Teague”
      (…Goodness, Teague, where did that come from? o.o)

      Ahem, yes, poor Teague. XD

      I’M GLAD YOU APPROVE OF FLOOF. It should totally want to be made more. *nods*

      Thanks ever so much for your comment! It made me happy! ^_^


      • Ooh. I like that very much indeed. 😀
        I am getting that impression.
        To Teague: I’m very glad indeed you approve of my name. And no, I did not grow up in such a family, much to my disappointment . . . but I suppose you do have a point. And I do consider myself very lucky indeed to not have brothers. -Sarah
        You’re welcome; thank you for writing this fabulous post!

        Liked by 1 person

        • It’s always good to be Gandalf! XD
          Teague is glad that you’re glad that he approves of your name.
          And now I have to butt in and say that I disagree with Teague and that brothers are AWESOME because I have three and they’re the best. 🙂 So, sometimes I disagree with my characters. XD (Actually, Teague liked his brothers, it’s just a sore point right now. *cough*)

          Liked by 1 person

        • Yes, you’re so nefarious. XD

          Teague: “I often enjoy re-reading books, yes. It has to be a good one, naturally, but I re-read books a lot. It’s extremely enjoyable re-experiencing old favorites you know… What does it depend on for you? ~Teague”


          • Re-experiencing old favorites is definitely enjoyable, I love getting books that I loved when I was younger from the library! Re-reading for me is mostly based on how much I enjoyed the book in the first place, or if it’s a mystery book or not. If a book is based on some big secret/mystery, then it’s not as fun to reread because I already know everything :D. Unless of course it’s been a while and I’ve forgotten everything in it. Then it’s more fun *nods*.

            Liked by 1 person

  6. This is fabulous!!
    Can I just say that out of all of your books you really need to finish this one ASAP so it can be published!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I LOVE THIS. I’ve heard you mention Teague before but I don’t think I’ve ever read him … this was hilarious! Absolute gold! I think my favourite bit was “Thank you for reading! // *look of minor surprise* Why, you’re welcome. I suppose it is rather rare to find readers these days…” which made me snort. My mum was like, “what are you laughing at?”

    Also, “Dragon incident. Not my fault.” XD

    That’s so sad about his brothers! </3

    I so enjoyed this. So glad to have discovered your blog recently! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, thanks, Emily! 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed reading Teague. 😀 *shakes head at him* Aaaand I got you to laugh aloud and get weird looks. SUCCESS! XD That’s awesome.
      EEEP THANK YOU! I’m so glad you did, too! Thank you for commenting, you made my day! ^_^


    • I just realized you addressed that first part to Teague… So…
      Teague: “Why thank you. I’m glad you think I’m wonderful. I think? You may be mistaken though; I’m actually only me. And you sound rather wonderful yourself since, naturally, you like books and fantasy, which is a point in anyone’s favor.” ~Teague
      He wanted to answer. 😀


  8. Hahahaha! Teague may be vying for favorite Deborah-created-character… Tare’d better watch out.

    I LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! I love that all he wants to do is read… and I’m very curious about the mention of dragons… and his statement about being a hero. Very curious, indeed.

    Super fun! I love that you asked the character the questions instead of just answering for him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, goodness! I guess that’s a compliment… XD Tare had better watch out, yes. o.o Heehee… I’m so glad you like Teague though! 😀

      YAY, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much! ^_^ And… yes… little hints, dontchaknow. 😉

      Yesss, it’s fun to turn these things into interviews.

      THANKS, JENELLE! 🙂 ❤


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  11. Okay. May I just say that you are the best person ever, Celti? ^____^ This was the awesomest blog post ever and I am absolutely OBSESSED with Teague and this novel. I got so excited while I was reading the post and laughing at all of the things that my mom asked what was going on, so I told literally everything about The Other Half of Everything and Teague and Meridian and how this needs to be a published book so I can read it and share it with all of my friends. XD You’re freaking awesome.

    Anyway! I love Teague so much, but especially because he is excruciatingly vague at times and then he goes into too much details at other times. XD I also love him because he is just so real. The way you write him makes me feel like he is an actual person, or like he should be, or like I know him somehow. (Part of me thinks that’s because he’s a writer and I can relate on some level, but another part of me knows it’s just because you’re THAT incredible at writing. <3)

    His backstory is just SO interesting, and even though you went into detail, it makes me want to know even more about Teague and his siblings and every single thing you write about this novel makes me want to know more. XD I also love everything about Teague, from the reading to forgetting to eat to the thing about grown ups and floof – the floof thing was my favorite part. XDD Also, I can totally hear his voice in my head when I was reading this, and that's weird because I usually don't hear voices like that when I'm reading, but you're just such an amazing writer and ughhhh I can't even ❤

    I'm not sure if anyone has ever told you this, or if you've ever realized it, but there is something just so refreshing about your stories and charries. They're just so original and like nothing anyone else has done. I've been looking for that more often in books, because it seems like everyone is always writing the same old things (over and over again), but you have such a beautiful imagination and I hope you keep it forever, because everything you write is absolutely perfect! ❤ ^_^ Also, it makes me excited about reading, and even writing, which is so cool, like I don't even know how you do that, haha. XD

    Anyway, to make a super long story short, I love you and your writing to pieces and you're the best!! ^____^ Keep writing and let me know ASAP whenever you have more excerpts or finish this book because I literally HAVE to read it, and I want to know every detail. ❤

    Liked by 1 person


      I'm so THRILLED that you like Teague and enjoyed this post! 🙂 And awk, that's so awesome you had to tell your mom all about it — I'm so honored! ^_^

      What you said about Teague seeming real and hearing his voice too is like THE highest compliment of ever, so thank you soooo much! And you think I'm original too? AUGH JILLZY WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY FEELS I'M SO HAPPY. ^_^ This comment totally made my day/week/month!!!!! ❤ I keep reading it over and over again. XD Thank you so so so so so SO much, you sweet thing! I will totally have to send you some more excerpts or something! 🙂

      *huggle-squish* YOU DA BEST. Thanks ever so much for your loverly comment, darling! ^___^ You encourage me so very much! ❤


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