Writing Update (ALL THE STORIES!)


It’s been awhile since I’ve had a real writing update post… I do talk about what’s up with my writing each month in my ishness posts, but that’s not the focus, and I don’t talk about my various stories specifically very often either…

So, since I’m currently rather stuck on my writing, I thought why not do a post about my different stories* and what’s up with them (or not) at the moment?

Pretend we’re sitting at a coffee-shop somewhere, you and I, just chatting, and you asked what’s up with my writing. This post is probably pretty much what I’d say. (Except in person it would be less precise and LOADS longer and have a lot of “ums” and side-tracks and hysterical laughter. But… this post is kinda guilty of all of that too so whatever.)

Here’s a look at the stories I consider my “current” ones, which is a nice round 10. Because obviously that’s only a few out of my oodles. *cough*

*I know most of you probably know all about these, but just for a refresher and/or for newer readers I AM going to recap a little about what they’re about too…


The Other Half of Everything

What: Part contemporary YA, part world-hopping/”portal” fantasy adventure, with a lot of humor, some brokenness, and a focus on a small group of odd characters, told in first person by a rather unreliable narrator. Also known as TEAGUE AND MERIDIAN ARGUE AND ARE CUTE TOGETHER.

Status: 1,300 words into Chapter 1… with 8,000 words of snippets for later.

I’ve never written a book like this before. Every. single. thing. about it is new. So I don’t know how to go about it. I’m currently flailing around trying to make it work and writing snippets.

I can’t decide if to try to force it to 1) go in order (which would require figuring out the scene in chapter 1 that I’m stuck on), or 2) to write it in snippets, out of order, throughout the book in a semi-organized manner (which would require having an actual plot/outline, which . . . AHAHAHA let me just laugh over here and then go drown in chocolate) or 3) write random snippets whenever I happen to come up with/feel like them (and hope that they actually turn into a coherent book eventually at some point in my life). Option #3 is what I’m doing right now and… erm… my logical side is going “Yeah, let me know how that works out for ya.”

But it’s very tricky for reasons including that the story’s told in first-person, the multiple-locations thing makes it difficult for there to be a “central plot”, and I’m discovering that it’s more about the characters and their relationships, so maybe that’s okay? I’m just not sure what “progress” on this looks like, because it may not look the way progress looks on normal books of mine, which I’m having a hard time dealing with. Having some sort of plot and writing a story from beginning to end (and thereby able to measure how far along I am) is what normally happens. But The Other Half of Everything appears to be anything but normal. …I shouldn’t be surprised, should I. Eheh.


The Secret of Kedran’s Wood (KW2)

What: Modern fantasy novel, book 2 in my “Tare” Kedran’s Wood series, about the shenanigans of the local Chess Club of Kedran’s Wood going up against mysteries, otherworldly problems, and of course Tare. (Note: I’m also usually thinking about the 6 other stories in this series that I haven’t written…)

Status: 63,000 words in, finished part 1 of 3 (yes, it’s going to be huge; shush), with another 5,000-ish words of snippets for later. Just started part 2.

I’m having a very hard time with the chapter I’m trying to write because DETAILS and TECHNICALITY. How do you make a hero meet a villain for the first time and both get away from it without a) one or both of them dead, or b) one or both of them looking WEAK. *grinds face against concrete wall in frustration* Also what do you do when a scene HAS to happen because you know it does, but you don’t remember what the characters’ reasons for said scene are anymore? Oh yeah, and technical details of trying to figure out how people actually do-or-do-not see other people when there’s chases involving alleys and rooftops and… ugh. My brain is sad. No wonder I’ve been stuck here for so long. O_O

After that, though, it should be pretty smooth sailing until a good ways into Part 2, so there may be hope! (But don’t ask about Part 3. Absolutely under no circumstances WHATSOEVER may Part 3 be mentioned. It is a vast uncharted landscape where all the “big plot things” have seen fit to lurk in lairs, laughing quietly to themselves because I don’t know how things fit together or what happens, and are WAITING TO DEVOUR ME. I tell you, it’s scary over there. WE DO NOT MENTION PART 3.)


The Invisible Mask

What: I CAN’T EXPLAIN THIS ONE. Mysterious kind of Pride & Prejudice-like but with action and mostly about the guys, sort of thing… except it’s not P&P-like at all but it’s that kind of time-period, ish, maybe-but-not, except in another world, even though it’s not technically a “fantasy world” because there’s nothing fantastical about it… Anyways it has Richard Armitage playing one of the heroes so that’s about all you need to know. πŸ˜‰

Status: Nearly 20,000 words in (should hit 20 when I fill in the scene missing in the chapter I’m currently in). I hadn’t written on this one in AGES but have a little recently.

Where I’m at with this one is that I still only have very vague notions of plot further on in the story, but enough that I’m now not sure about what I’ve already written. I knew hardly anything when it started out, so I’m not sure the beginning is “right” anymore. Also I have a technical problem with the next scene I need to write, involving hiding places and assassins/spies and not knowing what the badguys’ motives are or what POVs to use. So I’m rather stuck and not sure if I should keep what I have written and press on, or restart (which I don’t want to do).



What: Fantasy novel, “original fairytale” type of deal, about a princess who goes on a quest to find the heart of the prince she’s betrothed to, and her adventures along the way with a certain knight who she starts falling in love with kinda-sorta-maybe. Also an awesome shapeshifting bard because #whynot. Started for NaNoWriMo 2014.

Status: 53,000 words into a very messy draft. Currently kind of on hold.

This one’s problematic because, again, I’m not sure about what I’ve written, mostly because I’ve realized I need to go back and add the POV of the knight as well as the princess. Plus other holes and general lack of editing, due to NaNo… All of which makes me squeamish to continue, because I’m like I NEED TO FIX ALL THE PROBLEMMMMS AND MAKE IT SHINY OTHERWISE I CANNOT GO ON *falls dramatically across couch* . . . but I really need to finish it before I can tackle all that, probably. At least I have the rest of it fairly well plotted, but still have some things to sort out, and my characters have been stuck at this one place SO LONG that I feel like they’ll never get out of it…


Song of a Pirate

What: Novella. Set in a fantasy world with ships and gypsies and selkies and lost memories, through forest, desert, mountain, jungle, islands, and on the high seas. Also *gasp* magical song and pirates. (Bet you never saw that coming.)

Status: 22,000 words in. Hoping it will remain a novella… Also on hold.

I recently figured out a very important thing for the plot later on, so that’s exciting… Mostly it’s suffering from the same problem as The Invisible Mask, which is that there’s so much going on LATER in the story that I feel like I may need to go back and rewrite or at least add stuff in the part I’ve already written… But I don’t want to and don’t know how. I also have a curious love/hate relationship with this novella; one moment I adore it to the depths of my soul, the next moment… the other thing.

I’m excited about what’s going to happen but don’t know how to write it. I feel like the characters are being dreadfully mysterious and not having enough about themselves up-front to be interesting. I also know vague things about the ending, but again, it’s going to be hard and is still rather vague. Then again, it’s only a novella. So perhaps I could just sit down and finish it without too much trouble… Which would be cool. πŸ™‚


Hairdo Havoc

What: Humorous short story. Basically a conglomeration of whimsical silliness.

Status: 1,200 words. Waiting/on hold.

Basically I have to be in the right dry humorous mood to write this. Plus the story is very vague… I could write the rest of the next scene but I’m afraid of hitting a dead-end if I do that. Then again, a certain character who showed up has definitely made it more interesting for me, so that’s exciting, and it’s only a short story… All the other short stories I’ve written (aside from Darkling Reflections, which was rather long) I wrote in a single day, so… πŸ˜‰ I’d really like to finish this one, but I’d have to be feeling clever and funny. Guess how often that happens… πŸ˜›


The Silver Forest

What: Fantasy novel retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. With faes. And an evil dragon. And different colored ballgowns. And a prince, soldier, gardener, and dark half-fae fellow. Also a nefarious curse. And long-lost missing people. Not to mention twelve princesses — WHO KNEW, RIGHT? (You said that in Flynn Rider’s voice in your head, didn’t you? I knew it.)

Status: Scrapped the 26,000 words I wrote for NaNo 2015, so I’m back to square one on this one, re-imagining it in a new way. So for now, Unstarted.

I’m super excited for the new things that happened with this (resulting in my Mid-NaNo-Crisis last year), but I’m not sure if I’m totally ready to take it and run with it. Starting this thing again sounds slightly daunting and I want to get it right this time. It’s also very complicated with all the numerous characters and threads and frankly my head hurts just thinking about it, even though I AM excited about it. I think I’ll have to plot it out a bit more and decide to commit to it sometime… BUT I’M REALLY EXCITED TOO BECAUSE EEEEE THIS STORY. πŸ˜€


The Siren and the Skyship

What: Novel. Steampunk Fantasy retelling of The Little Mermaid (though mostly that plot keeps falling into the background since a certain dark character keeps trying to steal the show for himself. *cough*). Basically my excuse to do all the steampunk things and have a strange cast of characters and SKYSHIPSSSS.

Status: Unstarted. Simmering on the backburner.

This is basically a vague retelling which got hijacked by ten gadrillion (okay, okay… like a dozen) fascinating and diverse characters who are going to be so much fun to write… and also an unfortunate lack of linking plot. Though half of me wants to go IT’S A STEAMPUNK STORY. WITH CHARACTERS. AND A DARK GUY. AND A LOOSE FAIRYTALE RETELLING ON THE SIDE WHICH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CENTRAL BUT WHATEVER. LET’S ROLL WITH IT WHO NEEDS PLOT. (But self-control…) (But apparently I really want to write Steampunk fantasy with nutty characters and humor and skyships and don’t really care if there’s a plot? I dunno, guys, I think I’m slipping… Tell me I can’t write it yet. Gaahh.)


The Library in the Stars

What: Novel, maybe? Fantasy story in space with a dash of time travel and… lots of other weird stuff, combining several previous story ideas of mine. Also many books. Because libraries. Especially magical ones in space.

Status: Unstarted. Also simmering, sorting ideas out.

Oh, goodness, this thing. This sort of happened when about five of my different story ideas decided they have the same “feel” and belong in the same story despite being TOTALLY different, and despite the fact that I still don’t know exactly how they link together… I just think they do and need to discover how… (It’s also distressing when you take a fanfiction idea and tweak it enough to be its own thing, and yet there’s still a part of it that works so much better as fanfiction even though you don’t want it to. Ack. Having a time-traveling machine is just NOT the same as having a TARDIS. It just isn’t, guys. I’ll make it work somehow, but argh.) Basically I’m nowhere near being able to write this thing, but it’s currently one of my favorites all the same and I enjoy working little bits of it together from time to time. (Time to time… Did I mention this one was timey-wimey? *laughs at own joke* …Sorry, I’m writing this late at night. >.>)


The Princes of Starrellia

What: Fantasy Series. Okay, so sliiiightly cheating on this one, since it’s not a single book, but rather my original epic fantasy series. You may have heard me mentioning the “Starrellian Saga” around here, with titles like “Grey Betrayal”, “Out of the Unknown”, and “Quest for a Legend”… I’m kind of reconstructing the whole thing. Maybe I’ll do a post about it someday. Anyways, at the moment the series is called “The Princes of Starrellia” and has a new book structure and everything.

Status: Being reconstructed. Also mostly a backburner project.

This isn’t very active, but it’s something I mull over here and there. I was having serious problems with the series as a whole for awhile there, and I think I’ve been away from it long enough that I can see it more clearly, and identify the parts I really love and want to expand on instead of just the parts that are “there” for no reason. I’m really excited about reimagining this series because it’s my original and closest to my heart, but I was really young when I started it and I want to give it a chance to shine as it deserves, which means looking at it with a fresh mind. I’m excited about the new structure (if it works) and new titles and just an all-around fresh take, while still being its same old beloved fantasy series. It’s going to be fabulous. And a whole, whole, whole lot of work… (But hey, no one ever said writing a 6-or-7-book fantasy series wasn’t. ;))


And there we are. Done, I promise. This was fun! πŸ™‚ For me, anyway.

And also may give you a bit of an idea as to why I’m stuck on all of the stories at the top of my Write-List, either due to not knowing if I should rewrite stuff, or stuck on the current bit, or haziness or general trouble in the plot-at-later-points areas. Past, present, future… it’s all problematic, I tell you. I have some serious writer’s block to get through, guys… *readies pickax*

If anyone has tips on said writer’s block and/or the breaking thereof, believe me, I’m all ears… πŸ˜€

But anyway, there’s a bit about where I am in my “main” stories at the moment.

…I’ll just try not to think of the other ones down there below the surface, waiting to re-emerge and demand attention… *balances precariously on raft of words with my ten stories bobbing about me, and shadowy shapes in the depths below…*

(If you made it through this whole post, you deserve a cookie. *hands them out*)

34 thoughts on “Writing Update (ALL THE STORIES!)

    I seriously need to read all of these stories, like now. I NEED. (but no pressure, seriously)
    The Other Half of Everything sounds amazing from the snippets I’ve read, so yes. TEAGUE AND MERIDIAN.
    I need more Tare in my life because he’s great and hilarious and stuff. So there’s that.
    The Invisible Mask intrigues me…I would probably just read it because Richard Armitage is in it, so yeah…
    Heartseeker sounds *super* cool, because forbidden love? Yes. Shape shifting bard? YES.
    All the novellas look really good too. πŸ™‚ It’s always nice to just sit down and write a story from beginning to end in one sitting (okay, maybe two). πŸ™‚
    The Silver Forest sounds epic, I mean, who doesn’t love a TDP retelling? ❀
    All the simmering ideas sound wonderful too! Gah, I need all your unwritten books!! πŸ˜€

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    • THANK YOU SO MUCH MADELINE! ^_^ Eeek, I don’t even know what to say to your lovely comment other than thanks and that it made my day. πŸ˜€
      Teague and Tare and Richard Armitage are great. XD
      Yes, I love writing short things occasionally because they get DONE. …I haven’t finished anything long in years. >.>
      Aaahh, thank you! I’m so glad they sound interesting to you! ^_^

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  2. How do you come up with such amazing-sounding stories? Basically every single one of them, I want to read sooooo much- they sound like the book versions of hot chocolate and tea and cake and scones and a mysterious box of chocolates. If that makes sense.
    On the overcoming-writer’s-block thing: My usual thing is to either break the fourth wall or have something totally unexpected happen. If neither of those is an option, freewriting sometimes helps as well.
    Also, if you need someone to rant at/get a second opinion from/bounce thoughts off of/whatever, I’d be happy to serve. πŸ˜€ (I might not be a very fast email responder. But I’ll try!)

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    • *flails* SARAH, YOUR COMMENT!!! I want to hug it for eternity. Your description of them as “book versions of hot chocolate and tea and cake and scones and a mysterious box of chocolates” MADE MY DAY. ACK. It makes me so happy. ^_^

      Thank you for your suggestions! Hmm… what exactly do you mean by breaking the fourth wall in this case? Totally unexpected is a good idea… And I assume by freewriting you mean just sort of writing what’s going on without worrying about it being perfect, or something like that? Or just scribbling plot stuff and what you’re thinking about it?

      D’aww, thanks!! ^_^ And heehee, I’m a very slow email responder myself, so. πŸ˜‰

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      • Awww. Thank you, and you’re welcome.
        Usually? It means I have a conversation with my characters. But it varies. Occasionally it just means that I insert snarky author comments about how my characters are annoying me. Or the characters reference the fact that they’re in a story. Or something like that. And by freewriting I mean a combination of those two things, but more the latter than the former.
        You’re welcome. πŸ™‚

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  3. *accepts cookies and gobbles them up* πŸ˜‰

    THIS IS FABULOUS. I /love/ all your story ideas; they all sound so completely original and intriguing. ^.^

    THE OTHER HALF OF EVERYTHINGGGG! ❀ ❀ ❀ I'm hopelessly in love even though I really don't know much about it. πŸ˜€

    And hey, I totally understand the "I'm stuck right now" thing. I'm stuck on plotting my July NaNo project — very stuck. -.- Basically all I have to do is figure out this one major plot aspect, and then everything will unfold from there. *bangs head against the wall* I'm spent. You and I can be stuck together. πŸ˜› Though I'm hoping that we'll both get unstuck very soon. πŸ™‚

    In short, THESE ARE ALL FABULOUS, and I can't wait to see what you do with them. πŸ˜€ (and your Pinterest boards are the yummiest of ever, so there's that. :P)

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    • *bows* I hope you like the cookies. πŸ˜‰

      AAHH THANK YOU EMILY!! ^_^ I’m so glad you ‘re intrigued by them!

      The Other Half of Everything is my darling child right now, so knowing you like it even not knowing much about it makes me very very happy. πŸ™‚

      Oh dear, I’m sorry you’re stuck on your Camp NaNo project! D: I hope you will get unstuck soon and get it plotted! Maybe taking a break and letting your subconscious work on it might help? What are you writing for July NaNo? πŸ™‚ (And/or what is your username there if you have a summary I could read? XD I’m not doing it this time but I do like knowing who IS so I can cheer ’em on. :)) YES HOPEFULLY WE WILL GET UNSTUCK. In the meantime we can be stuck buddies. *nods*

      Thank you so much! And haha, I’m glad you enjoy my Pinterest boards. XD That’s good to hear. πŸ˜‰


  4. *Accepts said cookie* “Ooh, these are delicious!”

    All of these stories sound AMAZING!!!! I want to read them someday!!!!! I can’t wait to see what happens with them! Especially anything with Tare in it… and Other Half of Everything… but 12 Dancing Princesses, and OH! Skyships! And, Princes of Starellia! And Time Travel!!!!! *melts into a puddle of excitement and cannot decide which one I want you to start writing first…. now I understand your dilemma*

    Writer’s Block is a tough slab of marble to crack… I tend to chisel away at it by listening to Christmas Music. I don’t know why it works… but it does.

    I have no idea how you keep so many projects juggling together. I have to focus on one story at a time or I go stark raving insane. And nothing gets done… which drives me even insaner. I know insaner isn’t a word… but that’s how seriously I cannot write more than one project at a time. I am in awe of your ability to do that.

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    • I’m glad you liked the cookie. XD (I’m assuming Meridian made it because I fail at such things. :P)

      Eeeeeek, thank you so much, Jenelle!!! ^_^ That makes me so happy to hear! πŸ˜€ And heheheh, yes, it definitely is a dilemma… which I’m glad you now understand. XD

      Well, if Christmas music works for you… πŸ˜‰ (You know, you and my sis should get together sometime — she loves Christmas music too. XD)

      Well, the answer is that I DON’T keep this many projects juggling. πŸ˜› There’s a reason I haven’t finished any of these. πŸ˜‰ I can usually only make a lot of progress on a book if I’m focusing on one, or maybe two, at a time. Which, again, is why I’m not making much progress because I don’t have central focus right now. You are very wise to write one project at a time and I should totally learn from it! Insaner is totally a word, so there! πŸ˜› And it probably describes me too. XD

      Thanks for your comment! *happiness*


  5. EEEEEE!!! This was so FUN seeing all your stories laid out like this!


    Those super story heavy scenes like you're about to write in KW2 are soooo hard sometimes! And I TOTALLY get you about forgetting a character's reasoning for a certain scene that you know HAS to happen. I remember with Fallen Matter I did that. I had a very specific reason for one of the character's getting mad at another, which would carry the story along to something else. But when it was time to write said scene I…totally forget WHY said character was mad. *FACEPALM* Do you know to this day I'm still trying to remember and can't? This is why I need to write things down!!! Anyways, I understand all your struggles with the next bit of KW2. Writing is HARD. D:

    "Anyways it has Richard Armitage playing one of the heroes so that’s about all you need to know." Bwahahaha! LOVE IT. But ALSO IM is just epic and has such a unique feel and all the mystery and just slkdfjlsjdfs. I LOVE THAT STORY.

    Oooh, Hairdo Havoc! I haven't heard about that one in sooo long! And have I seen this cover for it? BECAUSE IT'S SO CUTE AND FUN AND PERFECT FOR THAT ADORABLY HILARIOUS STORY.

    The problem with this post is it makes me want to read ALLLLL the stories like NOW. Or yesterday! ALL THE YUMMINESS. I'm tryyyying to not encourage you to go ahead and start The Siren and the Sky Ship and The Library in the Stars because I know you have so many other projects but but but COOL STEAMPUNK LITTLE MERMAID THINGS AND TIME TRAVEL AND LIBRARY AND AAAAAGH. YOU CREATE THE COOLEST PLOTS OF EVER.

    I WANTS ALL OF THEMMMM. *gobbles up all the delicious Celti stories*

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      Heehee, I couldn’t resist on that one. XD They don’t ALWAYS argue, but still…

      Okay, so that is so funny about your Fallen Matter scene. XD I’m glad I’m not alone, but still, it’s awful. πŸ˜›

      *happy squeaking over your IM words* (But Richard Arimitage! ;))

      Yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve worked on Hairdo Havoc… I THINK you’ve seen the cover before? But I’m not sure. I need to just finish it someday when I’m in a silly mood. XD

      I’M SORRY! BUT ALSO NOT SORRY. BUT… I DON’T KNOWWW. πŸ˜› I will totally write them someday (and I’m SO glad you want to read them all!!!) but gaaahh don’t encourage me. O_O *flails around and tries not to write the things I shouldn’t write yet* THANK YOU SO MUCH I’M GLAD YOU LIKE MY PLOTS THAT MAKES ME HAPPY. ^_^



  6. Love getting to read about all your wonderful stories! TEAGUE AND MERIDIAN ARGUE AND ARE CUTE TOGETHER is my favorite thing in the world right now, so …
    All of these sound fabulous, like I want to live in them. I wish I had some tips about how to get unstuck, but I am stuck too. At least we are stuck together, *hugs*

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    • Thank you, Skye!! *flails around in happiness because you like Teague + Meridian things*
      Wow, living in them would be… a bit much, I think. o.o But thanks! πŸ˜€
      I hope you’ll get unstuck toooo! *stuck buddies YAY XD*


  7. Wow so many stories! Best wishes writing them! I usually either shove through writers block or take a brief break. I hope that helps.


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  8. I LOVE THIS POST!! Good grief, you have a lot of story-ness going on right now, don’t you? They all sound so GOOD! Which one are you focusing most of your time on at the moment? I love it when you post about your stories because then I get to devour all the words about the words *nods*. (also, if you ever need a beta reader for a story … *enthusiastically points at self*)

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    • Very good question indeed! (This answer may get long. XD)

      Well, there are almost-sequels to Howl’s Moving Castle (they’re really just companion novels set in the same world, about other characters, but some characters from HMC show up briefly…) so if you’d like more of that, I recommend those! They “feel” very different, but I still enjoy them. πŸ™‚ So that’s Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways.

      If you want to start another series, the Chrestomanci books (6 + a book of short stories) are really good (also very different from each other and mostly about different characters, but with some links). So for that you’d want to start with Charmed Life. I really liked that one, though my favorites in the series are later on, Conrad’s Fate and the final book, The Pinhoe Egg. You CAN kind of read these in any order though, but I do suggest reading Charmed Life first and The Pinhoe Egg last.

      Archer’s Goon is a standalone and I REALLY liked that one! πŸ™‚

      Hmmm… Some of my other favorites are a little more… weird, and I’m not sure most people would like them, but I really did, so… *shrug* They include Fire and Hemlock, Deep Secret (this one’s more adult, though; the only of her books I’ve read so far that I would call “adult”; so you might want to skip it), and Dark Lord of Derkholm.

      I also really loved the medieval fantasy series The Dalemark Quartet (4 books), which, again, they’re slightly disconnected books about different characters, BUT then the fourth/final book wraps up everything and it’s BRILLIANT and one of my absolute favorites. πŸ™‚

      I guess it mostly depends what SORT of book you’re looking for, since some of her stuff is in fantasy worlds and some is more like modern fantasy… and then there’s more or less funny ones and bigger and shorter and more for children or more grown up. But all of her books are so DIFFERENT and it’s also hard for me to know what would be too “weird” for some readers. XD I like everything I’ve read by her but you’ve sort of got to have a broad mind…

      Sooo… no idea if this helps or not — I HOPE it does — and if you’d like a more specific answer or have a question or anything, do let me know! ^_^

      Bottom line: Probably try Castle in the Air (kind of Arabian-Nights-ish, with small links to HMC later in the story), House of Many Ways (it has a slightly more similar to HMC feel, and a little more of Howl and Sophie a few years later, so that’s a plus), Charmed Life (kind of like historical fantasy…? There’s cars/phones but it’s mostly at a castle and is very magical, and you’d get to meet Chrestomanci, who’s my favorite Diana Wynne Jones character after Howl), or Archer’s Goon (which is kind of a mash of genres, set in modern times with a whole bunch of fantasy and mind-bending plot twists, not to mention hilarious) to start with. πŸ™‚

      There. Four books is what I’ve got it down to for now, depending what you feel like. XD

      …Or you could just do what I do which is see what’s at the library and read those. πŸ˜›

      Anyways, I hope you’ll enjoy reading more DWJ! Let me know if you have more questions. ^_^ I’m always happy to ramble about this author’s books! πŸ˜‰


      • ACK a big beautiful comment all about DWJ books! *promptly devours and is very happy*

        Ooo, thank you for all the recommendations! Those will definitely keep me busy for some time. *scrambles to the library site to request books* *decides on House Of Many Ways and Charmed Life for now*

        I’m always SO happy when I find a new author whose books I love, and then I found out that they wrote a gazillion books! I’m SO buying Howl’s Moving Castle when my birthday comes around. I rarely buy books, so when I do it’s basically like I’m giving it my highest honor :D.

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        • Yay, you’re very welcome! πŸ˜€ House of Many Ways and Charmed Life are good choices. *nods in approval* I hope you will like them! πŸ˜€

          YESSS, it’s the best finding new authors! ^_^ And I agree, that is a huge honor. πŸ˜€ I’m much the same. πŸ™‚


  9. AHHHH THIS WAS SO VERY AWESOME. *shrieks* I was waiting so much for the 12 Dancing Princesses one to show up and I’M GLAD IT WAS THERE. ❀ I'm so excited for that one! I'm sad that you have so much stuckiness for all of them…I shall send you inspiring cake and ice cream and that'll fix it, right?! RIGHT. *saddles up dragons to deliver the deliciousness*

    And I actually really admire you for having so many projects on the go! I can only write on book at a time. 0_0

    And omg you also have SO MUCH VARIETY HERE THAT IS SO GREAT I LOVE IT! And a 7-book fantasy series?! *hi fives* I have one of those.πŸ˜‚ I started mine when I was 15 and wrote it for like 3 years or something and got COMPLETELY STUCK at the end. Because my style/writing had grown and matured so much that I knew I needed to rewrite the beginning books before the end. and then I decided to take a break and write some other genres first…um, so 13 books later I still haven't gone back to it. I WILL THO. Because it's kind of like my baby darling. ❀ Anyway. I totally understand how much work big series are!! I SHALL CHEER YOU ON THOUGH.

    Liked by 1 person

    • THANK YOU AAAH. I’m also glad you like the 12 Dancing Princesses one. This makes me enormously happy! Also thanks for the cake and icecream because that always helps, as do dragons. πŸ˜‰

      Eh, I admire people like you who only work on one at a time because it’s much more efficient and smarter. πŸ˜› Thank you though!

      HURRAY FOR FANTASY SERIES! Yep, totally know that feeling… I hope you go back to yours someday!



  10. ~chomps on cookie~ I loved this post! Also, “Except in person it would be less precise and LOADS longer and have a lot of β€œums” and side-tracks and hysterical laughter. But… this post is kinda guilty of all of that too so whatever.” properly made me snort with laughter XD

    Your ideas do all sound really great (though it makes my head hurt to imagine having so many WIPs! I have a bunch of ideas, some of which have a lot of snippets, but I only have one Actual Novel I’m Writing. I couldn’t bear to write more than one at once!). For me, Heartseeker and Song of the Pirate (HELLO SELKIES?!!) are the most exciting / attention-grabbing. I hope they all go really really well! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thank you!! ^_^ And yeah, I usually only have a couple I’m ACTIVELY working on… but these are all vying for my attention right now which is part of the problem. πŸ˜› You are very wise to have only one Actual Novel You’re Writing. Selkies, yesss! πŸ˜€ Heartseeker and Song of a Pirate are some of the ones closer to being finished. It makes me happy to know they intrigue you! Thanks very much and for stopping by! πŸ™‚


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