In the Merry Month of May… {2016} Ishness


May 2016

Time for another Ishness! Once question though: How, exactly, is it June already? I have absolutely no CLUE what on earth has happened to this year… Isn’t it still February? WHAT EVEN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME. Ahem. Anyhoo, here’s what’s up with me as of this last month.


For much of the month I was dreadfully sick with a nasty flu and had a lot of dead internet (whaddayaknow, it’s STILL dead! *surprise* We had 8 straight days with internet in the midst of May which was glorious and then BOOM gone again…), so that was all very exciting and made for me falling behind on a lot of things… But other than that I had a pretty great month because writing and movies and books happened… so on to that! 🙂


KW2coverPI wrote 2000+ words in May, mostly snippets for The Other Half of Everything and some for The Secret of Kedran’s Wood. I also finally started the next chapter of KW2, which I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. I think Tare finally woke up from his exhaustion that I put him into around NaNo, and at last has gotten jealous of Teague; consequently Tare has been talking to me again. This is very good news. 😀

A bit slow on writing still, mostly just snippets all over the place, but I’m just glad to have a bit of writing instead of nothing. (I know, I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, writing 2k three months in a row mostly on snippets…)


(pics used to make this “cover” were all found on pinterest & I don’t own them etc. and it’s just for fun)

I also analyzed why I’m stuck on literally every single one of my WIPs. Which is bad in one sense because I’m stuck, but good in another sense because at least now I know WHY. Don’t know where to go from here but it looks like I may only be writing disconnected snippets for awhile until I get all my plots figured out and decide if I need to rewrite some stuff.

I’m also starting to worry that I may be able to write Other Half of Everything snippets till the cows come home but seem to be having a distressingly difficult time writing actual writing in chapter one. So snippets = easy. Actual book = I can’t. This is very bad. I may have to write the whole book out of order and sew it together, I dunno… >.> We’ll see. But I love Teague and Meridian and Lulin and Ivan and am having fun so that’s good.

That’s what’s up with me on the writing front! 🙂 I will give you snippets because I’m nice like that. XD








Le posts of mine from the last month:

Book blog posts:


I had another slow reading month… but the things that I DID read were 100000% awesome, so. 😀


Aaaall the whimsical fantasy books with purple/blue/pink covers. ❤ *huggles them*

For mini-review-ish things/flailing on all of these, you can hop over to my May Reading Roundup post on my book blog. 🙂 (Warning: Much fangirling. May blast your eyeballs out with its amount/intensity. *cough*)

Oh, and I’ve also been beta-reading some AWESOME stories by lovely writer friends. Including The Dead Boy and the Paper Cut by Cait which… Yeah. Wow. The snaaaark. ❤ Just… take my heart, Cait. Just take it. *melts in puddle of feels*


I saw The Avengers 2.5 Captain America: Civil War. Twice. (I obviously want to watch it another million times but twice will have to do for now.) ALLOW ME TO MAKE SOME NOISE ON THIS COUNT THANK YOU. I mean, obviously I’m not happy with some of the goings on a.k.a. pretty much the ENTIRE PLOT because I don’t want my precious people to be fighting, and it kind of just ENDED without any proper conclusion. BUUUUT interestingly all of this had absolutely no effect on my enjoyment of the movie because honestly I’m just there for the characters so if they’re on the screen… yep, I’m pretty happy. I mean, sure, there’s stuff I didn’t like; I could complain about that all day; but I’m not going to because honestly where does it get us? Nowhere. Basically I irrationally really enjoyed it BECAUSE BUCKY AND HAWKEYE AND CAPTAIN AMERICA AND EVERYONE so I kinda loved it for absolutely no reason and want to see it again. (And Bucky. Buckyyyyyy. *shrieking* Andandand Hawkeye yessss.)

Basically this is me:

HAPPY BUCKY. HAPPY ME. (pinterest)

Also Beauty and the Beast teaser trailer! EEEP! *flails* I NEED IT TO BE MARCH 17TH RIGHT NOW PLZ. ❤

Internet: there’s a B&B teaser trailer.

Me: *proceeds to watch it 2093750938409 times*

Me: *posts it on blog so that I can have excuse to watch it again and because if you haven’t seen it yet you need to ASAP*

And I’m still watching that western show, The Deputy AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH AAAHH. ❤ I love “buddy” stories and these buddies are fabulous. XD You will probably not hear the end of this anytime soon because there are like 70 episodes and I haven’t run out yet… 😀

June Plans

My June plans consist basically of: read the things, write the things, and stop stressing about it; also try to survive life. That’s a good idea…

Oh! And very exciting things happening beginning later this month on this blog and throughout the blogosphere… I will give you a hint: it involves that “Fantasy Oscars” kind of thing I may have mentioned before. So watch out for that because we’re going to need YOU to be involved! 🙂

Also, many apologies to everyone if I’m kinda absent/behind on all the internet things. I hope to have internet again sometime but I really don’t know. If I’m late on replying to comments or something, IT’S NOT BECAUSE I DON’T LOVE YOU CAUSE I DO. ❤

So that’s my May. How was yours? Tell me all! 🙂