“mine is an evil laugh” a.k.a. favorite villains


Today we have a post about villainy. MWAHAHA! *maniacal cackle*

Once upon a time, Victoria tagged me (thank you!) for “Sunshine and Villainy” two unrelated (at the time) tags… one of which was Top 10 Villains.

I don’t know if I have ten but here at least are half a dozen villains who I love to hate or hate to love or… ya know, something like that. Either the scariest, or the ones I go “IT’S COMPLICATED” (a.k.a. I kind of wish they weren’t villains…). Because abject terror or mangled confused feels are both high compliments for villains.

I don’t think a lot about villains, preferring to focus on the heroes, but these are a few who’ve made me think about them. Which means they must be pretty impressive in their villainy.

Warning: There may be spoilers for those who have not read Entwined, Orphan’s Song, and Plenilune.

(Source) Quote in title is from Firefly, of course.

In no particular order, villains from page and screen . . .


Keeper (from Entwined by Heather Dixon)

Woo, boy, this character. O_O I’m the first to admit that for the first half+ of the book, I wanted him to be good. I liked this guy, and that in itself is kind of scary… Keeper is just utterly suave and smooth and dark and shadowy and mysterious and elegant. He would have made an amazing anti-hero, which meant I was rather surprised/sad when he suddenly turned all-out-villain. Of course then he was completely terrifying. I still have complicated feelings about this and am kinda torn, because yes he’s creepy, but he was also kind of awesome and had great potential to be a different kind of character… It’s probably the reason that though I loved this book a ton I haven’t re-read it yet. I’m not sure I want to revisit that right now. But the fact remains that he’s definitely a villain I’ve thought a lot about and is so well written.

Carhartan (from Orphan’s Song by Gillian Bronte Adams)

Carhartan’s a bit of a mystery, but he’s a pretty scary fellow. The problem was, I started feeling like he had a shred of decency back there behind his darkness, and eventually the big reveal comes out that he used to be friends with certain good people and turned traitor. OW. The pain in my poor reader heart! Think Bucky-and-Captain-America levels of pain except worse because this Bucky is actually bad and not redeemed. Yeesh. So this was simultaneously a character that I loathed and yet felt for, a little. That takes some incredible writing skills, I tell ya. My emotions were a tangle for this book… I think I may be the only person who feels this way, but all you have to do to turn me into a wreck of emotions is say “Carhartan”. (Whoops, shouldn’t have told you that.)

Orphan's Song--Front Cover 02

(so I obviously don’t have a picture for Rupert buuut Richard Armitage can fill in for him because he’s cool like that.)

Rupert de la Mare (from Plenilune by Jennifer Freitag)

So I wanted to like Rupert. I wanted him to be a Beauty-and-the-Beast type person, but the longer I read the book, the less possible that was. He’s the kind of cold villain that literally freezes your blood. But he’s just fascinating to read about! All the scenes he’s in, they’re just freezingly fascinating. I’ve hardly ever met as well-written a villain as this guy. His personality is incredibly overpowering and I just really liked reading about him even though he was terrifying. But I really didn’t WANT him to be a villain! I wanted to love him but eventually I couldn’t… So I think I’d have been quite disappointed in the book if it wasn’t for a certain character whose name starts with D and ends with ammerung because that way I could pour all my love of a character into him and not be too disappointed that Rupert was bad. Not to mention that Dammerung and Rupert as facing off characters are magnificent together. Eeek. Rupert’s just WOW in his villainy. I’m super impressed. Definitely a favorite on-page villain.

Plenilune Cover Single


Darth Maul (from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace)

Definitely the scariest Star Wars villain, and one of the scariest on-screen villain in the history of ever, in my opinion. I’ve been terrified of Darth Maul about as long as I can remember. His double lightsaber, always scowling, scary black and red alien with horns, his black cloak… Everything about him is creepy. Plus, as Victoria said, the lightsaber duel in The Phantom Menace has to be the best sword fight ever, so you’ve gotta give him credit for that… I don’t know, he’s just a villain you love to hate, and I know a lot of people aren’t a fan of Episode I but it’s a favorite of mine simply for the lightsaber duel. Here’s a villain done right. *shivers*


Colonel Tavington (from The Patriot)

(THAT HAT THOUGH. O_O) This guy takes the cake for terrifying. …He would also literally take your cake. This guy is BAD. He goes around killing people without remorse and being perfectly level-headed and cool about it. He just gives me the shivers. The things he does are downright awful. Plus that British accent takes him to a whole new level of villain. Even his VOICE is creepy. He’s utterly ruthless and that makes him terrifying. Also, he’s scary with his hair both pulled back and out. Eeek. This guy’s always been my standard for villains. Nothing redeeming about him, just coldhearted ruthless villainy.



Loki (from The Avengers)

Ah, Loki… Note that I’m referring to his role in The Avengers and leaving whatever his roles in the Thor movies might be out of it. (Because he’s more of an anti-hero in Thor 2…) In The Avengers he’s definitely a villain, but one that might be what is termed a sympathetic villain… He’s got his own bad agendas but he’s also being used and has his own fear and pain and that makes me feel for him (while at the same time, not being a fan of his villainous actions). He’s also got great lines and is hilarious and fabulous AND he’s literally always smiling. Now tell me that’s not really cool and creepy. XD


How about you? Have you read/seen any of these villains? Do any make your top ten villain list? And who are your favorite nefarious types?

36 thoughts on ““mine is an evil laugh” a.k.a. favorite villains

  1. You’re so right about the Keeper. *shivers* Few books have made me so scared as Entwined did, and the Keeper was one of the reasons why the book gripped me. And the way Loki smiles so much is terrifying to me. Maybe I should try that — villains who smile a lot. xD
    Thanks so much for doing the tag! I really enjoyed reading your answers.

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  2. Ah, Loki. The bane of my life – because everyone I know seems to love him and blame Odin for his actions. I like that he’s the most complicated and developed out of all the Marvel villains… I just wish there were less people fangirling over him.

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  3. I didn’t want to be spoiled so I skipped to the end and there was Loki… XD
    He’s like one of my all-time favorite villains/anti-heroes ever. I’m not like a crazy fangirl over him…But he is, as CB said, a complicated and developed character. πŸ™‚

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  4. THIS POST. LET ME JUST FLAIL FOR A FEW MILLION YEARS. I love characters, I love lists, I love villains. I LOVE EVERYTHING HERE!!!

    SO. MUCH. YES to the Keeper. SOOOO MUCH YES. My feelings toward him were the exact same. I liked him TOO much in that I didn’t actually want him to be a villain. I was kind of hoping he’d end up being a love interest and it turn into a Beauty and Beast thing, you know? I mean, his creepiness was spot on, he was an AMAZINGLY written villain. But I just liked him so much! D: Just everything you said!

    I desperately need to reread Orphan’s Song because I don’t actually remember Carhartan that well. I feel bad about that! But I do vaguely remember also liking him and having conflicting feelings…? I must reread that thing!

    I haven’t read Plenilune yet of course, but I’m just gonna flail here because RICHARD ARMITAGE GIF. This villain sounds very interesting and chilling though!

    Darth Maul was so terrifying. *shudders* I’ve only ever seen those movies once though, so I don’t remember my full feelings on him.

    I’ve never actually…seen The Patriot. Whoops.

    LOKI YES. I mean, DUH. It’s Loki. Do we even need an explanation?

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    • Yay! I thought you might enjoy this post! XD

      Yeah, Keeper as a B&B type character would have been cool… :-/ He mayyy be partially why I’m writing Taghdach: to have a character who’s kinda dark/scary but mostly good. πŸ™‚

      Eh, I’m probably the only one who feels that way about Carhartan. XD But yesss you must reread it and read Songkeeper! πŸ˜€

      RICHARD ARMITAGE GIF YES. He’s a super interesting villain. But, again, wish he wasn’t. XD Oh well…

      YES Darth Maul is so scary. o.o It only takes once to know that. πŸ˜›

      Meh, that’s okay. The Patriot’s a good movie but you’ve got to be in the mood for it. It’s kinda bloody/sad. But still good. πŸ™‚ But you don’t HAVE to watch it or anything. XD

      YES LOKI. He’s such a great villain. *nods*


  5. I sadly haven’t read any of those books but I want too. Good movie choices, I like that you clarify that Loki, but Loki in the Avengers. You understand the misunderstood miscreant.

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  6. This was such an awesome post, Deborah! Sadly I only knew of two of the villains in the post :(. BUT THIS WILL BE REMEDIED. I really do have to read Entwined, it sounds better every time I hear about it! And also, somethings tells me I should watch Avengers. *nods*

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  7. Yessss Keeper is one of my favorite villains too. He’s creepy and yet actually comes off as nice in so many ways that it makes his creepiness even creepier and it’s just delicious. And Loki is an excellent villain as well.

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  8. I HATE Tavington! Just his name makes me want to spit. XD He’s one of my most hated villains. He’s just so freaking evil! Carhartan was a good villain too as well as Darth Maul and Loki, though Loki can be a bit too sympathetic sometimes for my taste. XD Good choices!


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