throw your dream into space like a kite

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I was interviewed today by Heidi Peterson of Along the Brandywine on her lovely blog for writers, Sharing the Journey! It was so much fun and has some great questions, so be sure to drop by and give it a read! πŸ™‚

On to the post as usual…


It was an ordinary January morning. I had a cold. Life was half hazy, half bleak, half asleep, and three-quarters I-can’t-even-brain-today-thanks. (I also apparently cannot math when I have colds.) Then suddenly, it was a not-ordinary January morning.

A semi-anonymous (I’m fairly 1000% sure who it was from despite the lack of name anywhere) grey envelope arrived in the mail for me.

I don’t get mail very often. (A.k.a, getting snail mail is an occasion discovered once in a blue moon when the dragons wake up to turn over in their sleep, and is an occasion for shrieking and beaming like an insane person.)

All this mysterious grey envelope with nothing on it but my name and address and a cantaloupes stamp contained was a small piece of notepaper with a quote on it.

dreamThis was like the final straw.

All through the month of January, it seemed that everything I read or saw or heard was saying the same thing:

Dream. Follow that dream. Do not ignore it. Our Dreams and our talents are given to us for a reason, and often coincide . . . which is not a coincidence.

So many things were telling me this, in so many different but similar ways. Entirely unrelated books, articles, even signs at my favorite cupcake shop… even the little picture I have on my wall which was my grandpa’s and looks at me every day but I’d ceased to notice. And then this random quote in the mail, which is about as un-ordinary as you can get. All telling me something I keep trying to ignore, but finally had to listen to.


Follow your dream.


For a long time now I’ve said that I don’t have a dream. I’ve even worried that that means there’s something wrong with me, because everyone else has dreams, so I must be odd. I sometimes feel like I’m just a fixed point in the world, not moving forward, not striving toward anything, just standing there lost as all the traffic of other people flash onward to either side of me, each hurrying toward their own goals and dreams. I don’t have one. Or that’s what I tell myself.

The truth is, I do have a dream. Or dreams. I just have decided that they will never happen, that there are too many roadblocks in the way, that they’re impossible. So I pretend I don’t actually have them. Because what use are they? They will never amount to anything and it’s selfish to even imagine them, let alone imagine them coming true, or, horror of horrors, actually working toward trying to help them come true. No. Because obviously, if I enjoy something, like writing, if I have a talent for it, then obviously it can’t be what I’m supposed to do because I have to find some job that I don’t like… because writing is just my hobby and I should never take it seriously, and I should push my dreams, whatever they are, deep down and never let them see the light of day, because they’re impossible.

These are all lies I’ve been telling myself. I bet many other people are too.

But it’s not true.

We DO have dreams, and talents, for a reason.

If they’ve been given to us, we should let them see the light of day, and perhaps even let them shine or reflect some light of their own.

It would be a dark world, indeed, without them.

Perhaps they won’t turn out as we hope or expect them to, but surely something good must come of it, even if in an entirely unexpected way.

(Unless, of course, your dream is something dreadful like blowing up Jupiter, turning all adorable tiny little chubby birds into ugly spiky grey rocks, organizing fiction by the Dewey Decimal system [okay, if you actually do this, I will not judge, but Jackaby and I aren’t sure about it…], or outlawing chocolate/writing/libraries, in which case I can’t help you and please disregard this entire post.)

And when the doubts creep in? (Because they surely will, the tricksy things…) I’m reminded of some song lyrics, of a song which I listened to many times while I was struggling with doubts about my writing in November and December:

“Too young, too old
Too shy, too bold
Too average
To make a difference.

The world’s too big, and you’re too small
If you try to fly, you’re gonna fall,”
They’re shouting.

But we won’t listen . . .

— From Limitless by Colton Dixon

I listen to those words and realize I’m constantly saying them to myself… all except the last part. But I shouldn’t. They’re not true. Nothing is impossible.

So on this Leap Day — when we get an extra day (not really, but it’s symbolic anyhow) — I thought I would say: Leap! Let’s take that extra time and do something with it — which is not really extra because tomorrow never comes but we always have today. The time we have is now, and now is the time we have. Let’s use it.

Today and everyday should be for leaping . . . To take a leap of faith — to dream, and to follow that dream into tomorrow . . . and every tomorrow to come.


21 thoughts on “throw your dream into space like a kite

  1. I felt that way all through college. What in the deep world is wrong with me that I don’t have any PASSIONS?!?!?!!? Everyone else was passionate about math, or baseball, or teaching illiterate children to read in Rwanda, or studying geology… and there I was going, “Um… I like to read…?” Seriously.

    I eventually came to realize that there are definitely things I’m passionate about, I just feel them more deeply, a bit more quietly, and they crept up on me without warning first.

    Loved this post. Wish I could send it back in time to high school me πŸ™‚

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    • I’m glad you understand, and sorry you felt the same way… I’m still a bit uncertain about a lot of that myself. πŸ˜› “Um… I like to read…?” indeed! πŸ˜€

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked it! πŸ™‚


  2. Wow.
    I have no words.

    This was one of the most inspirational things I’ve ever read in my life. And something I NEEDED. Something I need to read constantly and remind myself of every single day.

    I feel almost exactly like you. Sure, I have dreams, but are they REALLY ever going to happen? My brain often likes to tell me, “No, they’re impossible, you’re wasting your life. Go do something important like the rest of the world.” Well, I’m not the rest of the world. And you know what? That’s okay. So what I didn’t go to college and get a degree in something? So what I don’t have a career or am married and having children? Or am out on a big mission trip? Etc. etc. Those aren’t things God called me to do right now. But He did give me a passion for stories and words. Why would He do that if it was a waste of my life?

    Those song lyrics struck deep inside me. I do so often feel completely worthless. Inadequate. A waste of space. But those are lies.

    It’s hard sometimes, following your dream. Some days I do want to just give up and curl in a chair and sit there forever. But we just have to DO it. We have to take a leap, as you said.

    “…tomorrow never comes but we always have today.”
    Wow. That rung with me so deeply. We always have today. And we should use the time we have to follow those wondrous dreams.

    THANK YOU for this beautiful post. It’s the kind of words that will stick with me for a long, long time. The kind of thing I’ll refer back to, to remind myself I may not be inadequate after all. And giving up isn’t an option.

    (Sorry for this monstrous comment. I just wanted you to know how much this meant to me. <3)

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    • Thank you for this comment, you precious thing. ❀ It means a lot to me that it means a lot to you, and is likely the only thing keeping me from deleting the whole post, since I no longer believe it about myself. XD (Other people, yes…) I'm glad it was inspiring, and thank you for taking the time to tell me. ^_^ *huggles*


  3. A Beautiful post Deborah!!! Very encouraging!
    You are a wonderful writer!!!
    And you should absolutely follow your dreams!!! πŸ™‚

    I was in a similar slump for most of my life – I didn’t really have dreams (well… I did, but didn’t think they’d happen) or ambitions – until last summer. I went to a film-training-audition-thingy – and even though I didn’t get to go into the program – the talent scouts encouraged me, and I suddenly realized that I could do something about my dreams.
    Thank you for the reminder to never give up!!! πŸ™‚

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  4. Absolutely wonderful, Deborah! I’m so glad you’ve been encouraged to followed your dreams, because you are such a wonderful writer and should totally pursue your passions. So much of what you said resonates with me as well. I’ve sometimes felt it was unfair that my dreams seem unattainable or don’t appear as big and active as other people’s dreams. But who are we to say that the talents and passions God has given us aren’t as worthwhile as how He has gifted other people? See, just right in this blog post you’ve used your amazing gift to bless everyone who reads this post. πŸ™‚
    Go for it, girl!

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  5. Encouragement is a rare and precious jewel, but I think you’ve got the gift in spades. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us doughty dreamers.

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  6. I utterly LOVE this post…except I’m a bit worried about your strange-anonymous letter in the mail. DO YOU HAVE A STALKER, DEBORAH? DO YOU NEED ME TO SEND DRAGONS OVER TO PROTECT YOU AND BARRICADE YOU INTO YOUR HOUSE SAFELY WITH CAKE?
    But I agree with this post sooooo much. ❀ Dreams need to be followed, and I do think everyone DOES have a dream even if they feel like they don't, but usually if you feel like you don't it's because you've dismissed it as impossible. *nod nod* Like you said. AND NOTHING SHOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE!! (Except, well, eating the moon, probably.) I have doubts about my writing all the time. The other day I was only just wailing to my mum that I don’t think I’m cut out for the authorly life anyway and maybe I should quit. She told me no. XD I have a great mother. ;D

    FOLLOW YOUR DREEEEEAMS! *busts out singing Tangled songs*

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    • Augh, I’m glad you liked it!! ^_^ (And heehee, no, don’t worry. XD I’m pretty positive it was Mirriam Neal because we’ve written before and it was the same kind of envelope and handwriting and postmarked from the right place; plus she’s just the sort of person who would randomly send people quotes. So, fear not — I AM SAFE. But ooh, I may someday take you up on that dragon/cake barricade thing… πŸ˜€ )

      Eating the moon is totally a thing if you like cheese. *nod nod* Just… maybe not ALL of the moon. πŸ˜‰

      NO NO CAIT YOU MUST NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP WRITING!!!!! O________O I think I would shrivel in sadness!!!!! D: STAY A WRITER FOR ALWAYS BECAUSE WE NEED YOUR AMAZING BOOOOOKS!!! ^_^ (Thank goodness for your mum, she’s wonderful.)


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