Of October Madness


I know I used this in my last post, but I’m posting it again because it’s an accurate depiction of my feelings right now. (Which is why I put together this handy graphic. ;))

I’m a little in shock about it being November already. How. Even.

Still, my October madness ishness was as follows!



I feel like I was gone all month — if not literally, at least mind-wise.

I went to a fair/rodeo thing for the first time in forever, which was a lot of fun. Also some NaNo events — yay!

Then last week I was camping . . . Just the right thing to do before NaNo instead of plotting, am I right? 😉

I was also sick for a week smack-dab in the middle of the month, which totally threw me off. Not to mention my dead internet.

I basically spent the month in a blur of being insanely busy and unprepared, flailing around trying to get caught up on things and prepare for NaNo and panicking over The Rose and the Raven and not having my NaNo novel plotted. …Actually, I’m still panicking over those things! Funny how that works…



I saw Ever After: A Cinderella Story, which I always hear about but had never seen. It was not what I was expecting, but fun.

I finished my re-watching catch-up of the Hunger Games movies (paiiin) because for some reason the final one is coming out in a couple of weeks… I still haven’t read the books so I know next to nothing about what’s going to happen in Mockingjay Part 2, except a certain couple of deaths; but I have a feeling I’m going to be very upset about the entire movie. *sigh* I don’t even know why I inflict this series on myself…

I also saw Age of Ultron again. HAWKEYE!! 😀 No, I’m not going to shut up about him; he’s just the best, okay? Don’t deny it.

Star Wars Youtube Stuff

starwars7posterI saw two Star Wars things recently, so that gets its own category this round of Ishness. 😉 Have you seen the new trailer for Star Wars Episode VII (The Force Awakens) yet?? It is HERE and looks amazing.

And it’s not new, but I only just saw it and thought it was funny enough to share if you haven’t seen it: a Star Wars Episode I (The Phantom Menace) parody of the song American Pie. It’s really funny.


I read nothing in October.

I know, I know, you’re probably as shocked as David Tennant… And so am I. But my month was SO insane I had positively no time to read. I was going to read a very long book for review (that I happen to be EXTREMELY excited about. I’ve been waiting for this book to come out for a year now) and didn’t get to it and consequently got to nothing else.

So. No books. It’s sad.


Mostly my writing this month was (trying to) plot The Silver Forest. And getting distracted by Tare from my Kedran’s Wood series (because he has no sense of timing) and ending up plotting his series as well accidentally, and being informed there’s yet another novella in the series, bringing it up to 9 stories. Also Teague, from The Other Half of Everything, who has, if possible, an even WORSE sense of timing, tried to distract me too. So I ended up writing snippets of both of them (not together, though; thank goodness).

R&RI also did some writing of (my possible Rooglewood Press contest entry) The Rose and the Raven, bringing its total up to 5k words, as I believe I mentioned. It’s currently on hold (perhaps indefinitely…. I don’t even know right now. But I can’t focus on anything besides NaNo at the moment).

My total words for October was about 3000. Which, for the month before NaNo and considering the insanity, I’m calling a win.

October Snippets

For fun, here are some snippets of The Other Half of Everything, and of Tare and friends. In which Teague makes it his life goal to turn Meridian into a bookworm, and Tare makes spicy tea.

The Other Half of Everything

    Teague sighed as if he carried the burden of the world on his shoulders, and stood up. “My new life goal is to turn you into a bookworm. Preferably of fantasy. Read this.” He held out a book with a plain brown cover.
    “What?” I said.
    “Read it,” he repeated.
    “Why would I want to read a book?” I protested.
    “Pretend it’s a movie.”
    I gave him a look. Then I tried again. “Why would I want to read this book?”
    “Because I am selflessly lending it to you. What do you do when people are kind enough to lend you things?”
    “Normally I put them carefully on a shelf and then do my homework,” I said without thinking, forgetting momentarily that I had graduated.
    “And then?”
    “And then I procrastinate over doing them until the last second before I have to give them back, because I never actually want to do them and am just being polite.”
    Teague gave me look of mild disbelief. “Polite? You?”
    I leaned forward slightly, looking him squarely in the eye, and said very seriously in a lowered voice as if it was a secret: “Are you talking to a mirror?”
    He pushed the book toward my face and I was forced to grab it as he dropped it—which apparently he knew I would do. Infuriating. Then he turned and started crossing the room. “Just read the book.”
    “Again: why?” I asked his retreating back.
    “It’s homework,” he said over his shoulder.
    “Homework?” I repeated.
    Teague spun halfway round. “Yes. Because I am your employer and I said to read it.” There may have been a glint in his eye.
    “You’re evil.”
    “Nope. Just your employer. And are you not listening? I said this was my new life goal. It would be extremely considerate of you to go along with it, you know.”
    I shook my head and gave up. It was too ridiculous. “If you say so, ‘boss’.”
    “ ‘Teague’, thanks,” he corrected as he sailed off through the door back to his writing.


A series of loud thumps proceeded from the direction of the kitchen. Then silence.

“I don’t want to know what that was!” I called.

“Remarkably wise of you,” Teague called back.

“I still don’t want to know what that was!” I warned.

“That’s probably for the best.”


Mixup at Kedran’s Wood (KW 2.5 novella)

Tare leaned over and poked the fire in the hearth with the poker. “Anyone want some tea?” he asked.
    They sat in stunned silence, blinking at him, until he finally looked over his shoulder at them.
    “Some what?” Ivy demanded.
    “Tea,” Tare repeated with a flat look. “You know—that thing that people drink.” There was a strong note of sarcasm behind it.
    “But why would—?” Lavender began, trying to understand why Tare was talking about tea or why he would have any.
    “Because it’s there,” Tare cut in, exasperated, “and I thought I’d offer you some. Have it if you want.” He flapped a hand in the direction of the table. “Otherwise, forget it.” And he dropped into a chair.
    Now that they looked where he had waved, they saw the brown tea pot crouched on the table among the other stuff, steam curling upward from the spout.
    “Did it not come in black?” Baz teased.
    Tare tilted his head with a fake and humorless smile. “Haha.”
    Marie poured some of the hot tea into a few brown ceramic cups and handed them around.
    “Ooh, cinnamon!” Baz said happily, staring into his cup.
    Tare sent him a weird look. “There’s . . . no cinna—”
    But Baz had taken his first sip, and started to cough. After a cautious sip from each of the others, most of them were coughing too. Tare just looked at them all like he couldn’t figure them out.
    Adrian grinned. “Come on, guys, it can’t be that bad.” Adrian took one large gulp, choked, coughed several times, and managed to splutter, “What is in that?”
    Tare gave him a hard stare. “I told you. It’s tea.”
    “That’s not tea, that’s dragon fire in a cup!” Jake gasped, clutching at his throat.
    “Well excuse me for not noticing the dragon when I was making it. I guess I need to work on my observation skills.”
    “No, really, what is it?” Marie asked.
    “It’s ginger tea,” Tare answered, nonplussed.
    “No way—what else?” Adrian said.
    Tare shrugged. “Lemon and honey . . .” He paused as if thinking. “And cayenne pepper.”
    “Seriously?” Ivy exclaimed
    “Oh my goodness,” Lavender managed.
    “Is that what the little floaty red specks were—not cinnamon?” Baz squealed indignantly.
    “What is wrong with you that you would ruin perfectly good tea like that?” Marie said.
    “And then feed it to your friends,” Adrian added.
    “Maybe he wanted a good laugh,” Jake said.
    “Maybe he wanted to kill us,” Baz put in.
    “Maybe, I’m neither laughing nor killing anyone and don’t understand what is wrong with you that you are all dying on me over some tea.” Tare folded his arms.

What’s Next?

SilverForestCoverFinalSo that’s what was up in October. As for November, well, as you may guess I’m very busy writing! If you’re doing NaNo and would like to be buddies on the site, you can find me here. 🙂

I don’t know how “around” I’ll be online this month, but never fear — I’ve scheduled some posts of some old writings of mine on the blog this month so that I won’t entirely forget and abandon y’all. Hope you’ll enjoy them!

And good luck on whatever your plans are, especially all you NaNoers! (Only because you may need more “good lucks” than less insane people. 😉 ) YOU CAN DO IT!

Meantime, I’d best get going on filling this November with some Ishness of its own.

I’m off into the Silver Forest. I may get lost on the way, but it’s bound to be interesting all the same. See you on the other side…

(And I’m just going to leave you with this thing I made, even though only Leverage fans will get it…)

26 thoughts on “Of October Madness

  1. OH MY GOODNESS STAR WARS. I’ve watched the trailer four times, and I still am unreasonably excited for the movie to come out. (Hurry up, December 18!!!)

    What is it with characters and their bad timing? I mean, seriously, they pester the life out of us until we sit down and write their story. So thoughtless of them…

    AND YOUR SNIPPETS! They were so hilarious and clever and made me grin so wide. They make me want to snatch up your stories and never give them back. ^_^

    Good luck with NaNo!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m right there with you! o.o Sometimes I’m not sure about it because I’m worried about what they’ll do with the story, but whenever I see the trailer again I’m just like “I DON’T CARE, GIVE ME THE MOVIE ALREADY!” XD

      I know, right? It’s so inconsiderate of them. 😉 Just now one of my other novels is attacking my brain going “write meeee” and I’m telling it “I CAN’T, I HAVE NANO!” Sheesh, stories these days. 😛

      AAAHH THANK YOU! That makes my day! ^_^ So glad you enjoyed them! ❤


    Teague’s goal is excellent and I heartily support him in it.
    Also, Tare, you crazy person . . . why put cayenne pepper in tea? I love you, but that’s just weird.
    Sorry you didn’t get to read at all. 😦 I didn’t read as much as I would’ve liked either . . . but I wrote a bunch, so it’s ok.

    Liked by 1 person


      I thought you would. XD Teague… *shakes head*

      There’s ACTUALLY a reason, which is that I sometimes drink tea with cayenne pepper in it when I have a cold. XD So Tare had had a cold and made that kind of tea because his mother used to make that. Backstory. XD Still, it iiiis kinda weird. 😛 (It actually doesn’t taste quite as odd as you’d think, because ginger is already spicy in the tea, so it goes fairly well together.)

      YAY FOR WRITING! 😀 Yes, as long as writing is happening, it’s not so bad reading isn’t. ^_^ …I’m totally going to devour all the books in the universe during December though. 😀


      • You’re welcome. 😀
        What book was he giving her to read, out of curiosity?
        Huh. Interessant. So does the cayenne pepper help? (Well, that’s good . . . I don’t usually drink ginger teas, though, so it would probably be too much for me. Give me honey and lemon and peppermint and echidnea (sp?) any day.)
        Same here. *nods emphatically*

        Liked by 1 person

        • Umm… spoilers. XD (But… okay. *whispers* He was actually giving her a book HE wrote; and she didn’t notice! 😀 )
          Yeah, it seems to help; but it’s super strong. 😛
          Ooh, sounds yummy! ^_^ *hasn’t heard of echidnea though*


  3. AH, best wishes on all your writing stuff, and NaNo and The Silver Forest!!! Once again, I have to mention that the cover is gorgeous! ^_^

    And so cool that you’re submitting a story to Rooglewood Press!!! I hope you can finish it in time and everything!

    Eek! I don’t know why I’m inflicting The Hunger Games series on myself either! I’m like really curious to watch Mockingjay: Part 2, but sooo scared! O.O

    Lovely snippets!!! Write, write, and write some more this month! 😀 ❤

    God's blessings!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much, Shantelle! ^_^ You’re so encouraging!

      Heheh… I’ll only be submitting to Rooglewood Press if I actually finish it on time and if I actually thing it’s any good. XD But thanks!

      I know, right? -_- Eek is right. 😛

      Thank youuu! ❤


  4. HAWKEYE! ! I’d love to watch the avengers again…if only I had time! And I only read one book during the entire month of October…I think that is an all time low count. :/
    Good luck on NaNo and all your other November Ishness 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ok, so, this post made me squeal for two reasons.
    And secondly: ELLIOT!!!! I LOVE LEVERAGE AND ELLIOT!!!!! *more happiness and squealing* Elliot has become one of my favorite people ever!
    So yeah… lots of happiness and squealing.

    Liked by 1 person

      Heehee, yes, Tare and his craziness. XD
      Thanks for squealing — it makes me squeal too! 😀 *huggles*


  6. Sorry I haven’t been commenting much lately–I’ve still been reading your posts, but the last few weeks have been crazy.

    You saying that you went to a rodeo for the first time in forever instantly put the Frozen song in my head. XD

    Ever After! Hunger Games! Avengers! 😀 I still think of you when I watch Age of Ultron, mainly because there’s so much Hawkeye awesomeness.

    *le gasp* The Great Reader named Celti didn’t read anything this month? That’s so SAAAAD. 😦 Hopefully–ah, never mind. I was going to say hopefully you’ll get to read a bit this month, but then I remembered it’s Nano. December, maybe? *hopeful eyes*

    And oh my word, your snippets, girl! ❤ They made me grin so much! "Remarkably wise of you." And Tare making TEA. SPICY TEA. HOW IS THIS SO PERFECT. "That's not tea, that's dragon fire in a cup." XD Oh Jake…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ummm, no apologies necessary, darling! ❤ (I should apologize too… I have been sooo behind on blogs lately, especially with NaNo. O_O)

      Haha, whoops. Didn't mean to stick a song in your head! I didn't even think of that. XD


      Yeah, it's pretty bad. 😛 Heehee. But I actually HAVE read a book this month! So I'm already doing better than October, despite NaNo. 😉

      D'aww, I'm glad you liked them! THANK YOU! ❤


  7. October was a crazy month! And I don’t think “crazy” is a strong enough word for November. o.O

    Ever After! Oh man, I love that movie so much. Definitely rather different for a Cinderella story, but I still adore it.


    I haven't been reading either and it's killing meeee. In fact, I haven't read AT ALL since November started. Not even one. single. chapter. Of anything. HORRID.

    I. AM. DEAD.

    Confession: I read these snippets while waiting in a dentist office and was probably making strangling noises trying to not burst into laughter. But I WAS grinning like crazy and the people in the waiting room probably thought I was insane. Obviously I need to wait until I'm alone to read Tare or Teague things. I should have known.

    BUT BUT BUT. TARE. AND TEAGUE. Teague forcing Meridian to read. Good for him! Then Meridian: “I don’t want to know what that was!” *dies*

    BUT TARE WITH THE TEA. He makes TEA. And doesn't understand why that's weird. Or why his tea is weird to the others! BUT CELTI. Baz's “Did it not come in black?” was where I really almost lost it so bad and nearly burst into uncontrollable laughter in a cramped waiting room. So if I was sent to a mental hospitable, you and Baz would be the ones to blame.


    Happy NaNo'ing!!! You're doing AWESOME.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Crazy is definitely not strong enough of a word. o.o

      WE MUST READ AGAIN! In December. Yes. Reading must happen then. *nodsily*

      Oh my goodness. XD YOUR COMMENTS ON THE SNIPPETS MADE MY WEEK. ❤ That is so hilarious you were trying not to laugh in a dentist office. *giggles* I'm sorry. XD Yesh, Teague is just sooo horrified she doesn't read. 😀 Heehee, aaall the black things Tare has. XD Baz is so horrible. 😛


      Thank you so muuuch! *huggles* You're doing awesome toooo! ^_^


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