Tags: Loyal Dragons to Infinity and Beyond!

(Warning: This post is being was written late at night. I am not responsible for the shenanigans my sleep-deprived brain gets up to. Thou art warned.)

I was tagged! By Raychel Rose for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, and by Madeline J. Rose (wait… ALL OF THE ROSES. :O Are you two related…? *eyes suspiciously* I’m waaatching you…) for the Infinity Award. Thanks so much to both of you!! ❤

I’m doing a double tag post ketchup catch up in a single post, because a) I am lazy, b) I’ve been blogging too much, and c) let’s be honest, “Loyal Dragons to Infinity and Beyond!!!!!” is a fabulous title (even without all the exclamation points). Can we agree on that? Yay!

Okay! So tags. Right. Onward!

Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Gaaah, what a prettiful blog award!! ❤ I love it. *clings affectionately*


  1. Announce your win with a post, [check] and link to whomever presented your award. [*drrrumroll* Raychel Rose]
  2. Post 7 interesting things about yourself. [Um. I’ll see what I can do. Ahem.]
  3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you’ve linked them in the post.
  5. Display the award certificate on your website. [See my newly-updated Badges page with other awards and aaaall the NaNo participant badges. Yesss.]

7 interesting (?) things about this dragonish blogger

  1. I love Toothless and he is possibly my favorite dragon ever.
  2. I do not love Smaug because he is evil but at least he is clever. (BOOK Smaug! We do not speak of movie-Smaug. Ahem.)
  3. Some of my favorite dragonish books are proooobably the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede, specifically Searching for Dragons BECAUSE MENDANBAR! Ahem. Kazul is cool too.
  4. I own a little golden dragon figurine which is glued to a turquoise rock. It once fell off so I re-glued it on. Yes you needed to know that. I would take a picture but I am lazy.
  5.  Sorry, scratch number 3, I just remembered how much I love The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame. ❤
  6. Also the dragon stories by E. Nesbit. I LOVE THEMMM. (I still love the Enchanted Forest books though! I just remembered… other… dragony books. Dragony. Dragony is a wonderful word.)
  7. I have not read Eragon. Oops?



I verily awardeth you this veritable Dragon’s Loyalty Award if thou lovest dragons! (I’m looking at YOU, Lauri and Sarah and Cait. 😉 And YOU. Yes, you, in the dragon t-shirt.) You can dragon-theme it if you want. *shrug* But obviously nobody has to do it. XD

Infinity Award

Which is… apparently?… different than the Infinity Dreams Award…? Not sure.


This one has interrogations questions!

*dons monocle* Proceed.


Who is your best blogging friend?

Can I not answer this. Pleeeeease? *makes adorable puppy eyes* I don’t like the saying “best friend” because it shows others that THEY are not. Which is not fair to ANYBODY. And makes them sad. Or is that just me. And this question sound suspiciously like that. HOWEVER. If a) you’re reading this and therefore (apparently?) read my blog, or b) if I comment on your blog aggressively obsessively, or c) both… then you may rightly assume you are one of my bestest blogging buddies. GROUP HUG, C’MERE. ❤

What is the best book cover you’ve ever seen?

SO MANY. Umm… Five Enchanted Roses or The Captive Maiden? POSSIBLY. I’m not sure. Let’s just say I’m partial to the color blue and girls in gorgeous dresses.

What’s your favorite slang word?

Y’all. Does that count? It’s super useful (and not only to alert people to the extinguishing excruciating distinguishing fact that I am… wait for it… a TEXAN). For instance, if you don’t say “y’all” to address a general group, you probably say “guys”, or “people”. Example: “Hey, guys!” “Hey, people!” This can be problem if a) there is a girl present (or, more likely, if there is not actually a guy in the group. Which happens a lot), or b) if not all those addressed happen to be people. What if they are aliens? Elves? Dragons (me, me! …Oh, right. That tag’s over… *sad face*). Cats. Noodles. Or other serendipitous sentient or not beings/creatures/items. THEY MIGHT TAKE OFFENSE. And we wouldn’t want that. Especially if they had sharp claws. Hence, y’all = solves every problem ever.

If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

DRAGON. GRIFFIN. Oh right, I already have those… Okay, a puffin AND an otter. Naturally. Because they are the most adorable things EVER. (I also want a hummingbird to ride on. *makes even more adorable puppy eyes* PLEEEEEASE?)

Favorite flower?



(Especially if they come with BOOKS…!)

(Wait a minute. Roses AGAIN. That’s it — it’s a PLOT.)

(And we all know that plots are needed to have books. SEE ABOVE!)

(Wait. I’m going in circles. This is getting confusing.)

Scariest roller coaster/ride you’ve ever been on?

Haven’t. (Unless you count the above question.) Nor do I intend to. Duuuh. I’m not CRAZY. O_O (Heh… heh heh… Oh, right, you caught that, did you? *sidles subtly sideways and slips self in serious siding hiding place*)

Favorite Disney movie?

Ow! How do I decide? (Was Prince of Persia Disney?? *is too lazy to check*) …Okay, Tangled.

Book you want made into a movie?

Illusionarium! (See my Illusionarium Fangirling Babbles post from earlier this week…) It would make the positively coolest movie EVAR.

Also one of the scariest.


Favorite piece of jewelry?

The One Ring. My Celtic-cross necklace. ❤ ‘Tis my fave.

Savory or Sweet snacks? Which ones?

ALL OF THE SWEET THINGS. I’m good with chocolate. And cookies. With chocolate chips in them. And mushrooms. (Why did I say mushrooms. I hate mushrooms. Unless they are from the Mushroom Planet books. Umm… CHOCOLATE MUSHROOMS.)

All time favorite movie?

The Avengers/The Return of the King/How to Train Your Dragon/Prince of Persia. IT’S TOTALLY ONE MOVIE I SWEAR. (Actually that would be the coolest thing ever. *brainstorms* *finds thing on pinterest*)



Audience: *round of applause mixed with horrified stares*

Me: *giggles hysterically*

Me: *quickly erases your memories*

P.P.S. You are tagged if you want. ^_^

26 thoughts on “Tags: Loyal Dragons to Infinity and Beyond!

  1. I saved this to read last of all the blog posts I have for today because I knew it would be hilarious . . . I was not disappointed. (Also, the picture that showed up in my feed with this post was the two otters and AHHHHH SO CUTE! *SQUEE*)
    Am I the Sarah you have tagged with the Dragon Loyalty Award? Or was that a different Sarah? (Sorry, but I keep finding people with my name and it’s like “Wait, are you talking to me or them?) Very nice theming as well. *nods*
    And Illusionarium would be fabulous but terrifying as a movie. I’d probably spend half the film hiding behind a pillow but I would so totally watch it anyway.
    Also: I thought y’all was just a southern thing in general. I didn’t realize it was primarily Texan. Which is ok, because I say it too and I did live in Texas for a few years . . .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay! That makes my day. XD Glad you liked it. 🙂 (OTTERS!!! <3)

      Yes, you are the Sarah. XD I should have specified; like I said, it was late and my brain wasn't functioning… 😛

      WOULDN'T IT THOUGH. I want it anyway… It would make an incredible movie.

      And… I don't think y'all is primarily Texan, I think it's Southern. I was just saying that I live in Texas… which is IN the south, so. …Meh, another my-brain-wasn't-there thing. XD I should NOT post that late at night… 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! 😀 I quite enjoyed it … and so far my memories haven’t been erased, 😉

    But it was so fun! I love those beautiful fairytale covers! ^_^ And dragons. And How To Train Your Dragon!!! *hugs it* And CHOCOLATE!! Chocolate is the best … I’m not sure about chocolate mushrooms though, haha!

    I have not watched Avengers; but I did watch Thor: The Dark World (or something) a few weeks ago, and met LOKI! He is hilarious. I want to watch more of him. My new favoritest villain. XD

    It was lovely to stop by after so long! 🙂 Best wishes on your NaNoWriMo project (that’s starting soon, right?)!!!!

    Blessings! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! And… glad to hear it…? XD

      Fairytale covers are the best! HTTYD! ❤ I was thinking more in the line of mushroom-shaped chocolate. 😀

      Ooh, I only saw Thor: The Dark World once (and that was a couple years ago and at a drive-in theater when it was super foggy out so I could hardly see the screen) but I remember loving it!! 😀 I need to see it again… But yes, Loki is hilarious. XD He's actually the main villain in Avengers. 🙂

      Aahh, nice to seeee you again! ^_^ And thank you SO MUCH. Yes, NaNo's starting soon and it's terrifying. XD

      Thank you! Blessings to you too! ❤



    But I don’t normally say “ya’ll” in my writing. I do actually use the term “guys” a lot for the collective generalization of all persons. (Did that even make sense?) I do use “ya’ll” a lot when speaking though. I think the I switch it so often because my parents aren’t actually Texan.

    I love the dragon facts! I’ve never read any of those books, so I might have to check them out.

    I do actually like Smaug though. But not as the kind of dragon I would want to cuddle (that’s not even possible). Smaug makes a good villain. He’s everything I think an evil dragon ought to be. Arrogant. Intelligent. Greedy. Etc. I like movie Smaug, but book Smaug is still better.

    Tangled is awesome! It might be my favorite Disney princess movie. Although I still like Beauty and the Beast too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No way! That’s awesome. 😀

      That’s so interesting! I’m mixed too because sometimes I say y’all and sometimes I… don’t. XD And I DO actually say “you guys” for the collective generalization of all persons too (which does make sense. ;)).

      They’re soooo good! ^_^

      Yes, Smaug does make a good villain. 🙂

      Beauty and the Beast is great too! 😀 Huzzah!


  4. Oh my word, Celti. THIS IS SO HILARIOUS. I can’t stop laughing! Late-night Celti is kind of my favorite. XD There is just so much hilarity in this post I don’t even know what to say! This was THE BEST.

    :O A DRAGON tag? I have never seen such a thing. *pets it*
    I actually adore Smaug, book and movie version, but as a villain. He’s such a great villain!
    I don’t think you’re really missing out on not reading Eragon. Definitely not my favorite book. :-/

    Is it bad I don’t LIKE the word ya’ll? I use it every single day of my life and don’t know how NOT to use it and yet…it kind of bugs me. Isn’t that awful? I’m not very loyal to my southern-ness. Heh. But the way you explained using it!! Now I’m beginning to see its important purposes. Oh my goodness gracious. I cannot stop laughing!!!

    And your answer to your favorite flower! CELTI. I CAN’T. XDDDDD


    The Avengers/The Return of the King/How to Train Your Dragon/Prince of Persia as one movie? O___O Um. YES PLEASE?!?!?!?!

    THIS. WAS. THE. BEST. THING. EVERRRRR. Except I’m gonna die because I can’t breathe because I’m laughing so hard!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hee. Heehee. Well, I’m glad someone at least is enjoying my late-night insanity. XD THANKS. ❤

      I know, right? I was amazed! Dragonnnns.
      Yes, he's a great villain. *nodnod*

      Aww, thank you so muuuch! ^_^ *huggles you* (Don’t die, though!) I’m glad it could make you laugh. 😉 THANKS.


  5. This is so so hilarious I’m DYING OF LAUGHTER HERE. XDXD Omg, dragons though. Dragons are incredibly awesome things. :’) Obviously I have to do this tag because DRAGONS. *flails* But I would also like an otter. THEY SO CUTE IS ALL. Hooow can you hate Mushrooms thought?! THEY ARE TASTY AND DELICIOUS. I think I’m a Hobbit because I love mushroom so much. Oh wait…a wizard? Didn’t Saurman say that to the Brown wizard in one of the Hobbit movies?! HEHE.
    Ahem. I’m not making any sense in this comment so I shall disappear into cake and oblivion. *slinks away*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh my word, you think it’s hilarious? O_O THE HILARIOUS CAIT HERSELF? Day = made.
      Yes, otterssss. ❤
      I don't even know. *guilty look* I love Hobbits, I just don't love mushrooms. XD AAHH YOU ARE SO A HOBBIT YOU AWESOMELY-SHORT MUSHROOM LOVING HOME-DWELLER YOU! ^_^
      I thiiink Saruman said something about that in the movie… He didn't in the book, so I don't remember. XD *bookfan*


  6. Wow you were quite hyper writing this lol. XD I love Toothless as well. And roses are indeed an awesome flower. They’re beautiful fresh or dried and they also make a lovely tea. And yes Prince of Persia is a Disney movie. XD Great to get to know you better!


    Liked by 1 person

  7. All the dragons! Sarah (Letourneau) tagged me for this one (and I haven’t gotten to it yet) – but I might borrow your idea of answering with dragon themed answers! And this was pretty hilarious, so feel free to post late at night as often as you like.

    I have read Eragon, but the sequels aren’t my favorite.

    Erm, I like Smaug – in a complicated way. He is evil, and I don’t root for him, but he’s hilarious, and I love his interactions with Bilbo.
    I LOVE KAZUL. And Mendanbar, while we’re at it 😉
    And I also love Prince of Persia! It’s one of my all-time favorite movies too. (Actually, all the movies you named are, but PoP isn’t one I see listed as much).
    If Legolas and Hawkeye had a contest, Legolas would win hands down. But it wouldn’t be fair because he is an elf. And elves are the best. I obviously have no bias here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dragons be the best! 😀 And feel free to borrow! Haha, glad it was amusing. XD
      I’ve heard that about the sequels…
      YES his interactions with Bilbo are the best! 🙂
      Eep, you’ve read them? HAVE I MENTIONED HOW COOL YOU ARE. I’m glad you understand my Mendanbar obsession! 😉 YAY KAZUL!
      Cool! I know, right? Prince of Persia seems so little-known, which is sad because it’s positively brilliant. I don’t go to theaters often, but saw it at the theater and have adored it ever since. ❤
      YAY ELVES. I agree he'd probably win if only because he's had several centuries' more practice than Hawkeye. XD But I still adore Hawkeye, so…
      I tend to mistype Sara as Sarah too, so you're not alone. 😉 It's mildly annoying when I get called Debra so I think about it sometimes. 😛 (And I will always spell your name correctly because that's how my sister's is spelled! Biblical spellings huzzah! :))


      • I seriously mistype my own name all the time, lol. But everyone misspells it (except you thoughtful blogging people!) in everyday life, so I guess I just try pretty hard not to do it to other people. (And I second the Huzzah for Biblical spellings!)

        You are awesome too 🙂 And thank you. Mendanbar is worthy of obsession because he has a sense of humor and a sword that can do plumbing. I always loved that part so much (and don’t even get me started on the magic carpet!!). Those have been some of my favorite books for YEARS.

        I own Prince of Persia and pull it out every few months to remind myself what a great movie it is. Action, humor, romance, and adventure with fun characters and a cool setting – count me in.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love Hawkeye too (especially since he doesn’t have any superpowers), but I was just considering it seriously (I am silly like that). And I just might have an Elf problem (though Legolas isn’t my favorite elf)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Mendanbar’s just the BEST, for all those reasons and more. 🙂 I only just discovered those books like a year or two ago. 😀

          YES! Such a good movie! ❤ My younger siblings are rewatching PoP right now, and it's killing me I'm too busy with NaNo stuff to watch it. *flail*

          I love Hawkeye's lack of superpowers too! ELVVVES. Okay, so, I must know: who IS your favorite elf?? 😉


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