My Misguided Fairy Godmother Muse

Once upon a time, there was a girl who started writing stories.

She spent several years scribbling away at them, going back and forth between a few different ideas and consequently not making much progress on them.

Then something strange began to happen. She began to have even more and more ideas for even more stories! What could this mean?

But, cheerily, she continued writing, and making notes for all the new ideas. She became obsessed with making lists of the stories, and developing titles for them, and designing mock covers for them, and writing out summaries of what they were about. She began to be more excited about “playing” with the stories than actually writing them.

Time went on. The list of stories continued to grow and grow and grow! But far from complaining, the writer was delighted.

She did so enjoy making those lists and writing those notes, you see.

Somewhere along the way, she began to notice patterns. Whenever she would take a break from working on her writings, whether on purpose to recharge, or accidentally due to busyness, she would suddenly get hit with all this inspiration — and, more often than not, that inspiration might include ideas for new stories.

Then the year of 2015 hit. The ideas were flying in left and write right. It began to get insane. The writer began to despair of ever getting around to writing all of the things, especially at the snail-like pace the actual writing was happening.

So the writer stepped back and analyzed this phenomenon.

That was when the writer discovered the presence of her fairy godmother.

Most writers talk of their “Muse”.

(very helpful…)

This writer realized that instead of a muse, she had a benevolent but misguided fairy godmother of inspiration. (Perhaps rather like Ophelia from Broken Glass by Emma Clifton…)

The writer realized that the fairy godmother muse freaks out whenever the writer is not making Story, knowing that the writer is happier when making Story. So the fairy godmother, thinking the writer is just tired of the old stories, quickly throws a bunch of new ideas at the writer to get her attention.

If you haven’t figured out by now, this writer is me. And this benevolent but misguided fairy godmother of my writerly brain/inspiration/muse is the cause of both my excitedness about having so many story ideas to write, and my despair over ever finishing anything, let alone all of them.

My fairy godmother muse, especially this year, is constantly going:


And hands me more and more storyness, shoving it into my brain and then beaming and watching happily as I flail around like a headless octopus and try to work on ALL OF THE STORY THINGS.

Unfortunately, my fairy godmother muse doesn’t seem to care if I’m actually making PROGRESS on said stories, i.e., actually writing them down…

As long as I’m flailing around doing plotting or brainstorming or making lists, she feels confident that she has been doing her job well and fulfilling her role in keeping her writer happy playing with stories.

To give you an idea of the insanity that’s underway, I’m going to share a list of the story ideas that have “clicked” this year ALONE.

The main ones are:

  • The Other Half of Everything (I think I’ve mentioned this enough…)
  • Darkling Reflections (Finished this one! Huzzah! …Yes, it’s a short story; I can still be proud.)
  • The Siren and the Skyship (swashbuckling sky adventuresome gender-swapped steampunk Little Mermaid retelling)

Five more stories in the Kedran’s Wood series (bringing it to a total of 8… so far; last year it was supposed to be a “trilogy”. Haha. Isn’t that just ADORABLE?)

  • Son of Kedran’s Wood – prequel novella
  • Return to McAllistair Mansion – short story (I wrote this one! I’s so proud of me.)
  • Mixup at Kedran’s Wood – novella between books 2 & 3
  • The Novelist of Kedran’s Wood – novel set after book 3, a double story
  • Celebrations at Kedran’s Wood – short story set after all of the planned books (thus far… *cough*)

As well as:

  • A modern Cinderella retelling about a writer, set during NaNoWriMo
  • An untitled fairy-tale mashup conglomeration retelling (RETELL ALL OF THE THINGS)
  • An untitled thing I’m currently calling “The Epic Book” which is vague but has some awesome ideas swirling
  • An extremely vague notion of an idea for a con/heist story that would be a companion to Underground Rainbow, starring the eccentric purple-haired artist (no, unfortunately this has no plot yet and I probably will never be able to make it work)
  • An idea for a nonfiction book about various things

And I also “made official” i.e. added to my lists because I had had ideas about them but was pretending they didn’t exist:

  • The tenth Starrellian Saga book
  • A sequel/companion novel to Heartseeker about the Bard and Trillum
  • An untitled Arthurian retelling which is going to be super cool

Not to mention my Sleeping Beauty novella The Rose and the Raven, which had been a vague idea for years but only just this year finally came together as something I could write… (But, again, having trouble CONTINUING… ya know?)

Yes. That is 16 (or 17 if you count The Rose and the Raven) stories, either from ideas from this year or “officialized” by listing them as stories to write. THAT’S JUST THIS YEAR ALONE. That’s not even thinking about the 30+ other stories from BEFORE the notorious 2015-when-all-the-stories-exploded-in-plotbunnies-and-said-write-us-or-we’ll-kill you. Sometimes I scroll through my list of 50ish stories and just go… “HOW EVEN.”

Sixteen new stories this year, guys. (So far…)

Can you see how insane this is getting?

Apparently there’s just no dealing with a benevolent but misguided fairy godmother of inspiration.

(And no, I don’t actually know whether you should be very happy for me or PLAYING A DIRGE.

It’s very confusing and I honestly can’t tell anymore.

Blame it on my fairy godmother.)


41 thoughts on “My Misguided Fairy Godmother Muse

  1. Hahaha, THIS IS MY LIFE!!!! I seriously am drowning in story ideas. WHYYYY? I have this awesome Robin Hood retelling that I want to retell soooo bad, plus a gender-swap Cinderella retelling… and a Romeo and Juliet retelling… AND SO MANY OTHERS.

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  2. OH MY GOODNESS, DEB. THIS. THIS IS HILARIOUS AND YET DIRGE-WORTHY INDEED. *hugs* At least you’ve got enough ideas to last you a decade or two! XD

    And ALL THE KEDRAN’S WOOD GOODNESS. ❀ Welp! The Chess Club just can't leave you alone, huh?

    As I was reading this, I thought my own muse didn't have quite so many stories ready for me, buuuut…I just skimmed through my idea notebook, and there are about 15 books waiting to be told. o.O That's not counting the random snippets, titles, and disjointed concepts that have yet to prove their worth. There's a 7-book juvenile series, an alternate history/fantasy based on historical people who disappeared mysteriously, a few fairytale retellings, a dystopian I want to co-author with my brother, and a story that's just plain CRAZY. (Those last two are the most pressing ideas…) Oh, and of course I'm still in the middle of my 4-book WIP fantasy series AND my Sleeping Beauty novella. So apparently you aren't alone!!

    *snags "Mews" picture to laugh at hysterically*

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    • Why thank you. ^_^ Um… at the rate I write and at the rate these are piling up, I’m guessing I have enough for a century or two! o.o

      Haha, it’s not the Chess Club who won’t leave me alone, it’s Tare. XD He’s my problem child… >.> Probably part of being my favorite. *COUGH*

      Haha, yes, sounds like you have the same problem! πŸ˜‰ Interesting ideas, all! Ooh, I especially like the idea of an alternate history fantasy thing about disappearances. πŸ˜€


      • Well then, you’ll just have to find the fountain of youth and live a few extra centuries so you can write all the things. XD

        Of course it’s Tare. >.< Why didn't I think of that? TARE, YOU SELFISH CHARRIE, YOU. STOP HOGGING THE SPOTLIGHT. Or, y'know, keep it up, because I love you too much to really mean such a thing. πŸ˜‰

        Thanks! πŸ™‚

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        • Ha, very nice. πŸ˜‰

          Honestly, I’m not sure that Tare cares one way or another what EITHER of us thinks or says. XD
          *Tare looms in the background* “Not true. You’re slandering me. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean that I don’t.”
          Me: Meep. O_O Sorry Tare!


  3. While reading the post I was that very last gif. You poor thing. *pats*
    AND I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONE WITH TOO MANY IDEAS. I have a sci-fi novel in progress, and my Sleeping Beauty retelling, and IDEAS and PLANS for a mystery novella, its sequel, a fairy-tale mashup, a sequel for my Sleeping Beauty retelling, a WWII novel, an epic fantasy series, and I’msodead because I want to WRITE ALL IDEAS but I don’t have time. x____x

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    • IT’S JUST CONFUSING ISN’T IT? O_O Heehee. Thanks for the pats. *pats you back* I love your ideas! (Fairytale mashups!! :D) I hope you’ll be able to write them sometime. Welp, I guess we can just commiserate/congratulate each other together. XD


  4. Do you loan out your misguided fairy godmother?
    I used to be this way, for years and years, and then last year I started writing poetry and short stories and it seems I’ve killed my own novel godmother…
    She’s just not as active anymore and I honestly kinda miss her. lol

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  5. Can I borrow your fairy godmother? I could use a story idea or two for NaNoWriMo right now, so I can start working on figuring out stuff for that. And my darling Lianna (brainkeeper/muse) is doing her best, I think, but she hasn’t been able to catch even a baby plot bunny later, let alone a proper idea.
    Also: you should totally write the writer-Cinderella story sometime. It sounds fabulous.
    Finally: tactic I have heard works for some people: when you get a new story idea, write it down, along with a few extra notes. Then go back to whichever project you are Officially Working On. Continue until you have finished the Official WIP. Pick a new Official WIP. Repeat.
    This generally does work for me, except I tend to do all the writing-down only in my head, and so when I need the story idea later, it’s not there. ‘Tis rather annoying.

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    • You are the third person to ask. XD Umm… I’ll have to find out. o.o I hope you’ll find a plot for NaNo! Lianna sounds wonderful.

      I really want to write it. I’m glad you like the sound of it!

      Oh, I write down stuff. And I don’t USUALLY go right away to write the thing… though it does depend. Lately I’ve been trying to stick more with a single WIP but it’s so haaard. And I can’t seem to finish things even when I do that. -_- Thanks for your advice! I may try harder to do that…

      You should try keeping a writing journal thing! I have one that I put all my random ideas in. πŸ™‚ It takes awhile to get into the habit, but once you do it’s very relieving to know that you’ve written down at least a little so that you’ll remember. ^_^


      • Let me know, ok? Lianna is wonderful (when she’s not distracting me from my schoolwork) but she needs a bit of help right now.
        You’re welcome; I hope my advice does help.
        You’re right. I should. I just have to actually get started on it. πŸ˜›

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  6. THIS. POST. THIS POOOOST. From the absolutely HILARIOUS and PERFECT pictures (seriously, how did you FIND such perfect pics? o.o) to all the insanity of your fairy godmother. I can’t. I just can’t. I’m dead. This is one of my top favorite posts of yours EVER.

    The idea of your fairy godmother is killing me. She totally sounds like Ophelia! xD

    β€œSTORY. STORY! YOU’RE NOT MAKING STORY. YOU’LL BE HAPPIER WITH SOME STORY. MAKE STORY!” *CHOKES* Poor thing. She’s just trying to make her little writer happy.

    KW is 8 stories now! I shouldn’t be excited about this because I know you’re overwhelmed but ALL THE KW!!! Remember that time it was a standalone novel? XD Oh Tare… He just can’t let go, can he? (Like we’d ever want him to!)

    WAIT. HOLD UP. What is this heisty, sequel to Underground Rainbow book starring Kevin???? O___O I HAVE NOT HEARD OF THIS, HAVE I? THIS SOUNDS AMAZING.

    Sorry, sorry! I’m just helping your misguided fairy godmother. But I can’t help it, she gives you such GOOD story ideas! But, no, I’m not helping. So many stories, so little time. Poor Celti!

    We’ll just have to find a way for you to live forever so you can write ALL the things. *griiiins*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaaahh that makes me so happy! Thank you! That makes my day. ^_^ (And… Ummm… I found them by searching Pinterest for hours. XD)

      That’s right, you read Broken Glass! πŸ˜€ (You must read Corroded Thornnnns. <3) Yeah. She means well. πŸ˜‰ It's just a little hard on poor me. XD

      Yup, 8. It's an exhausting thought. πŸ˜› At least this one's only a short story… currently. (And I'm just pretending my vague idea for another novella/novel isn't real… *COUGHCOUGH*) A standalone novel. Oh my goodness. *chokes* It's hard to remember those days… *giggle* Yeah, Tare seems to have a lot of adventures waiting to be told, so… guess I'll have to write 'em! *shrug*

      You haven't heard of it because it's only a vague nebulous thing. Partly because there's no plot and partly because I know I'd never be genius enough to come up with a heisty plot. But he IS a painter so I was thinking somebody wants him to use his skills to forge a painting… or something. There could be modern heisty stuff AND fantasy things. Because I kind of want a spin-off about him and I want a heisty story but this way I could put them together and wouldn't have to come up with a new character? But it's still super vague and might never happen.

      You're my fairy godmother's co-conspirator, you are! XD But I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for being so supportive of all the ideas. ^_^

      Ha, yeah, fabulous. XD *totally read your "griiiins" as "griffins"*


  7. I know how you feel. I’ve been hit with more story ideas this year than in my entire life. It’s overwhelming….

    But all of you ideas sound fantabulous! I hope you get time to write them. πŸ˜€

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  8. This made me chuckle. πŸ™‚ Your blogposts are basically the best things. And, um, I will totally borrow your fairy godmother if you don’t want her anymore. πŸ˜€ I hope you manage to write all of your stories (somehow, because it is a rather lot), because they all sound amazing!

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