Fall 2015 Books

Today is the first day of Autumn! Yayness! Can you feel it in the air? Maybe? Almost? …Ahem. Autumn just kind of excites me because it’s not going to be as HOT and it feels adventurous and it smells nice and feels nice and of course NaNo will be soon and… you get the picture. I LIKE AUTUMN. There.

Also, yesterday (Sept. 22) was Bilbo and Frodo’s birthday. Couldn’t let that go un-noted… HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS. (Yes, I always celebrate the Long Expected Party, even if it’s just by thinking about it.)

I’ve heard it called Hobbit Day… and yesterday for it, Rebekah @ Wordsmithing and Worldbuilding posted possibly my favorite Middle-earth-ish post ever.

Everyone, go read it.

Fans of Tolkien and Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth: read the post because you will understand and it will ring true (no pun intended).

Non-fans: read the post because it will show you why you should become a fan and read the books.

I just love that post a lot and it reminded me again of all the reasons why The Lord of the Rings is my favorite book and Tolkien my favorite author, and… it made my soul happy. ^_^ ❤


And now, with a new season, once again, it’s time for some book anticipation…


Here is a list of books coming out this Autumn that look interesting to me!


The Poisoned CureDeborah Dunlevy

September 8, 2015

Okay, so this one is technically already out, and before Autumn officially hits. But still! I’m so very very excited about this! I need to get my hands on it. NEED. The first book in the series, The Book of Sight, was one of those random free Kindle downloads I did a lot of when I first got my Kindle app. Except that this one I actually read it. And loved it so much that I actually bought the second and third book. (Bought. This is the person who doesn’t buy books very often, especially not e-books.) And I actually read them. And I’ve been waiting on the edge of my seat for the fourth to release — and I hear there’s going to be a fifth, which makes me all kinds of excited!

Six of Crows – Leigh Bardugo

September 29, 2015

I know nothing about this except it’s apparently set in the same world as Shadow and Bone which I know nothing about except that it’s quite popular and several people I know seem to love it so I want to perhaps try it… But Six of Crows is on my wishlist because it sounds like an awesome fantasy heisty book. What is not to like? No idea if it’s cool or not but it certainly sounds cool…


The Sunken Realm – Serena Chase

September 30, 2015

Ever since I finished reading The Seahorse Legacy, I’ve basically been dying to read the conclusion. So… yes. Though I do hear that The Seahorse Legacy was kind of redone, so I must read that again as well! Bwahaha. ALL OF THE EPIC PIRATENESS. And and aaaaand… CAZIEN. ‘Nuff said. ❤

A Thousand Nights – E. K. Johnson

October 6, 2015

In this case, I’m entirely guilty of cover-love. I totally am only interested in it because of its gorgeous cover. Well, that and I think it’s a retelling of Arabian Nights which just sounds awesome because retellings! I have no idea if it will be any good or not though.

The Golden BraidMelanie Dickerson

November 17, 2015

Another medieval fairytale retelling of Hagenheim from Melanie Dickerson! I’ve loved previous installments in the series, and I keep hearing there are secrets and surprises in store for this one… Plus, THAT COVER. ❤ Needless to say, I’m very excited! Also, Rapunzel. It will be interesting to see how it’s retold in this tale!

Defying ShadowsAshley Townsend

November 2015

This is the sequel to Chasing Shadows, which I reviewed. I’m curious what will happen next with the romance and timey-wimey stuff and Robin-Hood hints and that ending of Chasing Shadows… Yes. Very curious… (Also scared of how it will turn out. But still curious. XD)

So there you are! What I’m looking forward to. I probably won’t manage to get hold of them all, but y’know me and my lists. 😉 It’s still fun, right?

Are you excited about any of these? (Aren’t they pretty covers?? #shallowbookworm)

Any you hadn’t heard of before?

And what are you excited for coming out this Fall? 🙂

ALSO IT’S FALL, GUYS. FAAAAAAAAALL! ❤ *throws leaves spontaneously*

21 thoughts on “Fall 2015 Books

  1. YES FALL. And also The Golden Braid. *squeals of happiness* AND WINTER I AM DYING FOR WINTER. The book in The Lunar Chronicles, and the season. (Because Christmas and my birthday.) I have to wait until November for Winter the book!!!! *moaning*
    I also might have a book coming out towards the beginning of December…

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  2. Ohmygosh I love fall too. I honestly don’t know why I love it so much. Because I love it anytime the scenery changes to something new and the weather changes. I love that it’s cooler for sure. But something about autumn/fall just makes me feel inspired, creative and excited. Like I’m siting here in my other office just smiling like I’m insane because I’m just so excited! It feels like there’s so much opportunity.

    Yay! Happy birthday Frodo and Bilibo! *goes over to read the Middle Earth post*

    I’m excited to try and get a copy of A Thousand Nights as well, that cover man! It’s calling my name. 😀 The other books I haven’t really heard of but I will now be looking them up on Goodreads.

    yay fall!! *throws leaves like confetti* 😀

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    • Yesss! All of those reasons! ^_^

      A Thousand Nights, just… so gorgeous! *drools*

      Also most of the books I linked their titles directly to their goodreads pages so you won’t have to “look them up” if you just click them. XD

      *dances in leaf confetti* (That should totally be a thing.)

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  3. I celebrate Hobbit Day/The Long Expected Party as well- though yesterday didn’t get as much celebration as I would’ve liked. I had plans to dress up, but ended up going shopping instead. (And as it was clothes shopping, my cape would’ve been rather inconvenient.) So instead I just started on rereading FotR.

    Great TBR list! Most of these I haven’t seen, but I’ll definitely look into some.

    Also, YES FALL. Fall is fabulous.

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  4. I’m really excited for Winter by Marissa Meyer. BUT I’M REALLY NERVOUS SOMEONE’S GONNA DIE. 😦 i also can’t wait for Neverseen, the fourth book in a middle-grade fantasy series i love…it’s a little fluffy sometimes, but I’m very attached to it. 😀 oh, and Ice Like Fire, the sequel to Snow Like Ashes, is coming out too soon. YAAAAAYZ. 😀
    Those are some pretty covers!

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    • Haha, I hear that EVERYONE’s excited for that one. XD Oh no, I hope no one dies! D: *looks up Neverseen books* Ooh, sounds interesting! 😀 *discovers the first three are at my library* Hmm. I may have found a new series to try. 😉 Yay for new releases and shiny covers. ^_^

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  5. I actually managed to get a hold of an ARC of Six of Crows last month – and I. LOVED. IT!! 🙂 Not only was the story itself fantastic, but the POV characters were each engaging in their own way, with lots of diversity between them (nationality, religious beliefs, etc.). So I hope you enjoy it, too!! And definitely check out the Grisha Trilogy that came before it, too.

    As for me, I’m looking forward to THIS MONSTROUS THING by Mackenzi Lee, which is a YA historical steampunk “retelling” of Frankenstein; THE WEIGHT OF FEATHERS by Anna-Maria McLemore, which (I think?) is YA magical realism set in a circus; and THE VIOLINIST OF VENICE by Alyssa Palombo, just for a healthy dose of historical fiction in between all the speculative fiction. 😉

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  6. IT’S FALL!!!!!!
    Except…the temperature hasn’t gotten the memo yet. >.> It’s still quite hot outside. Boooo. But we’re seeing very vague hints of fall trying to break through, so maybe soon! BUT I LOVE FALL!!! It DOES feel adventurous, I feel the exact same way! It’s probably NaNo’s fault. Lol. But one can actually get out and take walks and stuff (ya know, without dying of heat strokes) and drink hot drinks and wear boots and YESH. I just love it all so much. Fall is my favorite season!

    Happy birthday to our dear Frodo and Bilbo! Seriously, where would we be without our heroes?
    (Also I’m totally about to go check out that post because it sounds like I NEED to read it.)

    Ooooh, booooooks! *drools* But really, these all look GORGEOUS. Sadly, I’ve hardly heard of any of them, but they absolutely look like my kind of reads! I keep staring at The Golden Braid cover. I mean… O___O So much pretty. Okay, yes, definitely need to check some of these out. That Books of Sight series is especially intriguing me. And OF COURSE I’m anticipating Defying Shadows!

    Thanks for sharing! Oh how I love seeing new, pretty books. #alsoshallowbookworm

    *celebrates fall with you* 😀

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    • I know, right? Weather… sooo behind the times. Sheesh. 😛
      YESH ALL OF THOSE REASONS. Fall is awesome. ^_^ I’m glad you agree! 😀
      It’s suuuch a good post. ❤
      Well, I'm rather an obscure book finder. XD THE GOLDEN BRAID IS GORGEOUS YES. The Book of Sight actually reminds me of my own Kedran's Wood books a tiny bit. The closest I've ever read, anyway. I likey that book. ^_^ Defying Shadows! *flails* Though I've heard actually that the release date might move a few months later… but still! 🙂
      FAAAAAAALLL! *frolics in leaves*


  7. Yay, Fall!!!! It’s my favorite!

    I haven’t heard of most of these, but I’ve seen the cover for The Sunken Realm floating around and I would read it for the cover alone. Also, pirates. 🙂 The rest of these sound lovely.

    Happy, happy Autumn to you 🙂

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  8. *Blushes* Thank you for the super nice support and comments about my Tolkien post! That was so sweet of you 🙂 Lord of the Rings is still my first, best love, and I spent a lot of time trying to condense that mad-fangirl love into something a little more, I don’t know, sensible?
    Fall is (maybe this is obvious) my other favorite thing. I would be happy with a year round Autumn (or maybe a month of the other seasons, just to be nice). Leaves, colors, the AIR, adventuring – It’s all autumn to me.
    I have a copy of “A Thousand Nights,” sitting on my floor, actually (my TBR floor pile #1). I really liked Six of Crows (reviewed it on my blog, too) – though I had some minor quibbles. The rest are new to me, but I am an unashamed #shallowbookworm myself, when it comes to pretty covers.
    So thanks for the new books to look at (and probably add to my immense TBR list).

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    • *flails* I just loooved your post! ❤ Same, and I seem to have lost touch with it a little even though I still LOVE it, and really need to reread the books, but something about your post just… REMINDED me… DEEPLY… about my love for Middle-earth. So thank you. ^_^
      Huzzah for Fall! I agree with all those reasons as well!
      Aaahh, cool! 😀 Ooh, I want to read Six of Crows so bad! *must dash off to find your review*
      Heehee, you're welcome! 😉 PRETTY COVERS. ALL THE BOOKS.
      Happy Fall to you too!


  9. I AM EXCITED ABOUT SIX OF CROWS!! I was excited anyway because I looove the Grisha world…but then I heard it was about heists and stealing things and omg, this changes everything. I NEED IT IN MY HANDS RIGHT NOW. *hyperventilates* Also I love that cover of The Poison Cure!!! Although I have to admit I didn’t think A Thousand Nights was any good. *hangs head* It was just too much telling instead of like an actual story where stuff went down for me. BUT WHO KNOWS. MAYBE YOU’LL LOVE IT! 😀 The cover is endlessly gorgeous.

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    • YES EXACTLY! 😀 *shares in your heist love* Heisty things are LIFE! ❤

      Yeah, I saw that you'd didn't care as much for A Thousand Nights, which made me sad… But hey, it's a reTELLING not a reSHOWING so. XD I still hope I'll like it! Now I just have to get my hands on it oh my goodness! *flail*


      Thanks for stopping by. ^_^


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