August Ishness {2015}


Another month has come and gone, so Ishness once more comes our way!

It was WAY too hot again, but it also rained — yay! I mean… I hear tell it was rain. I mean… there were, like, drops of water falling out of the sky. Like… lots of drops. And the weather cooled off and it wasn’t scorching and… it was… wet. For a couple of days. Like… who knew that water fell out of the sky — ISN’T THAT A MYTH? O_O (Ahem. Okay, so maybe it’s not THAT dry around here… BUT STILL.)

Of course it’s hot again NOW, so… So much for that. I WANT IT TO BE AUTUMN, FOLKS. I really do. Of course, then I’ll freeze in 70 degrees… (Seriously, it was 70 and I was COLD. :P) But OH WELL, I guess I can’t win. XD

But enough about the weather… I feel like I got a lot accomplished in August! I’m a happy little writer. ^_^


For one thing, I wrote 16,000 words in August. Which makes me very happy. πŸ™‚

9d7f4ec3b9d76b65b071b3a86e7a5fbcFirstly… I finished writing my contemporary / mystery / slight romance short story Darkling Reflections!!!

Excuse me while I go run around in reckless circles screaming with ecstatic abandon.

I fiiiiiinished it! I’m so very very proud of me and I love it to death, and it was 11,000 ish words — which is long for a short story but still short, so I’m happy — and it’s kind of gorgeous and I’ve never written anything like it, and I NEVER finish writing stories, so I’m just happy and in love with it. ❀


That just… called for a little excitement. >.>

I actually did write a summary for it, so here it is:

Darkling Reflections

A young heiress left alone in the world finds solace in her melancholy by nightly visiting the restaurant she always went to with her father, where she pours her overflowing thoughts into scribbles on napkins. Between avoiding the man who wants to marry her, trying to uncover the mystery of her father’s death, continually running into a mysterious young man in a trench coat, and forgetting to smile at the waiters, she’s keeping quite busy. But there’s still a murderer out there, who will stop for neither rain nor romance.

KW2coverPI also started really writing in The Secret of Kedran’s Wood (KW2) again for the first time since… February. I feel really good about that too! All of the productive feelings!

And I roughly outlined my Sleeping Beauty idea, The Rose and the Raven (not sure if I’ll be doing anything with it yet or not…).

I started some preliminary plotting work on The Silver Forest (this year’s upcoming NaNo Novel; please tell me how NaNo is only 2 months away…), like NAMING ALL THE CHARACTERS. Yes, I’m excited about that. *huggles all the Irish-sounding names* Like, I have a Prince Finnigan. (Come on, tell me that’s not cool??) I’ve gotten a tiny glimpse of the characters I’m having in this ENORMOUS cast this NaNo and I’m ridiculously excited. I’m going to have so much fun (if I survive NaNo and can manage that many characters, of course… Eheh).

Twelve Dancing Princesses ❀ (Pinterest)


I took up crocheting again! I hadn’t in YEARS but somehow I got it in my head that I wanted a purse/book bag combination thing and that I could make one… So I did. I kind of love it and feel like it turned out remarkably well, considering I probably hadn’t crocheted a thing in like five years, and that I made it up out of my head and kind of winged the whole thing, hoping it would turn out… Behold its beauty.


(The blue part is actually much darker than that; my camera's flash has delusions of grandeur and thinks everything is only as it shows it, not how it truly is, and thinks it should be a bright neon blue; but it isn't.)

(The blue part is actually much darker than that; my camera’s flash has delusions of grandeur and thinks everything is only as it shows it, not how it truly is, and thinks it should be a bright neon blue; but it isn’t.)


Wow, what a weird collection of stuff I’ve been watching… Sci-fi, western, and period fantasy…

moviesaug2015I finished rewatching all of the Star Wars movies to prep for the new one, which was fun. December is soon! I forgot how much I love Obi-wan in the prequel trilogy and Han in the original trilogy. HAN SOLO. SO MUCH SNARK. I love him and young-Obi so much. ❀ (Also Chewie and R-2 are adorable and I love the lizard thing that Obi rides in Episode III. Want one, I do. Also, Yoda.)

I also watched some of this old western TV show about Jim Bowie, which was fun, and saw the BBC mini series version of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, which was… interesting. (CHILDERMASS. I know, nobody’s read that book let alone seen the show, so nobody understands me when I fangirl…)


I also got dozens of books from a friend who was moving and was incredibly nice and gave them to me. Like… how do I even express my feelings. ❀


These are a few of the books I’m most excited to read.

Speaking of books…

I FINISHED READING PLENILUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plenilune Cover SingleYes, that requires caps-lock and that many exclamation points. It does. Seriously though, I’d been in that book since Christmas. It took me almost eight months to read it. I thought I would NEVER be done. But I was determined to finish it in August so I set myself a goal to read a chapter a day and I did it and finished early and just AAAHH I feel so free and so accomplished for making it through that monstrously large book! *happy flailing* Yes, it was worth it, in case you were wondering, simply because of Dammerung, who is a FABULOUS character, one of my favorites of ever. Dammerung is the best. That is all. ❀

I read these books in August. SO MANY BOOKS. I feel accomplished.


  • A Wish Made of Glass, which I reviewed on the blog. Cinderella-ish and fey things and delicious writing! 5 stars.
  • Mixed on the Twelve Dancing Princesses Tales From Around the World collection. Fairytales are dark, y’all. πŸ˜› Also not all of them were really 12DP but just shared themes. But still interesting, and useful research for my NaNo novel this year! Also Irish fairytales are the best because HUMOR. I kinda reviewed that on Goodreads. 3 stars?
  • Plenilune I already talked about but it gets 5 stars just because DAMMERUNG.
  • The Ankulen was… interesting. Hadn’t read anything like it before. 4 stars. (Reviewed it on Goodreads…)
  • House of Many Ways I reread, which means I’ve successfully reread the entire Howl trilogy this year and LKDJLFKJSDKJL I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. ❀ This one is hilarious and I love it. Also Twinkle. I WANT MY THTWIPEY ONETH. That is all. 5 stars (duh).
  • Loot: How to Steal a Fortune was a random YA heisty book from the library. It was enjoyable and had some fun heisty/con things but… I think something was missing. I don’t know. It was still fun though. 3 stars.
  • Enchanted Glass I also randomly got from the library because DIANA WYNNE JONES. Magical fun ensued. 5 stars (all the Diana Wynne Jones things get five stars).
  • Captive of Raven Castle. I reviewed this on Goodreads too… It was enjoyable. 4 stars.
  • Veiled Rose – I FINALLY FINISHED THIS. I started it in April so I’m so glad to be done. Of course, I’d read Heartless eons ago, so I hardly remember it so the parts that linked up with that I didn’t get as much out of as I should… But Leo and Rose Red are adorable, especially as kids, and Leo’s a mess now and laksdflkdj I need Moonblood this instant. (Also pink frogs falling from trees and I love you I love you. XD) 5 stars.
  • I read one of the novellas in Five Enchanted Roses last month, but I got around to the rest recently. It’s very convenient how there are five different star ratings and five different stories; I assigned a different rating to each. Stone Curse is still my favorite. ❀ The others were varying levels of enjoyable. *shrug* The overall still gets 5 stars because of Stone Curse (I LOVED IT SO MUCH) but the actual rating apparently would average 3 because of a 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 star rating… Anyways I added review-ish thoughts on Goodreads.

Nightstand Books (September)

Nightstand Books is done monthly by Jenelle and D.J. — join them usually the first Wednesday of the month (I know, I tend to rebel and be early…) and share your own nightstand books if you wish!

And heeeere is my Nightstand Book(s) of the month:


YES! I’m only in the middle of ONE book right now and I feel so happy and accomplished that I finished all those books I was in and wanted to read in August! *happy flailing* I happen to be on page 50 and Percy only FINALLY arrived so I assume the story will pick up now. It’s fun and funny though, and has that “classics” feel that usually means I don’t have a CLUE what’s going on but I assume it’s probably brilliant and over my head. (Robert Louis Stevenson does that to me ALL the time and it’s fascinating.) I plan to finish The Scarlet Pimpernel ASAP and then to leisurely decide what to read next and try not to be in the middle of ten dozen books at the same time ever again. (Ahem. We’ll see how that goes…)

In other news, I seem to have re-discovered my addiction of parentheses. Sorry ’bout that. πŸ˜›


So! That was my August. No idea what September holds, yet, except that it’s going to be insanely busy. It’s rather a frightening thought…

Also! I’m going to be internet-less this coming extended weekend and very busy beforehand, so… if I’m not around, that is why. But I have something super fun and (hopefully) exciting coming up on the blog next week on Wednesday, so stay tuned!

21 thoughts on “August Ishness {2015}

  1. AHHH CONGRATULATIONS FOR FINISHINGGG! ❀ Seriously, nothing else feels better than completing a written work. I'm so prouddd. πŸ˜€

    And, dude. o.o You're amazing at crocheting. I've done a little bit, but NOWHERE even close to making a book bag. That's awesome. xD

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations on finishing Darkling Reflections! Can I read it sometime? Maybe? Please? And your NaNoWriMo novel sounds fabulous (yay, Irish names!) and you should definitely write your Sleeping Beauty retelling.
    Also: how big is that bag you made? It looks really nice. *nods*
    Finally: “I WANT MY THTWIPEY ONETH.” I know exactly what you mean and I doubled over silent-laughing in front of the computer- it’s a good thing my mom is used to me acting weird when I’m online, or else she probably would’ve wondered if there was something wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! You may read it! πŸ™‚ I’ll have to email you…

      Thank you! I’ve very excited about my NaNo. XD

      Um… I don’t know how big it is exactly. o.o Something like eight inches tall and… ten inches to a foot long? Something like that. I made it so that it would be big enough to fit pretty much any book I’d want to carry. πŸ™‚

      THTWIPEY ONETH. I’m sooo glad you got the reference. XD Twinkle is fabulous. ❀ Glad I could induce some silent-laughing. πŸ˜‰ Diana Wynne Jones humor is the BEST.


  3. Ooh! I love your ishness button! Is that new, I don’t remember seeing it before? Hey, can I use your ishness blog idea? I really enjoy them and would love to participate (I would, of course, give credit).

    Yay for finishing books! πŸ™‚ Writing and reading!! πŸ™‚ You had a very productive August!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Celti Ishness pooost! *dances*
    And the Ishness banner. :O Love so much!!!

    There’s so much awesomeness here. Look at all the things you got done in August, you amazing person you! DARKLING REFLECTIONS AND KW2!!! *FLAILS* And plotting all the wonderful fairytale thiiings. (Okay, that picture of the slippers was so gorgeous I literally just went and pinned it. It needed to be pinned.) Prince Finnigan is EPIIIIIC. GAH. I’m so excited about this story!

    Oh, oh, oh! It’s your crocheted bag! (A bunch of the stuff I asked about in my last email is right here in this post and it’s awesome. xD) CELTI. IT IS SO PERFECT AND PROFESSIONAL LOOKING. You’ve got some serious skills, girl! It’s so cute and the perfect place to keep your books all comfy and cozy. So much love! ❀

    All the boooooks. o.o *pets them* Wait, wait, wait. Have you never read The Door Within trilogy? Because I LOOOOVE that trilogy. I've been meaning to reread it because it was so long ago when I first read them and I've forgotten TONS. But I do remember them being absolutely amazing.

    So many wonderful books! You had an awesome month of reading! And I've been so shamefully inactive on GoodReads I didn't realize you've reviewed a bunch of these. I need to go read your reviews because I'm curious on your thoughts on almost ALL these!

    Okay, I need to end this before I wrote a whole blog post length of a comment here (maybe too late). But there was just so much amazing in this post and I can't help but flail.

    Here's to an amazing September! (That will hopefully bring cooler weather…)

    Also, TWINKLE. ❀ ❀ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaahh, thank you! ^_^ I just… wanted to make a banner thing and that’s how it came out. πŸ˜€

      Yay for pinning! I’m so glad you’re excited for it–I am too!

      (Haha, yeah… πŸ˜› At least you get answers sooner. XD) Thanks! *flails happily* I’m kind of pleased with how it turned out. ^_^ Though it’s already less “perfect” and more battered. XD But it’s meant to be used, so that’s okay. πŸ˜›

      Noooope. I haven’t read The Door Within yet. o.o I keep MEANING to buuuut… never happened. I’ve read one Wayne Thomas Batson (Isle of Swords) and liked it, so I’m looking forward to this one… especially now I know my Lauri loves them! ^_^

      I haven’t actually been super active on Goodreads either. o.o But I have been reviewing stuff more than I usually do! *gasp*

      Nooo, I love your long comments! Thank you for flailing!! ^_^

      I hope you have a wonderful September toooo!



  5. R-2 is my favorite character in all of Star Wars!

    Okay, now that that’s out. CONGRATS! Finishing a story is immensely exciting! Longish short, shortish long, whatever, stories are stories! πŸ˜€ And it sounds fascinating.

    Plenilune sounds so interesting. I’ve always wanted to read it!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love how much character he has despite only speaking in beeps and having no face. It’s awesome. XD

      Thank you! Yes, I love finishing things — it’s such a great feeling. ^_^

      It IS interesting! I don’t know if it would be your cup of tea (it certainly wouldn’t be everyone’s) but I enjoyed it, at least. πŸ™‚ It’s super unique!


  6. Congratulations on finishing your short story, Deborah! And your purse is adorable! I love the design.

    You’re reading The Scarlet Pimpernel! That’s one of my favorite classics! It’s a really fun story.

    Liked by 1 person

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