Ishness of July: Otters, Hummingbirds, Retellings and Skyships

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It’s AUGUST! Guys. Guys. Did I hear myself correctly? August. AUGUST?

Sorry, I tend to repeat myself when I get confused.

Half of me is freaking out that we’re so far into the year (wasn’t it April yesterday??), and yet the other half is staring at the new calendar page in a sort of delight of new-month-itis, which is what makes me really happy when I get to write “August 1” in flowy script in my writing journal and reading log, ready for a fresh start. It feels nice, I tell ya.


Yes, I’m a confused being.

(Plus, I always get June and July mixed up and tend to  think of them as vaguely one really long month, so it’s nice to be back to a month I can actually keep straight. Maybe that’s just me.)

But look: July is over! I don’t have the tiniest inkling of how THAT happened, since last I knew it was the Fourth of July and I still had big plans for the month… *cough* Yeah. That clearly didn’t happen. I think this last month was gone in record time, which is freaking me out.

But! You’re obviously not here to watch me freak out (or ARE you…? *wriggles eyebrows*) but to see what ishness I’ve been up to this past month! So let’s see…

July Things

I’ve been up to summery things like:

  • Celebrating Independence Day
  • Swimming
  • Going to the zoo (OTTERS. OTTERS ARE THE BEST THING EVER. OTTERRRRRRRS! ❤ That is all.)

(from pinterest)

And let’s not forget the most important one:

  • Dying of the heat because SUMMER

Seriously. It is so so hot. *steals Alaska to wrap round self like the opposite of a coat* (Because coats are for keeping you warm…? Okay, that analogy ran away from me.)

Oh! And I finally got to see the movie Epic! Oh my goodness, it was so adorable and fun and pretty! I kind of loved it to bits — aaahhh! And Ronin is so so fabulous (and I want his accent. And his awesomeness. And his hummingbird. Basically I want to be Ronin). AND THE HUMMINGBIRDS. HUMMINGBIIIIIIIIIIIRDS. I wanna ride a hummingbird so much. ❤

(from pinterest)


I wrote a pitiful 3000 words in July… Half of that was for my Kedran’s Wood short story Return to McAllistair Mansion… AND I FINISHED IT. I’m very proud of me. I finished a short story! Yayyy!


(Okay, so it’s technically not too short-story-ish, in that it doesn’t have a plot but is just three related scenes about Tare between books 1 and 2, and also featuring a character I’d never written before, which meant I spent most of it trying to figure out what said character was like. BUT STILL.)

The other half of the  3000 words was miscellaneous snatches of five other stories. Yup. Scattered, this month.

But this was, primarily, the month of brainstorming. All of my stories exploded in my head, which caused a mess but was fairly awesome. (Okay, that may be exaggerating. Maybe not ALL of them. But several.)

  • I’ve been doing a ton of brainstorming for The Silver Forest, my upcoming Twelve Dancing Princesses NaNo… I still need a more concrete plot, but I have ideas, which is a start, and I got around to naming the oodles of characters I now have. It’s going to be awesome.
  • rrpinterest

    (from pinterest)

    Also, my old idea for a Sleeping Beauty retelling, called The Rose and the Raven, finally clicked, so it has a plot now, which excites me a ton and makes me want to write it. Seriously, some delicious plot twists. Bwahaha! I kind of adore it a lot. ❤ [PINTEREST BOARD]

  • I also had breakthroughs on The Invisible Mask and Heartseeker! So, yay! That’s kind of exciting. My problem childs these days. (Hush, childs is totally a word.)
  • I also had an idea for a new story. Yay. (No, I don’t actually know if that was sarcasm or not.) It’s a modern Cinderella story about a writer, set during NaNo. I’m kind of super excited about this one too. But it will probably not see the light of day for a few more years, especially since I’m still half pretending it doesn’t exist… (I HAVE TOO MANY STORY IDEAS OKAY.)
  • And miscellaneous stuff on some other stories.

(from Pinterest)

But mostly, my new idea for a Steampunk retelling of The Little Mermaid exploded in my face.

This thing is so big and epic now that I may have a panic attack from all the awesome. *SQUEEEEEEEEEEE* I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I almost considered switching to writing it for this NaNo instead of The Silver Forest, but I decided ultimately against it because I’m going to want to take my time with The Siren and the Skyship (which is its title) and just have wayyyyy too much fun with it.

The Siren and the Skyship is kind of my favorite thing ever right now. I’M JUST RIDICULOUSLY EXCITED AND LOVE IT SO MUCH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH.

(from Pinterest)

[Pinterest Board for The Siren and the Skyship]

So, yeah. Not much actual writing but SO much awesomeness in the brainstorming department. I think it was more of a brainhurricane.



Yeahhh, that was a fairly slow month of reading for this year. I was mostly reading things for review.

  • I obviously reviewed Chasing Shadows and Corroded Thorns on the bloggy.
  • Castle in the Air was a reread, sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle. HMC is my second-favorite book ever (after The Lord of the Rings), and Castle in the Air is also a delight — aaahh! ❤ So much hilariousness! It was awesome getting to read it again now that I know all the plot twists and secrets. >:D
  • I also read all of Five Glass Slippers, which I’m proud of me for accomplishing. I just reviewed it on Goodreads in case you’re curious what I thought of it; Broken Glass is still my favorite, followed by The Moon Master’s Ball! (Scatter the white mouse. SCATTER THE WHITE MOUSE. I LOVED HIM SO MUUUUUUUCH. *incoherent squeeing fangirl noises mixed with sobbing*)
  • And it doesn’t count because I haven’t finished reading Five Enchanted Roses but I DID read one novella from there to review it, namely Stone Curse.

So I kind of read 7 novellas and 2 novels this month. *nod nod* That doesn’t sound quite so bad, I guess… 😉

August Nightstand Books

I know, I know, I’m early on this again. But I can’t help it! You can join in on the Nightstand Books blog meme the first Wednesday of every month along with Jenelle and D.J. 🙂

Here’s mine:


You may recognize a pattern by now…

  • I’m going to finish Plenilune this month if it KILLS me. (Look for a figurative obituary soon starring yours truly… *cough*) BUT I’M GOING TO. I WILL I WILL.
  • Yes, I’m still in Veiled Rose too–I’m determined to finish it as well!
  • House of Many Ways I’m going to get to reread, so I’m excited for that!
  • And I still need to finish The Scarlet Pimpernel, but I like the three chapters I’ve read so far… XD

And we’ll just ignore the five ebooks I want to read or finish as well. *shifty eyes* Yeah. They’re not on my nightstand so they don’t count. 😉

(And we’ll also ignore how busy I’m going to be and the fact I might have even less time for reading than last month… *cough*)

August plans?

I don’t even know… I feel like I really have to get EVERYTHING done this next month because September and October look to be insanely busy and we’re not even going to SPEAK of November… So if I don’t catch up on certain things I’m going to be behind the rest of the year. Heh. Wish me luck! XD

So! There’s a (very long) update on my life!

(Basically, I want a hummingbird to ride and an otter for a pet and an intelligent loyal white mouse for a friend.)

How was your July? Any plans for August?

Did you do Camp NaNo? How did it go?


20 thoughts on “Ishness of July: Otters, Hummingbirds, Retellings and Skyships

  1. Yes it was April yesterday. 😀
    3000 words is not pitiful, it’s words! Yay you! I wrote like 8k? I think? Probably less… so we can join together in not having a lot done. OTTERS! Ugh yes, this heat. It needs to be over. 😛 As for my plans for this month, I have no fricken clue. *sigh* I’m burned out right now. Hopefully I’ll feel better when I get back to my home. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I’m glad to hear that. XD
      Thank you! ^_^ And whoa–8k is awesome!! 😀 GO YOU.
      Otters are the best. ❤
      I don't know where you are right now, but I betcha Texas is hotter. XD
      Aw, I'm sorry. 😦 I hope your burned-out-ness will get better! Yeah, being away kind of adds to that. 😉


  2. My son used to start his prayers every single night with “God, thank you for otters . . .” It cracked me and my husband up so much . . . but it was so sweet. He apparently agrees with you that otters are the best 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. NO IT IS NOT AUGUST. I AM IN DENIAL. And yet I agree with EVERYTHING you just said. June and July are confusing and get smushed together in my head, so at least that’s out of the way. AND there’s the excitement of a new month and fresh starts. New-month-itis, yes! xD You’re the best.

    OTTERS! ❤

    Oh my word, your Alaska analogy is killing me!!! HILARIOUS.

    Girl, 3k in a month is GOOD. Besides, LOOK at all the plotting you've been doing! You got sooo much done in July!! Totally a brainhurricane! (Have I mentioned lately how much I love the way you put things?)

    Now that is a pretty list of books! And hey, I read basically…nothing all July. Your stack is not bad, trust me!

    "Basically, I want a hummingbird to ride and an otter for a pet and an intelligent loyal white mouse for a friend."

    I LOVE THIS POST AND YOU!!! *hugs* You're gonna survive August and make it awesome, I know you will! (Even though it's not August. Nooo. *still in denial*)

    Liked by 1 person

    • *in-denials with you*

      YES OTTERS ❤

      D'aww, thank you. ^_^


      *huggles back* I will try, anyway! We will make August totally awesome! 😀


  4. I agree that July went by too fast. But August is exciting because it’s my birthday month!!

    OTTERS!!!!!!! They are the best!!! Sea otters are adorable too! They hold hands when they sleep so they don’t float apart! ISN’T THAT THE BEST EVERR?? *cough*

    Also- I want this steampunk Little Mermaid of yours!! It sounds awesome! Best title ever! 🙂 And one can never have too many story ideas. July bequeathed at least two new story ideas upon me, and my NaNo project inspired a future Rapunzel retelling in the same universe. Possible a Snow White one too. Writer probs. 😛

    I want to cuddle an otter now….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, happy early birthday! ^_^

      Yes, I’ve heard that about sea otters AND YES IT’S ADORABLE. I love otters so much. ❤

      Thank you! And yes, I guess there can never be too many… BUT STILL. Ooh, I like the sound of those! Your Sleeping Beauty sounds AWESOME so two others in the same universe? SO COOL.

      Liked by 1 person

    • YAY! Isn’t it?? ❤

      Um… okay then. o.o I've actually thought vaguely about it but don't really want to enter… BUT I was thinking that since everyone ELSE will be writing their Sleeping Beauty retellings for the next few months, I should totally write mine now, regardless of contesting or not, just so I don't get accidentally influenced by the sudden influx of SB tales! XD

      Are you writing for the Rooglewood contest? 🙂


  5. EXCUSE ME BUT DID YOU JUST SAY CINDERELLA IN MODERN DAY WHO IS A WRITER? EXCUSE ME BUT. WRITE THIS. NOW. AND THEN LET ME READ IT BECAUSE AFJDKSLA THAT SOUNDS SO SO AMAZING. *calms self* XD But I toootally understand the “too many ideas” problem. That is me. I have this fantasy I’m dyyying to write once I finish edits. But. So many other books. I also have an icy dragon book that NEEDS ME. So how is one to choose?! AGh. Life is ahrd.
    I hope you get through Plentitude! I’m reading Harry Potter 5 which is, um, 700-pages long. WAY TOO LONG. I’m bored 99% of the time. -_- SHhh don’t tell the avid fans that.
    And I agree that June/ July are entirely too confusing. They should have different names or SOMETHING. I always mess them up. xD But then I mess September and August up too. -_- The only Months I’m confident about are December and January. *nods* I have problems. x)

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES I DID. I totally need to write it for some NaNo someday… I’m glad you like the idea! 😀

      YOU SHOULD WRITE THE FANTASY AND THE ICE DRAGON. Yes. Write both of them. Like… this month.

      HP books are SOOO long which is one of the main reasons I haven’t read them yet. I’M TERRIFIED OF LONG BOOKS. But good luck–you can make it! *cheers you on*

      INDEED. They should at least have a different number of letters and not, y’know, both start with “Ju”! o.o Well. December and January are easy to differentiate because of being in different years. 😀


  6. So many fairytale retelling ideas. XD I myself got one this past month — a Sleeping Beauty retelling with a good dose of mystery and autumn-ishness and family reunions and stuffs. Maybe if I’m able to write it into a story in time I might look into submitting for Rooglewood’s contest . . .
    I won Camp NaNo, and I’m really happy about that. Although I read only one book last month. Shameful, I know. But I’m hoping to read more this month. =D

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ooh, that SB sounds really cool! You should totally write it for the contest!! 😀
      YAY CONGRATS ON WINNING CAAAAMP!!!! ^_^ That is so so awesome! Good for you! 😀 And pfft, I never read hardly ANYTHING during a NaNo month, so that’s perfectly acceptable. 😉 But it’s always great to get to read again after one hasn’t for awhile! Happy reading! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. A steampunk Little Mermaid retelling????? THAT SOUNDS AMAZING. 😀 i have an idea for a little mermaid retelling, set in the same universe as Broken Glass and Corroded Thorns. Instead of a whiny little mermaid it’s going to have a whiny little mer-prince named Aurelian….hehehe. 😛 I don’t know when I’ll write it, but i hope to write it someday.
    Also thank you sooooo much for the beautiful reviews you wrote for CT and BG! I can’t thank you enough!!!
    I didn’t do, like, any writing in July. But I did finally publish Corroded Thorns, so yay. And the spent a couple weeks bing-reading Full Metal Alchemist and playing my 3DS to celebrate.
    Oh! And I’m really excited for NaNo….cause I think I’m gonna do a Peter Pan retelling where Peter Pan is a superhero. 😀 i’ve had the idea sloshing around in the back of my head for a while, but I had another Peter Pan idea so I dismissed it. I’m really excited for this story. I already have a plot for it and everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yesss. I’m so excited to write it someday. 😀 Eeep, that sounds awesome!!!! I can’t get enough of that universe. ❤ YOU MUST WRITE IT!!! Actually, my Little Mermaid story is genderswapped as well! Except, instead of a merman, he's an insubstantial-ish cloud siren. 😀 Apparently we're all tired of whiny little mermaids. XD

      Aaahh, you are welcome! Thank you soo much for getting to read CT! I LOVED THEM SO MUUUUCH. <3<3<3

      Pfft, absolutely, publishing CT is soooo much cooler than other writing. 😉

      Oh wow. Peter Pan, superhero… I like this idea! That sounds awesome to write for NaNo! 😀 And you have a plot already? :O FANTASTIC. 🙂


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