Starrellian Celebration

You may wonder at the title of this post, since I’m afraid I haven’t done much talking around here about my Starrellian Saga, the ten-book epic fantasy series I’ve been working on, on and off, since I first began to write, set in the Land of Starrellia. But today seemed a good day to revisit it.

Today, July 20, is a special day. It is the birthday of a character of mine.

Faron is turning 5 years old today.


(I know I’ve used this picture for Trillum, and it actually makes me think a tiny bit of Ryan too, but it’s also the closest to anything Faron-like I’ve found — minus pointy-ears — so I’m using it again)

…All right, technically, he’s 17 when we meet him in the first book.

I mean that his character is 5 years old. Because on July 20, 2010, is when I first “met” him in my mind and he came into existence as a character. This is important, and I’ll tell you why.

I’ve before told the story of when I became serious about my writing in 2007, after a few early years of aimless scribbling on different tales. In 2008 I finished my first novel. But it was June of 2010 that I first began keeping a log of my writing.

I’ve been keeping that log ever since — noting down all of the writing or writing-related stuff I’ve done, each day, for the last 5 years and a bit. Wow. That’s kind of an amazing thought for me to realize… (My records also claim I’ve written over 580,000 words since beginning to record such things… But I digress.)

I consider my beginning of keeping a log, in 2010, to be the next step in my writing years, following my decision in ’07 to be a writer.

In 2012, I met Tare and started writing The Owl of Kedran’s Wood, and other tales of Kedran’s Wood have been following it, along with yet other unrelated stories that have cropped up since doing my first NaNo in 2010. So I haven’t talked much about Starrellia, as I said, what with Tare and others having taken over a few years back.

But there was a time, before Tare, and after the beginning of my log-keeping practices, that I was very absorbed with my Starrellian Saga (a time that I hope will come again).


Starrellia and all of its tales were my original stories.

Most of them remain unwritten, and those that are will require a major re-haul. But from my earliest years of writing, Starrellia has always been there.

What has become the first book in the series, Grey Betrayal, was having a problem around when I started my logs. The main character, Ryan, a mysterious young lad with silver hair and eyes, was too different of a character for me to have as the primary Point of View character.

I knew I needed someone else, someone more ordinary and relatable, to filter Ryan’s adventures through the eyes of, but I was stuck as to who that character might be, especially since I had far too many characters in my tales already, and did not want to spend a lot of time trying to come up with another.

Enter July 20, 2010.

At the time, I was reading a book on writing, called “Anybody Can Write” by Roberta
Jean Bryant. I honestly don’t remember much about the book now, but there was a particular exercise that I read in it that caught my attention. It was to write stream-of-consciousness from the Point of View of the paper you’re writing on, and then of the pen, using first-person. I didn’t want to do that in particular, but I thought — wait. I could use this for a character.

Yes, those were early days. I was used to writing in my own way and not trying new things. You’re probably all laughing at me. But it was an epiphany moment for me, and as those thoughts of a character for the reader to view Ryan through had been swirling, my thoughts took shape and solidified.

I took a piece of paper (yes, I wrote on paper back then; I know, I’m ancient; don’t laugh) and I became this new character who introduced himself in my head at that moment. His name was Faron, and he spent 45 minutes writing out his thoughts through my hand and my pen, and I suddenly knew his mind deeper than any characters I’d written before then.

And just like that, I had my new main POV character for the first Starrellian book.

Faron would be the Watson to my Ryan’s Holmes.

I consider that day to be the beginning of the new era of my Starrellian writing. Everything before that is old and distant. Everything after that, all the solidifying and expanding of the plots I’ve done since, is post-Faron. Somehow, he’s the line dividing past from now.

So that day — this day — July 20, Faron’s birthday, is the beginning of Starrellia-in-earnest. …As I thought of it, until recently.

Because I realized that with this long time stepping away from Starrellia — my heart and my home — in order to write the stories of Tare (my favorite character) and the Chess Club (my dearest friends), I’ve stepped away long enough that instead of becoming estranged . . .

. . . I have gained a new perspective.

I have discovered that I can now look at Starrellia, its lands, its tales, its characters, with new eyes, and I see everything fresh and ready to be rediscovered and made new.

I will return to it. That time is not yet, for I hope to finish some of my current tales first — stories that I love dearly as well, and which demand that I hear them out and set their words on paper. But then — then, I will go back.

I hope for a renewal, a returning, when I will once again journey back to the things I once knew, the hills and forests and mountains and seas, the castles and villages and caves, the cloaks and swords and harp music, the wild clans of talking bears, the Filanu and all their mysteries, the Seven and their long quest to protect the kingdoms, the exiled kings and lost princes, the villains who prowl at large and seek to dominate the free peoples of the land, the love and loss and victory and adventure, and all that is wild and adventurous and yet all at once comforting and at home, as only a world of fantasy can give.

And there I will meet long-lost friends, like Faron himself (happy birthday, m’lad! *tousles his hair fondly*), and Ryan the Silent One, and Prince Duncan, Bithoa the Outlaw, Varentle Kingson, Andrew, Ethan, Princess Atria, Eleanor, Oflagaro, Darksky the Bear, David and Donavin, Calendula, and all the rest, and we will travel on our quests through Starrellia and its surrounding lands.

And at night we will enjoy our friendship and sit or dance around a burning fire of red flickering flames, like a beacon of hope amid darkness, in a glade under the stars in the familiar forests of my dear Land of Starrellia.


25 thoughts on “Starrellian Celebration

  1. I have a similar thing, I started a high fantasy series. My first book was the beginning, it was highly inspired by Tolkien. I have been writing it for years, and it needs so much editing. I am still writing it, I can’t seem to give up on it. A ten book series though, God bless you, I can barely stomach my four. If any one can do it, it’s you. I think I would like Ryan, I love silver hair, but silver eyes too. How intriguing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awesome! That’s great you’re still sticking with it. ^_^ And pfft, don’t worry darling, I’ve only FINISHED one of them, and that’s going to need a major rewrite. XD Mostly I haven’t gotten very much actually written. But someday, someday! πŸ™‚ Ooh, I hope you’ll like Ryan! He’s one of my favorites. Silver hair is so cool, yes! πŸ™‚


  2. 0_0 a ten book saga – go you!
    I wrote my first book in a really battered school notebook (that was supposed to be for math, I think). I got to the climax, gave up, and then a year later, tossed the notebook, and forgot about it. I’m sure it was horrible, but now I’m SO ANGRY at my 12 year old self for doing that. I still remember the characters fondly, and some of them morphed into characters for later books. I have several series that I started in 2002-2003 that I’ll periodically think about rehauling.

    The point of this rambly nonsense was to cheer you on, I think – Starrellia sounds like an awesome world, well worth revisiting. Also, keeping a writer’s log is a fabulous idea. I have messy file cabinets of plot ideas scribbled on random papers. Someday I will type it up (never happening).

    Anyhow, I look forward to hearing more about the Starrellian Saga πŸ™‚

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    • Haha, people tend to have that reaction and I have to go “don’t worry, I haven’t actually finished more than 1!” XD I just have plans… loooots of plans. πŸ˜›

      Ah, I totally know that feeling! In my very very early writing days I tossed a couple things, but I quickly started saving everything and I’m sooo glad I did. But at least some of it worked its way into other things! That is still awesome. πŸ™‚

      Thank you so much! A writing log is very fun, and actually simple. I just have a notepad on my computer that I write down the date (or, lately, week) and just jot down “wrote 300 words today” or “plotted such and such a story” or “made a new cover or playlist or whatever”. πŸ™‚ It’s a great way to keep track of what you’ve been up to and feel accomplished, especially when you have as many different stories underway as I have. XD

      Thanks!! ^_^


  3. Oh, this post. *clutches heart* I kind of feel overwhelmed commenting because I’m not sure HOW to express how much I loved this. To express how much I understand, the nostalgia of old books, the importance of the moment you realize you’re a writer, the sweet feeling of old characters coming back to you. I don’t think non-writers could ever grasp the sentimentality of these little things. But for us they’re so, so important. And now I’m getting all sentimental myself… *sniffles*

    I love, absolutely completely and totally LOVE, how you see Faron as the line dividing your past writer self to your current self. What an amazing thought! I think we all have those moments where something clicks and changes, but not everyone realizes when or what. How special you know Faron is that for you!

    And oh, your description of Starrellia. It makes me long to visit there myself! Breathtaking.

    Basically this post is perfect. One of my favorite posts of yours EVER. Which is saying something because I love alllll your posts so much! It’s also reminding me how much I adore Faron and Ryan and now I want to go back and read the Grey Betrayal snippets you sent me a looong time ago and revisit them! Because SDLJFLKSDJFLJDLSF YES. Those two! ❀
    (And shout out to Bithoa for obvious reasons.)

    A big ol' HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our dear Faron!!! He certainly deserves it. ^_^

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    • Aaaaahh, thank you so much for understanding! Yessss. It is exactly like that. ^_^ *hugs you*

      One of your favorites… ever?? :O THIS MAKES ME HAPPY. THANK YOU. I guess maybe if I care really deeply about something, it kind of comes across… maybe? *huggles Starrellia*

      (Yes, for obvious reasons. That made my day. XD Bithoaaaaa! <3)

      Faron says thank you very much. To be honest he's a little flustered at all of this because he's not used to anyone paying any heed to him, let alone his birthday. XD


  4. I hope you write this soon. Because I want to go there too. The way you talk about it. It sounds beautiful and intriguing and wild. I also love your characters. Faron and Ryan.

    Happy birthday Faron!

    I love stories like this. The long fantasy sagas.

    “all that is wild and adventurous and yet all at once comforting and at home, as only a fantasy world can give”- There! Right there, you’ve summed it up. What fantasy is and why I love it oh so much! It’s just beautiful.

    This faintly reminds me of my Sandy series. Not that the stories sound alike, but more like the sitting the stories down and growing as a writer before picking them back up. That’s what’s similar.

    I already love this fantasy world. I can’t even say how much. Reading about it just gives me that feeling that fantasy always gives. Of adventures and home all at once.

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    • Gaah, thank you so much! This makes my day. I’m so glad it sounds interesting to you, and Faron thanks you muchly for the birthday wishes! πŸ™‚

      YES! Fantasy is the best! I’m glad you agree! ^_^

      That’s cool about your Sandy series! It’s always such a special feeling going back to something you love like that. πŸ™‚


  5. Ah, this is so special! Those original works have such a place in one’s heart, don’t they? Faron sounds AWESOME. I’d say more, but Christine (and others) have already put it perfectly. aslkdfjasljf Just–just–happiness all throughout this post. ❀

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