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Anyways, I said I’d post some snippets from last month’s writing, so here they are!

Also, FYI, I updated my Writing Desk pages up on the menu-bar, so there’s now a Kedran’s Wood series page. You knew it was inevitable.



“You are incorrigible,” I said, half cross, half wanting to laugh.

“I like that word,” Teague said, as if he had made a fascinating discovery. He quickly scribbled it down. Then he looked up again. “You were saying?”

I sighed and dropped my head into my hands. “Forget it.”

“I can’t very well forget something I never knew in the first place, you know,” he said, almost gently.

“It’s impossible to have a reasonable conversation with you,” I got out in a muffled tone.

Teague smiled very slightly and looked off into the distance through half-closed eyes. “Well, I knew that, anyway…”

~The Other Half of Everything

dressAshton took his place opposite her, and she slipped her hand in his as he held her waist and led her smoothly back into the disrupted dance as if nothing had happened.

“I hope I was not interrupting,” he said.

She looked up at him. “You were. Thank you.”

Ashton smiled.

~Darkling Reflections

hands“I did not see you on the guest list,” Alethea observed.

“I wasn’t.” Ashton smiled disarmingly in his crooked but endearing way as he spun her away from him and back.

~Darkling Reflections

For the first time that the restaurant could remember, she left early. Her clicking heels carried her quickly out of Tara Ganova’s, not even waiting for the waiter to clear her place. She disappeared outside through the black and gold glass door into the evening that still had some light to it.

All that remained to show she had been there at all was a half-finished plate, napkins left forlorn and crumpled atop it, scribbled with blue ink and forgotten.

~Darkling Reflections

Her voice whispered softly into the fog of the darkling night: “Who does he remind me of?”

But the fog did not answer.

~Darkling Reflections

cover2“Yeah,” Tare said again, shortly. Sure, things were good. Great. Now, anyway. “Fine.”

This whole talking thing was not going well. Why had he thought it was a good idea?

He contemplated hanging up.

Or possible tearing the phone from its cord and throwing it at the brick wall of the library.

Or possibly growling “forget I called” and going into the woods to kill something that deserved it.

Let’s just destroy the phone and leave . . .

Instead he said cordially, “You?”

~Son of Kedran’s Wood (Kedran’s Wood 0.5)

He was more closed-off looking, but at the same time more open, though slightly wary-seeming, all wrapped up in a thoroughly cool, casual manner that tied it all off like a bow in a black ribbon as he stood on the front door step with his hands in his leather jacket.

~Return to McAllistair Mansion (Kedran’s Wood 1.5)

His eyes blinked once, slowly. They were dark blue. The color of midnight around a star.

~Return to McAllistair Mansion (Kedran’s Wood 1.5)

“A bit strange, but then, well . . . so are you.”

“Thanks,” Tare said dryly.

~Return to McAllistair Mansion (Kedran’s Wood 1.5)

“How could you tell?” he asked briefly.

“You have a shifty look—even by your standards,” Roderick replied with a slight smile.

“That bad, hmm?” Tare said ruefully.

~Return to McAllistair Mansion (Kedran’s Wood 1.5)

And held the picture frame up against the mirror, so that Tare could look at it next to his own reflection.

The picture was of Tare … seventeen perhaps, only a couple of years younger than he looked now. His combed-back black hair, with a little falling forward over his forehead, was about the same as now, and this younger Tare wore a fairly expressionless blank but flat look on his face. He was not smiling, just as Tare was not now, and yet . . . despite that, he looked somehow far closer to at least having an ability to be almost happy or at least less grim, than Tare looked now, even fairly relaxed as he was.

Younger Tare was looking straight at the camera—and consequently straight at the Tare of now—with sharp eyes of a bright sky blue. Shifting his gaze a little, Tare looked in the mirror, his current reflection staring back at him with deep blue eyes, almost black.

In his reflected eyes, Tare saw the shadows of eight years in a world of darkness looking back into his soul.

~Return to McAllistair Mansion (Kedran’s Wood 1.5)

KW2coverP“What are you making, anyway, Lavender?” Baz asked.

“Nothing,” Lavender said loftily.

Baz eyed her crocheting with the air of a detective. “It doesn’t look like a nothing to me,” he said dubiously. “Of course,” he added with a sudden turn toward cheerfulness, “I have never myself seen a nothing before, so there’s that.” He turned toward Jake and whispered, “I think ‘nothing’ would be impossible to see, you know, due to its very nature.”

~The Secret of Kedran’s Wood (Kedran’s Wood 2)

24 thoughts on “June Snippets

  1. 100 posts! Woohoo! (Is that 100 total? Because I feel like you’ve been blogging way more than that. But 100 is already wow, so much! I only have 20 posts so far. XD )
    *gobbles all the snippets* I love them ALL! And finishing off with Baz is utterly perfect. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it’s 100 total! 🙂 I haven’t been blogging quite two years yet, and in general I do one a week… I’ve just been going overboard lately. 😉 Oh my goodness, 20 is a LOT — you just started! :O Or… maybe it just feels like that to me. 😛 That’s awesome. 😀

      Eep, thank you! Haha. Baz is such a mess. XD *giggles*


      • Ahh, you’re like a blogging grandma compared to me! I’ve only been at it about three months. (Hey, I LIKED that week full of Celti-ness! ❤ ) But I suppose 20 is a lot for just three months. 😛 I had a few weeks with two posts, but most weeks it's just one.

        He's a completely hilarious mess. XD

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the the first! So much. 🙂 It made me smile. Teague does seem rather impossible. I like how he says, “I LIKE that word.” XD

    They are all awesome, but I also like that one from The Son of Kedran’s Wood. “Let’s just destroy the phone and leave” Yeah, I like that part.

    Also the last one! That one was funny too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • That makes my day, thank you! ^_^ Haha, Teague… I don’t even know what to DO with that boy… *shakes head* Heheh. XD

      Yeaaah, Tare doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of phones… *giggle*

      Baz is just always silly like that. 😛 My characters… XD Thank you again!!


  3. I love these and I want to read ALL THE STORIES. But especially The Other Half of Everything and the Kedran’s Wood books. Also, Lavender’s crocheting! I don’t know why, but that makes me happy. But what is she crocheting, I wonder?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. 100TH POST. YOU REALLY ARE A BLOGGING NINJA. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! 100 posts of pure Celti-goodness. *huggles your blog* I love this place so much! ❤

    Oh my goodness, these snippets. o.o THE SON OF KEDRAN'S WOOD ONES.
    "Or possibly growling “forget I called” and going into the woods to kill something that deserved it."
    I CAN'T.

    And when I read the Return to McAllistair Mansion ones I was like, "I need to read thissssss!" Now I CAN. I have to do that soon because I neeeed KW. You've whet my appetite and know I'm just aching to be back inside KW with all my precious peoples.

    And and and Lavender is CROCHETING. This is so perfect. And Baz. Oh my word that boy.

    ALL YOUR WRITING, CELTI. *gathers up all your stories and wonderful plots and delightful characters and give them one big ol' hug* ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aaahh thank you!! ^_^ You are the sweetest! ❤

      Heehee, Tare is… yes. XD *giggles*

      Awww, you know how much that makes my day??? I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKE THEM. ^____^ *huggles* Heheh, hopefully you'll enjoy reading it… 😉


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