Beautiful People: Parental Edition (Tare)

It’s time for Beautiful People again! Which is a monthly blog linkup, hosted by Sky at Further Up and Further In and Cait at Paper Fury, with lists of questions to help writers get to know their characters better!

(…Y’know, just in case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard about it. πŸ˜‰ )

I also hear it’s kind of its anniversary so YAY!

Anyways it’s awesome and you should totally join in the fun, so go click this beautiful picture (see what I did there?) and see the other posts and link up with a post of your own if you should so choose! (Hint: you totally should!)


This month’s Beautiful People theme is the Parental Unit. Because they are often sorely neglected in YA fiction — sad, but true — due to being quite the nuisance for getting in the way of our young darling protagonists going off on horrendously dangerous quests, and besides that we evil writers tend to mooostly have them dead or killed off for convenience’s sake. Ahem. But parents in fiction, specifically YA, can be awesome when done awesomely! …I just am not that great at it. >.<

But since I’ve been messing about recently with an idea for a prequel to my Kedran’s Wood series, I thought I’d try doing Tare’s parents for this. They actually fall into the usual category for the series in general, I’m afraid (*cough*dead*cough*) but I want to explore them a bit in case they make appearances, however brief, in a prequel.

So. On with the party!

Let’s see if I can be sneaky enough to manage this without descending into complete spoiler territory! πŸ˜‰ *rubs hands together with maniacal laughter and an evil grin*




1. Do they know both their biological parents? Why/why not?

They’re both dead by now (yeaaah, sad, I know. I told you, we’re evil writers. >.>) but he knew both of them at one point. His father when he was very young, and his mother then, and when she found him again… It’s not like he knew her a very long time after that, but yes, he did know them.

2. Have they inherited any physical resemblances from their parents?

His black hair is from his father, but I think you can see a resemblance to both his father and mother in his face. His father was more of a broad-shouldered type, and I think Tare inherited his mother’s slighter build. They both had similar bright blue eyes too, and though Tare’s are darker now, he did originally inherit his eye color from both.

3. What’s their parental figure(s) dress style? Add pictures if you like!

His father’s was much the same as his own — a lot of dark, and a black leather jacket. In fact, Tare at one point wore the jacket that had once been his father’s, which his mother had saved for him. Tare’s mother wore simple but elegant dresses of different varieties.


(Some resemblance to Tare’s father and mother…)

4. Do they share any personality traits with their parental figures? And which do they take after most?

Both of his parents were very strong minded people. Tare’s father was also very much of a lone-wolf type person who tried to help others and indirectly be a hero — not for heroism’s sake, but because someone needed to do it. That’s very much a trait of Tare’s. Tare’s mother knew exactly what she wanted and didn’t let anything pull her back, but also knew when to compromise for those she loved. But Tare mostly takes after his father, strong, silent, and out to do what he has to do.

5. Do they get on with their parental figure(s) or do they clash?

Not having known his father past a very young age… hard to say. I wouldn’t say he “got on” with his mother too well, being rather standoffish by the time she found him again, but I wouldn’t say they clashed, either.

6. If they had to describe their parental figure(s) in one word, what would it be?

His father: Strong.

His mother: Golden.

7. How has their parental figure(s) helped them most in their life?

The memory of his father’s strength keeps him strong often, and his mother’s independence but love and pulling him from a hard place in his life have shaped him somewhat as well.



8. What was their biggest fight with their parental figure(s)?

He doesn’t remember any with his father, who was killed when he was quite young. With his mother, they had a fight about whether or not they would stay where she suggested they live. Tare was not big on the idea. Mostly, though, there wasn’t much in the way of argument.

9. Tracing back the family tree, what nationalities are in their ancestry?

A bunch of Irish on both sides, and I think some Italian from his father’s side and maybe some Russian from his mother’s side. And of course, Tare will occasionally say something about having a fairy in his background too, but pffft, who would believe him about that

10. What’s their favourite memory with their parental figure(s)?

A memory of his father throwing him in the air and laughing and catching him, when he might have been three or so. And when his mother found him.

β€œTare . . . Tarragon,” she called after him.

He halted. Half turned. Then glanced back, wary.

β€œDo you know who I am?” her voice came soft on the cold wind down the alley.

His eyes looked deep into hers, wisps of her golden hair blowing around her face as she stood perfectly still some paces off, watching. Waiting.

Long moments passed.

His voice came at last, low, emotionless, with a simple statement.

β€œYou’re my mother.”

~Son of Kedran’s Wood, KW 0.5

25 thoughts on “Beautiful People: Parental Edition (Tare)

  1. I am /so/ glad you did a parental edition!! This was lovely! His dad seems so intriguing, kind of like a redwood tree, while his mother’s more like a birch. I love how he inherited that quiet strength from his dad, and now I’m really sad they died.
    And that last scene. Ow.

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  2. Yup. A number of characters this month seem to have either one parent or both parents who are dead or out of the picture. *raises her hand* We are evil, indeed. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, nice job on your post, Deborah! Tare sounds like a somber, “lone wolf” character (that quality of his dad’s really seeps through), and I feel for him. I don’t know much about Kedran’s Wood or this new story, so I’m curious to know why Tare’s mother left him in the first place. (I think that’s what your post implied…? It’s possible that I misunderstood, though.) And I agree with Skye. There’s a haunting quality to the excerpt you included at the end.

    Here’s my BP post, btw:

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  3. Excuse me for a moment…


    Okay, okay, okay. *tries to breathe* When I saw you were doing the parental version of BP and then that it was of TARE I almost died. I MEAN. TARE. HIS PARENTS. I CANNOT.

    THIS WAS SO INTERESTIIIIING. I LOVED seeing pictures of what they kind of look like. I could totally see that being Tare’s parents, it’s perfect!

    Tare inherited his love for leather jackets from his dad? D’awwww! THAT’S PRECIOUS. It puts a whole new meaning to his famous jackets.

    I absolutely can see his parents having those sort of personalities–his father noble, stable, bit of a loner, sort of a quiet strength; while his mother is strong-minded and independent. YES. That’s so perfect!

    I love how he describes his mother just as “golden”. So much can be interpreted by that. It’s a very deep, Tare-ish thought.

    Tare is Irish, Italian, and Russian? YES. THAT SO WORKS FOR HIM. I don’t even know why but it just DOES. And, hello, he’s totally a descendant of fairies, don’t even try to convince me he’s not. *is stubborn*

    So wait, his father was killed and his mother taken? THAT’S what happened??? OH MY POOR BBY TARE. D: Y U TORTURE HIM SO???

    And Celti, CELTIII. DAT SNIPPET. O_______O GO WRITE THE REST OF THAT SHORT STORY RIGHT NOW. I didn’t know it was about his MOM finding him. I. NEEEEED. IIIIIIT.

    Okay, I think I just exploded your comment section but THIS IS BIG. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR TARE BACKSTORY??? *huggles this post and never lets it go*

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    • *giggles* I almost thought I needed to put an aside in the actual post to say “Don’t freak out, Lauri!” XD

      BUT SERIOUSLY YOUR REACTION MADE MY DAY. Also you being stubborn about him being part fairy is hilarious. YOU ARE AWESOME. πŸ˜€

      Um… no… his mother wasn’t taken, HE was. >.> So she kinda… lost him and was trying to find him for awhile. But there we’re getting into spoilery ness again. *shifty eyes*

      And the funny thing is, in this entire post full of new info, I even managed to not spill the BIGGEST spoiler secrets. XD THERE IS SO MUCH MORE GOING ON. You can’t even imagine. *cackles evily* It gets worse, believe me. XD

      And yes, that snippet would be for the prequel novella… The short story I’m working on is… um… later. Between book 1 and 2. BUT STILL YES.

      But aaaaaaaahhhh I’m so glad you liked it all!!! ^_^ THANK YOU! YOU ARE THE BEST. ❀


  4. OMG. That little snippet was a bit feelsy. :’) I loved reading this! AND SO MUCH AWESOME WITH THE PICTURES. Fabulous hair runs in the family, clearly. I love your one-word descriptions of them too.
    I end up killing off a lot of parents accidentally. It’s pretty bad of me, but gah, I can’t help it sometimes. My latest WiP has actually got two parents though (!) although one is a step-mum but stillll. I’m proud of me. YAY FOR PARENTS.


  5. So I don’t know anything about Tare. . . you know, excluding the information in this post. But I love his story already! He sounds really awesome as well as his parents (mostly absent they may be. . . Yeah, I have that problem too). And that excerpt was really beautiful. It’s like I could just feel the waiting, the held breath, the silence thoughts that were going on.

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