In the Merry Month of May

Firstly: giveaway winner! (Lena K. was the winner of Shantelle’s awesome giveaway, in case you didn’t see…) And the winner of my mini giveaway on this here blog iiiiis…


Congrats! I hope you’ll enjoy A Dream Not Imagined!! (Who’m I kidding. Of course you will. Because it’s fabulous.)

And thanks y’all for entering and sharing your favorite Cinderella retellings! I must read them…

On to the rest of the post! Which is of an ishness variety.

The calendar has flipped again, so it’s time for a look-back at what went on in the Merry Month of May! (Does nobody else call it that? Is it just me and my crazy self who grew up listening to The Rocky Road to Dublin?)

I had a rather hectic but overall awesome May, involving a lot of rain/storms and consequently dead internet most of the month, or — worse — undead internet, i.e. it kind of wandered around claiming it was there but for all practical purposes… kind of too dead to be useful. But that was probably okay because of all the busy! I’m just very behind on interwebish things. What else is new. XD

But the rest of my month involved:


(from Pinterest)

  • Seeing Avengers: Age of Ultron on opening day. THAT MOVIE. What even. This was a month ago, peoples, and I STILL am trying to work out my feels/opinions on this thing. I think I need to see it again but probably won’t till it comes out on DVD sooo… But although it broke my brain several times — All the shock! All the things! — and I’m still trying to figure out what I think about a few things, it was mostly sheer fabulousness. Also Hawkeye. I loved how much more he was in it! Because he’s my favorite, obviously…
  • And oh, yeah, I took a totally random, spontaneous, last-second roadtrip through a couple states for a homeschool alumni get-together thingamy which was very much out of my experience but turned out totally awesome. Lots of new experiences with that.
  • Going to my first stage play! I know, I know, I’ve been missing out. It. Was. Amazing. Oh my goodness. It was The Little Mermaid (the movie of which I also saw for the first time this month, to warm up) and I loved this play version way more than the movie. And all the actor kids were adorable and amazing and awesome, especially my friend who played Ariel which was why I went–she was incredible! I just loved and adored it and it was so so fun and sweet and cool and funny and awesome. 🙂 Alskdjflkdlakdj.

I tell ya, this was a month for new experiences, y’all! We shall call it “The May Deborah Actually Did Things”. *nods seriously*


So… remember that post I did where I talked about all the books I wanted to read in May? Well… yeah. That didn’t happen. I only managed to read a handful, and some weren’t even on the list.


I think I tend to not read as much when I’m in the middle of several books… I think I get daunted. XD Plus I was busy. But I managed to read a few, so yay! “The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest” was AWESOME and I reviewed it. “Touch Magic” was actually a nonfiction (gasp!) which I actually didn’t love… which was sad because I wanted to. Meh. “Fairest” was a reread with my bookclub and I really enjoyed it. “The Grimm Legacy” was super fun! I don’t think it was quite as amazing as I’d hoped, but I just really… enjoyed it. So yay! And “Galdoni” was super random and weird but I couldn’t stop reading it… I’m not even entirely sure what I think of it… Some of it felt sloppy, which I don’t normally notice, and it was pretty scary (I don’t read a lot of modern/futuristic, okay, guys!) but like I said it kept me reading and I kinda enjoyed it too.

(I am feeling superbly lazy today, too much so to link all hundred five books, so you can find them on my Goodreads reading challenge…)

So! My reads of the month. I just didn’t manage to read nearly as much as I wanted, and basically all I want to do in June is read but that probably won’t happen…

Oh! But look! My birthday presents finally came in the mail (like, a couple months late because of waiting for the pre-ordered one to actually release… Hee) so GORGEOUSNESS!


I’m now officially dying to read “Illusionarium” (I’ve never read a steampunk before!) and “The Merchant’s Daughter” (Melanie Dickerson, yay!). I’ve already read “The Word Changers”, but I just HAD to own a physical copy of this gorgeous thing! ❤


So, partly due to how busy I was, and partly due to laziness, I didn’t do a super amount of writing. But I did manage over a thousand words of Tare series stuff, and nearly 2,000 words of my new short story, Darkling Reflections — which I really must finish writing soon. And I also plotted all of Darkling Reflections (yay!) and got re-excited about my epic fantasy series the Starrellian Saga, and did a bunch of plotting and figuring out for that, which I’m super excited about. But mostly quiet on the writing front.


So! That was my May! And it is now June… What even. Is it just me, or has 2015 been buzzing by faster than a freight train? (Not that I actually have the tiniest clue how fast freight trains are or if they actually buzz. But anyhow.)

Plans for June?

Well, I have soooo many books I want to read it’s not even funny. (Or… actually it’s extremely funny because of my lack of being able to actually read them all at the moment because it’s just ridiculous. So let’s just all laugh together, shall we?) I’m still in the middle of reading like five books, and I have a library book I should read too and my lovely new books and another stack I just have to get to and just… yeah. So much reading I want to do!

I have been woefully slacking on writing most of this year so I really would like to do some more of that. I have a short story to finish and Tare’s getting impatient at my ignoring of him, and Heartseeker wants to be finished sometime in the next decade. I MUST DO ALL THE WRITING THINGS. The stories call. And yet… at the same time… they don’t. It’s kind of sad. I WANT to write more but I just… don’t… feel like it. Meh. So we’ll see. I might totally slack off my writing again and just devour pretty books… XD

(from Pinterest)

Then of course there’s Life Things. Y’know, that pesky category of stuff that keeps one from spending one’s life doing 24/7 bookish/writerly/internet things. Because clearly Life Things hasn’t gotten the memo about those being more important. HAHA.

And I want to catch up on all the lovely blog tags I’ve been given over the last like 6 months! So that may be a thing. You guys might in fact end up learning a super frightening amount of things about me through tags, so keep an eye out for that. 😉


How about you?? How was your May? And do you have plans for this month and/or for summer? Spill, spill!


8 thoughts on “In the Merry Month of May

  1. *gives a big hearty YES to that meme*
    This summer I’m planning to (1) do Camp NaNo. If my brain-keeper (the little person in my mind) can get thinking and giving me ideas for it in June. Dream casts and dramatic internal plots and intricate backstories are all great, but knowing what the main plot is is great too. I’m also (2) planning to read a lot, but I have a lot of fantasy on my TBR list, and I don’t think I like visiting too many different worlds all at once. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s so true, isn’t it. XD

      Ooh, great plans! I hope your brain-keeper will give you LOTS of inspiration and plot for Camp NaNo! Good luck if you do it!! ^_^ And good luck on your reading, too! 🙂 Oh my, I hadn’t thought of too many worlds at once being a problem — that’s possibly quite true. XD

      Thanks for sharing and have a lovely month/summer! ^_^

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  2. Ohh all the books covers are gorgeous, I am jealous of the books. Age of Ultron was so good 🙂
    I am planning on starting on my entry in the Roogle Wood Press Contest this month. I also have a piano recital this week and my violin grade 1 exam in a couple of weeks.
    I also may attempt at getting my license.

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  3. How did June even HAPPEN??? O_O But May was a merry month! …I think. I can’t really remember anything that happened in May, but we’re going to pretend it was a good month. *nods*

    I can’t believe I won the ebook! I am soooo excited!!! I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT. THANK YOU AGAIN. .>

    AGE OF ULTRON. *runs around screaming* *runs into wall* *gets back up and screams and flails some more*

    You’ve never been to a stage play before? THE HORRIBLENESS. I’m so glad you got to go to one. They are sooo fun! I don’t know what it is about them, but I just adore going to see them. And that’s so fun your friend played Ariel!

    Wow, so many fun things in May!

    BOOOOKS. *drools* YOU GOT ILLUSIONARIUM. *flails* You MUST tell me how it was when you finish it. It’s so pwetty. o.o

    That writing meme is so painfully accurate. Hey, if you want to spend the month reading and not writing, I say go for it! Summer is meant to be a lazy time for reading anyway, right? *nods, nods*

    Psh, Life Things. Don’t they know we have books to read?

    I hope your June is an amazing one! ^_^

    Liked by 1 person


      Yay! You’re so welcome and I hope you enjoy iiiit! It’s a darling book. ^_^


      And oh my goodness, I looooved the stage play! I know, it’s awful I’ve never been to one before. 😛

      ILLUSIONARIUM IS GORGEOUS YES. And I finished and well you asked for it so I kind of just babbled to you for like a thousand words in an email about it. XD *cough* (I may have gotten carried away… >.>)


      Thank youuuu! I hope your June will be fantabulous as well! ^__^


  4. Awk, that writing/leopard/meme IS SO ME. AHHHHH. I’m the same. But I really truly do plan to start writing this June. Every day I say “I’ll start tomorrow” so, lol, I guess we’ll see?! But i’m doing loads of plotting and trying to get scenes together and it’s quite exciting!! It’ll be my first attempt at a contemporary *gulps*

    SO MUCH PRETTIES FOR THOSE BOOK COVERS THOUGH. I get so in love with book covers it’s probably a problem, but pfft, no regrets. And yay for you doing so much in May. 😉 Good on you. XD I think I spent most of the month hiding under my bed with my books BUT BAH. Reading is fun. Plus it’s getting cold here and cold makes me unmotivated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • IT’S SO TRUE THOUGH. -_- Allll the writing problems. XD That’s awesome though! Good luck on your scenes and stuff! I hope you start writing soooon! ^_^ And ooh, contemporary? Niiiice. I never used to write contemporary but these days it’s all I write. o.o GOOD LUCK!

      And yes, reading ’tis good! (If it was cold HERE I’d totally be doing just that. o.o Stay warm!)

      Thanks for stopping byyy! ^_^


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