Beautiful People: The Aurelius Siblings


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For these questions, today I’ve chosen to feature three siblings from my latest attack-plot-bunny that I’ve mentioned a couple times

I’d better tell the title now as well since it’s rather hard to talk about something when it’s still “the mystery book that Deborah is obsessed with but won’t tell us about”. 😉


The Other Half of Everything

May I introduce the Aurelius siblings from my latest attack-plot-bunny, “The Other Half of Everything”: Teague, Ivan, and Lulin.

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Teague Aurelius

Ivan Aurelius

Lulin Aurelius

I thought about having the characters answer the questions themselves, since that’s always very fun. But Teague and Ivan refused to be in the same room… facing the same direction… answering questions… about each other. And Lulin saw no reason why the burden should fall on her to answer for her stubbornly thickheaded older brothers. So I’m afraid I’ll have to do the answering today…

The Aurelius Siblings

1. What is the first memory they have of each other?

Teague remembers Ivan’s laugh when as a baby he crawled the vast reaches of the kitchen floor; and soon after Lulin was born, her first smile lighting up a world that did not know what it had been missing. Ivan remembers Teague breaking his fall when he fell off a particularly high and frightening bed; and Lulin in pink trying to master the art of crawling up stairs. Lulin remembers her and Ivan drawing on each other with pens; and Teague holding her up to a looking glass to see the tiara on her head.

2. Describe their relationship in 3 words.

Lulin’s toward both brothers: loving, lost, heartbroken. The two brothers’ relationship toward Lulin: caring, playful, distracted. Teague and Ivan’s relationship: strained, broken, angry.

3. What kind of things do they like to do together?

They used to walk the worlds together… Until their other brother died. Now Ivan and Teague actively avoid each other, and if they end up in the same room the only things likely to occur are a) ignoring, and b) arguing. Ivan and Lulin take walks or see movies together, if he’s in a good mood and if she’s on speaking terms with him that particular day. Lulin and Teague will sit and talk, or read to each other, or she’ll play her cello while he writes.

4. What was their biggest fight?

Lulin still fights both of them a tiny bit sometimes and Teague and Ivan used to fight all the time back when they lived together… But their biggest three-way fight was the one they had after their other brother’s death, and was the fight that tore them apart and ended in them all leaving and going separate ways, to each be broken on their own.

5. How far would they go to save each other?

Teague and Ivan would go to the ends of the worlds and back for their little sister, and Lulin would do the same for them. Teague says he’s washed his hands of Ivan… but if push came to shove he’d do anything to save his brother, even if he won’t admit it right now. It’s never occurred to Ivan that his older brother might need saving someday — if it did, he’d say he hates Teague and it serves him right; but the next second he might step in recklessly and do whatever he had to… if he was in the mood…

6. What are their pet peeves about each other?

Ivan’s recklessness, rebellious streak, and recent inclination toward drinking. Lulin’s lightheartedness, tendency to distract herself with pretty things, and how she keeps trying to get them to reconcile. Teague’s habit of putting on an absentminded front, burying himself under a vague emotionlessness, and how he disappears into his writing, and takes a position of leadership without consulting them about it. And all of them are annoyed at each other’s stubbornness…

7. What are their favorite things about each other?

Both brothers like Lulin’s playfulness and alternating spunk and sweetness, the way she always has the right thing to say to make them smile… or used to; and the way everything is somehow almost okay when she’s around. Lulin and Ivan both like how unshakable Teague is, his quiet strength and intelligence… though Ivan would never admit it these days. Lulin likes how Ivan will pay attention to her and share in her playfulness at times. And Teague liked Ivan’s previous openness and boyish ability to live life to the fullest, which is a much-needed reminder for Teague, who can forget such things when he’s busy being the leader with others, or the writer on his own. Right now though, Teague’s and Ivan’s favorite things about each other are on hold… they secretly miss each other, but the rift runs too deep to be bridged, or for them to admit it even to themselves.

8. What traits do they share? Mannerisms, clothing, quirks, looks, etc?

They have fair hair — but of varying shades (Teague’s sandy-brown, Ivan’s yellow-blond and spiky, and Lulin’s a startling white), and each have the same indecisively colored eyes, grey-blue-green. They’re extremely stubborn. And they have a pull toward adventure that none of them can ignore for too long.

9. Who has the strongest personality?

Each of the three has similarly strong personalities, although quite different from each other’s; Teague’s might be the strongest, though often hidden behind his absent front. But perhaps the personality stronger than any of theirs was their other brother’s before his death, who was a heroic, charismatic, head-on, all-around outgoing person, with a touch of Teague’s leadership, Ivan’s recklessness, and Lulin’s playfulness. Without him, each of their personalities seem to be missing something… to have a hole that is taking a long time healing.

10. How does their relationship change throughout your story?

I can’t really say yet, since the story is still in its fledgling stages… I do hope that they will come to accept each other… That they will realize they’re broken on their own and need each other… That the brothers will again look after Lulin as they used to… That she will learn it is not entirely up to her to look after them… And especially that Ivan and Teague will be reconciled, and learn to look after each other and be brothers again.

That’s what I hope, anyway. But we’ll have to see.

Because with such stubbornness in the Aurelius family, who can say what will happen when this fledgling story grows its feathers, takes wing, and soars from the nest of this writer’s mind to the ever-waiting paper…?