March Ishness

Greetings, dearest bloglings!! (Is that a word…? Pft, if not, we shall make it one!) I have missed y’all! ❤

As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been around here much this last month… I’ve been trying to step back from the internet a bit in order to get some stuff done. So here I am with a bit of a March overview!

Here’s some of the ishness I’ve been up to of late.

For one thing, I had a birthday (I’m old now…), and I also “celebrated” my 8-year Writing Anniversary. In other words, the anniversary of the day I decided I was going to finish my first book and be a writer. (I once told that story here.)

Other than that, I’ve been . . .

Getting excited about these books coming out:

England Adventure, Heidel, and Out of Darkness Rising

And also The Penderwicks in Spring — which I have on hold at the library and am dying to read as well! So many awesome books came out in March! I’m going to devour them as soon as I can. ❤ Speaking of which…


see my Goodreads Reading Challenge

I finally finished reading Diana Wynne Jones’ Chrestomanci series! Sooo fun! And Chrestomanci himself is the BEST. ❤ The Pinhoe Egg, which wrapped up the series perfectly, may be my favorite book of the year so far! *flail*

Though Frederica and the book I’m editing are up there too… 😉



I did a whole lot of work on editing my friend’s lovely book… Not quite done that, but I’m this close to finishing! It’s so exciting to see it coming together! ❤


Not much on the writing front in March… I’m a little burnt-out, methinks, and have been stepping back from that a bit as well, giving it a rest. That said, I did get a little bit of writing done, and a bunch of plotting.

I wrote nearly 2,000 words of snippets, some for my Kedran’s Wood series, but mostly for my latest story idea, which is still haunting me and refusing to leave.

I also did a bunch of brainstorming on that one (because the characters are insisting they’re all messed up and broken so they made me write out backstories and relationships and I’m like GUYS THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A LIGHTHEARTED THING. SERIOUSLY. *headdesk*), as well as for a possible candidate for this year’s NaNo — a Twelve Dancing Princesses retelling!

And my contemporary-fantasy Kedran’s Wood series decided to inform me that instead of having only 3 books, as it did in February, it now has 4, plus a prequel, plus a couple of short stories between the books. Oh yeah. That’s a thing that happened…


Plans for April

Sooo… what’s up for this month?

Well, for one thing, I’m not doing Camp NaNo. That may come as a shock to some (I did both Camps last year and the year before, after all, and have been doing the November one every year for 5 years…).

I kind of really want to do Camp, especially when so many lovely friends of mine are doing it this time, but… I really feel like I need to step back from writing challenges for a bit, and try to rediscover writing because I WANT to write, not because some graph somewhere or some challenge I committed to says I SHOULD. I absolutely love NaNo, and Camp NaNo has helped me to write several things I’ve loved getting into, but I decided not to do it this time.

For those of you who are doing Camp NaNo, though — AWESOME! Best of luck! Write on, intrepid writers/campers! You can do this!!!

Anyway, I’m not making many plans this month… I’m going to finish my editing and then see what else happens. So to be honest, I don’t know what April’s going to look like.

…Though I have hopes that some of it will look like this. 😉

All the yummy books I want to devour!


How about you?

How was your March? Do you have plans for April?

Are you doing Camp NaNo (and why/why not?)?

I want to hear! Share all in the comments!! 🙂

21 thoughts on “March Ishness

  1. Ooh, I just got the first Chrestomanci book out from the library! I’m very excited to read it . . . but Camp and the new Bryan Davis book (and Tiffany Aching) come first. And the beta-reading I need to do . . . *should’ve thought twice before signing up for that*
    Isn’t it annoying when something that was supposed to be lighthearted turns out darker than it should? My Camp NaNo novel looks like it might be falling that way . . . I’m doing what I can to stop it from going too far, though.
    Also, your stack of books to read looks lovely . . . though I’m quite happy with mine as well. *mentally looks with satisfaction at my very tall stack, since it’s upstairs and I’m downstairs*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh cool! 😀 They’re all kinda… different than each other… but they’re classic Diana Wynne Jones. And I looove Chrestomanci himself! 😉 Hope you’ll like it… WHEN you get to it. XD Good luck with Camp and all your other things to read! You can do it!!! 🙂
      Meep, yes. o.o It’s almost like… like these stories have minds of their own… 😉


  2. Happy belated birthday!

    I love the Chrestomanci novels, they’re my favorites of hers. Though I also quite enjoyed Howl’s Moving Castle and the sequel… haven’t read the third one yet.

    Sounds like you’ve had quite a busy month! My month flew by in a haze of editing. I have a few things left to do on my rewrite, but not much, so I’m emerging from the black hole and surprised to find that it is, unequivocally, Spring out there.

    I’m not doing Camp Nano… I think I’ve only truly participated in one Nano-event ever, and even that I ended up only participating for half the month because we all got sick and then were out of town on vacation visiting family. What is Camp Nano?

    April. I don’t know what my plans for April are. I’m about to wrap up the First Grade year with my eldest, and I should be receiving Yorien’s Hand back from my Beta readers soon. I have no idea how much editing will be left to do on Stone Curse. I’d like to keep working on my other WIP, but I can’t focus on it with everything else going on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks!

      Oh yay, a fellow Chrestomanci fan! 🙂 Howl’s Moving Castle is definitely my favorite… You should read the third! It’s good too! 😀

      Oh my. Good luck with the rest of your editing and such! Hope you enjoy spring, too. ^_^

      Ah yes, such things do tend to happen during NaNo-type events. 😉 And Camp NaNo is just the NaNo events they hold during April and July, instead of November… It’s on another site ( and the coolest thing about it is that you can set your own wordcount goal. With regular NaNo, it’s 50k; with Camp, it can be anywhere from 10k on up! 🙂 It can be nice to do when one wants to tackle a writing project but can’t commit to a full 50k. 😀

      Hope your April goes well! ❤


  3. I just love your “Ishness” posts! They’re so Celti! ^_^

    Looks like lots of bookishness went down in March, which is ALWAYS a good thing!
    I NEED to get my hands on the Chrestomanci series, like…now.

    All the reading and editing and thiiings. March was a great month! I hope your April is AMAZING. It seems like it will be by the looks of that book stack. ❤ I'm kind of drooling over here.

    Annnd…I decided to not do Camp NaNo this go round either, I'm right there with ya. Sometimes one NaNo is enough for the year. o.o

    But Camp or not, I think we're going to have a WONDERFUL April!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • D’aww, I’m glad! ^_^


      Thank you! And yes, I loveth mah stack. ^_^ *huggles books* I HOPE YOUR APRIL WILL BE AMAZINGER! 🙂 🙂

      Indeed, one NaNo in a year is quite a lot, in fact. 😉



  4. I just finished the first volume of the Chrestomanci series can’t wait to read the rest. Writing has been rather painfully slow for me lately too. Sounds like you’ve been busy, the only thing I’ve been doing a lot of is reading. 🙂

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  5. All the lovely ishness! XD *huggles* Especially all the writerly ishness…it’s wonderful. KW explosions, the thing-that-was-supposed-to-be-lighthearted-and-isn’t, snippets, etc–eeek! ❤ And a happy April to you too!

    Liked by 1 person

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