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Some may have noticed an unusual amount of blogposts on this here blog in the last month or so… Two posts a week when normally my goal is one weekly (and I often struggle at that). Well, for one thing, I’ve just had so much to say! For another… I’ve discovered something.

You see, I was on writing hiatus for three weeks, and during that time I did a lot more blogging than I usually do, and thought nothing of it. But somewhere in there, I realized: I was blogging because that was as close to writing as I could get. I wasn’t allowing myself to write my stories, but blog posts were allowed.

Apparently I was starved for words.

Hence, I got re-addicted to blogging. Now, don’t worry, I do plan to slow down on the posting — it got a little much for awhile there and I don’t think I can keep up with that (and I doubt my poor readers would want to, either!).

But I do have several post ideas swirling… Some more Heartseeker snippets have been demanded — fear not, they are on their way! 😉 And I have some awards/tags to do that have piled up. So stay tuned!

In the meantime, since I haven’t done a general update in quite awhile, here’s what was up with me in January…


I’m back to writing again after my hiatus (yay!) and have started up on my NaNo novel Heartseeker again. (This means I was able to pick a book to work on, despite the character arguments in the form of letters that were giving me indecision…)


writing Heartseeker again!

I am going to get back to The Secret of Kedran’s Wood, I just… need to do a lot of plot wrangling to be able to go much further. Which daunts me. I’m sure Tare will live if I still don’t write him yet… He just needs to resign himself to the fact that his story is complicated and I don’t have all the scenes sorted together properly. I’m not as clever as he is and unfortunately fitting together all the puzzle pieces of plot is not easy.

I’m also trying very hard to ignore a new story idea that is insisting I should drop everything else and write it. …The ignoring is not going well, but I have managed to not start it yet, which I am counting as a win. …Which doesn’t mean I haven’t been naming characters, finding pictures for them, browsing pinterest for inspiration, writing summaries, making covers, and writing copious snippets… I have. Ahem.


What can I say. Snippets attack. Honest.


But not starting the actual book is totally progress! I need to finish some things before I’m allowed to start this. (The hero of the new book is laughing quietly at me. He seems to think I won’t be able to keep up this whole resisting thing. But in the words of Thranduil… he is patient. He can wait.)


Meridian & Teague (pictures from Pinterest)


I’ve been doing lots of reading. I tend to read the most in January when I have high plans of reading a lot, before all my other busy things attack and push reading to the back burner…


Books I read in January! So much yummy

And I’m looking at these books and wanting to read them all at the same time this very second:


Scrumptious Stacks! I can’t wait to read them all!! *flailing*

…Obviously that’s not going to happen.

Sicking (totally a word)

Also I’m recovering from the flu or some such reprehensible thing, which has left me a lot of time to read while my brain was too dead to function enough for writing, editing, or general life — another reason for how many books I read in January. (“Recovering” is also a dubious word in this case. In the midst of may be more accurate.) I have been drinking lots of tea, doing a lot of listlessly lying around, napping, reading, forgetting to eat, watching snatches of Bonanza, more reading, pinterest scrolling (when my internet isn’t dead due to thunderstorms), and generally trying to occupy myself with things other than wishing to be fully functional again. Also listening to lottts of music. Like Billy Boyd over and over . And music from How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Brave.


It was one of those days when anything could happen. Like a pony following you home from the post office.

That would make a great story beginning, but it feels much weirder when it happens to you in real life.

A pony followed me home from the post office. Well and truly. This is a thing that happened. It was gotten back to the rightful owners, but it was still an adventure.

Weirdest thing to happen yet in 2015: check.


(there is now a running joke around here about “Deborah’s pony”…)


Once I’m fully recovered and on top of life again, my plans for February include:

  • finishing editing a friend’s book
  • tackling Heartseeker seriously and trying to make a dent toward finishing it as soon as possible
  • staying on top of blogging
  • reading!
  • living through the social things my calendar claims I’ll have (sorry; I’m an introvert. People and places are exhausting, much as I adore them.)
  • and catching up on some other personal projects like some studies and reviews and emails and critiquing — all the stuff I keep putting off when life gets busy

How was your January? I hope it was awesome!

Do you have plans for February? Tell me all about the things! I want to hear!! 🙂