Beautiful People – Author Edition

Today I’m linking up with Sky @Further Up and Further In, and Cait @ Paper Fury (formerly Notebook Sisters) to participate in their lovely interview thingy, Beautiful People!

I did a post for Beautiful Books back in November, but I’ve yet to do an actual Beautiful People post for interviewing characters.

…And it would seem I still won’t have done that, since this month is an Author Edition!

Which means it’s interviewing me instead of my characters.

I know. What a disappointment.

Still… on with the show, shall we?

Beautiful People: Author Edition

1. How many years have you been writing? When did you officially consider yourself a ‘writer’?

I’ve been writing stories for 12-ish years (yes, I was young!) but I officially decided to be a writer nearly 8 years ago. I did a post about that beginning — I decided I was going to finish my first book and go on to be a writer… And here I am.

2. How/why did you start writing?

I’ve always been, really. Nearly as long as I can remember. There was no specific how/why. It’s a thing that happened once I could use a pencil. And then a computer. It’s just… me. I assume it’s because I read so much (and started reading so early) and was homeschooled and always had stories going on in my head.

3. What’s your favorite part of writing?

I DON’T EVEN KNOW. Maybe when I’m deep in the midst of writing a first draft and am totally in the zone and don’t notice anything else (rare). Or, more likely, the “discovery” moments of my plotting, when I find out how something fits together or suddenly “see” something new for the story. I don’t understand writers who talk about “creating” or “making up” their stories. I discover mine. It’s like they’re already there, on the Tree of Tales (as Tolkien would say), and I just happen to catch glimpses of the leaves and then write down the story that was already there. (Naturally, there’s SOME element of creativity and tweaking and putting everything together. But it feels like discovering, not making up.)

4. What’s your biggest writing struggle?

Finishing things. It’s so hard to actually FINISH a book. (Well, that and sitting down to write, sometimes…) I have a million ideas, and I’ve started copious stories, and gotten fairly far into several of those, but… they just don’t finish. I usually get distracted by another shiny idea, or just… lose focus.

5. Do you write best at night or day?

At night. I’m afraid I’m a bit of a night owl… despite my attempts to get on a better schedule. My writerly brain just seems to get working more at night, and some of my best scenes are brainstormed and/or written at 2 a.m.

6. What does your writing space look like? (Feel free to show us pictures!)

I posted a picture of my writing area/desk once in this post… (It still looks like that, just not as tidy…) But actually, although I do work at my desk a lot, I might do my actual writing more often while sitting in my big comfy chair where I read.


a cozy place to read or type

7. How long does it typically take you to write a complete draft?

There’s not really a typically… 18 months. 28 days. Just shy of a year. Those are the stats so far. (Yes, the 28 days was a NaNo; the 18 months was my first; the year-long, I was working on other stuff too.) Of course, that’s novels. I tend to write short stories in a day. *innocent grin*

8. How many projects do you work on at once?

Haaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaha. *falls on floor laughing* …Ahem. Well. I have so many stories flying around in my brain… I guess I’m usually actively working on at least a couple, but I can’t be too active on more than four-ish… Usually there’s one or two that are most prominently being written, but there’s always plotting and snippets from several others going on.

9. Do you prefer writing happy endings, sad ones, or somewhere in between?

HAPPY. HAPPY. Do not give me tragedy; and only bittersweet under verrry special cases, people. I like my happily ever afters! And hope. And good things like that. Reading sad endings often makes me want to throw things. Like the book. At the author. Ahem.

10. List a few authors who’ve influenced your writing journey.

Lloyd Alexander–probably the most. George MacDonald and C.S. Lewis. (They were the three who started me writing fantasy.) J.R.R. Tolkien, naturally. And Eleanor Cameron. And probably Mirriam Neal.

11. Do you let people read your writing? Why or why not?

Um …yessss? Sometimes. My sister always gets to see my latest writing, because she loves my stories and/or because I languish away without feedback. But I’m often nervous about sharing my writing with people besides her. WHAT WILL THESE PEOPLE DO WITH THE WORDS OF MY SOUL? *cowers behind a tapestry* But, on the other hand, I do sort of love it a ton when people read my things. Because when they like them and actually remember to reply/send feedback, there’s no feeling like it in the world. ^_^

12. What’s your ultimate writing goal or dream?

Getting all my story ideas written the way I want them to be. (Yeah. Probably not going to happen…) Being published in some dream-mix of all the benefits of Traditional-, Self- and Small Press-publishing would not go amiss either. And I naturally wouldn’t object to becoming fabulously rich. (No fame, though, please. I’m an introvert.)

But to be honest, I’ll settle for actually finishing the stories I’m writing right now, and getting to some of my special projects, sometime in the next few years, WITHOUT going crazy.

13. If you didn’t write, what would you want to do?

My goodness. What a question. WHAT ELSE IS THERE? Um. Probably draw beautifully. Or be verrrrry musically talented! …Or both. (I’d still like to!)

14. Do you have a book you’d like to write one day but don’t feel you’re ready to attempt it yet?

Yes. Six specific ones, in fact.


  • The climax of my epic fantasy series.
  • A novella that I can’t even describe in words, so I don’t have the skill to convey yet.
  • My time-travel story because it needs a lot of research and is deepish.
  • Both my sci-fi novels–they need experience, and again, deep things.
  • And another book that has a lot of deep/dark stuff going that I’m not ready for.

Basically the ones with deep themes or difficult content. These are the stories that I not only have to be a better writer for, but need to be older. I don’t want to attempt them till I’m ready because I don’t want to mess them up. (And goodness knows I have enough to keep me writing for years in the meantime.)

For all you young authors who tackle big stuff in your books right away — good for you. But I’m not going to try doing certain things till I know it’s the right time for me to try.

15. Which story has your heart and won’t let go?

KW2coverPWell, all of them in their way, naturally.

But lately, my contemporary-fantasy Kedran’s Wood series — that was recent, sudden, and I was not expecting it to get my heart like that!

But it used to be (and is still in the background, waiting…) my epic fantasy series, the Starrellian Saga. They were my original stories, and they’ll always be nearest and dearest my heart in their way. Because while the characters of Kedran’s Wood may have become some of my very best friends… Starrellia is my HOME. My original, old home that I discovered first in my writing. I’m letting that series simmer quietly on the back burner while I finish some other things. But I look forward to the time when I can return to it, and give it my full attention again . . .

. . . and return home.


26 thoughts on “Beautiful People – Author Edition

  1. Yay, I was waiting for this! 😀
    Number 9, oh my goodness. “Reading sad endings often makes me want to throw things. Like the book. At the author. Ahem.” XD Love that one.
    And at 2 am my brain would be slush. Just saying. 😉 But there is something kind of appealing about the thought of curling up late at night when the house is asleep, and writing away… That is, it’s appealing until I think of sleeping through the entire morning and the grouchiness that might ensue. :/

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aww, I’m honored. ^_^ I had so much fun with it…
      Well… they do! I mean… why NOT throw the book at the author? o.o
      There are morning people and night people, and you seem to be one of the former. For which I say, good for you! 😉 Grouchiness after being up late is a valid concern though. XD Fortunately I don’t do the 2 a.m. thing very often. 😛 Heehee…


      • ^_^ It looks like a ton of fun. If I had a blog I would totally do this too.
        As a reader, I agree! As a writer, remind me to wear full body armor if ever I write a really sad ending. 😉
        …Kinda. It depends. I usually don’t think clearly until I’ve eaten and showered. And I am a bit night owl-ish, but not past 11. 😛 So I suppose I lean a bit more towards mornings than evenings. I really have no idea, lol.

        Liked by 1 person

        • *wistfully wishes you had blog*
          Noooooo don’t write sad endings! O_O *steals armor from you so the book-throwing will have some effect on author cruelty* XD
          A good mix is good, I suppose. ^_^ I am sooo not a morning person. And I don’t MEAN to be up past 11, ever, but it happens. >.>


          • *wistfully wishes with you* (Someday, for reals. I just don’t know when. The thought has been on the back burner for a while…)
            Don’t worry, I usually go for happy or bittersweet! ^.^ Sad is just…SAD. And hard to write. And I like undoing deaths. XD *cowers because armor is gone*
            LOL. And thus the OWL of Kedran’s Wood, right? 😛

            Liked by 1 person

            • (Yesh. Because I would TOTALLY read your blog if you had one. <3)

              Whew. And yes, I undo deaths a lot. XD …It's a very bad habit of mine. *shifty eyes*

              ACTUALLY the title was supplied by my sister. 😛 But yes… I am a night-owl and do like owls and… yesh. XD OWLS ARE AWESOME.


              • (Awwgsh. *happy giggle*)

                Um, yeah, same here… :/ I once had the horrendous thought of killing off one of my MC’s little sisters. I could not deal with it even in theory. Putting my charrie through that…just no. Maybe when I get to that point in the series, and it serves to develop the plot, I *might* consider it. (Ack, even typing that, my brain is thinking of ways to “not really kill her.” Help!)

                Ooh, nice! I like owls too. They’re unusual and beautiful and look very cute on notebooks. XD

                Liked by 1 person

  2. AAAAHHHHH I wants a chair like that. *pants* Must have, must have. lol It looks so comfy!!
    Ooh cool covers, those stories sound interesting, I hope you’re able to work on them eventually. I understand the pain of having good ideas but being able to write them either because it will be so deep, or not having the skill to write what you want. It’s really frustrating.

    Liked by 1 person

    • …Okay then! XD It’s rather a cozy chair I suppose… It’s sort of too BIG to be super cozy but I like it. ^_^

      Thanks, I’m glad they sound interesting! I’ll totally write them someday, I hope; but I’m actually fairly okay with the fact that I’m not ready to write them yet. 🙂 Their time will come… (Not so sure about the one that I can’t put the feeling of in words, though. XD )


  3. We have a chair like yours, except it’s leather instead of fabric. I don’t actually like doing stuff in it because it rocks and I feel unstable. That and it’s not quite big enough to curl up properly in. 😛
    I enjoyed reading this post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Yes to fame and riches. COME NOW. Fame is okay. Anonymous fame. I plan to be famous and invisible (which will just make me more famous mwahahaha) *ahem* ALSO YES. There is nothing else but writing. I cannot even fathom an existence without it. *shudders* Unless, you know, I could be a professional chocolate taster. Or maybe I’d stack library shelves. OMG BUT THAT’S BACK TO WRITING/BOOKS.
    XD I loved reading this!! It’s sooo awesome to know more about you as a writer.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Eeeee! I loved all of this!

    NUMBER 3. YES. I like to say I’m not a writer, just the typist for my characters. Because I never feel like I’m making it all up, it’s just…there. I LOVE what Tolkien says about it. Such a magical feeling!

    Oh my, that chair looks comfy! So that’s the famous comfortable Celti chair. Totally jelly. o.O

    Your answer to #9. XD Sad endings are the worst, but sometimes they just happen. I’ve…even…considered them myself… I knooow! IT’S HORRIBLE. I don’t WANT to write sad ending. I shall try to resist it!

    I soooo understand Starrellia feeling like home to you! Yes, yes, yes. I love that feeling! Both my Colors of a Dragon Scale and Legend, Thieves, and Dragons series feel that way. It’s something about those medieval fantasy worlds, am I right?

    Liked by 1 person

    • EEEEE I am glad! 😀 (Somehow I missed this comment. o.o Wut. -_-)

      YES we are the typists! ^_^

      Haha, I liketh mah chair. XD

      Nooooo don’t write sad endings that would be sad! D: *wails* Ahem. >.>

      YESSSS. Those medieval fantasy worlds that we’ve known forever and always want to return to that are home. ^_^ Both your series TOTALLY seem like they would feel like home!! ^___^


  6. Hearing about you? Instead of your characters? A disappointment? :O That could NEVER be a disappointment! I love to hear about the amazing Celti! ❤ You're awesome! ^_^

    Whoa! :O You've been writing for quite a while, haven't you? It's no wonder you're so great at it! Also, I didn't know you were homeschooled as well (or maybe I did and forgot)! That's awesome! 😀

    "Or, more likely, the 'discovery' moments of my plotting, when I find out how something fits together or suddenly 'see' something new for the story. I don’t understand writers who talk about 'creating' or 'making up' their stories. I discover mine. It’s like they’re already there, on the Tree of Tales (as Tolkien would say), and I just happen to catch glimpses of the leaves and then write down the story that was already there. "

    THIS. I found it so beautiful. O_O It's the make-you-cry sort of beautiful. You're so great with words! ^_^ I couldn't agree more. Stories are always there, just waiting to be written. Writers aren't really the creators, just the vessels for God to say what needed to be said all along. ^__^

    Your writing space looks comfy! 😀 I followed the link and your desk is beautiful! :O I love all of the books and pictures! It's, like, the ideal place to write, ahaha! XD Mine is a tiny space between my typewriter and a lamp. xD

    I really admire you for your ability to work on more than one book at a time. XD I also admire you for being willing to chase ideas that come along, even if it is at two o'clock in the morning. XD *applauds*

    Also, did you make the covers for those books? :O They're beautiful! ^_^

    Awwww! ❤ Kedran's Wood! ^_^ That's such a lovely story! I haven't finished reading it yet (well, the first book), but do not give up hope – I plan to finish it! xD All of your stories and charries are just brilliant, Celti, and this post was as well! ^___^

    I apologize for the freakishly long comment. I think my excitement got the best of me this time. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • AWWGSH YOU SWEET THING. ^_^ *huggles* You are awesome too!!

      Well… I started writing young. XD But yes, it’s been awhile. And thank you! (YESSS, homeschoolers are awesome! 😀 *high-five*)

      Exactly! I’m glad you feel the same way about stories “being there”! ^_^ We ARE God’s tools. 🙂 Tolkien uses the word “subcreator”. 😀 Because since we are created in God’s image, and He is a creator, it is only natural that we should feel the need to create; but we can’t really CREATE anything because all we have comes from God. ^_^ Tolkien says some fabulous things about writing. ❤

      Ooh, typewriter!!! That's awesome! 😀 Heehee, I'm glad you like my writing spaces. 😉 They seem slightly boring to me, personally, just because they're mine and I'm used to them, ya know? 😛

      I can't seem to help working on at least a couple projects at a time… all my stories are just clamoring for my attention! XD And I haven't seen writing at 2 a.m. as something positive, but hey, it's not like I can ignore my characters when they drag me out of bed to write them. XD

      Aww, thank you! ^_^ Yes, I did make the covers. Cover making is a sort of hobby of mine. 🙂

      *squeeee* I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKE KEDRAN'S WOOD! 😀 *happy flailing* You are the nicest thing — thank you! ^_^ *more huggles*

      And do not apologize, darling! I positively love long comments, especially from my very own Jillzy!! ❤ ❤ ❤ THANK YOU DEARY!


      • Apparently I do not receive emails when someone replies to my comment, thus the long wait for a reply. XD

        Hahaha. Awwww! Thank you! ^___^ *huggles*

        That’s really young, lol. XD You’re very welcome! (*high-five*)

        YES. THAT IS SO TRUE AND PERFECT. 😀 Tolkien sounds wise and super awesome! ❤ *goes to read more of his writing*

        I do like my typewriter! 😀 And your writing spaces aren't boring at all! I think they're quite lovely! ^_^

        You're just too awesome, allowing your characters to take control of when you sleep and whatnot. XD I'm glad you have so many ideas floating about, though! It's always an adventure, I suppose! ;D

        You're very welcome! All of your covers I've seen are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Great job, Celti! 😀 ❤

        LIKE IT? I LOVE IT! IT'S AMAZING! ^____^ You're very welcome and thank YOU for being such an incredible writer! 😉 ❤ *hugs*

        YOU'RE VERY WELCOME AGAIN! 😀 I plan to comment on other posts (I'm particularly interested in those Heartseeker snippets calling my name ;D). So, be expecting more comments! I plan to email you soon as well, because I just miss talking to you, you lovely person! ❤ 🙂 I hope you're doing well! ^__^

        Oh… And I figured out why I never got an email. Guess I didn't check that little box that clearly states, "Notify me of new comments via email." Everything makes sense now… XD


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