One Last Time – A Hobbity Review

I think we all know how much of a Tolkien/Middle-earth fan I am. So the following statement should come as no surprise…

I saw the final Hobbit film the night it came out.

This is supposed to be a mini review of sorts. I’m not going to be too detailed, but I just wanted to say a couple things.

Short version?

Awesome movie, awful adaption.

(Okay, so I’ll say a little more than that…)


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

The last Middle-earth movie (we assume).

I saw it at the midnight showing. (Which was at 7 pm. But hey, who’s counting?)

The theater was crammed stuffed, and you could tell they were pretty much all fairly hardcore Middle-earth fans. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard such unanimous bursts of laughter so many times, and I definitely have not ever heard so much applause in a theater. Martin Freeman’s fabulous Bilbo faces got a lot of laughs, and sooo many other things.

And so much clapping. Really. It was sort of awesome. And the part that got the most applause I think was near the end when–not to give spoilers–Legolas does a certain probably impossible stunt involving falling rocks. It was hilarious how big of a reaction that got in the theater, just everyone clapping and laughing. XD I loved it. I’m going to have fond memories of that viewing for a long time…

As for the movie itself…

So, the movie-makers made up a TON of stuff. And messed with the story and characters a lot. Which, as a very dedicated fan of Tolkien’s books, I will not excuse. This makes for a fairly grumpy Deborah on some counts…


If you pretend (as I did, to a point) that it was just a movie… it was actually really awesome.

Aside from several stupid things (dwarf/elf romance, Alfrid the annoying, etc. etc.) I really enjoyed it. A lot.

Even though it wasn’t a good adaption (which, let’s be honest, I wasn’t expecting anyway) it was still a fairly awesome movie.

I like lists. So here:

  • It was epic and heartbreaking and beautiful in turns.
  • I loved the lines that they DID keep from the book. (*gasp!* Yes, there were a few.)
  • I loved Thranduil. So much fabulous. And his moose.
  • And Bard–he was so so awesome!
  • And Legolas was very cool and I don’t even care because Legolas.
  • And even Thorin. Waah.
  • And Bilbo. Bilbo was so amazingly BILBO-ISH. Perfection.
  • And I cried a few times… Funny how that happens at more movies these days. I’ve either been watching sad movies this year or I’m getting more sentimental… Oh well. 😉

Also, this is random. But I loved the credits. The sketches for the characters were AMAZING. I stayed and watched the whole thing. 😛

But… it was the last Middle-earth movie. Which is both cool and sad.

So yeah. I have a lot of emotions and feelings about the movie, all mixed up. Because I love the book, but they sort of messed it up, but it was a good movie, an epic one even, and when I let go of my hope for a good adaption, I really enjoyed it and it was so awesome but also so sad and just epic.

I know I’m supposed to be a writer, but I’m having a hard time putting together words to express myself about this. Conflicted feels, I tell ya.

My recommendation?

Go see it.

Don’t think too much about the book when you do, but go see it. It’s absolutely worth it.

(And if you haven’t read the book? Then you poor deprived soul, absolutely see it, and then go read the book to fill in that hobbit-sized hole in your heart, because you don’t know what you’re missing.)

Soon I plan to reread the actual Hobbit book J. R. R. Tolkien wrote, now that the films are completed, to remind myself of the real version.

But no matter the form, or what mistakes or good things were done, it was wonderful to visit Middle-earth as brought to life by Peter Jackson.

To visit Middle-earth in the theater …

…One Last Time.

8 thoughts on “One Last Time – A Hobbity Review

  1. Great review! I’d been longing to hear what you thought. I can’t wait to see it for myself. : )
    Bard was awesome in the second movie, too … he’s probably what I’m looking forward to most of all. And, of course, seeing Bilbo and Thorin again. I liked Kili and Fili, but you’re right, that dwarf/elf romance is rather dumb.
    So sad it is probably the last Peter Jackson Tolkien movie.

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  2. I thought BotFA was more accurate than DoS, personally. No, it’s not entirely accurate. But it’s closer than it could’ve been.
    I also liked that there was a little more explanation for the whole Azog-hunting-Thorin thing. It didn’t make it entirely ok, but the whole thing about Sauron wanting the Mountain makes sense (it’s in the Unfinished Tales, if you didn’t know), so yeah.
    Also, that scene with Legolas and the falling rocks was perfectly timed, since some people in my group were sobbing at that point and certainly needed a laugh.

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    • I’d agree in a sense… They messed with a lot more stuff in DoS, whereas in BotFA it was mostly ADDING things, because they had so little to work with. 🙂 So yes, that’s true! I think I liked it better than Dos. 😛
      Meh, I’m still mad at Azog, but yeah, at least there was SOMETHING… But still.
      Yesh, all the tears… 😦 *sniffle* Legolas was awesome there though. XD


  3. Can I just say: THIS. All of it. You put my feelings into words perfectly. Although it DID follow the book better than I thought it would, which isn’t saying much, but still. I was pleasantly surprised on many accounts. (And cringing and wanting to scream at Peter Jackson on many other parts, but we won’t get into THAT.) Overall, yeah. It was an awesome movie.

    That’s so cool how lively your theater was! Ours was surprisingly pretty quiet. I remember at the end of Return of the King everyone clapped and even stood up to applaud and it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. I wished that had happened this time but we didn’t have a huge group or anything, so I guess it was different. But your experience sounded sooo fun. ^_^

    Anyways, yes. Go read the book. Fill yourself up with REAL Tolkien. It might help the scars BotFA left. Thank goodness for Martin Freeman capturing Bilbo so perfectly. He MADE the movies, however Peter Jackson ruined them.

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    • I’s glad you like! 🙂 And yup, it was actually quite enjoyable! ^_^ And since it wasn’t so much CHANGED as ADDED to, it was a bit of a better adaption than the second. Plus I just ignored a lot of that because of all the awesome. XD

      …You saw Return of the King at the theater. *insert Angel Okay Then gif here* I didn’t see any Middle-earth movies in the theater until the first Hobbit movie… I wish I had! o.o That sounds AWESOME. ^__^ YAY EXCITEABLE THEATER AUDIENCES! 😀

      Methinks I’ll probably start reading it in a couple days here for Tolkien’s birthday–it seems fitting. ^_^ (Of course, watch my plans fall apart as they tend to do…) YES MARTIN FREEMAN. And I am in many ways very angry at Peter Jackson… but also grateful for the good stuff. 🙂

      Can I just say I love your comment Lauri??? SO MUCH. ❤


  4. I’m probably not going to see it in cinemas. But when it’s on DVD yes yes for sure! I’m just not a fan of the 3+ hours of Tolkien movies especially when they’re like 78% battle scenes. Aaaand I haven’t read the book, to which I feel awfully bad. WAH. What is even my problem here?! I want to read it in 2015. Yes that is a good goal. I’M GOING TO WRITE THAT DOWN AS A GOAL. *scribbles furiously*

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