(What? People who do NaNoWriMo are totally allowed a couple weeks of ignoring their blogs after Novemer 30th… *cough*)

1st order of business: This is my fiftieth post on this blog!


2nd order of business: I managed to write fifty thousand words in November and therefore win NaNoWriMo 2014!

…Hence the fifty in the title. (Yay double meanings!)

This was my craziest NaNo yet.

And if you know anything about my first NaNo (completely pantsing the story, no idea what I was doing, had to write 8k the last day to finish), you will understand the full meaning of that statement. Allow me to explain.

My brain is tired so I’m going to do a list. Okay? Okay. List it is.

  • My story was not plotted because I had not had time before November 1st hit.
  • Which means I was effectively pantsing my whole NaNo. I’m a planner. This was not going to go well.
  • I was also MLing. NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaisons (that’s me; fancy title, eh?) are volunteers who organize local NaNoWriMo regions, so I was taking care of a regional forum, answering question, and helping organize and attend write-ins and other events. I was also writing regional broadcast messages to keep my Wrimos up to date and encouraged. This all may sound like a walk in the park, but when you throw it on top of trying to write 50,000 words and keep up with regular life… it’s gets a little less walk-in-the-park-y.
  • All of this, while I was getting ready for, and then gone on… a roadtrip. Out of state. For the last two weeks of November.
  • Let’s just say I made enormous use of 15 minute word wars against myself. And basically freaked out all month long because I wasn’t sure if I would be able to make it to 50k.
  • And I wrote a lot in the car.
  • A lot.

My view for much of the trip. Yay music.

I also wrote extra for a couple days when we were snowed in ish at my uncle’s longer than we thought we’d be.

View out the window. Who knew my uncle lived in Narnia?

Which brings me to my next point.


Snow, people. As you may be aware, I live in that very big and very warm state known as Texas. Although it is not actually a desert full of cacti as many non-Texans seem to believe (at least not the part I’m in), snow is a rare occurrence. We get an occasional dusting. Every few years or so. Once, I remember we got two or three inches. Unheard of, I tell you! But on this trip… I saw SO much snow. There was like 8 or 10 inches at my uncle’s. It was so weird/awesome. I discovered, for instance, that the snow crusted on the top so that you sort of had to break through it, and you had to lift your feet high when you walked, because my goodness, that snow was taller than my boot!

(…Okay, so I don’t have all that much experience with multiple inches of snow. I’m from the South. Sue me.)

Moving on. And whoops, I fell out of my list.

Well, the long and short of it is, despite perils obstacles (and icicles. Another thing about traveling north-ish in November: IT’S COLD. ALL THE TIME. I was so happy to get back to my warmish southern sunshine, and 60 degrees felt so WARM in comparison. Normally at 60 I’m shivering in several layers of hoodies and sweaters. But after constant 20s and 30s and even getting to 14 degrees–seriously WHY?–60 felt positively summerish. After getting home, I sat on the steps in the sun and rolled up my sleeves and it felt fabulous. Naturally the weather is laughing at me now and it’s nearly freezing all the time, so I’m back to my normal winter state as an icicle, but the contrast was nice for awhile there…)

Obstacles. I mean icicles. They weren’t really obstacles…

…Where was I? Icicles and obstacles. Right. Despite obstacles of numerous sizes and shapes, I pressed on intrepidly. In the midst of a crazy last-day-of-NaNo all-day writing event, closed in at the library with several other kindred spirits all typing madly away… I made it to the other side, triumphant with 50,000 words of my novel Heartseeker.


It needs a ton of editing, and it’s probably only about two-thirds done. But it was a fun crazy journey and I love the story so far and made the goal of NaNo 2014 when I was sure this would be the first time in five NaNos that I would fail. But I made it!


The day I caught up in the middle there was at said uncle’s house in Narnia.

…Of course as soon as I finished NaNo, I promptly collapsed and wanted to do nothing ever again after such a long and stressful month of craziness…

There is that…

But still.

Aaaand this post is not 50,000 words, but seems to be rapidly approaching it, so I’m going to cease and desist regaling you all with my epic adventures, and leave you with a bit of a photo-dump of some pics from my trip. Enjoy.

On the road…


A TRAIN on a bridge next to the one we were crossing. So exciting. Made my day.

Christmas scenes are all apparently from snowy places. And I managed to catch one. So beautiful!

Christmas scenes are all apparently from snowy places. And I managed to catch one. So beautiful!

orphan's song

The only book that traveled with me, which I was reading during NaNo. THAT BOOK. <3<3<3 I must review it but cannot find the words to express how much I love it. (Soon, though.) Also pines. Because PINES. (Pines do not exist very much where I live. So they are exotic and beautiful.

And a baby dinosaur I met. (...Okay, it was at a museum.)

And a baby dinosaur I met. (…Okay, it was at a museum.)

A very blurry picture of inside a cave I visited.

A very blurry picture of inside a cave I visited.

Typing at my uncle's. You can't read the "NaNoWriMo" on my hoodie very well. But I wore that thing nonstop in November and it kept me nice and warm. <3

Typing at my uncle’s. You can’t read the “NaNoWriMo” on my hoodie very well. But I wore that thing nonstop in November and it kept me nice and warm. ❀

This was at a restaurant. I thought of Sherlock and freaked out. Of course I took a picture.

This was at a restaurant. I thought of Sherlock and freaked out. “Lucky cat.” Of course I took a picture.

It should say "Except on Party Business" instead. Doesn't it know it's the month of The Hobbit??

It should say “Except on Party Business” instead. Doesn’t it know it’s the month of The Hobbit??

17 thoughts on “FIFTY

  1. Congratulations on fifty posts and 50K!
    How can you possibly need a hoodie and a sweater at 60 degrees? I know (now) that you live in TX, but 60 degrees for me means a light jacket. Also, as a girl on the border between northern and southern who’s tired of the cold . . . can I come visit you? (JK. Mostly.)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha … your post is making me remember a friend of mine in college. He had grown up his whole life in Alaska, and when it got to about 70 here in Missouri, he though he was going to DIE! He didn’t know how we survived in such heat πŸ˜€ At that point I didn’t have the heart to tell him he was in for much, MUCH worse …

    Congrats on making it to 50,000 words!! Writing that fast just blows my mind, especially without a “plan,” since I’m a fanatic plotter myself πŸ™‚ Hope your Christmas is blessed, Deborah!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Eeek… poor fellow. o.o 70 is quite moderate. I guess there’s a big difference when it comes to Alaska! XD

      And thank you!! Yay plotting! I’m totally going to plot obsessively if I’m doing NaNo next year. πŸ˜› Hope you have a blessed Christmas as well!! ^_^

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay, a new blog post! Missed ya, darlin’. πŸ™‚ And wow, go you–doing ALL that in November and still pulling off 50k. Without really plotting it, too. Even mightier a feat!

    I love all the pictures! Your uncle’s place totally looks like Narnia. It even has a lamppost!

    Hee, I had to figure out what all the Fahrenheit temps are in Celsius. My word, 20 degrees F is not even bad. XD It’s dipped below 0 F this month where I live! Brrr. Currently, though, it’s not that cold. 20, 30, around there. Oh, and I had to grin at how you were discovering crusty snow and all. ^.^

    And yes, that sign. “Except on party business” indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

      • *beams back* ‘Welcome!
        Of course. XD
        LOL, it’s not THAT terrible, y’know. XD Our summers are usually 80-90, if that helps. Of course, I’m just talking about my particular area; there are warmer places near either coast. You Texans, on the other hand, must boil in summer! I don’t know if I could survive /that./ πŸ˜‰


        • Our summers are 90 (if we’re lucky) to 110. XD Usually around 100 for the hottest part most of the time… It IS kinda hot, but I think I’ll take it over constant cold. πŸ˜› Ooh, coast, yes, that make sense. *nod nod* (Also, no, we don’t boil; there’s not enough moisture for that. XD More like fry. >:D)


          • Eep, at 90, I’m shutting myself in an air-conditioned building! (Ah, right, frying is definitely more accurate! :P)
            Hey, it’s not /constantly/ cold around here! *mock glower* XD
            Isn’t it funny how we adapt and get used to different climates, though?


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  5. Congrats on both your “50” milestones!

    Ahhh, I’m so jealous you got to be in snow. I’m originally from the Western Chicago suburbs, and am relocated to NC and I miss Winter… real Winter. Sigh.

    I really need to get my hands on a copy of Orphan’s Song.


    • Thanks, Jenelle!! πŸ™‚

      And aww, I’m sorry you miss the snow. :-/ There seem to have been colder winters lately–maybe you’ll get some sometime! ^_^

      YESSSSS, you really MUST get your hands on Orphan’s Song! It’s an AMAZING book!! ❀


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