Beautiful Books 2: Writing Heartseeker (& snippets)

I keep meaning to tell about the story I’m writing this NaNo, and not managing it. And what better way than to answer some questions! So I’m linking up for the second round of Beautiful Books hosted by Sky and Cait.

(I know, I know, I didn’t do the first one since that was last month and I was too busy. But I might cheat and steal those questions to answer later if I find the time…)

And there will be snippets. Ish. Marked in blue. Because I feel like it.

And today happens to be the one-year anniversary of the day I first had the idea for this novel!!! So that works out. ^____^

But first, here is the cover, title, and blurb for my NaNo novel so that you will know what on earth (or in this case, elsewhere) I’m talking about!


Deborah O’Carroll

Princess Evanna is betrothed to a prince who cannot love her, for his heart was stolen. So she sets out to find his heart and return it to him. A knight with many secrets grudgingly travels with her for reasons of his own; and what of the mysterious bard who seems, impossibly, to be following them? Evanna and her knight journey through a land filled with perils–of danger and beauty–and both must find their own hearts along the way. But at the end of the road, the failure of the princess’s quest may lurk in the shadows. For how can she find the heart of a man who may be heartless after all?

The Questions for Round #2: How’s The Writing Going?

1. Be honest: how is your writing going?

That’s questionable. I don’t know how to answer honestly… In a way it’s hard, and I’m kind of struggling, because I don’t have it plotted and I don’t work well when I’m pantsing. I feel like there’s too much description and not enough dialog, there’s basically no humor which is startling because the last two things I wrote were almost totally humor-based. So that just feels… weird. I mean, a story that isn’t constantly making fun of everything but is actually kind of serious and beautiful and epic?? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS. Ahem. But on the other hand, I’m having a good time returning to a medieval fantasy world after so long writing modern fantasy these days; it feels like I’m going home. And considering it isn’t plotted, it’s kind of amazing how it’s all coming together and actually getting written. So there are ups and downs.

2. What’s your first sentence/paragraph?

(Not counting the prologue because it started out kind of boring…)

Princess Evanna had come a long way to Cloud Peak Castle to meet her betrothed, and was having the hardest time in doing so.

3. Do you have a book cover, and/or pictures that reflect your book?

Since the cover is up there already… Have some pictures from pinterest:


riding2 boatbeach



treeatsea hands

And I have a whole pinterest board for it HERE.

4. Do you have pictures of each of your characters? If not, describe them for us! (Be as descriptive as you can.)

Princess Evanna

Princess Evanna (picture from pinterest)

(Except she doesn’t really have a star on her forehead, as far as I’m aware. But you know. What can ya do.)

And then Sir Durand himself, my dark mysterious knight with blond hair.

Sir Durand

Sir Durand (picture from pinterest)

Aaand I don’t have pics for the others. So describing it is.

Reldin the Bard – excerpts to describe him:

…a slight sheen of stubble along his jaw, and loose fair hair that curled around his ears, a light brown touched with gold… his ageless tanned face and golden eyes that seemed to see through everything.

He stood with his gold harp held in the crook of his arm, wearing a long fine looking blue-green tunic with long wide sleeves and gold embroidery twining intricately about the edges, and a white sash and cloak.

At times he looked very young, in his mid twenties perhaps, and at others as if he might be thirty-something or older. He might have been her brother’s age, or her father’s, or anywhere in between. And when he sang his songs or told his tales, sometimes he seemed as wise and as old as the mountains themselves, as if he had been around forever and seen everything the world held including its many secrets.

And then there’s also the squire Trillum.

A strange lad of sixteen summers with unusual white hair and ice blue eyes.

I like him. A lot.

Trillum and Reldin want me to write a sequel about them.



Yes, that’s a thing that happened. And I’ve only barely started the first.

But I’ve told them I miiiiight, which is the only reason they’re not running away with the entire book. (What are you talking about? Bribing characters with promises of sequels is totally a thing. Honest. *cough*) This story is about Evanna’s love-story and quest, not them, and I want them to remember that. I can always write a sequel about Trillum if he will behave. *eyes him sternly* *he is unimpressed*

5. What scene are you most excited to write?

The big climactic one near the end! So many ouchnesses happening for everyone on every level. Mwahahahahaaaaaaaa. *laughs evil author laugh*

6. Share a snippet or a scene that you really enjoyed writing.

“You will not pass,” the knight replied.

Princess Evanna sighed. It was going to be one of those days.

“I am going to disagree with you,” Sir Dagget said.

“Disagree as you wish, but you will not pass,” the strange knight replied.

“And just why exactly do you wish to stop us?” Sir Dagget inquired.

The other knight said nothing, but remained unmoving on the path just before the bridge.

“It is ill mannered to block the way and not even tell why,” Sir Dagget observed.

“It is ill-mannered to block the way, regardless of telling or not,” Sir Kern muttered, but remained on his horse by Princess Evanna.

7. Now that you’re writing, have any of the plot details, or the process itself, turned out different from what you planned or imagined?

Actually a lot of it, since I hadn’t concretely plotted it before. I can’t think of anything particular though.

8. Is there a character or aspect of your plot that’s difficult to write?

I’m having a hard time with my main character, Princess Evanna. She hasn’t clicked for me. I always have a problem with my MC, and also with girls, so when they’re both I’m doomed. >.<

9. What’s your favorite aspect of this novel so far? Favorite character?

Being in an awesome fantasy world again, with a new fresh book, and just enjoying it! And don’t make me pick. Reldin, Trillum, and Durand are all fighting for top place and it’s anyone’s game right now…

10. Have you drawn off of any life experiences or people you know to create your novel and your characters?

Um. Not really.

11. Do you have a playlist or certain song for your novel and/or characters?

*cracks knuckles* Ohhhh yes. >:D

There’s a beautiful song called “I Follow You” by Ashley Davis, which you can hear a clip of here. It sort of inspires the whole “feel” of the novel. And I sort of love it to death. (I had heard it on a Celtic music show on the radio, and had to buy it because it was perfect. ❤ )

Then I also figured out that “Everything Goes Black” by Skillet is sort of perfect for the love-story. I realized that not long before starting writing, and it totally helped. (The only problem is that whenever it starts playing I stop writing to listen to it so I can think about how the words apply. Oops.)

And I listen to lots of Celtic music when I need to be inspired, and lots of very fast loud Skillet songs when I need to type fast or wordwar. (I know, you wouldn’t think Skillet would fit very well for a fairytale-type fantasy novel. But wordwarring to Skillet is a habit I developed last NaNo and haven’t been able to break…)

12. Let’s have some fun for a moment: imagine you are somehow transported into your book’s world. Which character are you most likely to be found hanging out with?

I think I would hang out with Reldin the Bard. He would be fascinating to talk with. But I might end up automatically hanging out with Evanna… And of course, I’d love to hang out with Durand and Trillum!! 😀

13. How do you keep yourself motivated to finish your daily wordcount? (Pinterest? Internet breaks? Chocolate?)

I… don’t…? *cough* Okay, so mostly I’m trying not to fall behind because I might not be able to write as much (or at all…) for a couple weeks here soon, so I really want to win NaNo but I’m not sure if I can. So making sure that the little bar on my NaNo stats graph isn’t below par each day is kind of my motivation. Otherwise, I’m really not very motivated this year by anything. -_- It’s kind of a problem.

14. What your favourite writing quote or piece of writing advice?

I feel like I have so many favorites. So naturally I can’t think of anything right now. How about this one.


(I like to quote that one because I tire of all the writing advice and want to just write how I want to write without the chains tying me down and telling me I should write a certain way…)

15. How does this book make you feel so far? Are you laughing? Crying? Frustrated?

Alternately excited and reallllly frustrated. What can I say. It’s NaNo and I wasn’t ready. But some of it is… kind of… beautiful? And I keep surprising myself, so maybe that’s good. I mean, I had never written a death scene before (not REALLY) and here I kind of did one and a half. Which was weird. So you know. Things are happening.


And I’d better go back to writing if I want to defeat that stats graph today, so that’s all for now. I hope it wasn’t totally boring, anyway…

How’s your NaNo (or other project) going?? Best of luck to you! Keep going!

*charges off to do battle with Ye Most Feared Stats Monster of Evil*

33 thoughts on “Beautiful Books 2: Writing Heartseeker (& snippets)

  1. Your story sounds intriguing, I would read it, love me a fantasy. The one snippet with the knight not letting them pass kinda reminded me of Monty Python 😉 at any rate it made me laugh. Good luck with the craziness that is Nano.


    • Yay, thank you! ^_^ Fantasy is my favorite… And heehee, that’s funny. XD It’s sort of supposed to be reminiscent of all the Arthurian knights blocking passes and things, but this one is actually a bit different. But still. 😉 Thank you so muuuuuch! ❤


  2. Your book-in-process sounds so awesome!! I can’t wait to read it!! I’m 1/2 way participating in NaNo, but haven’t done near as much writing as I should!

    Good luck sugar!

    Blessings –

    ~ Aspen


    • Oh my goodness ASPEN COMMENTED ON MY BLOG!! *fangirls a little*

      …Ahem. Sorry, you probably have no idea what a weird person I am and how excited this made me. XD

      And thank you!

      Ooh, cool!! What are you writing? 🙂 Good luck to you tooooo! ❤


  3. That fourth picture, of the man on the rock! I love that one!
    Heartseeker sounds awesome! I liked your descriptions of Reldin the Bard, how he seems young and old at the same time… Those sort of paradoxical descriptions are fascinating to me.
    Best of luck on NaNo! ❤


  4. Absolutely lovely post: lovely story, snippets, pictures, music … I hope you win! And I hope to hear this Heartseeker sometime! 🙂 The inspirational pictures you found for it are just jaw-dropping and get me so excited … so I can see how they do that for you, the author! I’ll have to go check out that whole board. I especially love that one of the black and white unicorn dueling.
    Thanks for sharing!


  5. Oh, my, you make me smile! 🙂 Also … what a thrilling concept for your book, and what a beautiful cover!! I will be quite impatient to hear more about it and those extremely intriguing characters! Good luck on NaNoWriMo! I’m the slowest writer in Creation, so I’ve never bothered with trying … but I always admire those who do!


  6. Heartseeker sounds really awesome! I like it! And your characters sound fun, particularly Relden- your description of him makes me think of Bard Eanrin from The Tales of Goldstone Wood.


    • Oh, and I know all about writing fairytale-fantasy to rock music- Skillet used to be my writing music, until it got to the point where I was focused more on the music than my novel. And then I moved onto Manafest and occasionally Red. So, yeah.


    • …*cringes* Oh my goodness. I was so afraid having a bard would automatically make people think of Eanrin because nobody else has bards much these days… it’s sad. But I already had my bard! 😦 But I know it’s a high compliment because everybody likes Eanrin so. Thanks. 😉

      AND YES SKILLET. Heheh. It CAN be a little distracting. XD I’ve heard a little of Red but haven’t gotten into them (yet). Haven’t heard of Manafest though… It’s so funny all us writers writing fairytale things to rock. 😛 *giggles* Glad I’m not the only one! ^_^


      • Actually, bards don’t automatically make me think of Eanrin. (I have bards in my own stories, plus there’s Cruedwyn Creed from Legends of Karac Tor and Fflewder Fflam from Chronicles of Prydain, so yeah.) It’s the agelessness and mysteriousness that make me think of Eanrin.

        Manafest seems a bit more rap-ish to me. It’s not one of my faves, though it does have some good songs. I generally prefer Red. And haha, yes. 😀


        • *sneaks into conversation*
          Eanrin did not enter my thoughts when I read about Relden, actually. But now that you mention it, Sarah, I do see where the brain would connect the two. 🙂 (Not that that’s a bad thing, Deb! As you say, everyone adores Eanrin.)



          Michelle: Okay, as long as it’s not a bad thing to y’all. 😛 But I still was dreading it happening ever since I knew about Eanrin… And wow, should I start spelling Reldin as Relden? XD *giggles*



            And no, associating Reldin with Eanrin is not a bad thing. And I’m sure that’s just because I haven’t properly met Reldin.



                AND OH MY GOODNESS. SO MANY GOOD BOOKS. HOW DO I EVEN RECOMMEND ONE. But definitely his Westmark Trilogy (“Westmark”, “The Kestrel”, “The Beggar Queen”; set in a fictional 1700s type setting!! ❤ ) and his Vesper Holly series (think historical-fiction ish about a girl from Philadelphia who's a mix between Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones, and has adventures set in semi-fictional countries all over the world – there's six books about her, starting with "The Illyrian Adventure") and "The Iron Ring" which is sort of like myths from India except really really awesome (it's my favorite of his stand-alones).

                THEY ARE ALL SO GOOD.

                But really, everything he wrote is awesome. 😀 (That I've read; I scheme to read everything he ever wrote but haven't quite got there yet, but I'm working on it. XD )

                Ahem. Sorry for the ramble. I get really excited about his books. 😀


  7. Wow, you seem to have a strong storyworld laid out for you! Skillet is a great band, no? I also love the written character descriptions you posted, and the LOTR reference. Way to go! But I do feel for you in writing girls. Because I’m a girl, most of my family is girls, but even fictional girls can be something else. Ah, well. Good luck writing!


      • Have you ever seen them in concert? Because truly, they are amazing on stage. 🙂 I think what’s weird for me to think about is that I AM a girl and yet it’s hard to write girls. Ah well.


        • I’ve seen a DVD of them in concert but never an actual concert… I don’t know if that counts but it was awesome. XD

          And exactly! It should be easy but it’s not. I think it’s because since I’m a girl, I have higher standards for what makes them interesting. Or. Something. And it’s hard to hit the right balance because it’s way too easy for them to become too wimpy or too “tough girl”, neither of which I want to quite do… (Y’know, if I want to like them. ;))


  8. Your nano story sounds fantastic! Right up my alley (as Fantasy is, after all, my favorite genre of all time). 🙂

    Good luck on the word-count thing… I’m failing miserably even at my own paltry 10,000-word goal so far… but then, life may be back to a semblance of “normal” next week… so perchance I may get caught up. (Doubtful, but a girl can dream, right?)

    I love the images! I especially like #4,5, and 6! Beautiful. I use Pinterest, but I haven’t tried creating a board for a specific novel before/as I wrote it… I may have to do that… yay for more procrastination tools posing as helpful things! 🙂


    • Aww, thanks! Since I know your quality taste in books, that’s praise indeed. 😉 Fantasy is the best.

      And thank you! Good luck on your own writing!!! 10k is not paltry at all; I’m very pleased when I can get that much done in a non-NaNo month. 😀

      You should! It’s the best use for pinterest, IMHO. 😉 It’s also fun for fans to get a peek at a visual of how the author sees their own work, or pretty close, and it can be sooo inspiring! …And procrastinating, yes. *cough* XD


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