Plenilune Cover Reveal!

It is my privilege today to be a part of the cover-reveal for Jennifer Freitag‘s soon-to-be-released planetary fantasy novel, “Plenilune”!


Behold . . .

Plenilune Cover Single

Isn’t it just so gorgeous and… fascinating??!

I was interested before, but now that I see the cover I’m just sooo excited for it to come out so I can read it!!

Hurry up, October 20th! *double-checks marked calendar*

You can add it on Goodreads here! πŸ™‚


The fate of Plenilune hangs on the election of the Overlord, for which Rupert de la Mare and his brother are the only contenders, but when Rupert’s unwilling bride-to-be uncovers his plot to murder his brother, the conflict explodes into civil war. To assure the minds of the lord-electors of Plenilune that he has some capacity for humanity, Rupert de la Mare has been asked to woo and win a lady before he can become the Overlord, and he will do itβ€”even if he has to kidnap her.

En route to Naples to catch a suitor, Margaret Coventry was not expecting a suitor to catch her.

JENNIFER FREITAG lives with her husband in a house they call Clickitting, with their two cats Minnow and Aquila, and their own fox kit due to be born in early December. Jennifer writes in no particular genre because she never learned how, she is make of sparks like Boys of Blur, and if she could grasp the elements, she would bend them like lightning. Until then, she sets words on fire. Living with her must be excruciating.


Save the date!

Copy of Plenilune Frontal Art

October 20, 2014


*frolics off to obsessively look at Jenny’s pinterest board for Plenilune while I wait for two extremely long weeks to be over so I can READ THE THIIING*

17 thoughts on “Plenilune Cover Reveal!

  1. Wow. Everytime I see this cover, I just–I just wanna–GAH! I wanna READ it!

    By the way, thanks for the follow! I’m now following you! Looking forward to more posts :]



  2. Wow, that’s striking.
    Plot sounds like a combination of Ivanhoe with Thor the Dark world…but maybe that’s just my fevered imagination…:)
    Anyway, looks interesting! πŸ™‚


  3. Gotta agree with you there. XD I’m not hugely into sci-fi, but certain books in the genre are great. And I don’t think I’ve ever read ‘planetary fantasy.’ But it looks amazing! And it releases on the 20th, you say??


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