That’s right, y’all! Today’s the blogoversary of The Road of a Writer! πŸ˜€

I. am. excited. Blogging for a whole year! *happy dance*


A year ago today, on September 9, 2013, I created my blog. I had been planning to start it, so naturally on that day our internet went down… πŸ˜› But I ended up in town, got some wifi, and that night I set my blog up. I had been planning the moment for a long time but it was still surreal…

I didn’t manage to get my first post up till our internet returned a couple days later (so I guess in another way my blogoversary is the 11th…), but when I went home that night on September 9th last year, I knew my dream of a blog, The Road of a Writer, had at last come true.

It has been a thrilling journey, and I’ve enjoyed stepping into the blogosphere, and look forward to another year!

But most of all I want to say THANKS. I wouldn’t be blogging if people didn’t read my blog (okay, maybe I would; but it would be much less interesting. ;)).

In the last year:

40 posts (41 once I post this…)

125 followers (I love you all!)


2447 hits

A very big THANK YOU to my readers!

That’s you.

You reading this.

Thank you.

Thanks for taking time to drop by and read a post, or following me, or leaving a comment. (I try to reply to each and every one, and believe me, they really do make my day. ❀ )

I’m just so honored that anyone would be interested enough in anything I would have to say to take the time to read it!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Hugs all around! ^_^



What sort of posts would you like to see around here in my second year of blogging?

More writerly posts, more reviews (I’m working on setting up a review blog where I might do more reviewing in the future), more character interviews, tags/question answering, snippets, rambling about my books, random posts about randomness and what’s up with me… Or any other ideas?

I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts, opinions, suggestions!

I’m very much looking forward to the next year of blogging, and what it might bring… πŸ™‚


16 thoughts on “Blogoversary!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I may have had a slight heart attack because I literally thought you’ve only had it a few months. It’s been a YEAR? A YEAR??? WHAT EVEN. O__O HOW HAS TIME GONE BY SO FAST I JUST CAN’T.

    BUT I’M SO EXCITED!!!! I squealed for joy when you announced you made a blog. This time of getting to be blogging buddies has been STUPENDOUS and I can’t wait for more years of all the blogging fun!

    I’m always so ecstatic to see a new post by you. You’re so witty and whimsical and hilarious and just downright fun. Your posts are seriously the best. I soooo look forward to a whole ‘nother year of all the Celti wonderful! ^___^ (Even if years feel more like a few months these days. o.o)

    I love EVERYTHING you post. Your posts are always so fun. Ummm…my favorite types of posts in general on any blog tend to lean toward writing ones and centered on characters, I love when people talk about their characters (especially YOURS <3), but I love ALL your posts so anything you want to write, write it! I know it'll be fabulous.


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    • I’m a mite shocked myself. XD Of course, I haven’t posted every week like I was planning, so that might have to do with it. πŸ˜‰


      *flail* STOPITYOU'RETOONICE. ^___^ *melts from fuzzy warm happy glowy feelings* *huggles*

      And… okay then, I shall make a note of that. More writerly and characterness! I'll see what I can do… πŸ˜€ (Those are my favorites as well! πŸ™‚ )

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! πŸ˜€ ❀

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  2. Huzzah! Congratulations on your one-year blogoversary!
    I would love to see more character interviews and writerly posts. *nods* But I’m happy with just about anything- all your posts are pretty awesome. *nods*


  3. CONGRATS! I just started following you not that long ago, so I had no idea your blog has been around for a whole year. πŸ˜€

    Um, can I just vote for everything you said there? XD I like all of them! That’s probably not a helpful answer at all, but it’s the truth.


  4. I like all your posts. You don’t have a problem with dull blogging. Posts I particularly enjoyed were character interviews and movie reviews. You might also try posts about favorite actors/musicians etc—-like the lovely Armitage.;)


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