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Today I’m privileged to be a part of the blog tour for A Different Kind of Courage by Sarah Holman!

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The Kindle edition of A Different Kind of Courage is on sale on Amazon during the blog tour (ending Sept. 20) for only $3.99 so you can head over here to get your own copy. You’re not going to want to miss out on reading this one. πŸ˜‰

Sarah Holman is also giving away 3 ebook copies, so be sure to enter the giveaway at the end of this post!

My review for

A Different Kind of Courage

by Sarah Holman

Highly recommended! 5 stars

My favorite historical time-period is probably the 1700s. I just love the feel of that time, with the muskets and pistols and coats and such. The American Revolutionary War has also always held interest for me. So it was a real treat to get to beta-read A DIFFERENT KIND OF COURAGE and visit that setting and time.

Sarah Holman did a brilliant job in creating the feel of this book–it was very well researched and I found myself impressed several times. I had read about late eighteenth-century Boston in another historical fiction book, and it felt just the same in this story! I loved that, I felt like I must really be there. I could see everything and felt totally immersed. It was wonderful.

I also liked how the author went into some of the issues behind the Revolution, and actually looked at both points of view. There are always two sides in a war, and I think Miss Holman did a good job of presenting the confusions and different viewpoints of the time. It was fascinating to read about some of the historical figures as well, including lesser-known ones, like Dr. Warren. The historical events were also well done and brought to life in a vivid way.

The main character, William, was great. Although he could be a little picky or hypocritical at times, on the whole it only made me like him more, in a β€œWilliam, you thick-headed young man! But I love you all the same, you adorable, heroic person,” sort of way. I guess that would be a case of a flawed character that actually worked for me. He was just the right mix of relateable and heroic, struggling to be accepted by his family while trying to do right, and doing it in a way that no one else would.

A DIFFERENT KIND OF COURAGE is a stirring tale of adventure, secrets, politics, faith, and a touch of romance, with some muskets and double identity thrown in for good measure. (I especially loved the masked-man plot! I love stories like that, and it was probably my favorite thing in the story.)

I came away from this book feeling like I had read a good story with some memorable characters, and had learned more about the time leading up to the Revolutionary War. Enjoyment AND enlightenment. That is all I can ask of any historical fiction book.



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You can find A Different Kind of Courage at:


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And the author, Sarah Holman, on:

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And here’s a neat website about the history and backstory of A Different Kind of Courage: http://adifferentkindofcourage.blogspot.com/


That’s right, y’all! Today’s the blogoversary of The Road of a Writer! πŸ˜€

I. am. excited. Blogging for a whole year! *happy dance*


A year ago today, on September 9, 2013, I created my blog. I had been planning to start it, so naturally on that day our internet went down… πŸ˜› But I ended up in town, got some wifi, and that night I set my blog up. I had been planning the moment for a long time but it was still surreal…

I didn’t manage to get my first post up till our internet returned a couple days later (so I guess in another way my blogoversary is the 11th…), but when I went home that night on September 9th last year, I knew my dream of a blog, The Road of a Writer, had at last come true.

It has been a thrilling journey, and I’ve enjoyed stepping into the blogosphere, and look forward to another year!

But most of all I want to say THANKS. I wouldn’t be blogging if people didn’t read my blog (okay, maybe I would; but it would be much less interesting. ;)).

In the last year:

40 posts (41 once I post this…)

125 followers (I love you all!)


2447 hits

A very big THANK YOU to my readers!

That’s you.

You reading this.

Thank you.

Thanks for taking time to drop by and read a post, or following me, or leaving a comment. (I try to reply to each and every one, and believe me, they really do make my day. ❀ )

I’m just so honored that anyone would be interested enough in anything I would have to say to take the time to read it!

THANK YOU SO MUCH. Hugs all around! ^_^



What sort of posts would you like to see around here in my second year of blogging?

More writerly posts, more reviews (I’m working on setting up a review blog where I might do more reviewing in the future), more character interviews, tags/question answering, snippets, rambling about my books, random posts about randomness and what’s up with me… Or any other ideas?

I’d love to hear if you have any thoughts, opinions, suggestions!

I’m very much looking forward to the next year of blogging, and what it might bring… πŸ™‚

Merlin’s Nightmare

Time for a book review! For “Merlin’s Nightmare”, book 3 of The Merlin Spiral by Robert Treskillard.

The author is running an awesome contest to promote the series, with neat prizes including a kindle and a sword (!), so be sure to go check out his website!



Merlin’s Nightmare (book 3 of the Merlin Spiral)

by Robert Treskillard

Stupendous – Five Stars!

I’ve never had such a case of review-writer’s-block before, because I couldn’t figure out how to express how much I enjoyed this book.

The Story:

Merlin’s Nightmare, book 3 of The Merlin Spiral, takes place about 16 years after the first two books. It follows an older, 30-something year old Merlin, and a now-grown Arthur, who at 18 is full of liveliness and is ready to take on the whole world, seemingly. Together with various other characters, both new ones and re-imagined figures of legend, they must face overwhelming odds and perils from all sides in a desperate fight to save Britain from destruction.

Here is the Arthurian legend reborn.

I’m not sure how Treskillard managed to make it so original and fresh while simultaneously drawing so many parts of the old King Arthur stories into it so well, but he did.

General Review:

I enjoyed this book SO MUCH. From the very beginning I was completely spellbound – I couldn’t stop reading and finished it in a few days. It was basically everything a book should be: gripping, epic, and just a lot of fun. I kept coming across bits of hilarity and general awesomeness that I would excitedly quote aloud to whatever family member happened to be around. I found myself laughing several times, and the action, adventure, journeying and battles were all awesome.

A lot of things near the end had me nearly squealing with excitement, and it’s killing me I can’t talk about them due to spoilers. Let’s just say it does NOT disappoint in the realm of epic Arthurian-ness. *SQUEAL*

I feel like Merlin’s Nightmare forms the core of Treskillard’s retelling of the Arthurian story. Everything comes together and explodes into this sweeping epic tale, with the first two books providing excellent background so that everything makes sense and you know where it all came from, while also anticipating the continuation of the saga. It was the perfect third book to a trilogy. Anything that bothered me about the first two was swept away because it all makes sense now. I can see the whole. The story arc of Merlin is complete in a way, while at the same time beginning a new one that will focus on Arthur himself.


I loved Merlin in this book, seeing his journey through the first two books, into this one, and with a hint toward becoming the Merlin of legend. I can see his faith from the first one, his fighting spirit from the second, and a measure of caution and wisdom brought on by both and the years since, as he continues to struggle toward who he needs to be, before his earthly lord, and his King on high.

Merlin is in his 30s and has a family of his own by the start of the book (can I just say how much I love his whole adorable family?). I was worried about this, because I normally don’t like stories where the young hero grows up, but Treskillard pulled it off impressively. If anything, I liked the grown up Merlin even better, and could only think β€œHere indeed is the great Bard of Britain.”


Arthur is without a doubt the number one thing I loved about the book. He was perfect – both original, and also measuring up to the Arthur of traditional Arthurian legend. All King Arthur figures have a lot to be compared to, and I wasn’t sure if he would be able to compete. I need not have worried. Treskillard’s Arthur was absolutely AWESOME. I loved his boundless energy, his dashing recklessness, his courage and natural leadership qualities, and all-around epicness. He was strong and kingly and downright fun, and overall just stupendous and KING ARTHUR. ❀ I really REALLY liked him and can’t wait to see more of him in later books!


In the interests of being balanced, I’m trying to think of any downsides to the book, which is actually difficult. I will say that some of it is a bit scary and/or violent for younger readers, though it didn’t bother me for the most part. It also ended more suddenly than I would have liked, but that’s mainly because I wanted to savor it all and didn’t want it to end.


Book 1, Merlin’s Blade, was great. Book 2, Merlin’s Shadow, threw me for a loop because it was so unexpected and different, so I was startled into not enjoying it quite as much, though it was still good. Book 3, Merlin’s Nightmare, simply knocked me over with its awesomeness – as a re-imagining of the Arthurian legend, as its own story, and drawing all the threads from the first two into it to complete the epic tapestry of this story.

I say complete, but there are some threads left over to lead into the next three books, The Pendragon Spiral, which I’m absolutely dying to read. Treskillard had better get those books out pronto before I expire of anticipation. πŸ˜‰

Bottom Line:

Read this book, people! If you like Arthurian stories, action/adventure, fantasy, YA, Christian fiction, or just a really good, well-crafted story, or all of that rolled in one. Just read it!


I received a free copy of this book from the publisher (Blink YA Books) in return for an honest review. It was in no way required to be positive. These opinions are entirely my own.

Find Merlin’s Nightmare at:


Barnes & Noble


Find the author, Robert Treskillard:

Website: KingArthur.org.uk

Blog: EpicTales.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/treskillard

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/treskillard


I’ve also reviewed the first two books in the series. You can see my reviews on Goodreads here: (Click the pretty covers)

Merlin's Blade by Robert Treskillard

Merlin’s Blade

Merlin's Shadow by Robert Treskillard

Merlin’s Shadow


Thanks for reading!

Do you like Arthurian stories? Do you have a favorite retelling?

I’d love to hear, if so! I’m always looking for good retellings. πŸ™‚